Saturday, June 14, 2014

Top Notch Black Midi Dress.

 Or ya know, the magic dress. I read the reviews on it (50 reviews and all 5 stars!!) and as I kept reading I fell more in love with it...yes I fell in love with a dress...anyway I got it, immediately threw it on and felt the magic. It fit like a gem and now i must order it in red. It was a little immodest for my taste so I paired a black bandeau top with it and there ya go! Don't count a dress out that you can easily fix. Midi dresses are my favorite thing ever. They are long and modest and flippin HOT. Some great places to check some midis out are Lulus, Asos, Windsor, Modcloth, etc.Who said modest isn't hottest? As Lyle was snapping these pics he said that i was the "looking so GQ...or the girl version of that...what is it?" This dress makes a girl feel freakin hot hence my face in picture two...well that and Lyles coaxing. You can type in Midi dress to most websites and a bunch will pop up. Besides the dress fitting perfect, i got these heels and they are amazing. I love metallics or gold and these are statement pieces for sure. Lyle said that girls in heels are the best pieces it changes the way they hold themselves and walk and its "super sexy." There ya go ladies, well unless you're super tall, but i wear heels pretty much every day for that reason. Oh and let me mention, these didnt hurt my feet at ALL. Shocker right?! I am so in love.

I decided to class this outfit up with some gold pieces. The shoes, and the jewelry. Gold and black is my favorite. I doubt gold will ever go out of style and if it did i would still wear it...
Its all in the details:
Midi Dress: Lulus (restock coming June 20th!) 
put your email in so you can hear first if you want it! The stuff here goes fast!)
Heels: Dolce Vita
They have a buy one get one half off sale going now! Code: SOLAR
I assure you you will find something. And i love how they show someone walking in the shoe, I cant tell you how many times I watch those videos while I'm making decisions. And P.S I did NOT spend this much money on these, I got a flippin sweet deal bc I get their emails :)
Earrings: Charming Charlie! like $3?
Pave Bracelet: Similar here what a steal...
Necklace: Forever 21? old Splurge or save
You can probably check out H&M or Forever 21 for ones too, they have great costume jewelry
Check out the midi dress for yourself to see what all the raves about, I bet you'll love it.
xoxo CAIT xoxo


  1. What size did you order?

    1. I got it in a size small because its pretty stretchy and gives a little! If you sign up for their emails you'll get 10% off your purchase! :)

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  3. HI, I was thinking about buying this dress but I read the reviews and it says the flap in front opens up like your the material is thin and flimsy? I would think if it's thick it wouldn't do that?

  4. Looks amazing. I really like the combination of the high heels and the black Midi dress Amazing!