Tuesday, December 31, 2013

8 cow wife

Sometimes you know you're on birth control when a One Direction song makes you cry...or a holiday commercial for Dicks Sporting Goods or when you think you have gingivitis...sometimes this stuff is some crap...Sometimes Hide & Seek between Lyle and his nieces & nephew gets a little....creative haha

sometimes you have a gift card to Macaroni Grill and sometimes everything going great because you can color on the table...until sometimes someone breaks out in opera and then another and another and they are so close to your table that you start to feel uncomfortable and sometimes you ask your husband whats going on...?! We are never coming here again...sometimes you take two naps in one day and your realize that you need to get a life again...sometimes Murphy goes out back & gets lost in the snow because it is taller than he is and you really don't wanna have to potty train another dog so you have to go out and find him. Sometimes you brush shoulders with Jef Holm at Urban Outfitters and you get excited and debate following him but then you remember you have a hotter husband whose a foot taller and you're still kinda excited but not as excited as when you sometimes sit TWO BOXES DOWN from THOMAS S MONSON at the Jazz game and you know you two could totes be bffz because big Tom is a jazz fan. Talk about a famous people weekend....Sometimes last night you made chocolate fudge cupcakes and when you pull them out of the oven you decapitated half of them and when you tragically tell your man he laughs like it isn't a problem....even though sometimes the best part of the cupcakes are siting at the bottom of the oven. 
 Sometimes shower crayons are the best thing ever because you write cute love notes back and forth 
& then eventually they turn into things like this...
& then sometimes the hubs starts drawing things like this...and you don't know where you went wrong...
Sometimes Lyle and I are the type of people that go to Walmart on Black Friday...but sometimes its not even for the deals or anything cool but rather we are the type of people that think we can stroll in for some boxes and walk right out...but then we realize how dumb that is and walk out empty handed...Sometimes it is the cutest thing when your man brings you a piece of pie and he knows you dont really care for the crust so he scraped it off especially for you...even though sometimes it doesn't look the most appetizing. Sometimes a man in SLC sees your ring and tells you that you must be an 8 cow wife because of your "8 carat ring"....and sometimes that only happens in Utah and sometimes the same man offers to take a picture of you and your man in front of the temple and he cuts your body in half even though you politely keep asking him to take it far away and now your memories of that night resemble having half a body....and being blurry.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Must Have Boots

I got 4 new pairs of boots this winter....probably because i love shoes...but especially boots- so if you still have your eye out for some new ones here are some that i LOVE!
Boots for every occasion 
My cute husband just surprised me by ordering me a pair for reaching my goal & I am so excited!!
Every girl should have a pair of riding boots

Happy shopping!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Being married means...

well a lot of things actually, if you ask me all good things....although cynics may say thats its only because we've been married 2.5 months but I know it will just get better! Being married means...

For no reason at all husbands like to do nice things for you. Whaaa?! I know. Boyfriends do nice things for you too (like surprising you with T.Swift tickets!) but they can't usually bring you breakfast in bed! One day Lyle even brought me cereal in bed haha which made me laugh a little but since I love breakfast and being in bed it was my favorite. 
Now I loved having room mates, don't get me wrong...even the ones that were a little difficult because you learn so much about yourself and living with others. However, living with Lyle is hands down the best. He has no weird or annoying habits, he doesn't snore and best of all, he lets me decorate our cute home any way I want. I think most boys don't really care about stuff like this so its way different from having 5 room mates who all wanna decorate the apt in their own style. Like for instance one of my sweet roomies put up like 12 huge pictures of Jesus in our living room....Now I am all for Jesus throughout the house but this was overkill and everyone laughed when they saw it...so yes, in my own home it is nice to spread Jesus throughout the house....

husbands even let you put monograms throughout the whole house because you love them so much!
The one thing Lyle wanted a say in was this baby- and I can honestly say I had no problem with that! It may be a little big for our space now but it was our investment piece for a bigger home someday.

I absolutely love to cook and bake and we also love to have people over for dinner and lately I have been trying a lot of new pumpkin recipes so Lyle is my go to food tester. I think he happens to love this part about being married on his end too. Every year i love to test out new ones from pinterest and i found some good ones! The Pumpkin whoopie pie recipe is hands down one of the best recipes i have ever found. Lyle always asks me to make these now and seriously tried to eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. The frosting is so good that it replaced my old frosting for my homemade cinnamon rolls. You will not be disappointed. 

Pumpkin Dip
( I made this for a Halloween party & it was amazing! SO fluffy)
good thing Lyle likes pumpkin just as much as i do...
Married FHE is great. Having 2 people agree on a fun activity is a lot easier than having 20 people agree so needless to say it used to be a lot of awkward getting to know you games in college. I am not one to do charades or things in front of people that I don't know where I embarrass myself so planning FHE now is a lot of fun! One night we booed a neighbor and made treats or one time we went to a jazz game or we watched a halloween movie. Although you will have to say the prayer or give the lesson a lot...unless you plan on having tons of kids and then you can have them do it.

Exhibit A: Pirates Cove. Spouses are more than welcomed, fiances and girlfriends are not...much to the dismay of the unmarried reps. A place that is about $10 grand a night, Pirates Cove was amazing. Exhibit B: Cancun. We are going to Cancun in January-the first week of school actually haha whoops. Or when his work gets box seats to the Jazz games or free tickets to the Imagine Dragon concert...all in all having a husband with a cool job makes me a lucky wife.

& there are a million other awesome things about married life. It is the best.
xoxo CAIT xoxo