Sunday, December 21, 2014


Okay I know I'm skipping around a bit but at least I'm still posting about Italy right? I just loved Venice. It was such a nice relaxing spot after all the walking in Rome, Florence and Pisa. Venice was unlike anything we had ever seen. It's definitely one of those places you have to visit once. It blows my mind how unreal it is. Its pretty low key meaning you just wander and get lost. You wander up and down all the canals and it all starts to look the same. Theres tons of little pizza places and shops and thats about it. First thing we did was climb up the bell tower to see the amazing views Venice had to offer. That seemed to be something we did in pretty much every city in Italy because the views are perfect. You couldn't hike up to the top though like you could the duomo in Florence but rather an elevator took you right to the top.

We had a water taxi pick us up from the airport (something our travel agent scheduled and it was super nice). They brought us through on the grand canal and he told out there was a speed limit on the canal which is funny because I never even thought of that, although it makes sense...
Getting around Venice can be a little confusing. You can take a water bus (the cheapest way to get around), a water taxi ( a little more pricier) and a gondola (which is a straight rip off, but when in Venice you just gotta). Luckily our hotel was right where the "square" was with the bell tower and such. At night Lyle and I would go to my favorite spot for treats and we would each pick out some and go to the square and share them. (For all our LDS friends you always have to ask about liquor in all the baked goods because most of them had it inn there...just FYI. )As simple as it was its probably one of my favorite memories of our whole Europe trip. They played music and when it got dark the whole square would light up and everyone would meet people there and just socialize. Everything about it was perfect. We also spent half a day on Burano, a local little island nearby that is seriously the most colorful and most quaint place I have ever been to. Thats the next post though. We sent this video to my parents below and it kind of shows our favorite spot although its not super lit because its not dark yet. But we would talk for hours and I remember telling him over and over as we sat there that I never wanted to leave.
Masquerade masks were seriously in every store. It was huge out there and I thought my dad would think they were super funny so these are for you Dad.
A high percentage of our Europe pics are of us kissing or pastries haha. One time I read this quote that went something like "I want pictures of us kissing in every city." And thats what I wanted too. Kissing pictures as we travel the world... wildy romantic in my head, nauseating in yours. Sorry guys. But every city is so romantic it makes it hard not to. 
Speaking of gondolas, I was super bummed they didn't sing. I guess I've seen far too many movies but I told him he should sing because I thought they did and near the end he started to sing and then I felt like I was in a movie. 
Love, Cait

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life in Love

I can't believe Lyle and I have been married more than a year...almost 15 months actually. It seriously flies and I just wish I could pause things for a minute. Since Lyle is leaving me tomorrow for a week of work I thought I would show him a little love by posting all the things I love about him lately. He always does so much for me and I love to write these to him so I can always remember the little things, because I love to write and because he deserves it. So if you aren't a fan of mushy love you can skip this post! Lyle got me these beauties in Ireland and I wear them every single day! I absolutely love them. Lyle is definitely the doting husband type- like my dad is for my mom & all I can say is I got dang lucky. Whether it be a sold out lipstick, a killer cyber monday deal on a pmd or an amazing dinner for FHE he never fails to disappoint. 
My mom said Murphy looked bored in this picture haha. This picture cracks me up because Lyle really should be holding a baby but this is our little family right now and I saw a whole album of a couple who took pictures with their dog like it was their baby and it was definitely something I would do. Also Lyle thinks this picture is embarrassing and it is but the reason that it is on this list is because he did it anyway. Murphy wasn't super cooperative during our Christmas photo shoot but Lyle was. I am just really starting to wish it would snow here guys...
 Lyle started a juice fast and has included me in it...and honestly some of them are disgusting but Lyle keeps drinking all of them so he can get his 6 pack for Cancun. He is so focused on his goals and inspires me to do the same and try new things because honestly I would have never picked to do it on my own. I make faces and it takes me half the day to drink one but hey I'm doing it guys! 
 Last week Lyle brought me breakfast in bed 3 times! He made crepes all by himself. I have never even made crepes so I was super impressed! He kept telling me he was sorry it didn't look good but guys, it has speculoos in it and it sure tasted good. I could sleep all day honestly but I love when Lyle wakes me up with food. He's so happy and excited about a little kid. & if Lyle decides to ever sleep in then I will make him breakfast in bed.
& going one step further with the treats he loves to surprise me with some of my favorite things! In this case, a caramel apple spice!
Lyle took me on the trip of a lifetime to Europe. For those of you who are sick of all the instagrams I'm sorry but I love looking at the pictures. Everyday I wish we could go back to having no service, not knowing anyone and just relying on each other. Lyle is so down with anything and I love being with him. I can't wait to take Lyle on the next trip. I am working tons right now before I'm back in school so I can take Lyle to one of the places he really wants to go to! 
 We went rock climbing with these two pros recently and it was such a fun date night! I've gone a couple times but Lyle never has. I don't think he really wanted to but he ended up trying it and really liking it. Surprise surprise he was amazing at it, as usual. I really love finding new things we like to do together and I like that we will try anything once.
 I love when Lyle does impressions of me. 
I love how amazing Lyle is with babies. Lyle isn't nervous to hold them and does so well with all of our friends babies. I like to listen to him talking to Elsie too, it cracks me up. He thinks he's not ready to be a dad but when I watch him with the babies I know he is.
 I rescued this baby dove and Lyle drove him almost an hour to a bird sanctuary so they could help heal his wing and hopefully save him. Lyle wasn't even mad that I stored him in our bathroom all night and he would even check on him.
 Lyle always tucks me in at night. He turns on my fan if I'm already in bed and says the sweetest prayers. He is also the cuddler of the relationship but I mean who wouldn't want to cuddle with this.
 He's also getting me these beauties for Christmas. Thanks babe ;)JK they're sold out

Thanks for everything you do Lyle. Thanks for working so hard to be the main provider, encouraging me to do whats right, making me laugh, helping me with the dishes, supporting my dreams and painting our wall. I love you!

Love, Cait

Tis the Season

This week was one of the busiest weeks Lyle and I have had in a long time. And no this is not a complaint it was seriously the best seeing some of our favorite people and doing lots of fun Christmas things. I am really enjoying this year and trying to establish traditions with Lyle. Last year we spent three weeks in Maryland so we didn't do a tree or do really much of anything in Utah so it's almost like our first Christmas. On Monday for Fhe Lyle and I went up to Salt Lake and ate at The Roof. It was amazing. The views are seriously ridiculous, the food is on point and its super romantic. Oh and I highly recommend the Creme Brulee. I most definitely wouldn't mind making this a yearly tradition...
On Tuesday we had Lyle's work party. We got to go to the Provo Beach Resort for free and it was a lot of fun. We bowled. Lyle and some of the boys did croquet while I tried to read the rules and take pictures and I realized i'm in love with shuffleboard. Oh and these babes below came and visited too. 
Wednesday Lyle and I went and saw How The Grouch Stole Christmas at a dinner movie theater. Oh man guys. It was definitely entertaining...but not something I would recommend. It was on my winter bucket list because I love seeing shows and it was something different but it was SUPER corny. I did get to see a couple get engaged at the end and it was the greatest. I wouldn't mind seeing one of those once a day, they make me so happy. 
On Thursday I visited one of my favorite roomies and her new little babe which was fun and then we visited one of our favorite aunts to celebrate a belated birthday. Shout out to Aunt Janet, you're the best! Then Lyle and I had dinner with some of our new neighbor vivint buds who we absolutely love (and so does Murphy). Finally we headed to our first of three Christmas parties this week! It was my first ever ugly sweater party! There was a group picture taken and if I ever see it I will post it because dang, some people are super creative (cough Christie and Jon.) Also this pic is sadly as good as it gets...thanks to DI I made this beauty.
On Friday I worked and then Lyle and I went to Squatters with some friends and then to a Jazz game! Our first one this season actually (as sad as that is). Going to Jazz games is one of our favorite things and going with friends is even more fun. I love how happy Liv is here!
It was a real nail biter for baby Elsie who, btw, keeps getting cuter!! How is that possible?! 
 On Saturday I convinced these two that running in a Santa 5k was going be super sweet. And it really was. I felt like I was in I'll be Home for Christmas. I also realized I need to go running more...but the weather was absolutely perfect and they had milk and cookie stations and it was seriously so fun. Kylie and Lyle killed it. This is definitely a tradition I would like to continue!
We learned that beards are super hard...and annoying. During this holiday season I am especially grateful I don't have a beard and while we are on the subject, that Lyle doesn't either.
Now everyone can laugh at my beard in the next two pictures. Yes, I was struggling.
Straight from there Lyle and I went to a Christmas/Pie/Going away party for Jordan and Krystle. 
Our funny picture! 
Oh man Nolan melts my heart. Crossing my fingers for Texas again so this little man and I can be best friends. I am so bummed they are moving now that we are back because I just love Krystle!
So then after that we went to the cutest decorated christmas party ever and it was seriously so fun catching up with friends. Also I LOVE this picture below. I love that they live close and that are boys are doing the same thing.
Fun fact: all three of us met our husbands at the same time. And we all fought over the couch because we all wanted to cuddle. Oh and we introduced Kailyn and Jared too so I don't know why they didn't name their firstborn after us... ;) but anyway I would still like to accredit this to our 13 or 14 week in a row temple attendance because then Lyle came into my life. If you add Tara into this picture all 4 of us met our husbands at the same time. Man I miss Raintree sometimes.
Lynlie and I are already best friends. 
Heather and I with Holly. I love when all the Maryland friends get together! The King family is one of my favorites. Oh and in case you were wondering, Holly is single and she's pretty dang amazing so if you are single hit me up and I'll introduce ya. K sweet.
 Claire stole the show. I hope Justin and Jen don't mind if I steal her...
We seriously have the most amazing group of friends. I am so excited for more fun after Lyle gets back from New Mexico! P.S. I'll post the rest of the pics to fb for everyone.
Love, Cait