Monday, October 31, 2011

May luck be yours on HALLOWEEN

Ahhh I just LOVE Halloween. A lot more when I was younger though and it wasnt about looking like the biggest ho bag but rather school Halloween parties and getting the most candy. We knew the spots, middle school age we switched from the buckets to the pillow cases and went to all of our friends neighborhoods. Multiple years I had half my candy stash a WHOLE YEAR LATER. We got so much, and then we'd come home and the parents and older siblings would pick their favorites and we would do the candy trading where we would always have the "bad pile," that we would give to dad. hahaha dad liked a lot of those candies though so it was okay. Now as i get older i get sad not trick or treating, I mean i technically still could but it just wouldne be the same. This year I helped work the UVU Insomnia Halloween dance and it was amazing. The line was out the door and around the school! It was so much fun and the music was great. We manned the candy station for a half the night and got to socialize with everyone at the dance especially the super cute boys who all thought it was okay to go shirtless hahaha i guess when youre a guy you dont need a costume, just go shirtless and no one will bother to ask what you are. Good thinking guys! So hey i still got some candy right? I got a little lazy this year with the costume, ill be honest but its because i didnt have the time nor money to go find one. I had some ideas, but i'll just save them for next year! The saddest thing was not seeing my babies go trick or treating! This year CJ was bumble bee from Transformers, his favorite and Cassady was a precious lady bug. I love my little angels. I miss my family tons on holidays. I hope you had an amazing Halloween as well!
Hahaha such TERRIBLE quality, but are they not the absolute cutest things ever? Can you believe my niece is 1?! Shes so stinkin tall and her boots are stylin, she has such a shoe fetish like her aunties, love my babies

i hope you all were a little more creative than i was this year ;)
xoxo CAIT xoxox

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This week i

fell in love with this color-Essies Turks and Caicos
drooled over this dessert
wanted to make this treat but had no time.These made me think of you dad! and i can not wait to make them for you when i see you next. I think these would be so much fun to make in my new cupcake maker that mom got me. I am so excited
Aced every test i took
got overwhelmed by school like i do sometimes and i just try to tell myself that I just have to graduate!
I found this and its so motivating to focus on the big picture. I had to figure out my schedule this week so i know what i'm taking when i sign up next week and I have to take a crap load of credits next semester and i freaked out. In good news I got an A on my history midterm, my ASL test and my ASL quiz. SCORE baby.
I hope I keep this up, i am doing so well in school!
played lacrosse...a lot
had lacrosse practice tuesday and thursday and it was intense. Hayley and i even went out and passed one day. I love lacrosse and its so fun to be playing again with such fun girls however,
its kicking my butt...
almost bought these hats...even though i have no children
Honestly are these not the cutest hats you have ever seen? Its a good thing they are coming soon and not available yet because i am broke. I saw a baby at the mall wearing one and i pointed it out to my dad and we both laughed because it was so flippin adorable. You better believe my future kids will have one.
joined UVUSA!
Also known as student government. [the pictures relevent i promise!] so my roomie
and i were supposed to pass out these flyers to all of raintree for the Insomnia Dance Monday at UVU but she ended up going to Idaho all weekend so i did it myself and oh my goodness. I never realized how many apartments there were here which meants so many flights of stairs which means i woke up Saturday morning sore. It felt good though, it saved me from having to do stairs for like a week! Anyway I'm helping do checkin at the dance Monday, so come say hi :) I love being involved in all these school activities!
became straight up obsessed with Julianne Hough
So pretty i couldnt pick just one...anyway, prettiest person i have ever seen AND shes blonde, usually im partial to brunnettes so this is progress. Not only is she gorgeous but shes a great dancer and so sweet! Cool thing she was also raised in Sandy Utah and grew up LDS...she doesnt practice, but you couldnt tell with the way she acts.
found out about this book
i've heard reviews about this book from multiple people and all good which makes me really wanna read it!
I really need to get to the library...

I also: -made the cute boy in front of me in math class smile/laugh[which is rare] i dont even know how, i prob said something ridiculous and he was listening to our conversation and turned around. progress?
-found out its nearly impossible to get into oxford university because i randomly looked up admissions and in 2010 17,000 applied and they only had space for 3,200-well goodbye [recent]dreams of going to school in London...
-also found out the Boston Marathon is the only marathon you have to have a qualifying time for meaning you have to be in another marathon and do well before you can do the Boston one. REALLY.
Are you just loving these random facts...?
Anyway to end this, lets all get excited for the Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby and The Lucky One to come out on the big screen! All of which i've read and all of which will be coming out in the next year.

Thats all.
xoxo Cait xoxo

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My week in videos

I love this video! It makes me wanna see Footloose over and over and over again.
The dancing is so good
This video only heightened my Ryan Gosling crush...if that was even possible.
He is so adorable 
This video made me cry. It only reminded me of how much i love most cases more than i love people.

What videos are you lovin' this week??
xoxo Cait xoxo


Congratulations on the engagement!!
I am so excited that I was apart of this special day for you two,
I had so much fun with the scavenger hunt & the pictures.
First let me start off by saying Jeff is my cousin, and we were pretty close growing up
with the whole Nelson family since they lived with us while their house was getting built and they
live within 1.5 hours of us so we saw them quite a bit, but i was
still so surprised & EXCITED to be involved.
Wednesday Jeff texted me asking if i wanted to be involved and i jumped at the opportunity!
He told me that he was doing a scavenger hunt for her and she would be stopping by my apt
and i would just give her a rose and a sealed envelope with the next destination.
Funny thing is Jeff stopped by to drop it off and when Laura and her sister came in,
he was hiding in our pantry and heard everything they said.
I loved her, shes adorable & they are so cute together.
Then Jeff and I headed off to a neighborhood to write out a little riddle for her:
(I drew the terrible waterfall at the top...)
Next stop, Bridal Veil Falls
Now off to Vivian Park-
(These werent all the places, Jeff had done most of the work earlier, so much in fact that the whole scavenger hunt took Laura about 3 hours!) We had a lot of time to kill so Jeff was a good sport and let me take some pictures, so heres some of my favorites, to view the rest look at my FB:

"Jeff are you nervous?"
"hahaha knowing shes gonna say yes makes it a little easier"
Jeff" Are they walking here?"
"hahaha yeah its taking forever!"
"Do you think shes gonna run to you?"
Jeff-" I think shes gonna tackle me"
I'd say he was pretty accurate, i have a clip of it i'm working on
Oh, & she said YES :)
Congratulations you two & welcome to the family Laura

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh no, not another commercial...

I really dislike commercials. Lately they are all really annoying. My room mate Hayley and I considered putting a montage together of all the absolutely terrible commercials but we figured that the video would never end. However, a little bit of hope shown through for marketing when I saw this commercial:
i am so obssessed with this one, how cute is this little girl??

xoxo Cait xoxo

NO, you can NOT take my blood

I just had a really sad day the other day...
not to be a debbie downer or anything but it was just no fun.
so i woke up and got ready because i had a dermotology appointment, after lying in bed and debating whether or not i was going to go or reschedule...again, but i go
As i get there i'm handed a huge pile of papers,
"if you could first fill out some paperwork..."
some paperwork? this is not just some paperwork, this is a book
Where are you mom and dad?
Then I'm called in and super uncomfortable.
The doctor then proceeds to tell me my skins bad
no duh sherlock...thats one of the reasons i'm here
and some other dreadful news that causes a mental breakdown
  he tells me that he's putting me on some pretty heavy duty medicine and I have to go get blood drawn

 W. H. A. T.

No, i'm sorry the medicine isn't really necessary i'll just live with bad skin forever I am then handed another stack of papers and pointed towards the lab. At this point I am hysterical.
I am standing outside the lab debating on whether or not i should just leave.
People walking by probably thought I was just diagnosed with cancer due to all the tears
In all honesty I dont know why I was so crazed. Maybe because I dont remember ever giving blood, maybe because i was overwhelmed or maybe because I had no one there with me to ask the important questions. I finally go in and they call me back right away, COOL. I proceed to apologize in case I freak out further and she puts this thing around my arm  that cuts off circulation and hurts me
"Um is that supposed to hurt?"
"Yes, its gonna be a little uncomfortable"
oh lovely. I'm gonna faint, im gonna faint
It really wasnt THAT terrible or long but that didnt stop me from trying to breathe deeply and stay calm. But now you can see why i never willingly give blood, yes, sorry im so selfish. I just freak out.
Afterwards I headed back to turn in all the lovely paperwork and was sent on my way. Well I have another appointment next month where they need to take more blood... I didnt even get them to check any of my beauty marks which is lovely, and one of the reasons i was there...i really hope i dont get skin cancer
since it runs in the family and all. You see my dad had melanoma and its constantly on my mind when i see all my spots or talk to my dad and get another lecture or when i go to the dermotologist [all the time now].

Well sorry i am such a baby & this is super embarrassing....
xoxo CAIT xoxo

What? No desserts...

I know, crazy right.
Dessert is the best, when you're out on your own sometimes you find yourself eating that before dinner. I am always making treats, but i think its important to start learning how to cook REAL food too.
When I told my roomie Amelia about this recipe she goes, "oh kinda like on Elf with the worlds best cup of coffee?" Hahaha what? no. Mac & Cheese has always been a family favorite. I always like to tweak it. With mine i put half the cheese packet & half of the three types of shredded cheese mix [or however much you want] and its so goodddd & way cheesy but everytime I look at this recipe I die a little. Those noodles are some of my favorite. The one reason holding me back is I dont have half of the ingredients nor the money to buy them but soon! If anyone makes this before me I would LOVE to know how it turns out & maybe even a sample? :)
Are there people who dont like barbeque? Besides vegetarians...
Well i love it, but i mean we cant go out to eat at Famous Daves or Sonnys all the time so its good
to have some recipes for some at home BBQ cookin too.
These would go great as a side to pretty much any & every meal. Texas Roadhouse rolls are my favorite.
They are pretty much the reason most people go there, oh and the fact that their food is amazing.
I dont know..have you tried Great China? Or Peking House? [i think thats the name of my favorite takeout place in MD, i just call it chinese food]. I love chinese food. When I was in a bad mood and I was told we were having chinese, voila, automatic good mood! I love chinese, especially orange chicken, its the best. The only thing wrong with this recipe is again, a lot of ingredients, however, you have to remember the first time is a pain, but once you have the ingredients its easy to make it the next time. Thats what im realizing at least about ingredients for baking.
Chicken Piccata

You gotta start somewhere!
xoxo Cait xoxo

Pumpkin Patch *Phun

The other night Kaley, Corinne and I went to Cornbellies and it was SO MUCH FUN.
Well first off we went to Kneaders and I got the most amazing Ham and cheese sandwich on panini bread thing whatever it was ever. So Kaley had been going on and on about this pumpkin bread that we needed to try there and they had samples out and oh my goodness. It was amazing. It was so funny, we pretty much cleared out the basket of it. We would go up in shifts and bring some back for the table and then laugh about it. We tried being discrete but i dont think we were doing a very good job. Anyway it was AMAZING. If you havent tried it you are totally missing out.
Not my favorite picture...but oh well
Then we went to Cornbellies and my $5 off coupon worked so we got in for around $11 which is perfect for what we got to do. We went on a hayride that played country music! Kaley and I loved it and sang along...Corinne, not so much haha. Then we went into the haunted corn maize which was so scary! along with a pitch black maize that we all didnt really like. People were basically breathing on you and they all looked like little people..the whole combination wasnt great. We went through like 5 scary maize type things and loved it all. At the end of the night we all really wanted apple cider. Not sure where the idea came from...but it sounded perfect. We searched the whole night and failed to find any. That was a bummer. All in all, it was a fun filled night where I got to cross off a lot of Fall things!
For the Apple Cider we never got...


ahh i like

Button Bobbys
How easy is this?
Grab a bunch of buttons and some bobby pins and a hot glue gun and voila!
You could even add ribbon to make them even cuter
Homemade Chapstick
A fabulous pinterest find, melt one cup of petrolium jelly in the microwave and then stir in one packet of koolaid. Pour into container and let sit. SO creative. The one cup is necessary if you wanna make a ton though, like give them out for party gifts. Whatever works!
However if you arent feeling homemade chapstick, why not just buy it?
All things that smell good
I read first hand reviews on these and they apparently smell amazing [unless those people were paid off...]
and i am just dying to smell the pumpkin cheesecake! they also have other holiday ones like candy corn, gingerbread and more. Along with fruiter ones like strawberry banana. I want everything from the scentsies, to the roll on perfumes. Everythings not too pricey either. These would make way cute stocking stuffers!
OWL Nails!
Ah i would absolutely love someone to paint my nails like these. They are so cute. If youre an artist they wouldnt be hard to replicate although i'm no picasso and i think i could figure these out but not on my own nails that would be a little difficult. Someone else could have cute nails though...
I love this fabric, it would be perfect for flowers for headbands or a blanket.
Just use your imagination with this one!
Blueberry Oatmeal Supershake
I'm not one of those people who every really gets tired of cereal for breakfast
but just in case I do...theres this recipe.
It looks so good! Probably because I love all the ingredients seperately, so im sure I'll love them all together.
This blog has the cutest party ideas EVER.
With tutorials on how to do things for them and its so creative.
I love banners! They are all over the place right now. I cant wait to use them for absolutely everything.
This one is so cute, i was thinking maybe for my 21st birthday?!
A zebra theme would be so cute!
Oh and a little Fall humor, just because...

xoxo Cait xoxo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hot Cocoa

I like to get cold just so i have a reason to make hot chocolate.
I love it. Recently I thought of adding pumpkin spice to it and its amazing! All you do is just make
your hot chocolate like normal-opt for milk instead of water people. and you stir in the mix and then just shake some pumpkin spice over it and top off with whip cream. The whip cream in this case is better than marshmellows because it mixes better with the pumpkin spice. Just a little different than the every day hot chocolate. Its seriously so good.
Let me know what you think

xoxo Cait xoxo

Top 10

Caramel Apples
And not even because I'm a huge caramel apple person...
but apples just remind me of fall like apple picking,
something i really wanna do!!
i love these rather than huge apples dipped in caramel, I personally dont bite into apples [prob weird to you] i ALWAYS hold them and cut pieces off as i go [something i got from my daddy] but this is so cute and great for parties and its just so fall. I personally dont even like apple pie or mose apple desserts but i do enjoy the occasional caramel apple.  
Fall Crafts
these are so cute and easy. I love fall decorations with leaves, pumpkins, hay, burlap, whatever it may be.
Technically we arent allowed to light candles in our apartment, yeah okay, but these would even be cute for decoration and not to light. But instead of just getting a plain candle, a vanilla one would be really yummy
and still be white plus with all the different colors and shapes for leaves the possibilities are endless.

the Fall recipes
Holidays are associated with the amazing food that goes with them, at least in my family...
Fall hits all the best holidays so maybe thats why it correlates with food in my book.
how cute is this umbrella? I love plaid, especially plaid in fall colors. I would love an umbrella like this!
I would carry it around even when it wasnt raining. Plaid shirts, fabrics, everything.

I love abercrombie coats, vests and hoodies.
Besides the fact that they are so flippin expensive unless you buy them after the season when they are on sale. How cute is this though?

Pumpkin patches are so much fun because not only do you get to pick your own pumpkin,
but the good ones have hay rides, corn maizes and apple cider.
You hit the Fall jackpot
Haunted Houses
I got an email from the travel channel the other day with a list of some of the best haunted houses in the United States and I wish I could go to all of them! That would be so fun, however as long as i get to go to some i'm good...for now
the View
this is the one that i get to see! the colorful mountains are amazing.
The leaves, the trees and the colors are just spectacular. i love it.


AMC Fearfest
I hope this picture doesnt give you nightmares
cough meghan cough.
Channel 56 has become my go to channel.
The reasoning because it just shows horror movies 24/7. I love being scared.
It really puts me in the Halloween spirit. Its one of those things that you only get to see around Halloween.
Last year my roomies and I watched all the Jason movies and then our power went out,
so fun and so scary. check it out, if you arent too scared
Ok you knew this was gonna be my number one. come on now.
Urbanog and gojane have some really cute and cheap ones.
i love those sites.

xoxo Cait xoxo


Ok i hate it when people focus on the next holiday before you're even done with the one youre in, but theres so many exciting things to look forward to in November and one of them is part one of the final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn comes out. I am however, very sad because shannon, my mom and i always see them at midnight. I'm starting to look for someone crazy enough to see this one with me at midnight, cant break the streak! If you're in, let me know! Other exciting November things: baby sisters birthday, Thanksgiving break, amazing food, focusing on thanks and blessings, etc.
p.s.- dont forget to get your ticket if you're a fan, they go fast

xoxo cait xoxo

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Frenzy

My weekend this week started on Wednesday, how awesome is that? That's because I am on Fall Break and it is so nice. Most people know I'm a big To Do list maker so it only makes sense to have one for seasons, heres one i found online and its very close to mine:
I'm doing half of these this week :)
well besides the drink fancy coffee drinks, blehh
I'll take lots of pictures though and post about all the fun adventures on Sunday. But anyway, so i got distracted today [not surprising] and found all these beautiful Fall Foliage pictures and became obsessed. I then proceeded to save every. single. one. of them to my computer. I told my roomies today i hope my future hubbys pretty chill with me decorating because i will just put pictures of fall throughout our whole house, like pictures of boots too haha. Anyway I would love to live in the New England area someday, i'll for sure live on the East coast but i would just be so happy to live up there, especially during Fall, its unbelievably beautiful! I think Gods favorite season is Fall too, because he made it so perfect:
what am i going to do once Fall is gone...

xoxo CAIT xoxo