Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Famish Market

Lets just say I'm a little bit of a weirdo because i love Amish people. You dont see many out in Utah but a lot of them live on the East Coast, relatively close to Maryland. When i went home i was dying to go to the Amish Market. I had seen a couple documentaries on them and saw a special on Dateline and became fascinated. One Morning last month, my mom, dad and i got up early on a Saturday to go to the Amish Market. I was seriously so excited. However, i was in for a rude awakening.

The so called Amish werent really Amish...or at least they didnt follow any rules. The Amish girls were wearing crocs first off. Crocs?? Really. They were handling money, using electricity and breaking so many rules. I felt like the little boy in Elf who points to santa and whispers fake. A weird thing for me to be devastated over, but i was. I cant even explain how fascinated i am. I want to sit down and do an interview with one some day or live with them for a week to get the true experience. Then theres my dad whose making it worse and joking about the whole thing. "oh no caitie, they're wearing crocs! Lets leave right now" I wandered through the market pointing out things that werent right and werent allowed, all the while my dads laughing and my moms making excuses for them like we're all old friends and i should cut them some slack. I even refused to eat in the restaurant because real Amish people werent going to be serving us. I cant even tell you how funny the situation was looking back now, my parents were shaking their heads and laughing at me. To me, it was a depressing day. I guess i will have to go find a true Amish boy elsewhere and convert him to Mormonism...

hahaha this made me laugh

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dont worry, be happy.

He's goin on a mission leavin you wishin

that you had a man someone to hold your hand.
so teachers, what. deacons, what.
ok ill stop now
I feel like i associate this song with Girls Camp.
We sang this tons, but back then the word missionary didnt mean as much to me as it does now.
I have wanted to do a post on missionarys for a long time, i have so many thoughts/feelings on them.
Let me start off by saying...
I love missionarys, i love absolutely everything about them. Who doesnt love a spiritual and unattainable(at the time) guy who wears a shirt and tie basically 24/7? I'll be honest i have had my fair share of crushing on missionarys. But really lets focus on what theyre doing here. It has always been a priority for me to marry a return missionary, not because of the title. I want someone who loved the people they served, who grew spiritually and someone who will be a worthy priesthood holder in my home. I am so thankful to missionarys for all they have done in my life. Most people know my dad is a convert. Without those missionarys converting my dad i wouldnt be where i am today. My dad said a lot of the missionarys were too pushy with him, they kind of pushed him away actually so they stopped being allowed to really talk to my dad. Then one day my dad met Elder Mickel. He and my dad clicked right away about fishing, the outdoors and everything. My dad calls him his other brother. After befriending him and not bringing up the church my dad said he was ready to take the lessons. Dan (Elder Mickel) through tears,told me that he was sent to that mission to meet my dad and bring the gospel to him specifically. My dad took the lessons and then got baptized. Cool thing about this story is they are still friends to this day. I actually stayed with their family over Thanksgiving.

To sum it up i feel like i have the most respect for these boys. Giving up two years of their life to God and going somewhere that in most cases they have never been. To me, they are selfless. I cant say enough how grateful I am to them, to me it hits home. Without these guys going out and serving, people like my dad and our family might not be where we are today. When talking about missionarys and how its not really a choice to serve, its a priesthood duty i get very passionate and into it but for a very good reason. Its affected my life and i know there are other kids out there that need the Gospel in their families. And its definitely not something i have ruled out for myself either. I know the importance of spreading the Gospel.
At the moment i am writing 10-12 missionarys. Some come home as some leave, its been a neverending cycle for a while now and ive gotten used to the whole goodbye thing. I used to pride myself on being the best freakin missionary writer but i am embarrassed to say i havent been doing the best job lately. Although I started back up today and i will be great at it again. I love that they are serving and feel the least i can do is write them. At the moment by best guy friend is in San Diego. The scary thing is you dont know whats gonna happen when they come home. Will he still be my best friend? Can i still really call him that when i dont get to bug him with most of my stories/problems because i dont want to distract him? Will he come home and get married right away? Will things go back to the way they were? Do i want them too? Can i call him my missionary if hes my best friend because honestly sometimes i do...? I have different questions like these about all my boys and how things are gonna go down when they all get home. You all are so amazing and what youre doing means so much to me. i hope everyone thinks twice about serving a mission or just being a missionary in their everyday lives. You boys [and girls] are great!

Lately im lovin on

the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling.
i love turning off the lights to go to bed and looking up to see the stars. They make me so happy. :) i thought it would be funny to write in glow in the dark paint i see you. for the next room mates who live here but then i figured that wouldnt be nice...

groupon & living social.
  JOIN. i love me some deals

love your style. loveee your new [to me] website. love you.

Went there the other night with friends and yum-so fun to do it yourself! who doesnt love a place with cheesecake flavored yogurt?

FASHION w/ a dash of artsy. [not a new love]

umm hi, i would wear any of the above! Summer digs = bandeau tops, banded skirts and see through mesh tops.
Makeup, hair, workout tips, clothing, etc. check it out

Something borrowed.

Saw it for the third time, this time last night at the dollar theatre. Also loved the free popcorn the boy in front of us kept sharing. The soundtracks way good too...

The "New" Mike.
Still lovin on the old one obv. however the new one isnt doing so bad. The other night he told Corinne and i if we sold 16 bacon wraps we'd get Little Caesers coupons and who doesnt love a good challenge. Now i'm $10 richer in Little Caesers coupons. He also is starting to be a little nicer? His sarcasm isnt seeming quite so harsh lately...
Money makin shifts.

Last Thursday night i made $91 because i had some awesome tables and didnt get stiffed once. The next morning i made $100. For summer weekday shifts this is pretty awesome.

 Cake decorating and creative cakes.

I would love to go to a cake decorating class. I love baking in general and a creative cake decorating class would be fun although it kinda runs in the family so i dont know if its necessary but it sounds fun! Meghan and Mom both make and decorate all the birthday cakes so i assume ill eventually join in the tradition when i have kids so i can be cool too ;)

Trips to Cocoa bean

Theres something about cupcakes that just makes me happy. The other day i got a snickerdoodle one, who needs diets anyway...

the fan in my room, bc i need the noise to go to sleep.
blogs. reading them, and having time to do mine :)
my hot roomies bc hot roomies = hot boys around. love youus
Carrie Underwood. enough said.
cowgirl boots. i want real ones

what are you lovin on lately?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moles er i mean beauty marks...

So i read this article at the dermotologist when i was at home and it seriously made me so happy! I have so many "beauty marks" and this article says that research shows they have been associated with beauty. I remember growing up my mom would always call them that and i always just assumed thats what they were until one time my sister told me they were just moles and ruined everything. Thank you Marilyn Monroe for making something so ugly, so attractive. Yet another reason i love you!


So Monday night Rach, Heather and i went to the Santa Barbara apartments to play pong. Not your typical pong however because I do live in Utah. For any of my Maryland friends reading this, you are probably visualizing drunken chaos and alcohol. But thats what I love about Utah, it was completely different. We got there and the party was being held in the courtyard area and there were 4 or so different tables that people were playing at (with soda) and huge speakers blasting music. I have gone to a few pong nights before because they are held like once a week so i knew they were fun. A boy from my soccer team, Jordan always invites us. We kinda stood there waiting to recognize people but that wasnt really happening...however boys just started approaching us. Now Heather and I have been eachothers "wing man" for a while now so were way good at making the other one look good. The boys would come and go and none were really catching our attention. So there was the comedian i guess you could call him, i cant remember his name...however he was like ill show you guys how it was awkward( in ref. to his story about end of date hugs). Then he looked at me and was like do you trust me? I said yes although i dont know why i said that because i dont trust random boys i just meet, especially ones who are wearing fedoras. Anyway he leaned in and put his arms around me and tried to put his face next to mine. He was kinda bursting my personal bubble and ive realized i dont like people getting to close and my room mate Rachel yells my name. She comes over and said what is going on here?! Hahaha at this point I feel as though everyone is watching because he just keeps on going. I'm sorry i think we get the story you can stop now. Thank you. Then there were the boys who insulted us....this one boy was trying to be funny and said something and one of my room mates and i looked at eachother and said were gonna walk away now. And just left him there haha.We did meet a couple of cool guys who i could see us being friends with, but no long term potential for anyone, at least on my end. On a positive note we all gave our numbers out and ultimately had a good time! I love pong night.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i came to dance dance dance dance

 I miss intense stretching to great music. I miss that feeling when youre about to hit the stage in front of tons of people. I miss dancing with some of my best friends. I miss slipping around in socks when i forgot my jazz shoes. I miss across the floors. I miss frequently hearing ballet terms. I miss showing off. I miss being able to do routines to songs i heard. I miss being so flexible. I miss performing. I  miss costumes. I miss dancing.
the lines
the flexibility 
Dance inspires me, Dance makes me happy, Dance keeps me in shape.

the strength
the beauty & the talent
Dance has been on my mind a lot since i went home in May and one of my best friends Lauren invited me to her dance recital. Its the first time in almost 2 years since I've been back to watch my old company perform because i knew it was something i missed in my life. Now dont get me wrong i absolutely love watching people dance-dance movies and even professional companies inspire and amaze me. I saw Philadanco with a couple friends a long time ago and loved it but this hit close to home. Ive been dancing since i was little and then in highschool it was an every day thing so i miss it.

I just need some dancing in my life-classes, clubs, concerts whatever.
i gotta make it happen

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons i am happy include:

1. i get to lay out by the pool every single day
which leads me to number 2...
2. I am starting to get pretty darn tan

this picture doesnt really do justice
3. Coundown to Florida/ seeing my family again = 6 weeks :)

4. i have tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter! cant wait

5. I found yet another reason to love Katy Perry-this video 

6. I am going to my first ever Rodeo on Friday! The Lehi Roundup :)
where i hope to meet a cowboy
pref. one that looks like him
7. Heather found some new music and then showed me, i love new music. Heres a sample :)
8.i am working my favorite shift at the sizz tomorrow with my favorite person!

9. i am currently watching the Office as i do this post, doesnt get much better than that
...because i kinda love jim

Ceeegee weegee


Happy belated birthday (by a day) to my now 3 year old little nephew! You will never know how sad i was not to be with you on your birthday. I loved talking to you on the phone and hearing about your toys and optimus prime cake. I even heard you say of course for the first time and it was the cutest thing. I cant wait to see you in a month in Florida! I'm sure youre gonna look so big. Being there for every big and little moment in your life so far has been great. I remember waiting at the hospital for hours. Kylie and I made 100s of string bracelets. Then when we were told we could come in and see you I got so excited. I was the first person besides your mom and dad and Grandma and Pappaw to hold you. I took the responsibility of being an aunt super serious and even though you werent mine, holding you in my arms i knew i was going to be the absolute best aunt ever. It was such a great feeling and i was instantly obsessed with you and still have been. I permanently followed you around with a camera, you were the prettiest baby i had ever seen.

I remember you took your first steps to me and i started screaming, seriously i was screaming. It freaked you out and you started crying. Whoops. It was the most exciting thing ever. Youre definitely your pappaws grandson and you take a lot after aunt nay nay too but with me you learned the real important things, such as how to apply your makeup:

                                                       and how to walk in high heels:

I also taught you how to use the telephone and say call me later!:

how to drive! prob not the best person for that job...

how to rock a hat and look cool

i also taught you how to say ooh ooh ah ah like a monkey and i made you say it over and over.
Such useful life skills....

I remember watching you when your mommy was in the hospital having baby cass and it was the worst and best experience. I realized you wake up every single hour on the hour and you were so difficult but so cute also. I love that our favorite activity together is eating icecream or anything actually...whenever i had food you would sit in front of me and beg, and we know im not too good with sharing but i always gave into you. When i first moved away and you cried it made me so sad. And waking up to voicemails from you always made me sad but i saved every one of them.

All i can say is im thankful terrible twos are gone :) And you have always been my first and favoritest little nephew ever. i absolutely love you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Winnie is a genius.

I have been trying to think of a name for my "bakery" for a long time now. Well im not actually planning on opening up a bakery but in case i do now, i am so set. Last night Heather, Winnie and I had a girls night- stocked with the ever necessary junk food and movie(s). I had Winnie taste one of the cupcakes i made and she loved it. I then proceeded to tell her that i thought up the recipe in a dream one night. She told me i should call my bakery sweet dreams and i was so impressed. It's a strawberry shortcake inspired cupcake and everyone seems to love them! I'm trying to think of a name for the cupcakes themselves as well! I have made the recipe twice and i keep tweeking it every time i make it. I also dreamed of a peanut butter type one as well that i cant wait to bake! I would like to thank the diet that had been starving me at the time for allowing me to dream of food that whole night, my mind for being a pretty sweet place along with mike for being mike, because im pretty sure he inspired the idea. I took them to work and he ate four and sarah who had...only 1 ;). Then Mike asked me if i would think about making them for his last week and i did. So great, i think i'm gonna be a pretty awesome wife since im learning to cook and bake :) Next time i make them ill take a picture and post it!

Hunger Games Hungry

So i heard some people at work talking about this series and i became interested and read my room mates copy of the first one. I finished the first book about 2 weeks ago and i have been DYING to read the second and third one but no one has it and its not like i have a car to run to borders and get one, although im sure i could get a ride. I have searched at Walmart and Shopko and any place local. I even did a run to the library this week to get a library card so i could check a copy out and they had 34 copies and everyone was checked out and there were 8 people on the waiting list in front of me. Really? Come on people i will finish the book in less than a day, i should be able to skip the line...If any one has connections for the second or third book that would just make my day! my week :)

Its beginning to look a lot like summer...


As most people know i dont do well with change at all. I get used to how things are and close to people so when people leave and you have to get used to knew things its pretty difficult. However, the change in my life lately has been really good. My best friend and previous room mate Heather just moved back in after doing an internship in Florida and I've missed her! It has been so fun having her around. This past week we just layed out by the pool in the beautiful sun. This is one of my favorite things to do and we got free food at the pool cabana and one day we got smoothies. We kind of had a routine down. We would lay out in the sun and read our books. Then we would go home and usually make food and watch FRIENDS. I watch that show like its no bodys business. Heather and i like all the same things so its great. We love to watch the Bachelorette on Mondays, and on Wednesday a good friend from work invited us to her familys house in Nephi and we had a BBQ , played volleyball and they had a slip and slide too. It was so much fun and it started raining and i told Dustin that before i die i wanna kiss someone in the rain and see if its as good as people say it is so he jokingly leaned in and i started laughing and then rejected his proposal. Hes such a great guy! Then the next day Heather and i met up with Christine and got cupcakes from Cocoa Bean and then we made a summer to do list and I'm so excited. Then i went to a bonfire the next night that had a ridiculous amount of food and last night after work i went to a friends house and watched Just Go With It. This summer is gonna be amazing, theres so much to do! I'm surprised at how well im balancing my work and fun schedule lately. I'm hoping that my attitude towards change will be different.

1. Get blackk
2. Kick my butt into shape...well better shape
3. Become better at attending the temple
4. make bankkk & not spend it. Save $$$ for school.
5. Go on a roadtrip, stay having fun
6. say yes when boys ask me on dates.
(heather gave me a rule that i can only say no to 3 boys this summer and have to say yes to everyone else and i already used one no so far...uhoh)

So bring on the sun, the rodeos, the carnivals, the festivals, the fireworks, the bonfires, the smores, the boys, the pool, the icecream cones, the inside jokes and the good times.

Daddys little demon :)

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I thought this title was appropriate considering i was a difficult little one, always getting into things and breaking things, etc. Just like for mom i wanted to express my gratitude and love for you by telling you how much you mean to me!
I think we have the best memories, and i miss those times so much. I feel like my childhood memories with you consist of long walks to search for critters, trips to the creek, fishing, creatures, animals, bugs, haha basically anything outdoorsy. I feel like in all our pictures when we were younger theres some type of creature or animal or fish haha. You me and Shannon would take those long walks down to the park and we would always stop and look under rocks and explore. I remember holding salamanders, snakes, and gross things...and you teaching us to respect them. Us wading in the water to search for things and you teaching me to bait the fishing pole although i still wont do it and you would end up doing it and fishing at the blue park and i kept casting out my line and reeling it in and you telling me to be patient but i just couldnt haha. Some things never change...I love that everytime i see or smell honeysuckles i think you you and summer and how you taught shannon and i how to eat them and i thought it was the coolest thing even if you only got a drop out of them...I love that Motown music, Pink Floyd, and Lynard skynard all make me think of you too. You used to sit on the bunkbed and nay and i would sit on each side of you and you would read books to us each night. I remember every friday youd bring home candy and little surprises for us when i was little. I miss being called katiedid (dad spells it with a K mom) because i was always getting into things or breaking things so everyone would say Caitie did it... or caitie, no one but family/cousins and everyone has called me that. I remember when i couldnt fall asleep because i was scared and you would have to come sleep in my room. Remember the daddy daughter dances for girlscouts? Remember embarrassing me by your singing and dancing in front of my friends? Remember in Elementary school when you would erase our work over and over until it was neat? Youd make sure we never half did anything. You really had an issue with this.
I have always wanted to give a talk in church on Fathers day because i could just tell everyone how amazing you are. How the neighbors call you over to get snakes or critters out of their house and no matter the time youll go over. I still tell people about the time you saved all those baby ducklings from the sewer drain at the zoo when i  was younger. I remember you climbing down there and saving all the baby ducklings and everyone was gathered around you and they were so impressed. Or how you stop and help turtles crossing the road. Or that one time you saved the bird out of kitchen air vent. You have such a big heart and youre so good with animals and shannon takes right after you. You have taught me so much, i feel like ive benefited from having two parents who know so much because i can talk about anything and relate to almost everyone. Not only have you always cared about animals but people too and one time you went through through the Mcdonalds line and got that homeless man some food, i used to cry every time i saw a homeless person and you were always being so nice to them, by giving them money or something not only to make me feel better but you were just caring.
Theres definitely no denying that from you i got that irish temper, well i think everyone of your kids got that from you haha. I feel like i got my stubborness from you too, haha so basically all the things that drive everyone crazy....because all these traits combined gave me a super strong personality. I got your brown eyes, skin color and dark brown bordering black hair color. I feel like the looks side all comes from you actually. Its funny ive youve always reminded me of uncle jesse from Full House about your hair, fixing it and making it perfect because you have the thickest and best hair. I'm like that with my own hair. I always say that i expect my future husband to have hair and not a receeding hairline because my dads over 50 and still has great hair and is that too much to ask? No.
You have the funniest quirks about you dad. One of the funniest things was at christmas time when someone would move one of the ornaments on the tree either too close to another one or it just wasnt in the right spot and we would all guess how long it would take you to notice. You always noticed within 20 miniutes of getting home. Youre kinda OCD dad, haha with your constant fluffing of the pillows and having to clean before you even sat down after working all day. You also use some funny voices sometimes, you used to do like the pink panther or something all the time.

Due to the intensity of both of our stubborn personalities, we havent always seen eye to eye. To say that we have had the most perfect relationship would be a lie but i have always felt like your little princess. Whenever i wanted something i got it and you always took care of all of us. Remember when it was just me and you home and i was hungry and i couldnt figure out what to eat and you were like ill make you anything or go anywhere you want and i was just so difficult because i didnt know. I feel like this is how most of the stories were always willing to do whatever for me. Always making sure i was happy and got what i needed/wanted. Whenever i said i wanted to do something or go somewhere you always tried to make it happen. IE- the New York trip and seeing the Rocketts! That was so much fun! There is no way my future husband will be as doting, so this is kinda depressing...
Looking back i feel so bad because you were always trying so hard. Hence the title of this post because i was so difficult. You know that i have blamed you for some things that i held on to forever that wasnt fair but i love you so much and i feel like we just keep getting closer. If i could do it all again the one thing i would change is how i treated you. For how well you treated me I should have done so much better. I love talking to you and i feel like you and mom are my two biggest fans. Haha you have always known the exact buttons to push to make me mad haha and that drove mom crazy. I feel like i should be used to teasing today because you did it so well but im not. You have the best sense of humor and you always make everyone laugh except when i was in a bad mood dad and you never got that...All my friends always loved you because you made them laugh. I feel like i dont laugh like i do out here when im with my family because of all the ridiculous things you say. A lot of times you dont even say anything funny but i will laugh so hard and you and mom always look at eachother like what the heck. I've always hated how youve given me a hard time about the sun but with good reasoning. I feel like when we were little we were reapplying sunscreen every 20 was crazy. And the soundtrack to all my sporting events was your voice. No matter where i was on the field or court i could always hear you yelling haha. I HATED it. I would come to the sideline and youd give me hundreds of pointers and tips and looking back i love that you were always at everything. I was probably one of the busiest and most ambitious child ever and you and mom were always supporting me. My favorite thing that i feel like i got from you is how driven i am. You have always told me that you know whatever i set my mind to i will accomplish and youve never worried about me when it comes to something like that.
Mom has told meghan shes married someone just like her father multiple times. I can only be so lucky to marry someone whose as hardworking, funny, caring and devoted to his family as you. You always kiss and hug mom the second you come home and i have never said get a room to you two because i was always happy that my parents were still together and happy unlike a lot of people. Its funny a lot of the traits i have on my future husband list are things you have like the always happy and positive, someone who humors me, etc And you treat mom like an absolute queen! Every christmas you go above and beyond. And that one time in Tiffanys when she picked out a bracelet and you were like if you want it youll get it and you bought it for her right on the spot. Youre so talented and creative and everyone goes to you for their art projects because youre so good with that stuff. You also have crazy good handwriting, thanks to that all boys catholic school! i love hearing stories about you too you were such a good kid, like when your pet rat died and the kids at school send you cards because you were so sad.

I definitely miss your french toast breakfasts and egg salad sandwiches since ive been out here. I miss laughing like i do when im home, i really miss laughing. I miss hearing your truck pull in around 6 every day. I'm gonna miss you doing your own fireforks this year on the 4th. I miss that voice you use when you get home, its kinda higher and excited and you say hi caitie. I miss working on my room with you and how much work you put into it. I miss your weird made up names that you would call all of us-snappinheadedlizarddog, fartnipper. I hope people dont think youre weird now...However i dont miss you yelling at the Redskins or Nascar races when things werent going so well :) i miss you catching the spiders for me as i would yell down the stairs to you or stand on the couch or hide til you got them. Now no one gets the spiders although i wish you would have killed them instead of just letting them outside...
So basically i love you lots! and i hope you had the best day and i wish i had been able to be home. Im so blessed to have a dad like you always in my life. I really feel so priveleged with my memories and experiences that ive had growing up. I dont think i could have been treated any more like a princess but still be so driven and hard working without a dad like you. Thanks. I know as soon as i post this im gonna be mad that i forgot something...
 Funny things my dad says:
"theres a deer riding a bicycle and waving" -just had to be there...

"Caitie just said she was getting tired of shopping, she never says that, Honey she must be sick"
-dad to my mom after 2 full days of was really the jetlag though, i never get tired of shopping ;)

"while you were gone someone ransacked your room, i dont know what they took though."
-on me being home less than a day and my room being already messy

"dad they are great shoes, i buy one and they give a free pair to some homeless child"

a while later
"honey( to my mom) pick yourself out a pair, dad werent you listening i said a homeless child"

"you guys spent so much money today i think were gonna have to downgrade your bday dinner to mickey Ds"
"but daddyy wouldnt i look cute in a little bmw or audi? then all the boys would wanna date me!"

"no then we would never marry you off because theyd think you were high maintenance"
"dad theres my future car!" (points to a cute little bmw)

a while later. "no, theres the car were gonna get you honey" (points to a piece of crap....)cool dad. thanks