Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, New Adventures

 We have been so busy over here. This semester I am going to school full time, doing 50 hours of field experience, working towards my fitness goal every day and this week I worked almost 30 hours. Uh yeah I'm dead. But sometimes it ends with me getting a promotion at work this week so hey, I will take it! Since I barely go home on Thursdays and Fridays Lyle has been doing some sales trips.

This year Lyle and I created an adventure bucket list- a lot of things we want to do in Utah- day trips, weekend getaways, places to eat and our trips we want to go on. Together we have narrowed down our big trips for the year and I can't wait to tell you all about them! 

This year I decided to have more productive "me" time. The key word being productive. Dance classes to help get in shape and then try out for the Jazz dance team! I love dance and I have missed having a company and dancing with all my friends. Also, attend the temple weekly like I did when I met Lyle. My roomies and I went around 15 weeks in a row and then God placed Lyle in my life...RIGHT AFTER. The temple brings blessings, truth. Hang out with positive people who make me happy. Be the best wifey and try not to take out my stress on Lyle. Ya know all the usual stuff. Anyway enough of this here's some pictures. 
Love, Cait

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gold & Red

I can't decide what my favorite part of this outfit is...the gold tee perfect for layering these perfect CHEAP moto jeans or this plaid coat. These moto jeans are on sale for $20. I have searched and searched for these jeans. Nordstrom has tons of cute ones that are far too pricey for my liking. I know some people spend tons of money on jeans but I just can't. These are cute and look way more expensive than they are. The only thing is the zippers can stick and be weird on their jeans but the price is worth it. You can try a safety pin for those annoying zippers anyway. I also got these and Lyle says they are his favorite jeans on me! 
Plaid Coat: Forever21 
Purse: Michael Kors @ Nordstrom
Moto Jeans: Forever 21 ON SALE 
Scarf: old forever 21
Readers: Forever 21 not online but they get them back in all the time
Gold Polka dotted tee: Brina Box
Love, Cait

Stylish Coats Under $100

I love coats. It could be that I live in arctic tundra or that my husbands coat/jacket addiction has rubbed off on me. I own some of these below and can definitely vouch for how stinkin cute they are. A lot of times I see coats on bloggers that I fall in love with but they are way too pricey so I decided to round up some of my favorite coats that are under $100 that I think are cute and stylish! Websites like Forever21, Sheinside and even J Crew Factory can get you some bargains! 
They show this coat on people and its PERFECT.
Black Faux Leather Coat only $21 with extra 30%!
Every time I wear this I get compliments! I love it
I got this in the longer version and I love it! That version is sold out but you can join the waitlist...or just get this one for under $20!
I know this coat looks kinda boring but I've seen it worn elsewhere and its cuter when its dressed up with a scarf and beanie. Under $30!
Love, Cait

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy One Year Babe.

Well actually we celebrated our anniversary in September but since we took these less than a week before our actual anniversary I knew it would be a long time before we got them back...but let me just say, these were well worth the wait. I am in love. 

Our wedding day was the best day ever and I would do it over and over again. I'm sure a lot of people don't understand us dressing up again but I think its a tradition I want to do every single year. Not take pictures every year but dress up and go out. I loved dressing up and remembering my favorite day. I would remarry this handsome man all over again if I could. We even got a pumpkin flavored anniversary cake, just like my favorite layer of our cake and it was fun bringing back all the memories and falling in love all over again. 

Funny thing is, this isn't even the dress I wore on my wedding day (as most of you know)! Mine is too big now so I guess that defeats the whole purpose of the whole anniversary rewear your dress thing but it was fun to do a different look I didn't do on my wedding day and I am a lot skinnier than I was on my actual day too hence me loving these pictures even more. This dress was from Lulus and I got it for maybe $60? My hair however decided to not cooperate just like on our humid wedding day. I actually had no hairspray to hold my curls this day but Jessica still made it all look good. I am so in love with the lighting and the romance of these pictures. All these pictures were taken by JessicaJanaePhotography and I am already dying for her to take more pictures. The flower crown was done by Maeflowerdesigns. Let me just say she is amazing, flexible and works with every price range. Shout out to Jacquie for helping me find her! Jess even took more pictures in a different outfit that I will post some other time, but this is already a picture overload. Whoops.
this is one of my favorite pictures because it captures my Lyles sense of humor and his ability to always make me laugh
These dancing pictures are some of my favorites! Lyle always comes up behind me in the kitchen and tries to dance with me, especially if our song comes on and its the cutest. 
Okay this picture straight up reminds me of Twilight haha. One because its all artsy and we are floating but also the location.
i made this darker so you could read the words. My thoughts exactly
Heres to the boy that makes my world go round and makes all my dreams come true. I love you Lyle.
Love, Cait