Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cheers to the freakin weekend

well instead of work i did the following:

-kenna's family had us over for dinner- cafe rio pork tacos, homemade mint chocolate chip icecream and brownies? I think yes. oh and this was our view: absolute perfection
-Kaley and i went to City Creek! where we did what we do best, eat. 3 words: kneaders pumpkin bread. K treated me for lunch for my bday [yeah its been THAT long since i've seen her] #luvufall
- the roomies and i had the opporunity to watch the Brigham City temple dedication! It was amazing-i've never seen one before & i cant wait to go inside. #i love my roomies
-i got to drive Heathers old car for her & i love driving
-i did a little shopping and FINALLY found an old 6 panel window that i have in mind for a craft. I have been searching forever and K and i went to this little antique place that was right up my alley and voila, window. cant wait to get started :)
oh and elsewhere i got this $4 scarf!#loveloveloveplaid #forever21
-made waffles since i missed waffle wednesday #waffle friday
seeing corinne & filling up on sample cups at yogurtland, awkward movie nights with boys in the ward, seeing sizz friends, saw chase, went to an awk byu party for 2 mins, spending all day with K and going to Syds reception #photobooth fail #BFF #"why didnt you press black & white!"
could the bride be any prettier? CONGRATS sydy!
-i got to wear my neon yellow windbreaker/raincoat! Originally $80 at Urban Outfitters but i got it for $20. Guess there is a "method to my madness" as my parents would say. #cheshirecatsmile #favcolor
-and then i helped heather clean out her car and by helped heather clean out her car i mean i was a distraction for Kailyn and Heather...hey, what are best friends for? #you'rewelcome

-i ran 6 miles. woohoo
and i will leave you with some Hunter Hayes since i cant stop listening to him right now.
also check out if you told me to and what you gonna do. I guess i can thank work for my new found love
i enjoyed my last weekend before i work through them from now on.
Hope you had a great weekend!
xoxox CAIT xoxox

The woes of a blind dater

I dont like dating in general so the idea of a blind date is slightly dreadful. This semester many people have tried to set me up on blind dates. Which to me is funny because i dont like anyone so when people try i'm basically setting them up for failure. But anyway, i made a promise that i would say yes to every date from now on and give people a chance, i said sure. So a week ago i had my first blind date...ever actually. Today my institute teacher told us that we need not be so critical of everything our date does and stop pointing fingers which in all honesty is the first thing i came home and did. I sat on the couch and told my room mates every single reason in which there wouldnt be a second date. I think that youre right Brother Sackett so heres my formal apology, next time i will only point out positive things.
I'm sorry that when you let me go through your ipod i judged you for having the song "save a horse ride a cowboy" on it [worst song] instead of focusing on the fact that you, like me, enjoy country music. I'm sorry that the soccer game and not you was my main focus. I'm sorry that when you said "that was a great shot" [when it was right to the goalie..] i looked at you like you had 4 heads. I'm also sorry that i was secretly angry you made me miss the best goal of the game. I'm sorry i have no patience for the awkard first date questions and think they are stupid like "if you could eat one meal right now what would it be..." I'm sorry that i didnt understand your bromance with the guy in the other couple we went with and i'm sorry i didnt entertain you enough to not break your neck everytime he said your name. I'm sorry that even though we both wanna go to Ireland, we wont be going together. I'm sorry i kept wincing when you would yell talk in my ear. I'm sorry that i really wanted to hear the dating game at half time and you obviously didnt bc you kept talking...I'm sorry i thought it was weird that you said you like to drink milk straight from a cow, and when you said "i hope you dont think this is weird" it reaffirmed in my mind that it was normal i thought it was weird...i'm sorry about that too...I'm sorry that after the game when you asked if i was hungry i said no pretty darn fast...even though i was. I'm sorry that i cant stand when boys brag about their knowledge of sports and cars- show me, dont tell me...over and over and over...I'm sorry i didnt drink the water you got me [i dont know why i'm really sorry about this one?]. Sorry that i saw that beautiful boy from my ward on a date with another girl and wished it was me. <----prob biggest sorry. my bad. I'm sure even after all this i would go on another blind date and be more open because it does work for a lot of people.
Next time i'll be a little less like this:
and a little more like this:
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

But sometimes...

 Sometimes your brother texts you for fashion advice and you love it. And then sometimes he says "caities definition of poor is she has to wait one more week to buy the pair of shoes she wants." hahaha. Sometimes really cute boys come to your apt and as they leave you look at your roomies and say..."well, they wont be coming back." Because sometimes you and your room mates say things like this:
 "i just like touching peoples outsides."
 "umm no i would love it if Nick jonas woke me up every morning..."
"do you ride dirtbikes? you look like one."
"dont worry, you dont look like a dirtbike.."
"ohmygosh i didnt mean that! you dont look like a dirtbike!"
"thank you...i needed that clarification..."
"what if we answered the door with our shirts off?"
"more boys would come over..."

"someone kiss an ex real fast bc i want cheesecake"

But sometimes those boys come back because i guess sometimes boys like to laugh? Sometimes i dont think theres anything more attractive than guys in suits on motorcycles...well except if i was on the back too...Sometimes i have to pass this stupid alcohol training test online before i can start serving and sometimes my manager says itll take you about 3 hours and sometimes you smile and say okay because he doesnt know me and then sometimes it takes you about 8 hours because dont worry, sometimes you cant skip things and when you try it starts over from that section again and sometimes you are so stubborn and think there might be a loophole that no one except well you will figure out so you keep trying- consequently resulting in an 8 hour test instead of 3. Then sometimes your computer shuts off while taking it and then sometimes you try to finish it at school and theres a firedrill. REALLY. Sometimes i am too concerned about this stupid test and saving a paper i wrote that i dont care if i burn alive, no one is getting me out of this building until i finish this. Sometimes you fail the first time and no one is supportive and they think its funny and then you show them some questions and gain some support back but thankfully on the second and last time you can take it you get an 84%. Hey sometimes you just gotta take it. Sometimes you tell Heather were having regional conference at the stake center and she insists its at the marriott center even though it wasnt our stake but oh well, you got to sit next to Jared the whole time. Sometimes Jared is very entertaining. And sometimes Dallin H Oaks gives the most amazing talk! Ah love him.
Sometimes i forget how to bake and burn two batches of chocolate chip cookies! And then sometimes i need to call for reinforcements- big thanks to kenna. ps- this never happens...Sometimes you think age is just a number and you are trying to tell you roomies you always like older guys and you always will. But sometimes your roomies go off on a tangent saying things like this "hell take your kids to school and the other kids will be like whys your gpa here? and theyll make fun of him" or "youll be a widow at 60!" and sometimes you end up in hysterics because if you had heard the voices they were using and the ridiculous things they were saying youd be laughing too. Sometimes the bus this semester is OUTTA HAND. And you are tired of feeling like a sardine. Sometimes you get a new job! (i feel like i am always saying that...) and LOVE IT. Sometimes your boss is so supportive and compliments you and makes you feel like youre gonna be the best server ever. He tells you youre gonna be a BAD A server and one of his top 5 servers. And sometimes you are so blessed and getting a job here was fate. Sometimes your roomie wants you to be fat and tries to feed you oreos in bed and you really love oreos and you ask her whose paying her to sabotage you...Sometimes boys come over to take food and they are your fhe brothers so youre like ok? why not and then they take food and leave after 5 minutes without saying thank you and all you can think is "bouche dags." Sometimes now you think you have a reason to skip FHE...Sometimes you have an argument about what position chewbacca would be working in if he worked at your restaurant...Sometimes your apt NEVER has clean utensils. like ever. especially spoons. So sometimes when boys come over for dessert you laugh as you look around the room and boys are eating with measuring spoons, wooden spoons and extremely large spoons. uh sorry guys...Sometimes you cant help but look at guys and compare them to people. So sometimes the goonies is on tv and now you can help but compare your friends friend to this guy! and sometimes you arent even trying to be mean you just cant help but compare people. and sometimes everyone agrees and now your roomie cant help but laugh everytime she hears his name now...and sometimes the weird part is the guy is still attractive...
you are deformed creature, you are.
Sometimes you will seriously delete every single person off fb who posts their opinions about politics. Hey you have freedom of speech and i have freedom to delete you. Sometimes you tear up in health because a hoarder says hes lonely and thats why he hoards and hes just so old and cute you feel so sad. Sometimes you come home from work to a smores cupcake which are two of your most favorite things in the entire world combined! and you know you have the best room mates ever. Because sometimes you think if you ate one of those every single day for the rest of your life- it really would be okay. Sometimes you spend 2 hours picking out an outfit for a blind date...and then sometimes it turns into a photo shoot...whoops.
Sometimes Maryland oatmeal is better than Utah oatmeal so you have your mom send some out in the next package. Cause sometimes MD is better at a lot of things...Sometimes your favorite person tells you they tried visiting you at work on Monday AND called your work to see if you were working. :O WHAT. Sometimes  News like this always makes me happy! Sometimes things never change, even after so much time has gone by. Sometimes i am having back problems at 21 and i am saddened by this bc hunchbacks are not the cutest things around...Sometimes when you see someone and you are so unbelievably happy you know you need to keep that person in your life no matter what. Because sometimes finding someone who just gets you is so hard. And finding someone who asks you questions bc they actually want to know the answer is even harder and just talking to them about nothing is something. But sometimes you find the exact same person but better. :) And sometimes i am blogging and talking to cute boys who come over with yummy cookies and pouring out my guts to heather when i really need to just do homework so bye!
Sometimes i'm sorry this post is long but i have a lot of thoughts.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Saturday, September 8, 2012


The mountains are turning orange, yellow and red.
The pumpkin desserts are hitting restaurants.
The evenings are starting to get really chilly yet the days are hot
My room mate announced that it is Fall.
I am feeling a strong urge to wear boots & tights every single day.
^ this is an all year round thing, so not really an indication that its Fall.
so i've been seeing a lot of these essentials lists but i always disagree with something so
I made my own Fall Essentials '12 list for ya:
the best daily look blog ive found
i'm SO EXCITED for Fall fashion amongst other fall things of course but i cant wait to wear my boots.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Where have all the cowboys gone?

well definitely not the Glenwood BBQ, thats for sure,
i guess we'll have to look elsewhere...
If it involves free food, we are there. Even if it entails dressing up as cowgirls. [ok whatever we were so excited to dress up as cowgirls.] Since being out in Utah, i have gotten more free food than i know what to do with. Partially because with Heather as my room mate, she knows where all the free food is within a 10 mile radius. So anyway we all got cute [minus Tara who was on a date!] and went to a different complex...haha that we dont even live at for free food. In hopes that there would be some cute cowboys, because we love dressing up and well, we were hungry.
When i think about my room mates i feel so lucky! They are the best group of girls a girl could get. You wouldnt believe the amount of roomie horror stories i hear on a daily basis but we all just click so well. Everyone is so funny, nice, fun and the best trait sassy. I am so blessed. We even made a roomie to do list! that i am so excited about. This is gonna be a great year :)

xoxo Cait xoxo

Settled in.

I really missed taking classes!
said no one ever.
except maybe some mentally unstable person once upon a time...but that doesnt really count. There was a time i loved school! that was until college professors decided to ruin my life and tell you all about the outside projects and time you need to dedicate to their class. This semester i am taking 7 classes and two institute classes. [overwhelming right] and i am none too thrilled about it. My first class of the week is at 10! which is a dream come true. and i have the cutest little old guy who seems like a very good teacher, that is, until he gave us a quiz on the second day of school...um hi sir, i dont even remember learning something on the first day...so really the only terrible class i have is my sociology class where my teacher is Asian and has a thick accent that makes it so i dont understand a single thing that he is saying...
he tells us that its "ok to cheat as long as we dont get caught" and not gonna lie, he kinda reminds me of a walker- to which i immediately texted shannon telling her. She responded with "haha sucks for your teacher"
to top it off, i have not one single boy in any of my classes...
i have been in provo for about a week. I am in the same apt that i was in 2 years ago when i moved out here. same room, same paint, same ward, etc. Momma flew out here with me last weekend to get me settled in and we spent the whole weekend getting stuff for the apt. Two years ago i flew out to Provo spontaneously. My best friend told me there was a spot open in her apt and within one week i packed up, got a flight and headed out to provo by myself. I had nothing planned, no job, plans for school, etc. Since it was too close to mom starting school and dad working i did it alone and as much as it made me independent, it was so nice to have someone help me this time. We went to breakfast at Kneaders [our favorite!] and got all you can eat french toast and we ate at spaghetti factory! Ok i have been dying to eat at spaghetti factory. I would walk by after work and see the train inside and want to sit in it. So i told them we wanted to sit in the train and it was so yummy. I am SO GRATEFUL momma came out to help me get settled! She put together my chair for our desk, my shelves, my shoe rack, etc. Things that i probably would have needed to seek out help for. She let Heather come out with us for meals too which was so nice of her. She went to sacrament with me and then she had to say goodbye. The trip was far too short for my liking, as they always are. We both love having her along. She even tried to buy me a huge tv to which i responded, "i dont need that mom..." We debated on the issue all weekend, but mom had already done too much. Now when boys come over, they inform me that our apt did in fact need that since our tv isnt the biggest...
oh well. miss ya mom!

but being back has been so much fun. i have been so busy getting organized, redoing my room, seeing old friends, going to the gym [every day :)], waking up early and so forth and now this is really just how i feel...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

caitlin: 3 > hobby lobby:0

summer projects:
sometimes i see ideas on pinterest and wanna do them. i go to hobby lobby and see a similiar thing but sometimes hobby lobby can be pricey, so i decide to make it myself.
i made tons of the big bow ones for my 3 year old niece and the rosettes for my newborn niece. I didnt get pictures of them all but they were so cute. I told Megs not to loose them so i can use them someday but easier said than done when you have little kids.
I also did this:
I got this for $5.99 at Ross! Usually i find these for a lot more. A lot of people dont know, but they have some cool house decor. Along with TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby and Marshalls. Sometimes i like the before better...but the white goes with my room better. I spray painted it and took the hanging hooks off of the top. The nice thing is i can change the color or sand it and make it look different whenever i want. The color i eventually want it to be is mustard yellow.

Jewelry Holder.
I AM SO EXCITED about this project. I have wanted to do this for a long long time. The piece of wood i got for a $1 at the thrift store. It was so perfect because the back of it had holes already in it [it was for another hanging] and then we didnt have to measure out the distance between the door knobs so a lot of time was saved. I then painted it white and sanded the edges. Dad loved helping me, he got so into it, he used his tools and made the holes and saudered the back of the knobs off. Last minute touches included getting hooks and sanded and painting the knobs a bit. Best part? I got all the knobs for 50% off so i spent about $12 for all of them from hobby lobby. The family says i should sell them, not because no one else can make them but its time consuming.
And now the whole room put together [minus the desk-which isnt very excited at the moment]...
[sign: Target, Jewelry Hanger: yours truly]
p.s- see the white on the black knob? that was dads creative side coming out. haha so cute :)
and the far left one i sanded for a vintage look.
[weird tall grey thing on the far right i HAD to have-Hobby Lobby, birdcage-Ross, Mason Jars-Hobby Lobby, thrift stores]
[Shelves-Target, Mustard frames-Hobby Lobby]
The frames were a necessity from the second i saw them and the last ones there! Oh and I do plan on putting pictures in them. These would be really easy to make but i love these ones...
Frame- where do you think..
Boring? yes. I got this for 50% off at Hobby Lobby and i plan on getting more for this wall when i go back in different shapes and sizes for a whole wall. I dont plan on painting them because when i have my own house i wont have a boring white wall....
For example: these are ideas i LOVE [found on pinterest!]
My closet...
Ignore the bed...
Well this is the stuff i have decorated so far. I love my room so much. The next thing i wanna work on is a burlap banner to go over my bed. Ahh i cant wait til i have my own house :)

xoxo Cait xoxo

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Fast Sunday

This is how i feel every Fast Sunday.
I'm cranky, lethargic and all around no fun. I am also really good at focusing in sacrament
[as shown below]. This is an accurate picture...
oh well, i hope you had a lovely Sunday!
xoxo Cait xoxo