Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zombies?? where.

Sometimes i'm being cheap and buy a foil pie tin and then i put it in a bag and it folds in half like a taco because sometimes accidents happen ok? And sometimes that stupid pie was made from scratch. But sometimes i salvage most of it and it just looks like someone sat on it... But sometimes i redeem myself and the next week my pie looks like this. bomb right
Sometimes i am REALLY embarrassed at how attractive i find my room mates brother. hot dang i would date you so hard. Sometimes fitting 4 people in a bed is acceptable right? and surprisingly comfortable too..Sometimes boys ask me on dates to jazz games and i am glad boys know the way to my heart but then that boy uses far to many exclamation marks and you think he might be on drugs and you cant go on a date with a boy who does drugs because he will probably crash the car...and then sometimes the same boy keeps trying to have you make the plans. I'm sorry did i ask you out? I guess i forgot. But if the boy gets it together you will go on a date...after he passes the drug test you plan on giving him...Sometimes Ken says "i could see you doing this" and well it may be mean, but you definitely dont sleep in and shes right.
Sometimes i realize just how annoying it is when people have a constant smirk on their face bc you wanna know what they are thinking and now you know how it feels when people complain about yours...sorry. Sometimes when the drain in your shower isnt working and a lake forms for several hours after you shower you start to point fingers! Whose hair is clogging this drain up? And i know many of you are probably blaming me because my hair is the longest but i have never had a problem with the many drains in my life. Sometimes a good way to scare off a boy is telling him you're bipolar. His response:
"you're bipolar??"
"oh wait no i'm not uhh"
"yes i am"
"WAIT i'm not"
Sometimes i wonder if anyone thinks kay and i are as funny as we do. Probably not..."Were freakin hilarious." Sometimes you open your door and a zombie...i mean your room mate comes out with zombie arms...you know the ones...these ones
and then i was all bring it on.

okay sike i was not all bring it on...then she grabs you like real zombies do and you run full sprint to the door and she follows you looking all zombie like and its the scariest moment of your life even though you probably couldnt tell because K and i are laughing so hard but then we lock ourselves in K's room and then text messages like this are sent: #sleepwalkersaywha. And then consequently sometimes texts like this are exchanged the rest of the night because well the zombie might kill you
Sometimes you go through all of Thursday saying and thinking its Friday. Great. Sometimes boys finally ask you and your best friend on a double (something you have always wanted!) but you cant take one for the team this time. And sometimes she comes home and tells you that they went on a hike in 25 degree weather at 11 at night and you are so happy with the decision you made. Sometimes that boy was right in not telling her what the date was because she wouldnt have gone, free food before or not. Sometimes your room mate has a crimper and it makes her hair look good so your other room mate trys it and hers looks good and then you try it and you look like you stuck your finger in an outlet...so you try straightening it and it looks worse and then you realize you have no time before work so you have to do your whole head and youre looking rough. oh well.

Quote wall worthy:
"jared this sounds like background music to one of your video games...
"if we wanted to listen to that we woulda pulled out our game boys"

"HOT CHOCOLATE?! ask her where it is on the menu!!"
"Where is it"
"uhm i dont think its on there." said pointedly
"oh." awkwardly
"ask her the price"
"what the heck, are you a caveman?"

"youre kinda obsessive"
"what? rude, no i'm not"
"no i mean you wouldnt stop talking about that movie until we got it or chinese food and now youre eating it"
"i think its just i have a one track mind"
jared chimes in "caitlin just always gets what she wants"
"yeah, i like it said that way better"
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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