Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to the good life

I really love my job because:
1. i smell good all the time
2. i now have THE softest hands ever bc i reapply lotion 10x a day
3.i get a 45% discount in the store
4. i did my first makeup consultation yesterday and i did amazing! It was like when i was younger because i gave makeovers to everyone. She looked so pretty and they bought everything. I wish i coulda posted a picture but i think it would have been a little awkward to ask for a picture of her for my blog..
5. i drown my self in this fun shimmer that has an even more fun pump to squirt it
6. my boss and coworkers are hilarious
7. today i met a couple in the store who met when she was studying abroad in Europe & i was inspired! I hope if all works out i get a hot souvenir too...did i mention he was scottish & had a hot accent?
8. we play great music, mainly fun christmas music
9. the store puts me in the mood for christmas with all the decorations
10. i LOVE using the register

Some other successes are: i finished all my hw for the rest of the semester in history, papers, quizzes etc. 
i baked my awesome "sweet dreams" inspired cupcakes this week 
 i worked almost 35 hours this week
xoxo Cait xoxo

the hap hap happiest christmas

I've done multiple Fall posts so heres my winter/christmas post!
I changed my ringback tone to a christmas song, Justin Bieber-Mistletoe, haha something that everyone pointed out to me in my voicemails this week. I have been listening to Christmas music since early November though... I mean i dont have my own little house or anyone to make Thanksgiving dinner for so i kinda skip that holiday for now. My room mates were teasing me because i told them you could totally decorate for Thanksgiving, with turkeys everywhere and they laughed. Amelia assured me my house would be adorable though and she couldnt wait to see it. Ahem, thank you. Heres are some Christmas favorites:
Top Christmas music
1.Little Drummer Boy-Sean Kingston
2.Mistletoe-Colbie Caillat
3. This Gift-98 degrees
4.My only wish-Britney Spears
5.All i want for Christmas-Mariah Carey
6. Mistletoe-Justin Bieber
7. Breath of Heaven-Amy Grant
8.Santa on the rooftop-Trisha Yearwood
9.Mary did you know?-Donny Osmond
10. Christmas (baby please come home)-Cher
11.What Christmas means to me-Stevie Wonder
12. Baby its cold outside-Jessica Simpson
13.This Christmas-Chris Brown
14. Last Christmas-Ashley Tisdale
15. The First Noel-Nysnc
16. Emmanuel, God with us-Amy Grant
17. The kid in me-Donny Osmond
18. ive been looking for christmas-Donny Osmond
You will not be dissapointed i promise, make a mix. I know you probably saw some names and went um no. Same here...haha but these songs are great. Tips: Dont look for the Amy Grant song on youtube i kept finding a weird version and buy the WHOLE Nsync album, it is unbelievable or at least check it out same for the Donny Osmond and Amy Grant ones, i grew up on them. What else do we love about christmas? well, all the lifetime christmas movies, the chickfila seasonal peppermint milkshake, christmas lights, christmas trees and decorating them, staying in and watching christmas movies, baking, going to see the temple lights, snow and snowboots, christmas hymns in church, eggnog (my mom has a great recipe!) and all the recipes for it which leads me to this...Eggnog Pound Cake-its gotten great reviews...
Recipe - it also has a eggnog cupcake recipe at this link!
Top 5 Christmas movies
1. Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation
2. Elf
3. I'll be home for Christmas
4. The Santa Clause
5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I know I'm not touching on the "classics" but these are some of my favorites :) No specific order

And for breakfast this year i want this
Santa breakfast
We usually have cinnamon rolls and eggnog Christmas morning but last year we switched it up to those plus breakfast pizzas, it was a first. I mean i'm all about tradition but i think Connor would love this this year! heck i would...

Finally, dont forget the gift giving.
I love scrubs and anything that smells good. One not so great thing about winter is the dry skin for most so here are some awesome blogs with gift giving DIY ideas i found.

These are some of my favorites for Christmas time, i would love to hear about yours!
xoxo Cait xoxo

Friday, November 25, 2011

The I post idea

 i want, i will strive for, i will eat, i will create, i will remember, i will wear it, i love it, i need it, i will travel
A new post idea to tell readers what i am lovin on. Let me know if you like it!
This next month i'll strive for this.
i'll make this. so simple, yet i love it. its an empty wipes/cleaner container decorated to hold plastic bags.
This would be so useful in our cramped little apartment, we have those things everywhere...
I want. Weird caitlin fact? I will only run in Nikes, i wont even look at anything else. These are borderline need if you saw the condition of my old running shoes...
i'll remember this. Not that i worry now but someday i will. This is so true though, my future hubby is gonna be pretty amazing bc he'll have so much time to prepare :)
I LOVE. my guest room will look like this some day. I love to decorate. When i go home in a few weeks ill do a post showing how cute my room at home is that i painted and decorated with the help of my dad. It is amazing and bright and happy.
 I will eat. Oreos? love em. Cheesecake? Obsessed. Oreos AND cheesecake? There are no words.
Get the recipe here: The girl who ate everything -love the blog name too!
I will travel. I have wanted to go here SO BAD. This is in the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Falls. I need to see all the midwestern spots while im out here. So hard to get there though because they apparently only let a certain amount of people a year but this is my goal.
I need. I dont think you understand. When i saw this, i searched the whole internet.This is almost a $2000 kitchenaid. How often do you find a blinged out, not to mention pink kitchenaid? Now ill just have to settle for a regular pink one, but i havent seen a pretty hot pink or yellow yet so ill hold out but i would go to town with one of these.
I will wear it. Well its no surprise since i love off the shoulder things and picture #2, i LOVE these glasses, i used to have a smaller pair until Enowah lost them haha but i asked for a pair for Christmas! picture #3 someone help me find these...
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! I'm spending the rest of my night after a long 9 hour shift of retail on Black Friday blogging and i love it. I hope you like this idea because i wanna try and do it every Friday!

xoxo Cait xoxo

Whose thankful?

Another Thanksgiving away from home, without mom's cooking but i still have so much to be thankful for and hopefully not much more of these holidays apart left.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, i'm grateful for
mom & dad
who i talk to every day, who support all my decisions, & take care of me from so far away. If im running short on money they dont even hesitate on putting money in my account even if i tell them not to. My mom likes to send me care packages or tell me to treat myself to certain jackets because its Saint Patricks Day haha a real important holiday for spoiling myself obviously or agreeing that i do need these super amazing boots i found at the mall. I have to call her and try to justify it and she always agrees with me even thoguh i know she really doesnt. When i listened to my voicemail yesterday i realized half of my saved messages were from dad, no joke there was prob 10 of them. he even called to wish me a great first day of school. My boss said to me the other day, "so it sounds like you are very close with your family..." oh you got that from my neverending talk about them did you?
my siblings
Who even though two worked, managed to get in touch with me yesterday besides nay who said "ok mom told me you didnt want us to talk to you cuz you were sad. Im the only one who respected your wishes obviously." HA 100% true. i love them dearly and i dont know many people who talk to their siblings as much as i do even with the 7 to 8 year difference with meghan and shane. I have always felt so close to them, we have such good memories, all of us.
my friends
kaley and corinne are always coming down to see me from SOJO and i just love it. i went up there the other day to go shopping with Kaley but usually they always come down. They are always so much fun. Corinne and i went to the gym and kicked my abs butt, oh my! They are still sore, two whole days later..i have been visiting a lot of friends lately and playing and its been so nice. I like being busy being social, its a lot better than being busy working.
my doggies
i consider dogs family. they make a family. sometimes i feel as though i love dogs more than people.
I miss them so much and life is not the same without them.
my room mates
living with girls is definitely not the easiest thing i've ever had to do. You think i'd be used to it growing up with two sisters but family and friends or strangers are so unbelievably different. However i have learned so much about myself from them. They are such great examples for me and i am so blessed to have them as my room mates. With all the challenges i've been facing this semester-losing a job, a best friend, an awesome boss who i adored, and feeling homesick they are always there. Leaving me sweet notes on the mirror, cards under my door, making me food!, offering rides if necessary, insiting on room mate prayer, and supporting my love for baking my being my guinea pigs no matter how full they are. i have never been so grateful. Ever since i moved out here i have had great room mates but this semester i am so lucky. i love you guys!
My niece and nephew
I am so unbelievably obssessed. Today i even thought this little asian boy looked like CJ which means i am either going crazy or really missing him that much that everyone is starting to look like him. I hope i dont get to many nieces and nephew to be honest, like 6 or 7 because i just wanna spoil the heck outta them. All my siblings will be great parents but they all better stay together so i can visit all the time. I have been there for all of their big moments in their little life and hope i always will be. They have brought so much love and happiness to our family. Sometimes i find myself missing them the most but only because they are just so precious and innocent. They are still learning and growing and its easy to lose patience with their little messes and mistakes but i know they are helping us all to be better. I have loved them from the moment i was told meg was preggers, love you CJ and CASS. Always have, always will.
i'm surprised i'm not obese. I say this all the time but man do i love to eat. I also love to work out so thats probably the reason im not but i love food. This thanksgiving i didnt get pumpkin pie or stuffing or even turkey. SO SAD right? Mommas gonna do a mock Thanksgiving when i get home and a pot roast too because i am missing her cooking right now and whats thanksgiving without amazing fun?

I really am thankful for so much more, but these are the main ones right about now.
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with the ones you love and stuffed yourself silly.


Good habits

"because i have been given much i to must give."
Last week i had the opportunity to go the temple with my roomie Hayley! it was such a GREAT experience, we are going every wednesday after school. My YW leaders would be so proud. Shannon Mickel said i must have had good ones growing up and its true, i did! Oh anyway, we thought we missed the bus when we got out but it was late and we sprinted like crazy to get to the stop before the bus did and we were blessed bc God made the bus late ;)
hey look i'm even in the picture!
then i went to a service project at the retirement home and met the cutest old people ever.
my favorite was a little old man who had gotten his wheelchair stuck. "miss can you help me?"
i jumped at it and then let go but i could tell it was very difficult for him to push his wheelchair so i offered to push him all the way to his room. As we got to his room my heart started to hurt so bad.
His room unlike many had nothing on the walls, no artwork from grandchildren or any bit of color,
it was solid white and very depressing. He profusely thanked me as if i had made his entire week.
He was so grateful for me simply pushing him to his room. As i walked out of the room i started to cry.
Well cool, how was i ever going to get through the night if i cried because i felt terrible for everyone.
Dont worry, i did. After the old lady told me i had "a really nice set of teeth" haha i cried.
How selfish of me to come smiling and show off my teeth when she prob doesnt have her real ones? i cried.
After the lady asked me over and over w here i was from because she kept forgetting, i cried.
Unstableness at its finest.

Let me just add to my list of things that make me cry:
homeless people
retirement homes
animal shelters
when i first moved out here, families hahaha....the list just keeps on growing...
Well let me rephrase this, i teared up i wasnt straight up balling but i was super grateful for the opportunity to do something for others. I watched jeopardy, helped with a puzzle and socialized with many. It was an amazing night that made me truly grateful for everything i have.  i am so proud of myself for the good habits that i am getting myself into.
Try and make some good habits for yourself,
it really makes you feel good!

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Friday, November 18, 2011

Employee of the month, NOT

psh i wish. i have my first REAL day at my new job tomorrow from 11-4 and i'm pretty excited.
As much as I have missed Sizzler over the past 2 months i am so grateful for the friends i made, the people i met and the lessons i learned. I walked away with the best friends a girl could ask for. Look on the bright side, at this job, i can wear my hair down, we all know how much i love that.
Wish me Luck!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whats New?

This week I:
GOT A JOB!! :)
and i'm really hoping this other one i applied to works out,
it looks positive but you never know, i'll blog about both of them soon
just signed up for classes and next semester
i am taking 17 credits! wow surprisingly i'm excited, but ask me in a few months...
I also realized i cant just major in one thing...
As of now its Deaf Studies with an emphasis in interpreting however,
i want to write, take pictures, travel or an editor would be cool...
Who knows of a career that incorporates all of these? hit me up.

 Over the next year I have worked out everything i want to do and the travel opportunities i am going to be taking which involves volunteering abroad [i already found the amazing program thats pretty cheap to do it through] studying abroad and working in Hawaii?! I planned the dates for all of the above. Things are falling into place. Who has time to get married when you have so many fun things planned out to do? Oh, everyone else in Provo...
Oh and dont think i forgot about the gym, we've hung out
every day! Such a productive week. I'll explain all this in detail later...I just realized how vague this post is but
"it turns *boys on that i'm mysterious"

Name that quote
xoxo CAIT xoxo

In honor of

Harry Potter
On ABC Family, the Harry Potter movies are playing ALL WEEK LONG. If you are a fan, like i am, heres a little recipe you might enjoy.

Dang i would be missing pretty much all of these ingredients...
but theres always tomorrow! For those of you who havent had the pleasure of trying the real butterbeer you wont have anything to compare it to, so you'll prob love it. I'm Excited!! This lady is so great, i'm glad i came across her blog, check it out.

XoXo Cait XoXo


Got my Breaking Dawn ticket last night! Kaley and i are way excited. If you havent gotten yours yet then good luck...the first three showings were sold out so were seeing it at 12:11. Hey close enough right? They are going so fast, HURRY :)
hahaha this is hilarious but thankfully not real, phew
Xoxo Cait oxoX

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just gotta get away

This past weekend i was just dying for a getaway so i headed to the Mickels, my home away from home. We had sucha good time baking, playing and eating. Joel drove me down on Friday night and poor Joel, i talked his ear off! Saturday we:
woke up-Mrs Shannon & i baked
Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies!
then we ran into town and all the girls went to this cute little boutique. i loved everything but ended up grabbing some big pearl earrings for $1.06! WHAT A STEAL! We then went to the grocery store and they insisted on getting me some groceries, stopped by this amazing snowcone place, and various other places.

We ended the night with watching Water for Elephants!
It was so good, i cant wait to read the book. Did i mention Robby Pattz is such a stud in it?
Sunday, we all got up and went to church.
I love the old beautiful building they meet in.
Then we came home and i took a nap, i LOVE naps
and this was absolutely necessary since i wasnt used to getting up so early.

Then we went to game night at grandma & grandpas.
They are seriously the cutest people ever. I adore both of them and like to pretend they are just another set of grandparents for me. I got to see Caden, play scattergories, and eat tons of food. There were cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tonsss. Everyone each brings something. It was way fun and before i left grandma and grandpa told me "you know katie we have spare rooms here too if you ever wanna stay here."
So sweet! We ended out the night pouring over yearbooks and picking out girls for Mugs. Every girl i pointed out he would simply say "shes crazy." Mrs shannon then made us strawberry bananna smoothies that were so good! She never stops baking or cooking. Oh i forgot, she also made divinity! This marshmellow type candy and it was so good. I liked to help.
My favorite things about staying with the Mickels:
1.everyone calls me katie, which is what family or people really close to me call me. They introduce me to everyone as it and i love it 2.we always have the absolute best food ever. My meals consisted of steak, potatoes, and ranch rolls, pot roast, chicken chimichangas and so on 3.Heather listened to christmas music and made us fall asleep to Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation every night. I love being around them, they are like siblings to me. I adore Mugs and how he wanted my opinions on girls. Hes so sweet and Heather insisted on watching a scary movie and then made me sleep in her huge bed with her. The next night Heather goes" where are you sleeping tonight?" Me: "Where do you want me to sleep?" H:"In my room..." hahaha shes so cute!4.Mrs shannon let me drive everywhere. I didnt even ask she just remembered my mom saying how much i loved it so she let me drive 5.I have great conversations with Dan, hes so smart and so giving. They take such good care of me 6. and finally i get to play feed and help with baby Tanner!
Finally I woke up Monday morning and headed back to Provo but not before Mrs Shannon made some amazing Hootenanny (German) Pancakes!

Hope your weekend was as relaxing and fun as mine
xoxo Cait xoxo

Campus Cuties

As promised i finally have the boy post, i know its your favorite:
The casual hello- I figure i'm gonna either meet my future husband on the bus or at the gym since i feel as though i am never anywhere else... I met you on the bus. In all honesty i didnt think much at first but you are pretty cute once i got to talking to you. We met on that freezing day at the bus stop, the day my parents got into town. I was informed you went on your mission to Switzerland-awesome, and we got along pretty well. Now i see you every week about and we say hello and usually chat and then walk home together because weird, we both live at the same place... Last night i saw you on the bus and asked if you were following me and you said "yeah girl, i'm following you." It was so funny, i thoroughly enjoy your voice. But what the heck ask me for my flippin number. It is not okay to keep flirting with me and then go our seperate ways. You know you want my number boy. I mean i'd give it to you too, which never happens. When boys ask me for my number at the bus stop [yes it happens] i either a. inform them i have a boyfriend, run and jump on the first bus that comes my way or b. feel bad and give them my number and then ignore them bc i realized what was i thinking giving him my REAL number...both of which have happened

The green eyed stud-Your eyes are killer. I love chatting with you, we get along pretty well although you are slightly awkward. Your darting but beautiful eyes make me nervous. You're crazy built and pretty tall but education doesnt seem that important to you and its pretty darn important to me. I liked talking to you about the Lucky One though! Since it has a lot of military references you seemed to enjoy it and i like listening to you talking about something youre passionate about. You pretend not to like babies or kids which is weird...who doesnt like those things? I know you really do though. I wish things were just a lot easier though. We text here and there but you dont exactly live right around the corner. I'm pretty dumb for turning you down when you asked me out...more than once and now you dont ask me out anymore. Lesson learned right? Probably not...

The Freshman-this is a definite NO however i just wanna write about you. The first thing that came out of my mouth to you was are you a freshman? Smiling ever so slightly as you panickly asked "how could you tell?" i reassuringly said oh just a guess. You are gorgeous. You sat in front of me and sometimes by me in History for the first part of the semester until you turned into a slacker and now you reside in the back. You take terrible notes, oh my goodness haha. You try to write everything instead of just the important things. I pushed my notes to the side when i saw you craning your neck to read them. You also came right up to me and sat by me when we were waiting for class to start and we talked about the test and you were pretty nervous. I got an A by the way, whatd you get? Oh and you dress FANTASTIC. i am so in love with your style. I love the hats-the baseball caps and fitteds, sometimes backwards and the watch and the Nikes and the layers and button ups. Who dresses you? Ultimate dream boy style right there. You have perfect teeth and dark hair. Whats the problem? Oh you have to go on a mission because you are a baby... I asked you of course and you said yes. It was cute. Hey chances of me being married when you get home are slim because i never say yes to dates [see guy above] and i have my whole life planned out for the next two years and i'm gonna be traveling a lot. Look me up ;)

The RM-Well not really specific since half of you are but oh well. We met in institute [sucha promising relationship...]and you walked in and came over and asked "is someone sitting here?" I said no and you sat down and then you made some joke about it and i played off you saying "yeah anyone but you." I was acutely aware of you sitting next to me all class. When the teacher asked who had a spiritual thought to share your hand went right up when no one elses did. I remember being impressed and praying you were an RM, please be an rm, please be an rm and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is "While i was on my mission in California..."Oh my goodness a prayer was answered today. You were so smart and so nice and we chatted and you thanked me for letting you sit by me. Really, it was my pleasure...But you ended up dropping the class and now i see you every Friday at devotional. Each Friday i try and concoct a plan to sit next to you, casually strike up a conversation to see if you remembered me but i still havent gotten up the nerve to yet and the semester is almost over...haha but in my defense i've had to miss the past few devotionals! I'll get there...
Mr Perfect-I compare everyone to you. Hate you for it. You are so easy to talk to. You know that guy that you just connect with, you can talk to him forever about anything and its SO EASY, well dont let him go if you can. The good thing is now i know how things should feel and how they should be, but bad thing? What if i dont freaking find another you? Then we are gonna have some problems because I do not settle. You dont sing on key, although I cant tell if you are really trying, you make me smile even when I am mad and i want to call you every single day just to hear your voice. I try to think of bad things about you because its not normal for someone to be so amazing. I found one: i never know your motives. We all know why i say and do things 90% of the times, I am pretty easy to read but you however are impossible. Quotes from books and movies and songs make me think of you like this one "He smiled, and when their eyes met, it was one of those few times in her life that she felt at a complete loss for words." A memory may or may not come to mind...thanks for setting the standard that every guy has to live up to, sucks for them. sucks for me

The math nerd- You sit directly in front of me in my least favorite class ever. Math. Which is probably why i wasnt aware of your beauty for the first 4 weeks of class because i was too busy falling asleep...Positive note-you're LDS and went on a mission to Australia. Nay would approve. However SPEAK. You are not mute, you are a human being, please talk. If i was smart i would ask you to tutor me because you get 98% on every single test. You are so smart and it is so attractive. However i finished that last problem first in the class and it was right and i tried to help you and tell you yours was wrong and you didnt seem to appreciate it. Well actually i wouldnt know because you didnt say anything...which is rude. You have the cutest smile ever and when i hear you mumble things you are surprisingly funny. Whats that, a joke?! Sorry i couldnt hear you because your voice was inaudible to the human ear...Sadly this will never work out since you dont speak and i speak fluently...but for now i will enjoy looking at your muscles and your face since you kinda resemble this guy
...and we all like this guy
i calculated 7 when i originally thought of this post and now i have 6, i guess the 7th guy wasnt that important...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

yeah, but i really love

not only her MUSTARD colored tights but this whole adorable outfit actually [in case you were wondering they have these tights at Forever 21]
creative people. I like to tell people my theory that pinterest is run by one person who has all the creative ideas and everyone else just posts them to feel a little bit better about myself. I mean i always thought i was creative, even told it but i aint got nothing on pinterest...literally...
ribbon attached to any necklace to give it a different look/make it longer? LOVE
the fact that Sophia Bush makes being pale look so dang good.
i mean lets be honest i love being tan, most people do but when its winter and you dont have tons of $$$ to go on exotic vacations and youre smart enough to know tanning beds kill you,
(just ask my roomie who did a research paper on it if you dont believe me) this is nice to see
how nice this would be for all of my makeup? The answer: really really nice
I am always searching for my eyeliner after chapstick and this is so nice. I have seen it done a few ways, either using a magnetic board or using velcro and attaching it that way.
Previously i posted her other website the beauty department but i love this one i just found. Not only is lauren pretty but shes funny and creative and stylish and her blog shows all that. I love it. Oh and did i mention she has a way cute clothing line at Kohls thats afforadable? Check it out
The color yellow. As most of you know my favorite color is neon...but if you wanna get all specific its yellow hence everything i pick out or buy is just that, yellow the color just draws me in, which explains my love for mustard yellow.Take these towels i just bought at Target [lovee Target], yellow.
Mr. Blake Shelton.
Currently i am listening to him do an interview and he is about the cutest thing ever.
He's so humble and i love his twangy voice oh and his music...
Honey Bee,Who are you when i'm not looking & God Gave me you
he also just married Miranda Lambert, both have such good music-love them
all things cookie dough
i'm one of those why make cookies when the dough tastes a 100 times better?
well maybe because theres raw egg caitlin...oh well i love it, and for that matter batter in general
but i found this recipe and got pretty excited:
and let me conclude,
this quote is flippin awesome & definitely my favorite this week.
words to live by ladies and gentlemen.
well besides the whole hell part...
Hope you found something new to Love!

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Even when its hard...

Try & give thanks
Oh my goodness, today was one of those days and by days i mean months...where I just wanted to complain about absolutely anything and everything...thank goodness i was able to refrain...
I dont know whats up with all that lately but this is the perfect month to reflect on everything God has given me since Thanksgiving is around the corner:
This picture humbles me beyond belief.
An idea brought up in YW one time was to create an "i'm thankful for" journal so you never forget the things you are blessed with. Just a little one that you keep with you that you can pull out to add to or read if you need to put things into perspective again. It helps you to see little things as blessings also and keeps you happy! After realizing how blessed i am i always want to help others and i found this amazing "Blessing Bag," that i WILL be doing with the family when i go home in a month. Its amazing and such a BRILLIANT idea. I dont really see many homeless people in my college town, but in MD i would and i remember i would always get upset and cry because i felt so bad and one time daddy bought the guy a hot meal and i thought it was so nice. The holidays are a great time to get together with family or friends and do service for those in need. It will keep things in perspective and help remember what matters most during this time of year.
For the full scoop click here:
i am thankful first and foremost for my family,
for my friends, for my faith
for holidays and for the ever so blessed life a lead.
and a lot more, but in being brief thats all for now

Dont forget to ponder about what your thankful for this month!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hi November!

Not as cool as October, but there are some sweet things to look forward to:
-Breaking Dawn comes out the 18th!
Midnight showing? you better believe it.
-Shannon turns 19
-Thanksgiving with the Mickels
-one month closer to going home
-its acceptable to listen to Christmas music [in the Leary household]
Oh and aren't my boots & tights cute!
As sad as i am about the loss of scary movies on tv {SO sad}
the fact that i can still wear all my boots and there are still lotsa leaves makes me happy
i love leaves.
however, theres snow on the horizon, be prepared provo...

xoxo CAIT xoxo