Sunday, April 22, 2012

He's all about the Chase...

This boy has been hanging out with me a lot. Hes nice-ya know, the typical tall, dark and handsome.
He wasnt initially into me- (i can tell) But then when i said i dont date- the challenge card was laid out on the table and he was up for it.
(my friends were all very encouraging about my drawing abilities btw.)
"Well i'm going to ask you on a date" you really dont have to...
"When are you free?" I'm not, i'm very busy
"Ok i'm putting you in my schedule for Wednesday, ill come pick you up" i wont be here..
"Okay if you arent there, ill be here Thursday"
haha and the things in bold i was really saying too and he just loved it. You know how people say girls like guys are kinda mean to them well i think some boys do too
His persistence was impressive ill admit it. But i didnt want to blur the lines between friendship and dates.
My room mates would come out and he would say
"caitlin and i are going on a date!" I calmly replied that we were not. The room mates laughed.
Then he proceeds to go into a speech
"Ya know, i was a missionary and we are trained to break down walls. Thats what i did for two years so I know i can take down yours. I know this game youre playing"
What game...this is not a game..."Uh huh i know what youre doing"
Now its not that i wouldnt say yes to him, he really is a great guy it just became fun to say no to him because he was so confident i wanted to see what he would do or say next.
So then this is when he gets smart and realizes that he will play to my likes. He asks me to see the Hunger Games with him. I say yes. But i didnt really dress to impress bc i was tired.
He opened the door but his car is like 4 feet high so getting in was problem numero 1. Super embarrassing and i even asked him if he has a stool to which he replied um no? I teased him about not being a friend to the environment because his car was a gas guzzler. He told me it was just the opposite. "with a car like this i can actually go off roading and experience the environment and really appreciate it. Do you think a person with a hybrid can do that?" hahaha good answer boy but you are still ruining the environment. We waited outside for a bit and we just talked. The conversation flowed easily but then again it does with most people so thats not really a sign for me. He complimented me on how pretty i was even though i looked like crap. Strike 2. Sometimes boys are liars. Surprisingly he asked me on another date which i didnt go on for some reason. He really is a great guy and weve become good friends and i have nothing bad to say about him besides it just wasnt there. Anyway i did a good deed and I found a girl he would love and set them up and they hit it off. My mom asked if i was going to do this to every boy who showed interest and i said yes, yes i will. What a good idea mom. I cant be having a stage 5 clingers like that one boy...but we'll save that story for another day.
xoxo Cait xoxo

Again with the Sometimes...

Sometimes you see a certain someone in panda express and pretend like you dont and that you also no longer want to eat there and then leave as fast as your little legs allow
Sometimes you need to call your mom to find out what you want to eat
Sometimes you see your old math teacher and for some reason you act like youre seeing taylor lautner
but then sometimes you remember he gave you a B and the feelings change
Sometimes you go to pack and wonder why you have 4 huge boxes and still a full closet...uh what?
and then sometimes you start feeling like a child in the middle of a divorce because you have to leave half of your stuff behind and then sometimes you get sad because you know you are gonna need your red heels within the four months
and then sometimes in your packing you realize you have your priorities straight...
obv the cosmo should be next to the daughters of our kingdom book....
Sometimes you just really want chocolate and everytime you get a text you respond with "i want chocolate." whether its relevant or not...
Sometimes you go to the gym to work out and study but then Save the Last Dance is on on your tv and well that choice is easy to make...
Sometimes you tell your geology teacher he looks like Kevin Bacon and then things get awkward.
and sometimes you wish you didnt say everything that was on your mind
Sometimes your bishop tells you that the two of you are a lot alike and its a pretty big compliment bc sometimes your bishop is hands down the best
Sometimes you realize its April and your ringback tone is still mistletoe by the biebs and youre a little bit embarassed but sometimes its not your fault bc you dont know how to change it back bc sometimes you get a new phone...
Sometimes you see the lucky one trailer and dieee cause youre so excited!
Sometimes dinosaur boys give you m and ms and they get a little bit hotter
and sometimes by dinosaur boys i mean they look like dinosaurs, which if you ask me is way cool
Sometimes you have dreams about failing your spanish final and then you realize you arent taking spanish this semester...
and even worse, sometimes you have dreams that one of your missionary friends comes home and turns into a drug dealer and then sometimes you experience deja vu with all this drug dealing business
Sometimes boys text you to ask you on a date and you are so confused because sometimes you automatically think, well he must be a mute if hes not calling me..which means sometimes foreshadowing takes place and you figure a date with a mute wouldnt really be that fun and you have to say no.
Sometimes i get my eyebrows done and i get really dramatic and think they look terrible and then i tell myself it isnt the end of the world until i look in the mirror again and realize it actually is the end of the world and give myself permission to resume dramaticness
Sometimes my mom uses the word tool and its hilarious bc sometimes she uses it wrong.
Sometimes i tell boys who flirt with me on the bus that i have a boyfriend and his name is different every time
Sometimes southern accents sound hot...(ok all the time)
Sometimes a boy posts for all the world to see how cool you are and you swoon and are glad he realizes how awesome you are
Sometimes all everyone talks about is their roadtrip to Cali that you cant go on bc you have finals
Sometimes the best day consists of playing soccer and laying out at the pool
and Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a really important person and sometimes when youre standing there the butterflys in your stomache are out of control and you know the exact feeling of nervous excitement
 and then sometimes that person sits on the same side of the little booth with you and talks to you for like an hour and makes you laugh or he smiles when he sees you and sometimes he stands up and basically says have a good life bc the two of you will never see eachother again and sometimes you just want a hug and he stands there forever but you arent gonna ask for one and sometimes he turns and leaves like its nothing and its sad so sometimes you treat yourself to a reeses blizzard and sometimes you feel a little fatter bc you got extra reeses...whatevs, totally worth it.
Sometimes people complain and tell you to stop signing even when your hand is down low and its habit
Sometimes all your roomies move out and its way sad.
Sometimes you already have two job interviews lined up before youre even home :)!
and sometimes you spend over 4 hours in the math lab in one day and sometimes you wonder why because you are most definitely not a math major.
Sometimes you are too lazy to go grocery shopping so sometimes all day you just have to eat lucky charms and even though sometimes thats okay, you sometimes worry you will turn into a lucky charm
 and sometimes you are blogging when you should be studying for finals. whoops

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Happy BELATED Easter

Easter turned out to be really good this year.
I've gotten the mentality where you can either sit there and wish you were at home enjoying your family or you can just make the best of things and thats exactly what we did.
Heather, Philip, Jared and i all got together and made food and had an amazing Easter dinner.
I made deviled eggs and mashed potatoes while Heather made jello and parmesan broccoli. The boys made some rice and chicken casserole that was really good and finally, due to Heathers request, we got some sizzler rolls the night before because she loves them. Haha i used to have to bring her some home when i worked there. To be honest, they were probably my favorite part! We made a few blunders on our first easter however, like that water doesnt substitute well for vinegar and we should probably get some of that next time we dye eggs or that its miracle whip not mayo for deviled eggs (something youre in charge of every holiday and you dont know how you forgot!)

hmm foreshadowing?? <3

oh good times.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Serenade me Sunday

really obsessed with this one right now.
like i really needed another reason to love tay or the hunger games...
thanks to pandora for this little lovely
cant end without a country fix. i thought this was an appropriate kick off to summer song
and who doesnt love Lady A?

Xoxo Cait oxoX

i see it, i like it, i want it

new favorite color?
nah, yellow is my favorite.

love this spring/summer pattern.


if i found the website for this i would buy it this second.
Pretty colored cases. cant decide which one i like better...

H & M got it right.
Happy shopping!
xoxo Cait xoxo

Friday, April 13, 2012


Sometimes people look forward to Friday all week long & just love the weekend because sometimes they have some serious problems throughout the week:

Sometimes i forget that i am still in school unlike half of my friends and think i can stay out til three in the morning-eatiing free bbq food, seeing a dollar movie, getting .50cent icecream at maceys!, or talking to winnie, steve, heather and christine when i really have to be up by 7 am the next morning...
"Doesnt eating ice cream just make you SO happy?!?"
"guys...why doesnt everyone look extremely happy here..."

and then consequently sometimes i roll out of bed without doing my hair, makeup or dressing cute. Glasses make it so i dont have to do my makeup... #lazygirlproblems

sometimes i cant stop using the word "little" to describe absolutely everything. "my little little dinner or my little apt."...oh wait that last one is then everyone starts doing it too to be funny

sometimes you skip a class on oh hmm tuesday? to lay out and get sun with some friends and sometimes you know youre getting far too much sun but you really just dont care and then you look like a red oompa loompa which is really quite unfortunate

and then consequently sometimes you have to get aloe vera because you are really hurting and cant sleep and then youre at Walmart and you see cute boys who inform you that you are "toasted" and you hide
sometimes you dry your clothes for an hour but they are still wet and you realize its because stuffing 3 loads in the laundry to save space and money really saves nothing at all and now your apt is strewn about with clothes
sometimes you apply for server positions and they make you take a timed test...with math problems...and you realize you wont be getting a job offer there....
sometimes you wanna tell the boy in your math class you've always had a thing for him but you remember you are going home in two weeks and it doesnt really matter...

sometimes i do my nails (see post below) and want to touch and point at things so everyone can see them and it kind of looks weird...

sometimes people tell you, you have a mix of a red and yellow aura and you take offense even though you have no idea what they are talking about

sometimes i look at this girls blog who married someone who i used to be best friends with and even though i dont like him i snootily think that he liked me first because she is very mean. #sometimes i'm a brat #uhhrude

BUT sometimesss
i pretend that songs are about me (cause they really are! kinda....)
you see Mission Impossible 4 and its AMAZING
 youre on Morgs committee and at the closing party she gives you a cute little bracelet and a big hug and you realize how lucky you are to have made great friends!
 ( or every time) i hear this song I want to dance. i love love love this song
xoxo cait xoxo

Spring Craftiness

Well there has been a tragedy.
Not only is there one hole in my toms, but there is two now. However, i am very excited because i get to a something fun with them that i have been looking forward to for a while. I really wish i had toms in this color below though because its my favorite to wear. I am so excited to start looking at material!
I have been trying to do this idea for a LONG time. When i was home last i spent so much time in thrift stores searching for unique and vintage door knobs to do this but no luck. You could just as easily order them but i think itll give it character to find them. I'm just gonna have to branch out and check out some flea markets and further away thrift stores. I really really love this and would love it for my apt this fall.
if these windows were easier for me to find, i would use them for everything...
I hope i have a lot of time to do some of these because they look so easy.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Pretty polish

When i do my nails a bright color it makes me a little happier because it reminds me of summertime! I get even more happy when I find ideas on pinterest and actually do them. Yesterday I did my nails from a picture i saw on pinterest and now I'm obsessed and so is everyone else...
I painted my nails this color and then did a clear coat overtop and then picked one nail on each finger to put glitter on. Its arts and crafts silver glitter that I actually got from the dollar store! I then put a clear coat overtop to keep it in place. I have gotten so many compliments on them its not even funny...well thats if i can let them say something before i show anyone and everyone how cute they are. The picture doesnt do the color justice but they are a tiffany blue and the the price is cheaper than OPI or ESSIE and it holds. (although i love both of those brands.) I found it at Rite Aid and the color is Blue-Ming. You will love it!
Ahh i love pinterest ideas & nail polish.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lemme see your mug shot

Yesterday Heather and i found a new website:
Sometimes you accidentally find out that a boy is a thief or a robber or ya know hmm MAYBE even a drug dealer...i mean just throwing those out there...randomly...not relevent to this situation...whatsoever. Anyway you may get pretty sad about it and you may or may not start typing in everyones names to make sure they arent fooling you either. I felt like i found out Santa Clause isnt real and then i looked like this:
that is all, the end.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

i like a challenge

in the words of Barney, I ACCEPT.
i love a good challenge- someone will say this to me.
xoxo cait xoxo

Boot Love

I am so in love. In all my resourcefulness yesterday i decided to sell a bunch of my older clothes to places like Platos Closet. If you know me i have more clothes than anyone and i dont wear half of them so i took them to stores and got $60! Pretty proud of myself for thinking of this actually. However as i browsed through the store these babies caught my eye. I saw size 6 and the dissapointment set in but yet i still insisted i try them on and dont you know they fit perfectly.It was like they were made for me... and they happened to be $14-more than 50% off. I carried one shoe around the whole store, debating on whether or not i needed them and not wanting anyone else to snatch them up while i decided-something they couldnt do if i had one. In the end my boot addiction won out and i bought them to add to my collection. I am so glad i did because they are perfect for both winter and spring. The flowers on them really sold me and the fact that i can make them look like two different boots sealed the deal. I will definitely be shopping at these cute second hand stores where everything is priced so well. Ahh i'm so happy :)
xoxo Cait xoxo