Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Home Home

How I have missed thee.

I arrived at the airport on Wednesday December 15th to see my whole family standing there waiting for me! Then they took me to Red Robin which is obv. one of the favorites. My family then proceeded to tell me they didn't put the lights up on the house and I was way upset and as I pulled in they told me to close my eyes, and the lights were on the house! and it was the prettiest it has ever been. Everything is great about being home, i love it. I recently compiled a list of all my favorite things about being home and some not so great things :

PROS (of being home):
*having a washer and dryer right in the house that you dont have to pay to use it and that actually works...
*it actually seems like christmas
*home cooked meals
*just the presence of my family
*being a kid again with very little responsibility
*i get to drive again!
*my doggies :)
*our beautiful flat screen tvs (sad i know)
* a break from girls- no offense to anyone
*sleeping in my own soft lovely bed

CONS (of being home):
*having white dog hair on absolutely everything
* no mountains :(
*being in a family ward where I cant pay attention

Well it seems the pros significantly outweight the cons of being home, maybe I wont ever go back...

just kidding!

Are your room mates as cool as mine, take this survey and find out!

1.On Tuesday, you spend all day at UVU and your phone dies so you cant contact your room mates and tell them you will be an hour or so late, so they:

a. throw a party & hope you never return
b. start selling all your things to pay for next months rent
c. send out a search party and then one room mate runs out dramatically explaining she thought you were raped and where the heck were you
d. go to sleep

Well if your response wasnt c, then you are one step further away from having room mates as cool as mine. Bummer. But really true story, this week when I was at UVU, I ran into my friend Bryce and he offered me a ride home and I like Bryce, so of course I took it. So Bryce and I just talk and talk and we realize we have so much more to say so we stand outside talking when I see three of my room mates with pepperspray and knives in hand leaving the apartment( okay just kidding they may not have had those, it's just what Heather said) and then Heather comes running out arms waving, yelling and starts giving a detailed description of what she thought happened to me when my eyes get big and I motion to Bryce...H: "oh..hey Bryce..." Well this isnt awkward, but really thanks guys! I'm glad I have room mates like you :)

2.You lose your debit card and then it gets lost in the mail and then you dont get it for like 2.5 weeks...umm cool, your room mates:

a. let you starve
b. make you green beans and mushrooms-both of which you dont like
c. eat the little bit of food you do have left
d. make you yummy dinner every night and randomly bring you home a cupcake just because!

If your response wasnt D, you are two steps away from having the coolest room mates.

3. The boy you like (who will remain nameless) is going to the same event and you think he's kind of into you but he wont make a move, so you animatedly go on and on about this boy dissecting every move you and he makes so your room mates:

a. say "Again? How many boys do you have?"
b. nod enthusiastically, tell you youre gorgeous and any boy would be crazy to not like you and then agree to call the boy and ask if hes going to the poetry reading and also be your wingman
c. put headphones in and walk away
d. point and laugh at you

If you had any other response besides B, your room mates are most definitely not as cool as mine.

4. Lots of good shows are on tv and you dont have the remote, but you see How I met your Mother is on and everyone loves that show so your room mates:

a. Duh. turn it to How I met your Mother..

There are no other options, this is the sole option, apt #220 loves how i met your mother

Well if you got 4 out of 4, your room mates MAY be as cool as mine but chances are they still arent.

I really hope I get 3 new room mates who are as cool as my room mates from this semester :)

Just another day in Provo

I had a To-do list a mile long on Monday because I only had two days until I went home to Maryland! Even though I was way stressed, I had so much fun. On Monday I worked all day and then I went home and started getting ready to go to the Salt Lake Temple with my FHE group. I was way excited because it was combined with Sheyenes FHE group and they are a lot of fun. Walking up to the door from work, there was a small white box that said to Apartment #220...well, i'll just put a picture :)
aww, how nice

But really it was to caitlin from taylor...hahaha considering I know his obsession with Marilyn Monroe and 2 days before this, my room mate Annalisa and I dropped my poster off on his door step and took off running, no sprinting. I was shocked we never heard anything, not even a thank you and then we got this on our step.

Looks homemade to me Taylor...

But then we got ready and seperated into groups to head to the traxx. Tanner (our hometeacher) drove Heather and I. We ended up getting super lost which was way fun and then sat on the traxx for like 20-25 minutes which actually ended up being really fun because there was so many people and we just talked the whole time. Once we got to Salt Lake we took tons of pictures and saw the lights. I have never before seen the lights at Christmas in Temple Square and they were so pretty. I'm really glad I got to do it before I went home because I had actually made it one of the things I needed to do before I went home. The other one was kiss a cute boy but that didnt happen in the span of 4 days before I left...what a shame.

When I was little I always wanted to get married in the Salt Lake Temple because it
looked like a castle for princesses but then I realized that
the D.C. temple is just as pretty :)
I got to meet lots of people in the ward that I hadnt got the opportunity to meet yet and played with some friends that I love.

From Left to Right: Sheyene, Me, Heather and Larissa :)
Afterwards we went to Hospital Cafe, oh my bad Cafe West...which is really cheap and open way late. I'm kinda in love with it. On Tuesday I spent all day at Utah Valley University registering for classes and such and even had to take off work that night because there was no way I was going to get out of there in time. Luckily I got everything done on my To-do lists except kiss a boy but oh well, some things can wait until I get back to Provo ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wanna hear how perfect my life is? Good me too...

Recent news catch up

I go home in 5 days and I can not even express the excitement or happiness at the thought of seeing my family after 4 months which for me is a lifetime. yayayayay

I love my job, the GM came in the other day and told my boss that he absolutely loved me and that I was so friendly and cheerful and did a great menu great!

WE GOT NEW COUCHES in the apartment. Big deal because the last ones looked like someone was so hungry they chewed them up. They are saweeeet. 

And in not so perfect news...
Recently a smooth move, I lost my license, debit card and bus pass. You gotta have a little rain with all the sunshine though :)

If taylor lautner wants brownies, taylor lautner gets brownies

So you have the best friends, boys trick you into thinking they're all nice and get your number and then you mistakingly like the wrong one because he wanted some brownies and when Taylor wants brownies, Taylor gets brownies but then you realize you really like his best friend who maybe likes you but you aren't exactly sure and you don't wanna look stupid and all along you were just confused because the one boy looks like Taylor Lautner except he is kinda rude (or so your best friend who knows you best thinks so) and you couldn't see past all the beautifulness and it wasn't really your fault was it? The answer is No. You and boy have a lot in common and he makes you laugh and hes way cool. Also he or his room mates may or may not have drawn a picture of him on his white board with a heart around it and my name in it? No clue and kinda confused by this actually... So boy should realize the error in your ways and ask you on a date but he has a really time consuming major and can't ever, ever do anything.

Then theres the soccer studs, who just know they're beautiful and you see them on the soccer field and they have your same number and you're like wow I bet we would have a lot in common and then you think I need to introduce myself to this guy because he friended me and so after the game you're standing there fighting with your best friend who says I'm gonna count and if you don't talk to him by the time I get to 0 we are leaving, so I start panicking and trying to work out what I'm gonna say and I finally walk up as I try to remember if I look cute enough to even approach someone like him and he's way nice and I'm surprised because I didn't expect this and then he shakes my hand and never breaks eye contact with his amazing gold eyes ( yes, they are gold) and I am starting to feel self conscious but the boys smiles and laughs and says he's glad I came to watch him play and he shakes his head as he realizes his error( which i have since learned is a trick boys do to make girls feel more comfortable) because he is not the guy to not seem smooth for even two seconds and we chat and hes nice but then you realize this guy is a player and there is no hope in them and this is very devastating.

Then theres the nice guy who you don't like initially or even think are very attractive but after spending a lot of time with them you think, hey I kinda like this guy and all your room mates want you to fall in love with him because you two would look good together because you both have black/dark hair? and you just dont know if you like him and you don't wanna ruin the friendship but you wanna wait and see where things go because you both have a lot in common, like Harry Potter and randomly looking out the peep hole to see if someones there even though there was no knock on the door. Hmm

Theres also the guy who has a girlfriend who none of your friends approve of and you don't even know why you like him...he's most definitely not your type. Luckily you are starting to come to your senses...

Oh we cant forget the RM, who doesnt even live in provo, who you dont like yet but there could be something there because he's way attractive and nice and funny but hes still in that awkward stay away from me youre a girl stage and you dont know how long thats gonna last because its always different and you kinda wanna marry the boy just to be in the family because you absolutely love them and your family would like it too but is it worth it? And will he change...

The hater. Well we used to be like best friends, we clicked right away and I liked him instantly he was one of those guys you see and youre like I just want to be friends with you so bad and then you get your wish and your friends and people see you everywhere together and they think youre an item and youre like woah I'm new in town I dont know if I want to be in a relationship right away because the boy tells you he likes you and writes you the best poems ever and hes cute and dresses nice but all along you tell him no, I'm not looking for anything right now and the boy repeatedly tells you he understands but nope, he doesnt. Long story short, boy gets mad and cant really be around you and then he tries but hes just different and not nice for some reason and you lose a good friend.

And last but not least there is the missionary, whom you have been best friends with since you were 14 and you met at a church dance and became best friends and you both didn't have cell phones so you emailed all the time and then you both got cell phones and you texted every single solitary day for a year except when you broke your phone, which was a lot because you are clumsy...and he would sent you texts, like on Thanksgiving when he said and I am thankful for Caitlin Leary and no Thanksgiving text ever topped it and then you and your friends would go visit him and his friends and you were all so close and then you realized you've always liked him and why did nothing ever happen, and why did I never say anything, oh probably because the timing was off and he had to go on a mission anyway and him leaving was one of the hardest things ever and you write and write to each other while hes away and you're just waiting to see if he comes home and things are different...

Well heres the summary on the boys. I hope you enjoy the vagueness and the run on sentences :)


The worst day ever.

Let me reiterate,
The worst day ever.

Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE shopping. I am commonly referred to by my family as a shopoholic. So when I was staying with the Mickels we went at midnight because she had to get something specific for one of the kids and it was a nightmare. Surprisingly I had never gone before and now I realize why I've lived such a sheltered Black Friday life. I almost lost both my arms and a little bit of my sanity. First off if you're claustrophobic, head for the hills. Its just crowds and crowds of people standing around waiting for what they want and they AREN'T friendly. So I'm sitting, I mean standing (don't even think for one second you can sit without getting trampled) for an hour or so 'til midnight and I'm kinda bored so lets try a little bit of small talk with those around me you know? Big mistake, this is obviously a Black Friday fo paux. I mean sorry I didn't get the Black Friday memo on how to act, I'm sure it was evident that I was new...You would have thought I turned to the woman next to me and publically announced I had the black plague by the look on her face. But when you look at the whole picture, I guess we were enemies, competing for the same things...Miss Shannon tried asking the group that was around what she wanted how this whole thing worked and they were like theres only enough for seven people and theres seven people here. The man then proceeded to count them all out for her. Ummm rude. I think we can count. Come to find out its not first come first serve. Its whoever gets the item first. I evaluated everyone around the toy, sizing up the competition.I leaned over and said I bet we could take them jokingly to Miss Shannon who let me add is very pregnant, except maybe the 6 foot guy who seemed to be the ringleader. 

Defeated we figured we might as well stay and find something else since the deals were way good. So we walk over to the huge masses of people surrounding the Wii games and DVDs. We decided to separate to cover more ground and since I'm barely 5'4 I couldn't see anything. But ahh, advantage. I was able to slide in and out of the people and got a front row spot. I like a little competition so I strategically mapped out what I would grab first and succeeded. Okay this can be kinda fun...So mission accomplished. Well the second mission, the first one was aborted. As soon as the wrapping was off all the displays it looked like a mad house. Literally. It was so crazy. Women were blocking out the competition with carts and setting picks. You would have thought I was playing basketball again the way these women were working together.  Walking up front to check I was getting fouled left and right. People were leaning on me and reaching clear over my head.There was pushing, hair pulling and people grabbing my arm. So I started yelling out what would you like? We've got a Harry Potter, a Letters to Juliet and a New Moon dvd. People starting yelling "I'll take one of those," "Oh I want that,"  and "Me!" Needless to say I made it out alive, but I don't think I will be returning any time soon. Preferably never. I would recommend the same for anyone who likes having two arms.

Home for the holidays!

OH WAIT. I actually wasn't home for the holidays,well Thanksgiving... I guess I was just confused because you're supposed to be home on the holidays but not me. This was my first year away from my family for any holiday, let alone a huge one like Thanksgiving. So depressing. However, I did have a great time in Spring City with the Mickels. The Mickels are good family friends and Dan taught my dad the missionary 
discussions and they still keep in touch which is awesome. Anyway they picked me up from work on Wednesday night and we drove the hour or so distance to Spring City. Over the next two days that I spent with them we saw Tangled, in which I decided I plan on growing my hair out like Rapunzel's. It took like two seconds for me to make this big decision. Then Heather Mickel and I made ginger bread houses, watched Christmas Vacation (Love this movie), Elf and went to lunch and saw the Manti temple. I've never seen the Manti temple in person and it was gorgeous, I love temples. I also got to shoot a huge gun which was pretty intense. I'm actually not a huge fan of guns but it was cool. It was a really fun couple of days. It still wasnt the same because it wasnt my family, but if i couldnt be with mine I'm glad I got to spend it with them.

I think it's pretty obvious which one's mine...
Yup, the bad one. But I get to make one more this
season so we'll have to compare the improvements..

The Manti temple :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear J.K. Rowling

Dear J.K Rowling,
                       I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.   I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.  I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley. I can not believe you killed off Fred Weasley.

Love, me.

As sad as it is I just FINALLY read the final book and was devastated that one of my favorite characters was killed off, I overlooked the other deaths (rude i know) because i was just so upset about poor Fred.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh hey boy

I dont even need to use names in this post. We had a ward FHE and it was a lot of fun and I met lots of cool people in the ward although I'm starting to realize I know way more guys than girls. Like on Sunday when I was looking around the room, I could tell you every single boys name and besides my room mates like 3 girls. SAD. I have to definitely work on this. Anyway I met this boy, and his name is boy. Not really but we have this funny joke. I was like oh hey are you a girl? I mean I wasnt even trying to be rude he just was in front of all the girls, and girls always get to eat first and such. I mean just one of the perks of being a girl and anyway I think I offended the poor boy so he thought it was only fair to insult me like 17 more times until we were even. Super nice boy. And then we were just going back and forth and he was being so cute, he was like

T: "I'll be across the room and be like oh heyyy girl. Is that okay? Will you respond?"
C: "For sure, but only if you respond when I say oh hey boy!"

Then the bishop started giving the lesson and I realized I wanted some hot chocolate so I asked "boy" if he could get me some hot chocolate and he mouthed now? and I was like okay in a second and he smiled and then he crawled over on his knees and got me hot chocolate. He was pretty much the cutest thing. I really like this boy...along with like 3 others but "boy" is still way cute. I really hope you don't read this boy.

Makes me smile :)

*sleeping in til 1 when Its a gross cold rainy day & i have nothing to day.... whoops

*pink and orange gerber daisies

*FALL and everything and anything that goes with it. "punkins" hayrides corn-maizes haunted houses the colorful leaves apple cider/hot chocolate.I have to do all these things every year, its definitely my favorite :)

*cute text messages from cute boys, especially when you wake up to them

*taylor lautner and anyone who looks like him, no really

*taking pictures

*rocking out to GOOD music in the car, singing and dancing so loud

*soccer players

*anything that makes me laugh

*hand holding, a lot

* when people (really just boys) play with my hair


*cheesecake and reeses

*sales, i actually love them

*arms, arms and more arms

*sporting events

*being around my family

*falling asleep to the sound of rain

*oh did i mention soccer players?

Is chivalry dead?


Dear confused boys everywhere,

In Utah there is a whole new level to chivalry then lets say at home, in Maryland. Here all the boys open the doors for you and not just doors to stores or anything but your car door?! WHAT. The first time a boy did this for me, I was like what are you doing? Sorry I am not used to such well mannered boys, I am super impressed. I feel like at home boys will ignore you or be mean to you unless they like you but here the boys are like this with everyone which is kind of confusing because you can't ever tell if someone likes you and at home if a boy holds the door for me I'm like wow he must like me and here i'm like oh you too? Okay well thanks, thats really nice i guess although i know you don't like me so please don't be nice to me unless this is going somewhere...
just kidding its really nice boys :)

I think its the little things that count, like when i'm at work and the guy insists his wifes order be taken first and I silently approve of this little gesture. Or when boys let girls go first in line for food its just so cute. There are times when I'm like society is so doomed because look at these boys, were they raised at the zoo but I am so hopeful being out here with these boys. Also TWICE, not once i was with boys and they offered up their jacket to the girls they were with that they thought were cold. They didn't even think about it/worry that they would be cold they just did it. 
The one thing I'm not a fan of out here is boys who don't get your number or ask you on dates. Okay "hanging out" isn't a real date boys and we are not falling for it. There are things such as free dates boys...hikes or picnics..etc. The whole girls like bad boys thing is kind of true i'll admit it but its more looking like a bad boy rather than acting like one/treating me bad. You're looking like a tool not a baller, you're acting like a chick why bother? (Thanks Kesha for these wise words) Please know there is a difference...

Sexist jokes are not funny. Nor will they ever be. If you act like boys are better than girls and repeatedly say things to this effect, then goodbye. I'm pretty sure this isn't very "chivalrous....

A common deal breaker/non chivalrous move is to treat the waitress/cashier/whoever is waiting on you bad. The girl will totally notice, if she likes you she will try not to notice but sadly she will and she wont be able to forget about it. If you are a boy who has made this mistake and then shortly after your girl dropped you then *ding *ding this was your problem. Good thing i helped you out here boy. You are so very welcome.

It is also not very chivalrous to ask a girl out over texting. Who taught you this? (no really who)Where did you learn that it was okay to do this? I honestly don't know how this is okay...i have nothing else to say on this i'm just baffled here boys...

Finally, and most importantly. GET IN GOOD WITH THE FRIENDS. If you are a chivalrous dude, you will treat her friends awesome. I have seen guys treat the friends bad and I'm like well it really is a bummer, i thought you were a keeper but now i know I wont see you again. It really was nice meeting you for 10 seconds though, work on this for the future.

Non chivalrous boys will be super jealous of you and try to say its lame but....
In the end, if you're chivalrous you'll get the girl & they wont, so no worries :)

I really hope chivalry doesn't die.
-A concerned citizen

The many faces of sizzler

I got a job pretty fast out here and i absolutely love it. I have met so many fun and interesting people and also learned a lot from the different types of people. I don't think i can really generalize the customers...but i will anyway. 90% of them are old people and this is great because i loveee old people or so i thought, until i started working at Sizzler. Now i see a whole new side of these so called "cute old people." Now i hear them complaining about our prices and telling me i must have rang their order up wrong (nope sorry i didn't). But just kidding I still love them, I really have this weird love for old people, especially couples.

There are some customers that stand out to me that I still haven't forgotten. A couple weeks ago this old couple came in and they were the cutest ever and the he gestured to his wife to order first (brownie points for you) and she ordered and then he looked at me and said "I'll have the exact same thing, if its good enough for her its good enough for me." Then he held her hand as they walked away and after 40 something years they were still so happy in love and it was the cutest thing ever. Most older couples who come in seem so annoyed with each usually one has hearing problems and ill say something and they'll be like what? and the wife will be like yell it and seem so annoyed and impatient and i'm just like you do realize he is your eternal companion right? This could be a long life for you two. I hope i end up being like the first old couple :) Then there was this couple who came in this past week and the wife wasn't all the way there i think she had Alzheimer's or something and he was like helping her and it made me so sad. I started to like cry...right there in the restaurant...super embarrassing but i feel like that would be so hard for him and i wish i didn't remember them as much as i do. Oh so one thing i do when i work is whenever some guy comes in wearing a cowboy hat i always go "are you a cowboy?" so excitedly. I don't know why i do this but i think its because my room mate is so in love with cowboys that her love of cowboys has somehow rubbed off on me and anyway this couple came in and i asked this question and i informed him i was going horseback riding soon with this boy from my ward and he was like
"oh is he your boyfriend?"
 "Nope i don't have a boyfriend"
"Oh well you're gonna have so much fun! Just be careful when you let them out, you know how they can be..."
                               "the horses or the boys?"
For some reason he thought this was so funny and his wife was like oh shes a smart one. They were so personable and nice and gave me all this advice and told me stories about their ranch. They were some of the nicest people i have ever met. And then one of the last people that stood out to me when working was this one lady and she was like hi i'm not from around here so i don't know if i'm gonna do this right and i was like no worries ill help you out and then i was like where are you from? and she was like Pennsylvania and i said NO WAY i'm from Maryland and she got so excited and then we started talking forever and long story short she gave me her business card and told me she was gonna set me up with her son hahaha. She took my name and made me write down her sons name.

"Even if you don't like my son, he has really cute friends, trust me"
..."i hope you don't think this is weird or i'm crazy, I just think you two would be cute" 
Hahaha no worries I don't, I am way forward too, you're good. 

Anyway I love my job and the fun people I get to meet each day, its definitely never dull :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear picketer, you are rude.

So I got ahead of myself in blogging and skipped a week. So before this fun weekend of Heathers birthday and the Haunted forest I went to Salt Lake and saw conference in person! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences. I drove up with Dahl to meet the Connors and go to it and it was so fun. Well besides the fact that there were super rude picketers picketing our religion. Umm hi, you are rude. I don't stand out and picket whatever religion you are/hate on things I know nothing about. They were like "Mormons aren't Christians" and so on and I'm just like how does it feel to not be educated? Please do research if you want to insult us, so you can do it properly. K thanks. I was just annoyed that they put a damper on such a spiritual experience. But anyway I got in there and it was so pretty and being in the same room as President Monson and all those great leaders was so cool. So after we went to the Saturday afternoon session of conference, I then went to dinner with Heathers family and then while the men were in priesthood session, we went to Desert Books. It was RIDICULOUS. Does anyone else know that women all flock there in large numbers dragging their children and all. It was so funny. I was commenting on all the women shouting and screaming out things to one another. There were so many women, you couldn't even move. The women were like pulling the kids along through crowds of people, and jerking the babies around like they were dolls it was unreal. So anyway then we left Salt Lake and I came back home.

My room mates and I also recently discovered that there is a Sonic within walking distance. AMAZING. I seriously love Sonic and we didn't have one super close to my house in Maryland and now there is one right around the corner. After finding this out my room mates and I went twice in one week, sad. This is when we met Logan and ruined all chances of ever returning to Sonic. Sike, I mean returning as caitlin, larissa and heather because we forced Heather to leave her number and we made things awkward. Whoops. Didn't mean to. I guess we learned that this isn't such a good idea.

Another fun thing we did that week was go to my friend Jacks Poetry Reading! Now let me just brag for one second, Jack and his super cute room mate Conner both wrote this poetry book together and they are in the top 25 of American 20th century poetry books! Check it out: There Will Be Fire. I totally think everyone and anyone should check out the book There Will be Fire because its so good and I totally got to go through the poems one by one with one of the authors. I'm pretty special :) Anyway the poetry reading was really legit even though its not really my scene, although i guess it could be but it was my first time. It was way cool and I'm going again this Thursday!


Such a perfect weekend!

This weekend was perfect. So on Friday, I went to the BYU mens soccer game with Heather and Jack and it was really fun. I think I was getting a little too into the game because these Weber fans in front of us were the epitome of obnoxious and when it comes to soccer I just cant keep my mouth shut because some of the calls were ridiculous. But they ended up winning 2-0 so it was such a fun game to be at and cheer for. I plan on going to as many games as possible because I love soccer and i love soccer boys...but then again who doesnt? So then after that christine heather and i met up with CL and we went to a bonfire up in the mountains and it was so pretty. It was also freezing but we wont dwell on that...the best part was the stars. I havent even really been up in the mountains since I've been here and I need to. I mean Maryland doesnt really have mountains so I think I need to take advantage of the mountains while I can but now its getting too cold so in the spring I need to go hike the Y and Timp. so if youre interested let me know :)

The next day, saturday October 9th was my best friends birthday, she turned 19!....again hahaha. I had to work a double that day though so I couldnt go to Tacanos for her birthday lunch and I was super sad because I keep hearing about this place and it was heathers birthday...Not cool. But then I got off super early so the boys all picked me up from work which was super nice, CL, ryan, danny and steven. Then we went to Coldstone where Heather works and got everyone to sing to her. It was so fun. After that we went back to Winnies place where we were all getting together to surprise heather. She thought she was closing but she got off early and then we all surprised her. Thennnn we went to the Haunted Forest! Okay let me first say Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because there is so many fun things to do and at home my family and I always go to "punkin patches" and they have hay rides and we always go to a scary place and its seriously so much fun. So when I heard we were going to a scary place I was so excited because I love doing things like that. We went with a huge group of guys and girls and these things are only fun if you have an awesome group of people/super cute boys. Of course CL thought it would be funny to come up behind us and tickle us. Not okay, i hate it when people tickle me, especially in places like this where i am more inclined to pee my pants. Finally to end the long happy birthday we went back and sang to heather and had cake. I hope you had the best birthday :):)

So sunday roles around and i was super excited because I bought the Cauuutesst boots ever...and i wanted to feel the spirit and grow...obv. Anyway it was fast and testimony and i love those sundays because i love hearing peoples testimonies and then Eric taught the lesson about Jonah and the whale and it was super good.

me "hey eric dont call on me or ask me to participate okay?"
eric"will you give the opening prayer?"
me"are you joking...did you not just hear me"
eric"tanner will you give the opening prayer?"
me"wait i thought i was doing it, i was joking i really wanted to"
eric"this lesson is perfect for you"
me" and why is that"
eric" its about jonah and the whale"
me" are you calling me a whale eric?"
eric" (laughing) NO. i'm just saying jonah didnt really seek do what he was asked to do"

So Eric gives the lesson and then after it he come up to me and hes like
"so are you feeling guilty now?" 

why yes eric, i am thank you.

So then theres this cute boy in my ward who will remain nameless and we all got a ride with my room mate Larissas boy Garren and in cues Beautiful boy and Garren calls him over and then beautiful boy being so nice is like does anyone need a ride? and Larissa is like caitlin do you need a ride?! and im like no thank you. And then i'm like christine you can totally go with him and Larissas like NO christine you left something in my car. Wow this whole thing is just getting awkward guys..
Larissa " you will thank me for this later, trust me"
I did. She was right.
So then BB has to wait for his friend so heather and i sit and talk to him and hes seriously so nice and he remembers everything we talked about last time. Oh btw i met him like a week earlier when he drove me to my ecclesiastical endorsement and i had to run in and change into church clothes and i was like ill be super fast no worries. I'm sure he didn't believe me though, because i'm a girl...

me" okay im ready"
BB" wow really, i'm impressed!"
good :)

Then he opened the car door for me and apologized about his car being a mess(it wasn't) and we had so many things in common we both speak Spanish and play/like soccer...ya know all the super important things in life...Anyway this is how i know him and then on the car ride home heather and i were super funny, we always are together because we play really well off each other and she was being such a good wing man. Thanks! Then they dropped us off and spencer invited us to come play games at their apartment and as he shook my hand he was like woah and im all freaked like uh what?! and hes like oh i thought this was your left hand and you were engaged for a second. Seriously this has happened like three times, i need to consider no longer wearing rings...

Anyway then we went to ward prayer and then headed over to the boys to play games. It was super fun, we played catch phrase, a game i love and then some super awkward games where you basically embarrass yourself. Im not super into those games but I played anyway. And then we brought heathers cake over and sang to her with them, they were so cute. But then they started playing signs so i rolled out and hung with jack for a while. Then as he was going in Bryce BB and heather came out. They were helping her carry things home and they were like so heather told us she made this cake. what?! Heathers like i did not! But then they started laughing so i knew they were joking because i made the cake and they were just teasing. So then they came into our apartment and we showed them how cute it was and hung out with them for a while and it was way fun. So basically in summing it up, the weekend was perfect :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please dissect my dream

Okay first off before anyone jumps to conclusions, I did not get a wedding dress at Sears, I actually dont even know if they sell wedding dresses at Sears, lets hope not. I seriously can not even imagine what those dresses would look like but anyway the other night I had a dream that I went to Sears to pick out my dress. Sears caitlin? really...In this dream my mom was like so caitlin whats the guys name again? Oh his name is_____. Oh my gosh i forgot my freakin fiances name! This dream must be a sign of some sort. I havent figured it out but I am sure that it can not be good. I have had my wedding planned out my entire life, which isnt too weird because I'm a girl and we think things through... But recently my room mate just got engaged and so she has been wedding dress shopping and I got to go with her and it was so fun! everyone is so wedding crazed out here, I feel it is catching on. Although I know for a fact I am nowhere near ready to be married because when I was in orientation for work, they were asking all these questions about taxes and health care and I had to text my mom for everything. There is no way I can take care of myself and be married when I am not independent at all haha. I'm not at all embarrassed to say that I know what style wedding ring I want (cushion cut), what colors I want (hot pink & black(maybe some orange)), what flowers (gerber daisies), what invitations and everything. I've always been this way, I've always known what I wanted and I guess nothing is different when it comes to my wedding, something thats always been planned out.

I always try to remember my dreams because I feel like they are significant in some way or another. Last night I had a dream and woke up in the middle of the night to type it out so I could remember and tell my room mate, of course when you are half asleep this is what you get.

"I had a  dream abput c mprganast night that we met pm hlloweeanand it was like we loved eachotjer right away" 
Okay give me some credit for trying please...

Regional Conference

I am so blessed to be in Utah during Conference and Regional Conference and being able to hear such amazing speakers like Sister Julie Beck, Elder Snow and Elder Holland. I mean watching something on television is totally different than watching it in person. Being in a HUGE auditorium with thousands of other students my age is so uniting and the spirit is so overwhelming. My favorite story from the regional conference was one that Jeffrey R Holland shared about Belle Smith. A story in which they were pioneers on their long trek and they came to this area that was so hard to conquer and they were the last family and the others had forgotten about them and it was just Belle her husband and their three children under five. She was so impressive she agreed to be attached to the horse and handcart so she could make it down the steep mountain, a job in which five men could barely do but Belle was positive and had such strong faith. The story went on and brought tears to my eyes as I listened to how obedient Belle was and how strong she was. They had left all three children on the top of the mountain and when they went back all three were in the same spots they had been left in. Then the men came back just as the Smiths made it down and her husband said. Dont worry fellas, Belle is all a man needs to complete this journey. :)

I want to be just like Belle Smith.

just the way you are.


Well I didnt find this song but this boy introduced it to me... So it all started this past week with FHE and my room mates had a lot to do so we almost didn't go but thank goodness we did. We were participating i promise...but we took a break and these cute boys approached us and started talking to us and they were so funny. Instead of rewriting how this went, I'll just use direct quotes to show how charming and funny these boys were.

                             "Where are you guys from?"....Both: "Maryland "
                            "oh sweet I love out of staters!" who says that
                                 "hahaha alright where are you from?" "Utah"
                    "oh sweet, I love instaters." my room mates pretty funny

Then we quickly realized Maryland wasnt that exciting and tried to be pretend we were from Italy and Switzerland...dont ask it just fit...anyway skipping some fun stuff but then one of the boys came back to our apartment and he wanted to show me this song... see above...and it was so cute because he sang it to me and was like are you listening? of course i'm listening... and to sum up the story i listen to this song at least 10 times a day. So thank you R*****. I love this song. I actually would love it if someone would learn it on the guitar and play it for me...just throwing the idea out there. Anyway the boys pretty charming and very cute which a lot of boys out here are though, maybe its something in the water? He told me that i wiggle/scrunch my nose when i laugh *me appalled* "No its cute!" Yeah i'm sure its cute mister...I have never heard this in my life and also why are you looking at me so close huh? I mean not that I mind...hes beautiful.

Dear, my future prince


  Please hurry up, I dont have THAT much time...

Please & Thank you. xoxo GossipGirl

oh the lessons i learn from Gossip Girl...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Theres a first time for everything

This week i seriously did so many things for the first time. I got a UTAH, did laundry by myself, rode in a convertible BMW, went on my first date in Utah, etc. So anyway the week started off the same as last week, looking for a job. Well Monday everyone was off for labor day so we got to sleep in and play. Heather and I headed off to Wal Mart with Winnie and we decided that we were gonna paint our apartment.  We picked out brown light blue and dark blue and even did one wall with polka dots. Its very cute. Then we had our first FHE with our new family! It was in the apartment right next to ours, and since it was a holiday, barely anyone came but we had a lesson and then our cute new FHE mom had coldstone ice cream for us. Perfection. So the week goes on and we meet some cool new people from our ward and i continue to look for a job. So Wednesday comes a long and I go to the Sizzler to apply for a job and they ask if i can do an interview right on the spot. I instantly loved the manager, like lovedddd him. He was so nice and joked around with me which made it not awkward at all. After the interview I knew I got the job which sounds super cocky but oh well. Surprise Surprise the next day I got a phone call saying I got the job. Sweet. The next day I was on Facebook talking to my best friend Tommys cousin Alex. Alex also lives in Raintree like I do and just got back from visiting Maryland for the weekend, and took me on my first date in Utah!

                 "Tricia Gadberry spoke quite highly of you, so I have to see if its all true :)"

So he then tells me that the date is a double date with his brother and he just kinda said so my brother and I both wanna have dates for tomorrows recital, would you wanna go? And he tells me all about it and then I'm like who am I going or your brother? "Me! hahahaha" oh sorry I didnt know...So I was just complaining about not being asked on any dates yet when perfect I got asked. And at the same exact time I was being asked that I was talking to my friend Jack and he was asking me what my plans were for that time and I told him that I actually had a date and Jack says

 "oh man i guess he beat me to it..." and then he goes "welp I guess ill have to ask you another time, that is if you dont really like this guy."

And i informed Jack that I hope he does ask me. Let me tell you a little about Jack, he is amazing. When I saw Jack I instantly thought he was like the coolest guy by the way he dressed and carried himself. Theres just something about him, he kind of reminds me of an indie, neon colored wearing kid? If Jack sees this, he will tell me thats not at all what he was going for but sorry Jack thats the best way for me to explain it. I seriously love Jack. But back to the date, so Alex picked me up at my door at exactly 5. We went to a piano recital and I love piano, my mom plays and I've always loved to listen to her play. Anyway after Alex took me out for ice cream at this subzero place and it was pretty good. Alex was such a gentleman about it the whole time, unlocking my door and then opening it and closing it for me, it was so nice. I thought he was an awesome date!

 Then later that night, after the date my room mates and I got invited to play Nert's with two boys from our ward who love to invite us places. So Friday rolls around and I'm like okay today seriously better be fun because no one has school. My room mates and I plan on going to Fall Fest which is apparently usually for freshman but we decided to go anyway. So its 70s theme and I realize I have nothing to wear which is surprising because I have tons of tie dye but my box is somewhere in the mail...Its been in the mail for a while now so I'm hoping some stranger isn't walking around in my cute plaid heels or my tie dye shirts because I will probably be pretty mad...scratch that not probably i will be. So anyway we go there and meet up with Jackie and Kristen and then we wait in the line for tie dye but its ridiculous and who wants to wait that long in lines? Not me. But we got free t shirts anyway because the first 1000 people got them. Added bonus.

 So then we got free pizza and as college students you take any amount of free food that you can get your hands on because we/ mainly me are super poor right now. Theres even a dance but since we were pretty early it was lame which means we left. So we headed back to the Colony to get ready to go to another party. This is where the night became fun. So Jake (a friend of Winnie's), walked us outside to a white BMW convertible. Not his but it was still pretty sweet. A car that should really only hold 4 maybe 5 people because the backseat is so small ended up holding 7. Three squished in the back with my poor room mate Annalisa across our laps, who could really go any minute, was seriously the highlight of my evening. Jake was such a fun driver, and besides the fact that it was freezing it was one of the funniest things I got to do here in Utah. When we came to a stoplight we got a lot of stares, maybe because Heather was doing the pageant wave like we were in some sort of parade or maybe because Jake was driving kinda crazy at times...but anyway this guy rolled down his window and I'm figuring hes gonna tell us how dumb we are or yell at us like hes our parent but instead he calls to Jake "Are you the only guy?" and Jake smiles and goes yup and the guy gives him a thumbs up and offers to take some of the girls off his hands hahahaha. So not exactly how I had thought it would go but it was pretty funny. So we get to this party and theres lots of people and by people I mean guys because when youre a girl, lets be honest, thats all that really matters but no one who really catches my eye. I quickly realize I'm ready to go but we just got there so we might as well hang out for a while. So then my room mates decide they are ready to go and Jake being as sweet as he is offers to give us a ride home. The guy who actually owned the car didn't want to but Jake just stood up and was all nice about it. Jake just keeps on winning points as the night goes on. See the thing with Jake is, hes a hot commodity and I was like whoa I am not trying to get into all that drama with girls fighting over this kid, but its getting really hard not to like him. Jake and I walk alone and we talk about motorcycles and our shared love for them and then we all pile into the convertible. I sat shotgun and my room mates sat in the back and were so cold I literally could hear their teeth chattering and I guess Jake could too because without even being asked to give up his jacket the boy takes his jacket off and hands it to the girls to get warm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is seriously so impressive...I wanna hug his mom. At this moment I'm sure I had a look of awe and admiration for this boy with such good manners. Now dont get me wrong I'm not into him at all, I just think he seems like a really good guy and who doesn't like those?    

So Saturday I got to wake up at the lovely hour of 7. On a Saturday that is just not okay. I had orientation for work and it was really cool, okay so it was freezing when I woke up so I took the bus to the mall and the malls open at this hour for cute little old people who exercise in the mall. So I go through the whole mall and realize that all the other doors are locked, so I get to sprint back to the beginning and walk around. Luckily I am still 10 minutes early to the orientation but talk about a little stress... Then later on in the day, my room mate Kelly who just got engaged invited the room mates to go dress shopping with her and I'm crazy about weddings and love so of course I'm all for it. But it was so weird to sit in those chairs and not only watch Kelly try on wedding dresses but all these girls who looked like they couldn't be a day older than 15...But then again, I am in it all makes perfect sense. I then text Jack and were talking about what were doing and I tell him I'm wedding dress shopping and he goes "Are you getting married?!?!?!" and i tell him yes! and then tell him no because thats mean and he goes "oh okay I was about to be pretty bummed if you were. Congrats to your room mate." Did I mention I love Jack? Jack also told me that he thinks "I'm cute and I should consider myself lucky because he pretty much never tells girls that." Really Jack, just cute?...thats all. ;) just kidding.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Everydays a party

So I have been here in Utah for exactly a week and a day. Everyday I have done something fun or met someone cool or both :). Since I last blogged on Sunday, theres been a bonfire, a birthday party, a football game and tailgating, a trip to glenwood a sleepover and laying out in the courtyard, which is actually very fun. So this really cute girl in my ward is going on a mission so she had a going away bonfire. I love everything about bonfires, smores, the stars you can usually see, the fire the smells, everything. It was fun to go to because I still dont know a lot of people in my ward and I got to meet some more/ get to know people better. So afterwards there was a birthday party for another girl in my ward in the apartment above mine. So as I'm up there I run into this really funny guy from the last blog and he starts trying to back it up on me. "Woahh, what are you doing?" "Oh dont lie you've been eying me all night! Youre such a tease." Hahaha this kid is definitely the funniest kid I have met here at BYU. He is always calling girls out because he thinks "honesty is the best policy with girls." But its kinda awkward, like these guys were coming in and hes like dude look at all the hot girls at this party! He points to this one girl and then grabs my arm and says come show him how hot you are Caitlin. Hahaha then I tell him to show me his dance moves and hes like I cant dance to this music I'm actually a member of the thunder down under. And I guess I gave a confused face because this cute guy in my ward was like DONT google it. Dont worry cute guy, I wasn't planning on it. Then I got to have a whole conversation with cute boy. And yes he has a name but its kind of dangerous to post it on here for various reasons. And then we had a sleepover at my friend winnies apartment which was fun. 

The next day we were super bored after classes and job hunting so we went over to Glen wood apartments which are owned by the same people as Raintree and we were looking for our friend bryan but then this helpful boy was like are you looking for someone? and I said yes bryan and he goes well you found him, I'm bryan. Then we talked to him for like 10 minutes and he was like come hang out at my apartment. Sorry cute bryan we are in high demand but maybe another time. And then it was funny we saw him at the tailgating party today and heather was like hey isnt that bryan. It was funny we called out to him "hey remember us?" and his friend or brother was like "yeah he does." Hahaha its funny out here I've noticed that boys speak for eachother a lot. Like just last night to a dance at the Wilk with a friend from home, Sarah and her really fun friends and the two step song came on and these boys started two stepping all over my heels and pushing into me and I turned around to be annoyed but then I realized I knew these obnoxious boys. They were the Liberty square RMS. Very cute so I quickly forgave them. Anyway getting to the real point here I was like Oh heyy I just met you guys, you remember me right? And up steps another cute boy (there are many) and he was like of course he does hes been talking about you all night we had to tell him to cool it. Well obviously he was not talking about me all night but I think this is like what boys do when they are trying to cover for a friend or like make him look good. I dont really know but its pretty funny. They didnt have the cute boy lan lan with them though so that was a major bummer. Anyway today after tailgating and getting all this free food I went to my very first BYU game! It was BYU vs Washington and it was amazing. One of my room mates was out of town for the weekend so she gave her tickets to Heather and I and the seats were seriously too good to be true. We were practically on the field, like 9 rows up it was incredible. We won 23-17 and jeffrey R. Holland and Steve Young and other awesome people were there for this halftime event. I had such a good time and hope I get the opportunity to go to another one. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

College Chronicles pt 2-"why hello boys"

Oh I also failed to mention when I was on the phone with my sister and walked up to the wrong apartment and put in my code like 5 times and the door wasnt opening. But I knew it was the right password so I started knocking really loud. "Can I help you?" woah I dont think shes my room mate...and she wasnt. Talk about embarrassing. So after the fun day,ward prayer and embarrassing room mix up, my room mate and I decided to go visit our good friend from home Rachel for her birthday. Happy birthday rach! Anyway we walked to Glenwood which is literally right down the street but were both kinda directionally challenged so we had to call like 4 times for a trip that should have take 5 minutes haha whoops. Brian: "What road are you guys on?" Us: Umm I dont know...what road are we on?" Brian: "Okay well wheres the Y, Heather should know that" Me: "Heather wheres the Y" Heather: "I dont know where it is" Brian: (laughing) "Heather this is your 3rd year how do you not know what direction the Y is in?"

After finally getting there we walk into a room full of boys (every girls dream) and they are again soo nice. (This is getting kind of repetitive I know). So we meet this guy James who weve never met and he asked Heather to dance right in the middle of the living room, the cha cha. James however made the mistake of using the same line on us over and over. No james, no. "Wow I think it just got hotter when you two came in." hahaha awkward. Two apartments later..." woah is it every apartment that you two walk into that you just make it hotter?" Hmm this sounds awfully familiar...maybe because I just heard it 3 minutes ago when you repeated it in apartment #25, I could be wrong though...So then Rach comes in and we give her our beautiful balloons that we blew and we walked (pure talent) and then! the boys popped them Then we wandered down the halls and like every room was open and it was the boys floor so Heather and I and our new bff james (who so sweetly offered us a ride home) explored. Hahaha I seriously walked into like 3 rooms uninvited. Rude? No. Charming, maybe even a little lost. Oh boys I'm sorry, I thought this was the library, but hey is that an Xbox. No really this is how most of these went. We complimented one apartments rooms wall color and decorations and then we became so close we were invited to join their dinner groups. I felt like best friends as I left that apartment and in another we joined a movie night group. Like literally this is how it went. Only at Byu would I feel comfortable enough to walk into an apartment with 6 males ranging from 18-24ish. Well I still shouldnt actually, but oh well. The boys didnt even mind that we were walking in, I may even go as far to say they loved it actually. I think since we were girls we could have pretty much gotten away with anything. They were like we hope to see you again. Of course you do, were heather and caitlin. Then we met this budding actor who was pretty funny and as we left we were like oh well maybe well see you around and hes like oh. You will. haha such confidence Andrew. (99% sure thats not his name) I met so many people and no doubt will I take them up on their offers, they were all awesome and insisted we come back. I plan on going back to explore and wander in and out of boys rooms making small talk. This is actually my new goal, I plan on hitting up different housing each weeks and meeting boys and getting asked out on dates. I havent been asked out on  a date yet but with this new plan I have I'm sure it wont be long. This is going to be the best semester ever!

College Chronicles pt 1-Culture Shock

So I have been in Utah a total of 3 days and I still dont think I am used to it. Compared to Maryland...probably anywhere, its way different. The first day I got here my three friends Winnie, Christine and Heather picked me up from the airport and we went to lunch at this little pizza place in Salt Lake which was really good and then we stopped by Heathers missionarys house to say hello. After coming home and setting up our sweet room, we went out to meet people. Let me just say everyone out here is SO NICE. Seriously after every single person I meet I turn to Heather and go she/he was sooo nice! So I'm really working on not saying that so much...although I guess its way better than saying he or she was so mean...Anyway the real fun started yesterday on saturday night. I went to hang out with my friend kelly and we were going to some random dance party in Liberty Square with a dj and everything, right out of someones apartment. It was pretty sweet but the guy to girl ratio here was not up to my standards. There should be 10 guys for every 1 girl, that is very fair. However, I think it was actually the opposite. Not cool. Anway so it was super hot and we decided to hang out outside when I met him. Definitely the cutest guy I had seen yet in Utah. He of course, was an RM and he just got back like a week ago and he wasnt even awkward or anything. This is no doubt a breakthrough for missionaries everywhere. Congratulations. But no really he was awesome and I instantly fell in love with this boy. We shall call him Lan Lan because thats what my room mate nicknamed him and it will have to stick I guess. All in all it was a pretty successful night. Next time I would prefer to meet more than one boy, but having at least one will suffice. So onto today, Sunday. So Heath and I woke up today and made Hootennany/German pancakes (whatever you wanna call them, I have heard them called everything) for the ward breakfast and I must say it was a major hit. So we head down to the apartment where the breakfast is, and im scoping out the competition and of course boys and its not bad. I really like my ward, everyone is...go ahead and guess, soooo nice. Yup, well they are. Anyway, heres where LDS boys differ from non LDS boys. So a bunch of girls walk over and we have our hands full and were looking for a seat...maybe the floor will our really cute dresses and skirts..when without even being asked the boys stand up to sit on the floor :O. WHAT?

So then we go to church and theres boys everywhere. But I of course was being spiritual and not even paying attention to any of them. Skip past sacrament and go to Sunday school. Everyone has to go and take pictures for the ward directory and so we go out there and I see this guy looking at me and Heather goes oh thats Tim, who friend requested you. (Background: Tim friended me before I even got out to Utah and he didn't even know me? odd maybe. But its Utah so nothings really that odd and hes just trying to make friends right? I cant blame him) Anyway so heather was like whyd you friend her? And he goes oh i was talking to Kelly about her cute room mates and I decided to look them up. She was right, you are really cute. Ummm thank you?! Things like this are very hard to respond to but boys here dont even think twice! Its crazy. At home I feel like the approach is act like a jerk to get the girl but here the boys are so flipping nice and outgoing and they speak their mind. And then he proceeded to tell me if I get a boyfriend he will delete me...Good thing I accepted his request because that could have been an awkward conversation...oh wait.

Embarrassing or awkward boy encounter number two comes right after church. Scene: Heather and I sitting out on some benches eating some health food bar. I shove half of it my mouth being so dainty and ladylike when just at that moment two boys take that as their cue to come and introduce themselves. Heathers on the phone so one boy comes up to me and shakes my head introducing himself. His friend then does the same. So with my left hand im trying to cover my mouth and chew super fast so I can introduce myself but Im seriously chewing for like 5 minutes...what the heck? Hes like "oh dont be embarrassed" and "dont even worry about it, you dont have to say anything, I'm just here to invite you guys to my apartment tonight for drinks and such." These only made it worse. I definitely looked like an idiot but they were being typical gentleman and smiling at me and being so nice. As they were walking away saying their names again I halfheartedly go "im Caitlin..." "hahaha oh there we go" Although Heather informed me that they thought I was so cute. I guess the new cute this season is a face stuffed with food but I kept using the thumbs up sign and shaking my head so I guess that was the cuteness part. The guy was really cute by not letting me try to talk though and he smiled the whole time so good sign. A+ Mr. Interrupter on your picking up girls skills.

I'm probably so embarrassed when boys see me eating because this is what i look like...and since I'm not 5 years old this isnt too attractive...

Skip a couple hours and a bunch of us are laying in the courtyard on blankets eating popcorn in the most perfect weather anyone could ever ask for and who appears again? Why its none other than Mr. Interrupter. These two guys pop up on the balcony and one starts talking to Heather and she introduces me and I go I'm Caitlin and the guy he was with goes "ohhhh she responds to you right away" Me: "I thought I recognized you!"  He then said something about me not giving him my name on purpose and the food in my mouth was all a ploy haha. That may be inaccurate, which is why its not in quotes btw. Then I go on saying wouldn't it be cute if we dated because we would have a funny story about how we met. I'm like always eating in front of this boy, I pushed the popcorn away and said "Heather he cant see me eating again!" haha too bad I dont think anything is going to happen  between Mr. Interrupter and I. Haha I love these boys already.