Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zombies?? where.

Sometimes i'm being cheap and buy a foil pie tin and then i put it in a bag and it folds in half like a taco because sometimes accidents happen ok? And sometimes that stupid pie was made from scratch. But sometimes i salvage most of it and it just looks like someone sat on it... But sometimes i redeem myself and the next week my pie looks like this. bomb right
Sometimes i am REALLY embarrassed at how attractive i find my room mates brother. hot dang i would date you so hard. Sometimes fitting 4 people in a bed is acceptable right? and surprisingly comfortable too..Sometimes boys ask me on dates to jazz games and i am glad boys know the way to my heart but then that boy uses far to many exclamation marks and you think he might be on drugs and you cant go on a date with a boy who does drugs because he will probably crash the car...and then sometimes the same boy keeps trying to have you make the plans. I'm sorry did i ask you out? I guess i forgot. But if the boy gets it together you will go on a date...after he passes the drug test you plan on giving him...Sometimes Ken says "i could see you doing this" and well it may be mean, but you definitely dont sleep in and shes right.
Sometimes i realize just how annoying it is when people have a constant smirk on their face bc you wanna know what they are thinking and now you know how it feels when people complain about yours...sorry. Sometimes when the drain in your shower isnt working and a lake forms for several hours after you shower you start to point fingers! Whose hair is clogging this drain up? And i know many of you are probably blaming me because my hair is the longest but i have never had a problem with the many drains in my life. Sometimes a good way to scare off a boy is telling him you're bipolar. His response:
"you're bipolar??"
"oh wait no i'm not uhh"
"yes i am"
"WAIT i'm not"
Sometimes i wonder if anyone thinks kay and i are as funny as we do. Probably not..."Were freakin hilarious." Sometimes you open your door and a zombie...i mean your room mate comes out with zombie arms...you know the ones...these ones
and then i was all bring it on.

okay sike i was not all bring it on...then she grabs you like real zombies do and you run full sprint to the door and she follows you looking all zombie like and its the scariest moment of your life even though you probably couldnt tell because K and i are laughing so hard but then we lock ourselves in K's room and then text messages like this are sent: #sleepwalkersaywha. And then consequently sometimes texts like this are exchanged the rest of the night because well the zombie might kill you
Sometimes you go through all of Thursday saying and thinking its Friday. Great. Sometimes boys finally ask you and your best friend on a double (something you have always wanted!) but you cant take one for the team this time. And sometimes she comes home and tells you that they went on a hike in 25 degree weather at 11 at night and you are so happy with the decision you made. Sometimes that boy was right in not telling her what the date was because she wouldnt have gone, free food before or not. Sometimes your room mate has a crimper and it makes her hair look good so your other room mate trys it and hers looks good and then you try it and you look like you stuck your finger in an outlet...so you try straightening it and it looks worse and then you realize you have no time before work so you have to do your whole head and youre looking rough. oh well.

Quote wall worthy:
"jared this sounds like background music to one of your video games...
"if we wanted to listen to that we woulda pulled out our game boys"

"HOT CHOCOLATE?! ask her where it is on the menu!!"
"Where is it"
"uhm i dont think its on there." said pointedly
"oh." awkwardly
"ask her the price"
"what the heck, are you a caveman?"

"youre kinda obsessive"
"what? rude, no i'm not"
"no i mean you wouldnt stop talking about that movie until we got it or chinese food and now youre eating it"
"i think its just i have a one track mind"
jared chimes in "caitlin just always gets what she wants"
"yeah, i like it said that way better"
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"You know i like you most right?"

"Caitlin!!!!!! Your life has been so funny for the last 10 days. Please blog about it :)"
I am so glad i have a fan! Who keeps me on track with my blogging. I dont really agree but okay.

 So theres this guy- lets call him Riley...
I met him through a friend. The second time i met him he wrote me a song titled "oh caitlin." Or thats what i named it at least because those were the only two words in the entire song...all 1 minute or so of it. So maybe hes not the next Billy Joel but i'll take it-it was pretty funny. We began texting every single day. Now i feel bad when i text boys like this because they usually think i like them but honestly i am an huge texter. I love when boys are good at texting-fast and funny. We started hanging out- he came over and watched a movie and did magic tricks, baked cupcakes and watched jazz games with me. He really is a great guy- hes funny, nice, loves the jazz, and lets me feed him. Whats the problem? well theres one big one. One that i cant overlook, one that wouldnt be fair to him one that probably wont work but i'm willing to take the chance that it might. He says psych instead of sike! after a joke. Ok just kidding thats not it. Our "relationship" can probably be best described through our texting conversations. Hes pretty persistent. I dont think i even need to tell you whose who...
"i figured out the key to your heart."
"i may have helped you a bit-lets be real."
"true but you must have told me for  reason"
"yeah...i wanted to show you how cute he is..."

"Stephen wants me to give you a chance"
"i think you should too :D"
"i can tell you think that"

"thats how you really feel. You shouldnt apologize for it."
"the truth is i like you a whole bunch but i cant do anything about it."

"good point. i'm not trying to be a jerk i promise."
"ok bro"
"sure thang dude"
"oh no you didnt."

"guys always buy. Its part of the code."
"yeah but its not a date duh and i owe you duh and thanks duh"

"haha i warned you"
"i know"
"you warned me but i still want to try so bad. its the worst. but the best too"
"the whole challenge thing-im the same way"
"its not just because its a challenge. i think youre so awesome. Theres something about you :D"

"im thankful you introduced me to that drink!"
"haha! im thankful that drink is going to eventually make us more than friends"
"...more than friends as in...best friends?"
"of course. Best friends that hold hands, date, kiss, etc ;)"
"how often does that line work?"
"yeah i just throw out anything with you hoping it works haha"

"My fav girl list prob goes"
2. Caitlin
3. Zooey {deschanel}
"hahaha what a liar"

"Youre a major babe,babe-raham Lincoln herself! And when i say major babe i mean awesomest girl ever."
fyi when guys call a girl a babe or a fox i LOVE it.

"ya big dumb tell me!"
"is that a fat joke...?"

"how bout this-i hear youre a player, nice to meet you i'm the coach"
"youre a hoe like the kind a gardener uses to get the weeds out of the garden"
"those are most definitely not the same..."

we have such a great...friendship right? He listens to backstreet boys in the car and plays quit playing games with my heart and dedicates it to me. He thinks its funny when we let the fish watch the jazz game with us. He finds the dumb things i say really funny...or at least pretends. He really is a great guy i just know i am not the girl for him. I laid out the challenge card and he stood up and accepted it. But then DONT WORRY-this is where things get bad. So the two of us are texting-he tells me to tell my room mates hi. I ask if theres one hed date and he says yeah i think so and i say who and he says my BEST FRIEND. oh no. Then he tries to backtrack and then the dreadful "you know i like you most right? Its not that i want to immediately try to immediately date somebody else. You've already told me no a lot" First off let me just say i can not stop quoting this- he even made the man board for this comment. I tell him he can go on a date every day for all i care but really boys? you dont tell a girl youve been trying to pursue for weeks that you would date her best friend. Not cool. I really do want us to be friends though. I even asked him if he would mind if i blogged about him which coming from me is way nice because normally i just blog about the boy with no regards to his feelings. I'll hook ya up with him bc hes a great guy as long as you arent a best friend of mine...

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Me so thankful

This Thanksgiving I again spent my time with my Utah family, the Mickels.
I headed down the night before and got to spend all day with them. It made me so thankful that i got to spend Thanksgiving with a great family since i couldnt be with my own. I made a lovely list of things i'm thankful for:
i'm thankful for my new mustard pants {that i have been searching for months for!},
my roomie Ken who got me a 30% discount on them
and the hate texts i got when i told my family and friends i got them bc apparently everyone had planned on getting them for me and "i shouldnt be buying myself things around christmas time..." whoops
That even though my apt doesnt have a can opener or a rolling pin i still somehow managed to make my very first pumpkin pie from scratch with a mason jar and a thing i had to slowly poke around all the cans...being a pilgrim was probably the worst thing ever....

i'm thankful for my brother and the awesome voicemail he left me on Thanksgiving! Which is great because my brother is the busiest person ever.

i'm thankful that i used a 22250 and hit a little pumpkin from 100 yards dead on my first shot. #prostatus and shannon responds with "beast. good to know youll be good in the apocalypse" Impressing the Mickels was a plus.
i'm thankful for my dad and the advice he gives me: "if you can cook and shoot a gun youre set...they wont even care how you look." Then my mom chimes in with "but you have all three so youre a triple threat." dad-"you'll make somebody a really happy cook someday." "Uh dad i think you worded that wrong...I'm also thankful when dads supportive of my love life.."sounds like a regular latter day saint soap opera to me!"...thanks dad but this is serious...

i'm thankful that i am still attractive enough to get whistled and yelled at when i'm out walking. While some find this offensive *cough adele* i dont.
but lets be real...
I'm thankful that i dont have children and can sleep through the night! because after spending this past week with two families and a total of like 6 babies i am SO grateful.

I am so thankful for everything in my life.
my family. friends. room mates. the gospel. dogs. & pumpkin pie.
xoxo CAIT xoxo


"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
well just this past weekend, dont worry.

Richfield: population 45...cows
Or thats what it felt like. "I feel like i'm in a scene from the Hills have Eyes Kailyn..." Richfield is populated with trucks, "indian horses," hot boys and farmland. Yep...that about sums it up. We took a road trip down to Richfield to cut down our very own Christmas tree and on the way we stopped at the Manti temple! Let me first say I LOVE the manti temple. I have always found it so beautiful and have wanted to go in for as long as i can remember. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go in. The spirit was so unbelievably strong in that temple and it was cool because Kailyns dad got to do the confirmations and baptisms since he was working in the temple.
then we went up to the mountains to cut down our very own tree. Now i'm assuming were gonna stay with Kailyns giant brothers who were gonna do everything but nope! we went off by ourself. There was snow everywhere and it was pretty steep so to say i fell a few times would be an understatement. After a good 20 minutes we found Teddy. {yes, we did name our tree}. Sawing him down was quite an adventure, to say the least. Have you seen Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation? Yeah, well i felt like that, staring up at the tree just waiting for him to fall over...After Kailyn made fun of everyone for barely putting a dent in Teddy he finally fell over. Kailyn and i basically carried him down the mountain ourselves partially because Teddy fell on and crushed Erin and well Julie and Heather were a ways back...Carrying a 12 foot tree down a snow covered mountainside is so difficult. Teddy lost a lot of limbs in the process and after laughing down the mountain, getting crushed and falling i made it down with only a few bruises down the side of my leg. COOL. When K and i reached the bottom breathless and dead her 2 brothers came in and swooped up the tree-no problems. And then i thanked God for guys.
It was so fun to spend time with K dad{hes HILARIOUS}, see where Kailyns from, meet her family, eat ALL their food, play crowns and more. I LOVE Kailyn and i am so grateful for her and her family. Love youu k.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, November 19, 2012

BABE-raham Lincoln

Sometimes when a boy tells you "if you were a president then you'd be BABE-raham Lincoln." you think it is one of the funniest lines you have ever heard. Sometimes you cant cross off "take a 4 hour Sunday nap," off your to do list because well it only lasted about 30 minutes before you are woken up to a distraught "CAITLIN! are you awake?!" well i am now...Sometimes your home teachers come over and instead of being able to feel the spirit you cant help but notice all the leaves that were tracked in on the spotless just vaccumed 20 minutes ago floor. "Is there anything we can do for you?" yes please pick up every leaf that is now crushed into my floor..."no were good thank you!" Sometimes a peaceful and spiritual Sunday dinner is interrupted immediately post prayer with a "what the eff!!" and sunday football viewing priveleges are revoked. Sometimes you wonder if being able to quote elf backwards and forwards would be appropriate to place on resumes. Sometimes this is the truth but you cant always blame the boys for thinking this bc lets be honest, you could probably find a way to flirt with a brick wall...
Sometimes the boy brings a robot to ward prayer and you feel so much better about yourself and your room mates do impressions of him holding her up since well shes a robot an all and shes susceptable to siezures. Sometimes your work thinks its acceptable to have a meeting at 8:30 on a Saturday morning...about alcohol...something you already learned but cool. Sometimes you go shopping in Park City and find shirts that make you look like a candycane and while looking like an item of food can be good it can also be bad...Sometimes you finally get a stain out of your favorite neon yellow shirt and then plan on wearing it every single day-acceptable right? Sometimes you feel bad when you nearly blind traffic when wearing it. Sometimes when boys play guitar and have a jam session in your living room by putting random song lyrics into a beat its so sexy and STUPID. Sometimes the meowing thing goes from a just in the apt kinda thing to out in public and its concerning. Oh no, how did this happen?? Sometimes you spend $4 on wrapping paper but oh well because its glitter but it ends up being like a foot long and youre feeling a little jipped and now glitter is everywhere. Sometimes decorating the apt means sitting down after a long day at work and telling k and j what to do..."guys i'm supervisor.." Sometimes you know what jared means we he says you are good at getting people to do things for you...Sometimes a boy tells you your ripped pants are out of style...really boy? i have great style. Sometimes after Tuesday night you cant stop laughing about this song bc sometimes you really really love Amish people and well its hilarious:
 Sometimes you know youre getting close to someone when you start adjusting your bra and talking about how you need a new one...hey i speak the truth. Sometimes you have an awkward dream about a boy in the ward and when youre room mate tells you its probably a good idea to not tell him..you forget.sometimes your room mate prays that you will be "calm and collected" if when you get stuck under the mistletoe with a jonas brother. Thanks girl. Sometimes your apt has so many nicknames for people you all know that it starts getting hard to not publically call the person that sometimes not so pleasant nickname. Sometimes your room mate trys to end a story with "and then he left..." but you dont buy it and she runs away screaming "HE LEFT HE LEFT" and you chase her into the bathroom and attack her and then sometimes come to find out your best guy friend made out with your room mate....coool. But sometimes it really is cool bc you love them both. Sometimes being a 5th wheel is fun! said no one ever. And sometimes when the "couples" start nesting on the couch, you know its time for bed. Sometimes when the jazz game goes into triple OT its acceptable to bring the fish bowls onto the floor and let them watch the game bc they want in on some action too. Sometimes you never realized how fun it is to go driving and yell at random people on byu campus. Sometimes you think youre Rachel Ray and try to whip up your sisters chicken and rice recipe and it does not taste like hers. But sometimes its still good enough to take to work for a friend and he responds with "well i think your sisters sucks!" to try and make you feel better even though hes never had hers... Sometimes the idea everyone has in their heads of pushing someone up against a wall and kissing them as passionate would in reality probably be dangerous because sometimes my room mate does demonstrations on how it could go wrong. Sometimes i text your instead of you're and i dont notice until later and its KILLING me bc hes gonna think im stupid but its too late. Sike its never too late for proper grammer.

"i know how to seduce a boy but getting him to like me? thats difficult!"
"you do?!" [all excited]
"oh my gosh its a boy, its easy, take off a sock..."

"i came out and i wasnt wearing a bra...yes i did just say that"
"i think we are too comfortable with jared now..."

"you should have given them a bro tax, an extra 20% for being so obnoxious"

"ok fine, you guys skinny dipped...why is this taking so long, how many girls do you do that with??"
"hey actually what are you doing later tonight..."

"do you think i'm the meanest manager?"
long pause"....no"
"you paused!!"

"apples and gumdrops... humming to the sound of music..i dont think those are the words"
"ummm those are most definitely not the words..."

"you know whats important? pheremones. they are what attract people to you chemically."
panicked. "maybe mine are broken, i need new ones!"

"Caitlin youre great!"
"how many people did you just tell that to..."
"like 3..."

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Saturday, November 10, 2012

word of the day {thankful}

Thankful is an appropriate word for my life as of late.

thankful: I'm thankful that when my debit card declined yesterday right after i put cash in my account i didn't call the bank right on the spot and use some choice words!...like freak or heck
thankful: i'm thankful that when the girl working at uvu condescendingly asked me how i had managed to break my bus pass for the 3rd time the only thing i can do is smile

thankful: i'm thankful that after i explain how i managed to break 3 bus passes {see above} when the girl tells me it'll be $65 to fix it i say umm no. After some impressive persuasion techniques i walk away with only having to pay $15. score.

thankful: that when i tell my room mate i think i'm starting to get an ear infection and she goes how do you know? "..my ear hurts..." that i dont have like the stomache virus or something...thats definitely worse

thankful: when i hurt my wrist in which i carry trays at work and go around telling people my wrist is "sprained, stressed, fractured, broken, etc" basically whatever came to mind-that i dont manage to drop a tray of food on a small child because well then i would be unemployed.

thankful: that after my bank tells me that my card was cancelled and i have to get a new one i had just put all my cash in my account and have no cash

thankful: that on top of everthing not working yesterday when i call to complain to mom, the sound on my phone is conveniently no longer working.- mom was probably thankful for this one

thankful: that when i saw a cute boy who i havent talked to in a while i was having a meltdown about the above day on my broken phone he did not see me up close because well i looked like a troll. Seeing me from far away was bad enough

thankful: that after the dreadful day and a 3 hour nap to try and forget the dreadful day the JAZZ pulled out a big W. Thank heavens something went right.

thankful: when the sound on my phone isnt working i consequently miss my early class. i am thankful i missed yet another boring lecture and that i am allowed to miss one day so im okay.

what a good day.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

"we wont be kissing tonight..."

"WHATTTT? i dont care if hes a troll or 3 feet tall you go with him!!"on when a boy wants to take you to tucanos. this was the last thing i heard before i went on my date Thursday night. most first dates of mine go like this-but this one didnt
It was in reference to this: "yeah like something really good. like tucanos or carrabbas." -neither of which i have been to. Let me first start off by saying i dont think first dates should be super expensive things because it makes me personally feel awkward and pressured to basically fall in love with the dude. I left him waiting for about 15 minutes while i consulted with friends, room mates and my mom. I didnt even really need to bother with my mom because i knew she'd be all for it...and she was. It was a last minute date and i wasnt even ready so i responded with ahh i have to get ready then...to which he responded awesome! umm ok, i didnt know that was a yes, well i guess i'm going. About 45 minutes later theres a knock on the door and standing there is...lets call him Chris and might i add hes a fellow East coaster like myself.
We definitely did not have this problem...
We walk out to the car and Chris goes " i hope this isnt weird but you smell great." check.- always a goal of mine. "when the wind blew i just got a wiff and its nice." Dont worry instead of simply saying thank you i then start rambling about how i accidentally bought boy gel and it smells like a boy and then i cant stop so i just go on and on. I know this probably sounds like it was awkward but it wasnt, Chris laughed at everything i said. He follows up with "well i dont think you smell like a boy." He doesnt ask me where i wanna go or anything he just starts driving, which is good because on a first date i dont wanna make too many decisions haha. Call my lazy but i just want him to plan it. I warn him that i dont like awkward dates- no pressure right and he laughs and goes "well now i'm gonna play footsy under the table and try to hold you close." As were getting closer to the Riverwoods i casually ask where were going, a question to which i was pretty sure i already knew the answer. "Tucanos." Btw Tucanos is expensive."well i havent been to any of these places-we can go to any of these..." "Are you a vegetarian.?" pause. "yes." i tried lying because i felt bad. "Has anyone ever told you youre a terrible liar?" "oh all the time, but a lot of time people think i'm lying when i'm not cause i always smile.""We really dont need to eat here...""its okay i have a real job ;)" We walk in and he holds doors and all that date stuff. After we get seated the waiter comes over and tells us about the brazilian lemonades. I ignore this, fully intent on getting water. Chris orders two. "I was just gonna order water..." Then the guy tells us we can get started. For those of you who havent been to tucanos theres like a buffet of sides and things and then the waiters just bring around all this meat and asks if you want it and then put it on your plate. So basically every 4 minutes another guy with another type of meat is at your table. Not gonna like its kinda overwhelming and i didnt know what to do. I think its a place i would go with a bunch of friends but not on a date. The date was going surprisingly well. I can sum it up into three topics:
2. compliments
3. awkward
No, not because the date itself was awkward or bc we kissed . Please guys, it was the first date...sooo somehow awkward first date stories came up and then awkward first kiss stories. i am NOT prepared for this. He tells me both of his but i dont move to tell anything. He persists."Do you kiss on the first date?" "Well i dont kiss boys." "ever??" "nope." "oh" "i mean boys have kissed me but i last time that happened i punched him..." "YOU WHAT?" hes laughing...i'm not. "I'm serious-it wasnt hard" "Well when i kiss you i'll wear a football helmets and shoulder pads so you know its coming and then it wont hurt when you punch me" A little presumptious huh. He asks me to teach him some signs-just take a guess what sign he wanted to know first....kiss. He tells me about some of his moves and how girls kiss him on the first date. I inform him that he picks some classy ladies. I also tell him now he cant try those moves on me thank goodness but then tell him they wouldnt have worked anyway. He then goes ill just have to be "real" now. I think this was a move...Then onto the compliments. He compliments my earrings, my style, he tells me i seem so cultured partially bc i had a specific fav place in NY{well if anyone brings up New York i could tell you everything...}. I really like compliments but when theres a lot i dont like it.He also told me that when i'm really into talking about something? that i lift my eyebrow almost like the rock. COOL. I then spend the next 5 minutes holding my eyebrow down. "No its cute! i really like it." So he wanted to pretend it was my birthday but i didnt feel like standing on my chair so i said how bout we pretend its yours? He was all for it but then we forget so at the end he goes "how about we pretend that its my birthday another time...at another restaurant?" I am watching the birthday boy embarrass himself and pretend i dont hear. I didnt know if i wanted to committ to anything yet but then he asks me again. I dont think pretending i didnt hear again would work...so i agree. When the check comes he pushes it towards me with his hand still on it and i go to grab it and he pulls it back. The bill was a little ridiculous bc well the restaurant is a little ridiculous. On the way home he is being so funny and singing to the music...terribly i might add haha but i love it when guys do this. He insisted i join in but i opted out. Sorry not comfortable enough witcha yet boy. As he parks he goes okay- i know how you feel about awkwardness and dates so i'm gonna walk you up and just hug you and then go okay? Hahah "thanks for the play by play." No really, thanks. So he did and i apologized that he had a good drive ahead of him but he goes "it was worth it" and then stood around so then i start to panick and ramble about how this was a reason i didnt like dates and he basically grabbed me and hugged me and turned to leave real fast haha. Well thats one way to get them to go i guess...The date went really well-i even sent a post date text...even though i wanted him to but i was told the girl is supposed to do it...I had a lot of fun though and then right after that date another guy called and asked me on a date. 4 dates in one week! Except due to my lovely work and school schedule i can barely go on one...
To sum up my thoughts on dating, boys & committment...lets be real though

i must have some bc when jared comes over and says "well whats wrong with him? sounds great" i pause."stop trying to think/make up flaws." "i can though..just wait." "i know you can..."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"this is the WORST"

Sometimes when you type try to type in nah it gets autocorrected to Baghdad...yes autocorrect, Baghdad is the word i was looking for, i mean since i use that word so much...Sometimes i am concerned people are watching K and i right before we go running like yesterday when we were doing impresonations of us almost falling asleep at the temple. Sometimes watching just 2 min of the coneheads results in an alien voice the rest of the day. Sometimes i am yelling in the phone and Heather turns around looking apalled until i tell her i am yelling at the robot at the bank so all is well. But sometimes yelling at a robot isnt really helpful because they just ask you to repeat what you said over and over again and then the whole situation just gets old. Sometimes youre standing in a circle with a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds who are all talking about how baby hungry they are and you look at your watch and cant help but saying how literally hungry you are...lunch anyone? And sometimes you cant help but think youre a little different bc well babies are so far from your mind right now its not even funny. Sometimes the bus driver thinks its cool that you work at Ruby River and decides to give you all his valuable steak information for 25 MINUTES. Sometimes you are this close to jumping off the bus.."thats ok i'll walk" bc you really cant bare to hear one more thing about a porterhouse steak. Sometimes your movie picking privileges are revoked when you pick a movie like Paranorman and your room mate falls asleep. I would really recommend not seeing this movie for about 10 reasons. Sometimes FHE this week is that really awkward game where youre blindfolded and people make animal noises and you get animals like ostrich and dinosaur. REALLY guys? and for some reason you love the awkward game. Sometimes after watching Rock of Ages you cant help but again think that you should have been alive in the 80's because not only is the music your favorite but just everything. Check it out.
or this version of one of my all time FAVORITE songs.
Sometimes when the most attractive boy in your ward says he wouldnt mind getting thrown up against a wall and kissed you realize nose goes is probably not the most appropriate way to handle that situation. Sometimes you take some friends to this supposed dance party but when you go nobodys dancing and everybodys just staring at the DJ. Sometimes everybody is staring at you all and you realize you forgot your mustaches and hipster glasses and uh well this is awkward. Then sometimes the boy your with goes "uh wheres your "friend"?" and you pretend like you cant find him bc well hes looking a little cray with his long hair and insaneo dance moves. Dont worry though theres always heather to point out which one he is and tell you that you need to stay and at least say hi but the door is really calling your name...lets be real,this was an awkward situation that no one could handle. Sometimes you have been spending a lot of time in cemetarys lately...lets blame Halloween on this. Sometimes when you and a friend spend a certain amount of money on jerseys you get free jazz tickets to the game on Saturday but you work. Oh and sometimes you feel a little satisfaction when you hear all your room mates saying "this is the worst" or "youre the worst" and know that you are the one to blame and if you could stop saying it yourself you would. Sometimes ignorance is bliss bc after being forced to watch this horrible diabetes video in class and now i feel the need to scare everyone with my new found knowledge, including myself. Sometimes i feel like the boy next to me is looking over and reading this post and i am feeling uncomfortable. Is this funny too boy? Its like that feeling when people read your blog outloud to you like you forgot what you wrote and its embarassing. Sometimes dennys is the best place to meet cute boys, have pumpkin pancakes and get excited for The Hobbit. Sometimes when boys say "doesnt she remind you of Natasha?" and the other boy goes "nah, Natasha reminds me of her" and they dont even know you its pretty hilarious. Sometimes the best boy advice you get is from your boss and then "oh dont worry i dont makeout" comes out of your mouth and you then the only solution is to awkwardly walk away. Sometimes one of the nice notes you get is "i hope you find love this week. Oh and you have great hair." and sometimes its from a boy and you had no idea you were looking for love? Sometimes going throughout the day and saying "i bet they voted for obama.." when someone says or does something stupid makes the whole situation a lot more comical.
On to quotes:
"Heather is acting like Jared wants to kill her"
"Uh Jared is acting like Jared wants to kill me"
"Lets make a rule beforehand that you have to buy the icecream before you can kiss the boy a second time"
"Great i will never have to buy icecream then..."
"my teeth arent as white as white as they used to be-oh no i'm letting myself go!"
hunter staring at the pile of money
"i worked the corner...i only made $30, how much do i suck?"
"depends how long you were out there"
"no, they probably wont know they are supposed to give you a nice ring...theyll probably try to give you some twine or something."
"no the stripling warriors are super hot"
"nowhere in the scriptures does it say that..."
"if you cant find a husband in 1,000 years then you are in some serious trouble"
"jared you wont buy your wife a dog?"
"if we did have a dog it would be an outdoor dog and i would build it a doghouse"
"how mean jared!...you can only do that if you put akitchen and a dining room in there. Maybe some carpet and curtains too.."
"wait was it you wont buy your dog a wife?"

"guess who told me to turn in here? the spirit."
"whadd up spirit?!"

"boys and i do it all the time"

"Caitlin! hes gonna fall in love with you!"
"i'm falling in love with you..."
"well this just got weird."

"its the best feeling in the world...better than love!"
{on rejecting boys/kissed}
xoxo cait xoxo

Hey Lakers, you suck

Last night i went to my first Jazz game. it was the best thing ever. We got sweet jerseys and did our nails special for the game. Number  1 fans? i think so.
I seriously can not get over how much fun basketball games are. I love sports in general but basketball along with soccer games have always been my favorite. It wasnt the NBA game i've seen though, i've seen the Wizards play before but it just wasnt the same. Basketball games are so easy for me to get into because i've played basketball since 5th grade and know the sport very well. However, that does not mean i am good at playing it haha. I dont really have the height thing going for me like my mom did but i always loved playing and mom loved coaching. I love the atmosphere of sporting events, the cheering and the competition with other fans. We basically had the cast of jersey shore sitting in front of us and they were Lakers  fans so cheering obnoxiously was that much better. I think Kailyn got to see a new side of me...haha that she loves so much.
"you arent allowed to play defense outside the 3 point line..."
"wow this is a whole new game"
"Caitlin taught me everything i know!"
"wait what? i didnt teach you that.."
"oh actually steve taught me everything i know..."
Heather enjoyed sharing with us all of her basketball knowledge and it made my night. I had the best and most fun night. I can not wait to go to another game! GO JAZZ.
ps KOBE- you're the worst.
pps i may or may not have slept in my jazz jersey last night and i would probably still be wearing it right now except K was wearing hers and we didnt wanna look like goons.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I just wanna FEED you, ok?

1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 pinch salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin puree
1 2/3 cups milk
4 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

Mix together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and salt in a large bowl. In second bowl, add eggs, sugar, pumpkin, milk and butter; beat well. Gently fold in the flour mixture. Spoon in about 3/4 cup of batter into waffle iron. Cook each waffle for about 4-5 minutes. The recipe called for ginger instead of pumpkin pie spice but i didnt have it and i thought the pumpkin spice was perfect. I dont think its possible to mess this recipe up bc when i couldnt find our 1/3 measuring cup i used something that wasnt even remotely close...Must finish with cool whip and syrup. SO good.
Finish off by making your room mates awkwardly pose with the finished product...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Let me count the ways...

in which i can ruin a potential relationship before it evens starts. Sometimes i like to watch How to lose a guy in 10 days and marvel at the fact that i can lose a guy in about 4 without even trying.  Beat that Kate Hudson.
-ignore a boy when he has done absolutely nothing wrong
-act like a 14 year old girl who is talking to her crush for the first time..EVERY single time you talk to him
-have a smile on your face and immediately change it to a frown when you see him.
-as been said before-friendzone him accidentally
-hook him up w/ not only your friends, but your best friends.
-tell him that hes not your favorite, then list your favorites...who are not him
-tell him youre so busy this week then post on fb about BDUBS and your roomie date night...
-when he brings up visiting you at work- insult him by talking about how expensive it is.
you were trying to be nice and not make him feel pressured here...i'm sure.
-be as difficult as humanly possible
-be indecisive and change your mind every 5 minutes.
-when asks about what type of guys you like- list all the qualities that he doesnt have....
-when he talks to you look at the floor, the ceiling, the walls, anywhere that isnt him. To the point in which he is concerned that you may have a lazy eye
-ignore his texts
-sarcastically say how much you like a certain piece of clothing...that he happens to be wearing
-make lots of rules...about everything:when to kiss, how he should ask you on a date, etc

Hopefully some potential relationships will be spared after reading this and believe it or not if a girl does these things she still might be into you and you should be into her too...after you insist she get some therapy. If you are one of the people who does the things above this may or may not be you...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

October 30,2012

"cops dont normally turn on their sirens and alert you that they are coming..." you learn something new everyday. PS- dont you just love the UFO in the background?
Words to describe this night:
scary stories
full moon
As much as i would like to talk about it, i can't.
So use your imagination-i hope you have a good one :)
xoxo cait xoxo

i do what i pleases, be cool as autumn breezes

Sometimes its not what you need or want to hear but rather what someone needs to say. And Sometimes that John Mayer song is gonna be on repeat in your head until you say what you need to say. Sometimes you pull your charger out of the wall and get electrocuted. Yes, electrocuted. It was most definitely not my favorite feeling in the world...its not like i can say yes, i can cross this off my bucket list. No. And sometimes my arm STILL hurts. Sometimes i miss my babes and i love when i get to talk to him on the phone-this is my new favoritest picture of CJ. So handsome.
Sometimes your roomie comes into your work to eat and you think its funny to send both your managers over, telling them you think table 54 has a complaint but then the table just talks about how awesome you are but then you realize you should probably tell your managers you know them so they dont think you just send them to the table that will brag about you the most. cough tanner cough. Sometimes our attempt at pushups ends with us laughing hysterically and 50 turns to 20... Sometimes a story ends noncholantly with"...and then she pooped in her *underwear..."and sometimes when you arent expecting that you spit your drink out all over the table...and the floor...and the chair. You get the picture...
Sometimes you buy people water for the first time- bc you are a great person and it has nothing to do with jef....whatsoever...
Sometimes your room mates have a bonfire and instead of scary stories everyone decides to tell embarrassing stories. Sometimes you love it though, bc some boys really know how to tell a story. Sometimes the girls are getting smores sticks and one of the boys tries to scare everyone and sometimes we realize Kailyn would abandon all of us if lets say Bigfoot was about to attack us. That girl can run. Sometimes you really can not stop listening to Backstreet Boys and you feel as though you should be embarrassed, but you arent-youre loving it. Sometimes apt 114 is to blame for the burnt pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sitting in your trash can. Sometimes Hocus Pocus is really not that great of a movie but you watch it anyway, even as it gets weirder and weirder. Sometimes your room mate sends you a picture of rotten tomatoes that will forever be burnt in your retina. Sometimes the man who first drew the flapper girl made her "fun and awkward." Guess being awkward has always been cool. Sometimes your teacher is signing important dates in history and one of them was when MLKJ was born and you somehow get Jan 15, 1975..........uh. and whats even more embarrassing is you dont even realize thats not possible. And sometimes when you retell this story to your room mates they dont see whats wrong either. I promise that i actually really love and know my history -i just need to practice my dates a little more. Sometimes you send this picture to your brother and say "if you were a boy..." and then you wish you would have rethought that wording...And then sometimes you send it to your roomie asking "Do you think this will make _____fall in love with me or is it weird?" To which she responds "where are your feathers?" "KAILYN! this isnt a costume!" "oh." hahaha thanks...its okay if you agree with her, we can still be friends :)
Sometimes i am so worried about the fam and checking in with my mom only to hear they are living it up with chili, cards and lots of fun. COOOL. But then sometimes i am so sad to hear my favorite city is under water in most places. i loveee NYC. And sometimes i like to end with my favorite quotes as of late:
"all i can say is we will never be pregnant teens! we've made it!"

"you look terrible tonight."
"you should have said that to ____ tonight"
"you are scaring me tonight." singing
"how dare you butcher an Eric Clapton song"

"Julie, are you naked??"

"And i'm really sorry for calling you a tool, even if you have kissed 15 girls..."

"and then she assaulted me."
"oh my gosh, physically?"
"no...verbally, but its the same thing"

"Tell him you look good on his couch bc your hair blends in with them."
"what does that even mean..."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

More reasons in which i love fall...

best recipe in the entire world. i'll post it tomorrow
i was a little lazy this year
you better believe i wrote my number under this...if you dont believe me you can check my porch
This weekend included a halloween party, a bonfire, reeses smores (the only way to go), pumpkin spice french toast, pumpkin carving, travel channel-Halloween style, hocus pocus, hayrides, a weak corn maze, a haunted maze, etc. Quite possibly the perfect Fall weekend ever...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Hipsterzz

"I wish everyday were Halloween, so we can dress up."
-said probably by each of us once that night, we love love love getting ready and dressing up.
the boys were too cool to dress up..we were all hipster disney characters, an idea Kenna found like the day before. Easy and cheap. I was pocahontas- if i could be an indian every day, i probably would...
my sign said "i dont need paint, i have the colors of the wind"
anyway i LOVE Halloween.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, October 25, 2012

boots & boobs

since my room mates are supa fly we decided to do a photo shoot.
oh and sorry about the inaprop name of this post- it goes along with the long list of other ones we thought of when we were trying to think of an album name...
*several awk names thrown out"
"awesome autumn!"...everyone " no"
"out of all the ones we've said, that gets vetoed, really?"

"jared make sure there are no light spots on us from the sun!"
"their arent."
"are you sure?"
please look at half our faces here...^
down by the utah lake AND kailyns farm
"can we take an awkward picture, i'm good at those
"what were the past 40 pictures..."
we have the best time always. I seriously think i got so lucky with my room mates. Thanks to Jared who put up with our laughing, screaming, awkward comments and "how do i look?" or "let me see" comments. But dont worry, we paid him--
some of us in hugs
some of us in kisses-
and some of us in...well-use your imagination....bahahaha jk shannon but hey, hes a happy camper!Thanks again :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, October 22, 2012

mi vida ahora

-this week marks the 5th week straight that i have gone to the temple & i plan to continue it for...well forever
-last Saturday night i made about $200- after tipout
-the 60 question test that i barely studied for i got back...and only missed 2. hellooo 97%
-kailyn and i have gotten up to go running AND read our scriptures before school & plan to make this a common thing since she hates fat people :) LOVE you K
-i finally manned up and made progress with boys the boy in the ward
how? i smiled at him instead of looking the other way when he looks at me.
-i owned my ASL midterm and got a 100% on my fingerspelling w/ my teacher signing wow at the end
- in a good way
-the track has officially been put up
-i have cute boys talking to me but i am being terrible at making time for them
-sometimes mike comes into ruby river and i spill water all down my shirt thus making it see through. yup
-i am FHE innactive bc i work Monday nights :/
-BDUBS is my favorite weekly event
-maybe 30 something year olds are to old for me...
-boys love my hair and compare it to a horse. uh thanks?
- i made strawberry bananna jello for the first time Sunday and it was a success.
-i got cute new sparkly flats for $12!
-one day i got on fb and everyone and their mother was engaged...oh wait that was today
-i am still awkward but now with just my bosses...so thats good
-my money saving abilities are great even though there is a pair of steve maddens calling my name...
-i like to listen to taylor swifts new album and decide which boys shes talking about which has inspired heather and i to write a song about the boys in our ward. oh just wait we have some real songwriting talent
New fav right here:
xoxo CAIT xoxo

pumpkin cinnabons

this past weekend i celebrated my favorite time of the year right by going to a haunted house with some friends from work {even if it wasnt that scary}, hearing ghost stories in the canyon, going to a cemetary....well at least right up to the stop sign haha which was creepy enough...and baking pumpkin treats. I made a goal that i would make one pumpkin treat a week and this weekend i made three-
This week i plan to knock off the rest of my fall to do list:
watch casper, go on a hay ride, pick pumpkins and carve them, go to a halloween party, drink apple cider, make chili, make a freakin fall album with the room mates-kicking pumpkins and throwing candy at children...okay just kidding-inside joke, try pumpkin ice cream and one that i may not get to do is i REALLY wanna have a bonfire in the canyon complete with ghost stories. FALL is great.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes its embarrassing when you confuse a Journey song for a not Journey song in front of your cute hipster boss. But sometimes if you ask him, he will say hes not a hipster. Sometimes i dont listen though and i call him a hipster anyway. And sometimes you LOVE Journey and you dont know how you dropped the ball on that one. Sometimes he asks you whose better "Nsync or Backstreet Boys?" and you automatically respond with Nsync and he responds with "ooh i'm totally judging you right now." and sometimes you cant wait to hear what comes out of his mouth next bc he is never boring. Sometimes you do laundry every other day [for work]and its the absolute worst because you despise laundry. But sometimes you never do any other laundry and then consequently take up 6 washers...whoops. Sometimes you get your best friend Kisstixx for her bday as incentive to get you icecream. Sometimes on a rainy day you sleep in til 12 and dont even feel bad. Sometimes this is a real life convo "ok you cant be all charming and then act all surprised when she likes you...""you think i'm charming?" with your boss. Oh but dont worry, sometimes it gets even better and you find yourself being your bosses wingman when you point out girls for him hahaha. Sometimes my attempts at matchmaking  have no limits. Sometimes a 4 hour Sunday nap is acceptable...right? Sometimes relief society turns into an episode of Oprah and you realize you cant handle all the feelings and "sharing" and you dont know what to do with yourself. Sometimes not even the fact that a Hemsworth brother is in Snow White can keep a person entertained. And sometimes i cant get over how good K Stew looks with black hair that i almost wanna be Snow White for Halloween-even though shes the lamest princess. Sometimes heather tells me the DC temple is shutting down for 2 years. and i realize i gotta stop being so picky and get wifed up so i can get married in that temple! Except my mom just said this isnt true so who knows. Sometimes a light goes out in your room so your rooms half dark and you are curious how your makeup will look in the morning...maybe a little like this
except with makeup...and hopefully i'll still have an eyebrow and no holes in my face...
Sometimes when youre kinda interested in a boy you try to set him up with other girls to prove you arent interested- makes sense right? Sometimes roomie photoshoots are the funniest thing ever and you would like to mandate that they must occur once a week. Sometimes you and your roomies realize how generous you all are in the temple when it comes to boys that you agree that every boy conversation should be held in the temple. "Caitlin you can totally have him!" hey sounds good to me. Sometimes when a room mate tells you a story about her and some boy while running, you almost run into like 4 things and continually tell her to shut up. Sometimes a trip to sizzler results in a whole week of meals for Heather and you realize that you dont mind taking one for the team so she can be happy. except sometimes it is not taking one for the team. Sometimes in sunday school the teacher asks what are some important things you have to do every day and while the rest of the class is saying things like this" read your scriptures, pray, etc" your room mate yells out "Floss!" and the whole class starts laughing. Sometimes a boy is over past curfew [dont judge us we forgot!] bc it is only 12:15 and some fun suckers knock on the door and say "um is there a boy in here, its past curfew" and you feel like you are 12 years old and sometimes byu approved housing has its downsides but you love it anyway. Sometimes you have some carolers... in October and they sing scream scary songs and make animal noises and face the other way and its very entertaining, yet kinda scary yet very in with the holiday. Sometimes when im j walking i invision myself getting arrested and then think of how embarrasing it would be to get arrested for j walking and actually have to tell people that...Sometimes i have multiple dreams in which my teeth fall out and now im really starting to panic. Teeth are a BIG deal. And then in the most recent dream Russel Brand tries to console me for losing my teeth my pulling out his fake teeth and showing me he lost his teeth too-uh sure Russel Brand, that makes me feel better...but then in the dream we bond a bit over our misfortune which is odd bc i am not a fan of his. and then i grab his hair and say-yours might just be better than mine....sometimes i worry about my subconscious state of mind. Sometimes your boss gets you addicted to this version of this song. SO GOOD. how cool is he?
Sometimes i could go on and on with a string of random thoughts of mine but i'm tired.
xoxo cait xoxo