Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cookie catastrophe

One time it was my turn to make dessert for Sunday dinner- no problem right?I make treats all the time, i can do this- so anyway I found these cookies- and lets be real there arent too many things that taste better than smores...so i made these babies
The dough itself is enough to make them but let me give you a quick heads up. Dont you dare think that you can substitute the marshmellows it tells you to use with the fluffy mini marshmellows. Or you will end up with cookies that are a weird consistency and then you may go try and look good because a certain boy is coming over and lose track of time and get cookies that look like this- mine actually looked worse but when heather told me to take a picture i was embarrassed.
...and then everyone will force you to make another dessert and on top of that every one will continue to ask if you set a timer and think you are now incapable of remembering things in the oven and i'm all like
i now need to redeem myself, so i'm off to find an amazing dessert
but for real try these cookies
xoxo cait xoxo

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dont say the G word

"whatever, boys love girls in jerseys..thats like you standing there with a platter of wings"

I was kind of concerned that i wouldnt get to wear something cute on my first date but then i remembered i have a best friend to put things into perspective for me. So yesterday i went on a date. *gasp* i know right. this NEVER happens. but this time i actually said yes-partially because i planned it. Well you see we've been hanging out (my institute teacher would not like to hear that) for quite some time and we actually went on a mock date last Friday to see Mama-worst movie ever...and once again my movie picking priviledges were revoked...anyway i insisted on paying for myself since a movie was not about to be our first date. I actually say no to movie dates but we got our fav caramel apple spice drink beforehand and it was a good time. I wanted our first date to be a jazz game because we both love them so much. So boy arrives...10 minutes late might i add. ;) its okay i wasnt ready anyway- he just knows me that well haha. Boy let me pick my music the whole way! :) I held off playing country almsot the whole trip...well halfway because he doesnt like it. I tell him this is a dealbreaker probably every day but hes still around so i guess i'm still hoping to convert him. He lets me listen to it though. Then i get embarrassing texts like this:
"happy first date dayyyyyyyyy"-yes i counted the y's
lyle just laughs.
and ones telling me to take pictures...so we did.
I'm gonna pretend this is our first picture together...but in reality the first one lyle is making a kissy face and i am covering my face
and then we went with two of my favorite people ever
and then we all caught pneumonia walking to and from the arena...
The jazz beat the wizards which is good because the wizards have the worst record haha. We had the best time and i dont think i have ever been that comfortable on a date, ever. He was also a gentleman in opening every single door, letting me go first, offering me his jacket bc he thought his was warmer than mine and holding my hand. Bits and pieces of our night:
"how many kids do you want?"
"3-4 you"
"ok i really want 3-4 too but i didnt want the same answer as you"
"meant to be"

and sometimes the G word slips out...for the first time on his part
and even though i wanna freak out i've already accidentally done it twice...whoops
"well i gotta kiss my girlfriend"

"youre the perfect kinda person to be a good mom. you love kids. youll be a good mom someday"

"so now that we're exclusive do i get to kiss you?"
"no! this is our first date! i'm classy" ;)
you better believe i stuck to that

"youre a little intimidating"
"you have these high expectations, not that i dont think i cant live up to them. i like them"

"now if were kissing here youre gonna be thinking of Gordon"
"yeah but then ill kiss you better!" ;)
win win. its a good thing this boy has a sense of humor
Kay and i just put up a G hayward poster in our living room

the night ended with a mini DTR in case you were wondering...that resulted in me avoiding the B word twice in one sentence and circling around it so much that one simple sentence turned into a paragraph in which lyle understood nothing. But no, commitment doesnt freak me out or anything..
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2013

winning me over

I never like a guy the first time i meet him. like ever. so no surprise that this guy is any different. However, he is kinda doing a great job at winning me over. but dont tell him that...heres how it went down:
Boy comes over to say say hi because i hadnt seen him in almost 5 weeks.
We talk- i think its a great idea to introduce him to all the Bachelor contestants, he humors me. He pretends that he watches it every week and its his favorite show. I know better.
We realize the Jazz game is on. We obv turn it on. They win.
Room mates come home. Conversations like this then occur:

"whats making out bad?"
"...making out with your clothes off?"
"well thats sex..."
"...making out while robbing a bank?"
"well we know what youre into..."

"that why the two of us dont date, he doesnt make out"
"says the girl thats never made out..."

"i wouldnt rape kiss you that hard"

"are you wearing your new perfume?"
"no its called tease and i dont want to tease you"
"you should get a perfume that says let him kiss you"

Thennn I realize i am starving and havent eaten in hours. Chinese food is ordered.
A hand of Five Crown is played. Boy gets last place. He responds with
 "at least i didnt get 5th place!"...there were four of us haha.
Heather then  picks Rio. Her and Stephen start to fall asleep. Its turned off.
Jared then picks Paul Blart Mall Cop....its terrible.
Boy and i sit far apart. K insists on us using a blanket. I blatantly scoot closer....twice. K and J are texting me to make moves. Two days before i told boy "we are just friends." Hmm wonder why no moves are being made...Boys arms are folded. Boys arms are under the blanket. Basically boys hands are anywhere but near mine.Time goes by. I make a comment about the girl in the movie taking all this initiative and the guy doing nothing. Still no move is made on boys part. Uh that was a hint! I'm impacient. I sigh. "do i have to do everything?" I reach my hand under his arm and intertwine my fingers with his. Thought i said it quietly. I did not. Room mates all look. I get poked in the side. H is excitedly motioning if were holding hands. I nod yes. Anyway Boy then looks at me surprised. I casually look at boy then back at the movie. No big deal....or i'm trying really hard to not make it a big deal. Boy is a really good hand holder. The movie ends. People leave. We just sit there. Conversations like this then occur:
"i figured if i tried anything youd stand up and tell me to leave or something like that"

"i never let anybody get this close to me...ever"

shaking leg
"oh i see why you were doing that now, you just wanted to hold my hand"
"or i was just really nervous..."
"youre driving me crazy"
"okay ill stop"
"no in a good way"

"i really wanna kiss you"
i shake my head no & smile
"its ok im patient"
"how patient..."
"really patient"
"so like one..two weeks?"
"in two weeks i might be going a little crazy"

nods towards heathers poster Wars end kiss btw
"so uh have you ever wanted to do that?"
"oh okay"
"sike i wanna do it all the time...with everyone!"
boy looks at me. i really enjoy saying ridiculous things to him
"you didnt even try to kiss me!...i wanted to reject you."
boy then jokingly tries & i turn my head and smile
"ok but now you cant add me to your rejection list and not talk to me"
what boy does this just to make a girl happy?! but even worse what sick girl gets happy by this...*raises hand in the air embarrassed

Press repeat for the next night. With things like this being said
"your leg isnt shaking today"
"yeah because im comfortable now"

"i love everything you do"
Boy tucks hair behind my ear and traces my jawline with his finger
"is that one of your moves?"
"no thats not a move"
"good because its not gonna work"
"this is a move. You kinda tilt their chin up and..."

"youre great at cuddling"

kissing scene in never back down
nudges me "are you paying attention?"
Boy is now gone for a week and I am left with a lot to think about. Boy is playing it right by playing it cool. xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, January 13, 2013

estoy contenta

Maybe its because heather just brought me home a brownie (for the fat girl inside of me) or
 that i am watching how i met your mother or that i got my sunday nap today-quite possibly a combination of all three but i am so happy. In all honesty its a 360 degree turnaround from last week when i was so concerned about how clean the apt was or rules and when you just let it all go its so nice. and i think i am doing very good at it because nothing is bringing me down. But some other things that have been making me happy lately are:

-that my sisters are coming to stay with me in two months and hopefully my mom too! my sisters have yet to come visit me so i am thrilled. i cant wait to have them meet everyone and see where i work, live, everything
-getting nice tables at work! Ones that leave me nice notes or tell me that i have the best smile
-hand holding & surprisingly cuddling...
-that my passport should be coming in the next two weeks
-and on top of that this year i get to leave the country for the first time ever
-when sheags tells me that the babies talk about me all the time and that cass points to everything and says that i bought it for her. hahaha ill take credit for that
-that i am planning on attending two upcoming jazz games! eeek
-when the jacket i really want is 25% off...
-that next month the walking dead comes back :)
-that shannon is being dragged across the kitchen by mike right now and due to her foot surgery she is on drugs and its hilarious
-getting 4 table sections on Friday and Saturday
-being able to be so open with someone & still have them like you
-getting 20% off my groceries because buy low is closing
-seeing PITCH PERFECT at the dollar theater.
-listening to i've got the magic in me from the above movie over and over and over bc i am so obsessed with his voice, its insane.
-when boys try to sing me songs on the guitar & rhyme caitlin with bacon...
-that the skins are NFC east champs and had a great season!
-^ my family ordered NFC east champ shirts and mine will be on its way to me shortly <3
-that sheags is sending me a package this week. love you!
-tomorrow is the bachelor!!! one of the only shows i watch on the reg
-last week we got chinese food :)

its really not hard to make me happy although i think these things would make anyone happy.
i am so blessed & you better believe i know it.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

whad up 2013

Hello 2013.
I am really excited about this year. and by really excited i mean REALLY.i'm gonna travel. i'm gonna do what i want when i want. i'm gonna be more open minded. i'm gonna have fun. i'm gonna do things for the first time. i just get so excited thinking about it and the opportunities that this year will bring. So as usual i made some goals:

-be the best VT there is. always make contact
-read my scriptures every day
-pray over my every meal- even if i'm just alone and its cereal...
-go running or workout every day
-only drink water
-perfect my spanish
-no sugar or sweets ever!...ok ok dessert only 2 days a week...
-go on dates...bleh
-and be positive about it. yay!
-make time to try out some new recipes & not only be a better baker but a better cook
-focus on me and how i can be a better person.
-be best friends with the library again, read at least one book a month

yes, many of these are vague and i know i will add to them as i always do but its a good start and i am very excited for this new year :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Challenge...

When i'm home theres a specific topic that seems to come up wherever i go. partially because jared likes to throw me under the bus with my old YW leaders and tell them i say no to dates...thanks Jared...
"oh are you dating anyone?"
"well i have like 5 boyfriends..."
which in translation really means...
I respond to these questions quite well i think...

anyway most recently jared proposed an idea for me during sunday school, that for every 3 dates i'm asked on i have to say yes to 1 of them. i laughed. Jared pushed the issue. I finally agreed...because well jared wont be finding out when i get asked on these ;) Jared decided to call it the challenge...hence the title. Him and K want to double date with me and right now its kinda difficult so to humor them i'm down. Mom also was down for the bargaining and said every week i go on a date theyll go to church....haha well great, once a week then. I mean there are lots of benefits of dating, especially dating me. Like the one below.... ;)

 For some reason everyone is deeply concerned about me....if it isnt obvious by these excerpts:
"when was the last time you went on a second date"

"if she doesnt find a suitor soon her father and i will have to find her one and then she will turn me into a bear." - look at what new disney movies do to my moms imagination...

"i wanna be on kailyns side!"
"why dont you wanna be on the side wearing the white dress?"

Things dont work out. 95% of the time its because i dont let them, my standards are a little on the high side, i pick the wrong boy or ya know it could be some of these things...
Maybe its cause when boys ask me to send them a "cute picture" over break i send ones like this...
and i am reposting it now....strike two.

or maybe its because when a boy tells me he likes me i respond with "no you dont."
...yeah probably not the best idea.

or even maybe when i get asked out by 5 different boys in one week (one that asked me to a jazz game even! saying no to that was difficult)... believe it or not
i get overwhelmed and cant date any of them.

or ya know maybe talking to boys who are friends isnt a good idea?

but worst of all....how i think i like vs how i really look. this must be the issue the majority of the time.
xoxoCAIT xoxo

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

uh did you wash your hands...

Sometimes if i text you immediately after a game saying "what a letdown!" and you respond with "a letdown?!" and i say "the game...." and you say "what game?" well you are obv not a jazz fan and thats a problem. Sometimes i have writers block and only blog once in december and wanna cry. sometimes seeing a 3 hour movie at midnight was not your best idea but sometimes its the Hobbit and totally worth it. sometimes the boy youre seeing it with comes back from the bathroom awfully quick and you think its funny to say "uh did you wash your hands?" and he looks at you all confused and for a second you regret that decision until he responds with "oh no...are you supposed to?" Sometimes you spend all christmas break laughing at pictures of grumpy cat and walking dead humor. Sometimes at Kylies basketball games the family gets a little outta hand and its kind of embarrassing...sometimes the man across from you on the plane is eating rocks-like pebbles and you are so shocked that you lean all the way over and the so called rocks are in fact trail mix-a weird freakin trail mix...sometimes the microwave wont turn on and since you were the last person to use it its your fault right? wrong. "It must have been on too high, what was it on??" "dad im not an idiot...i can use the microwave." and sometimes you pray for a miracle before the microwave goes through the window... and you get that miracle. sometimes you have to work on a sunday and you chill in the bar to watch your team play and then they LOSE and you are yelling at the tv and your table tips you $20 because they feel so bad for you. hey, ill take it. And then sometimes the haters come out and put your team on blast and then youre like hmm did your team make it to the playoffs? Sometimes sports bring out the worst in a competetive person....sometimes youre singing evil as plain as the scar on his face to your niece (and if you dont know what movie this is from thats sad) and then you make believe draw a scar but accidentally poke her in the eye and sometimes she doesnt cry so lets pretend it never happened...and by that i mean you tell everyone you poked your niece in the eye and like usual, you cant stop laughing. Sometimes a boy leans over during the movie and says "will you tell them to pause it?" and youre at the theater hahaha. Sometimes this picture comes up and you and shannon basically fall off your chair because you are laughing SO hard. For a good 10 minutes. And everytime you see it you still laugh...

They said whaaaa:
"youre prettier and you can make his babies"

"uhoh time to get hacked up"

"i thought ray lewis was a jazz player."
please get out of the apt right now...

"im 27, im in settle city. I just gotta pick a girl"

"this guy just trash talked the skins, so i deleted him"
"oh no, im gonna be like i had a bad day and youre gonna be like i dont like that. DELETE!"

"i dont wanna work i just wanna bang on my drum all day"
"clearly an ancient song going on here"

overheard at Ruby:"its sunday though, thatd be a sin..."
"but youre looking for a husband. i think the lord would be like Go get a new dress!!"

"i used to be a waiter..."
"well its good you left that field"

"eating them like that is just like smearing fat on your body"
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'll be home for Christmas

 After 2 papers, 2 tests, four three finals. (-due to my professor emailing me and telling me since i have an average of 95% on my tests i didnt have to take it. hollaaa) 5 straight shifts at work- including 2 closing ones,a  banquet and a 4 hour flight i am HOME. And i'm pretty darn happy about it. I plan on making the best of these three weeks and hopefully getting some time to relax.
being home means
-finally being reunited with baby bray and my other little angels.
- running at my favorite spot
-having a snuggle buddy every night, one who hogs the blankets..
-being back at Daves, which produces a list all its own
-eating at red robin
-having my own room
-having time to read! ah this is the best
-catching up on walking dead
-being able to drive wherever i want, whenever i want
-playing cards
-watching christmas movies with the fam
-seeing jules & bella
-lots of talk about guns and the upcoming zombie apocalypse
-chaos & loud noises
-sleeping in

and hearing things like this:
"if you fall and crack your head no presents."
"oh so disabled kids dont get presents?"

"shes wearing american eagle...vampires dont shop there"

"her head smells like french fries..."

"you're shallow."
"no i'm not, look at him! i like him and hes not beautiful"

"i see you trollin, they hatin..."
"please stop. whatevers happening over there just stop"

"i dont want her to kiss the chair or something"
"yes, i'm sure youre deeply concerned about the chair..."

"remember when mom used to say bloody all the time when we were growing up?"
"oh yeah!...maybe that was during the time when we lived in England...your childhood is distorted."

"a lot of aces rolling around"
[everyone chimes in] "they see me rolling..."
"i immediately regretted my choice of words"

"shh quiet voices, in utah we dont yell"

xoxo CAIT xoxo