Thursday, February 28, 2013


“The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters.”
-Audrey Hepburn

well. i agree. heres some things that made me happy recently :)
 Dave freakin Franco in Warm Bodies. New found love? i think so
harlem shake videos- i am all about this new craze
What can i say? i find the oddest things amusing...this is my favorite one!
Facetiming with this handsome guy
Getting music videos-Just 2 of my favorite videos Thomas sent. i think they are the funniest things ever, you might not. oh well. btw, ladies he's single

knowing this is my afternoon plan
as soon as i get home, CANT WAIT
i survived starting insanity
celebratory dance say yeah
if you are ever having a bad day watch this show on Animal Planet. Something about a narrator speaking for these little guys is adorable
ecards-did you know they sell them at walmart now? Best. thing. ever.
Kneaders french toast- (my favorite place for breakfast.) amazing.

xoxo Cait xoxo

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh waiting is NBD

So little unknown fact about me: WAITING, yeah, not really my thing. Its not exactly that i'm impacient....yes, yes it is....i just dont really like to wait on anything. I'm the "i need it right now kinda person." While Lyle has been out of town for almost two weeks, i've been going through some er phases because for the time we've been dating hes been gone 4 out of the 7 weeks and i'm really starting to miss him. In the meantime, i've figured out the different stages a person goes through when waiting on someone, or well, at least me...
1. this sucks but we can do it! [stage]
after all, it is only two weeks & whats two weeks? uhh ETERNITY
2. WHY AM I SO BORED [stage]
3. The everyone asks how you are doing [stage]
Caitlin how are you? Do you miss him?
and when they dont believe you & ask again...
4. True life- I am the third wheel [stage]
well i found all my friends...& their boyfriends- if i had a dollar for everytime i felt like a third or fifth wheel
5. I may be kinda sad...
& thus consequently emotionally unstable[stage]
6. The "lets break up" i cant handle this [stage] how accurate...
7. The sadness subsides and the attitude [stage] sets in...
which leads us to 8.
9. I'm sorry i am crazy & now i'll be your #1 fan again [stage]
you can do it babe! You should stay the other two weeks i'm okay here...
10. The i know you wanna
because you miss me-so lets talk about getting married [stage]
11. the we are in the final stretch so i am gonna try not to freak out

but rather sit her all cute and patient [stage]
Better hurry home Lyle or you will be coming home to this...
I wish i could say that these arent accurate...i guess you'll just have to ask Lyle...Anway, we have a whole summer of waiting ahead of us when Lyle is in Houston and i'm in Europe so its good that i'm getting to be a pro at it. All good things come to those that wait though :) I cant wait for Sunday!!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, February 17, 2013

where are your pants??

Sometimes you walk into your apt and you think your room mate isnt wearing any pants and things get a little awkward..."uh where are your pants.." "i'm wearing them, you just cant see them..." Sometimes in relief society the three girls to your left are snapping photos of themselves....during the closing hymn and you are just really confused. I'm sorry, we are in relief society...Sometimes lyle and i start off sending eachother funny videos of children and the gets me hooked on youtube videos like this one, which is HILARIOUS
Sometimes you try to lessen the blow in telling a boy you didnt like something he got you by telling him something really bad before like oh just throwing this out there you made out with someone else and he'll freak out about that and you can easily tell him you didnt like the gift. But then sometimes it goes wrong and he cant get over the first thing you said and once you tell him hes all okay with it and thinks its really funny but tells you not to do that haha whoops. Sometimes you still feel sad that when you met Jef Holms you didnt ask him any secrets about his cool hair and you wish you did because you really love it. Sometimes the boyfriends of the apartment are really confused about valentines day and they say things like this: "if i'm gonna light you a million candles you can get me a USB card" or "do you wanna go to an all you can eat buffet?" real romantic or my favorite "well if its like christmas i'd love some shoes..." when another roomates boy chimes in with "i want things like that, i didnt know it was like christmas..." hahaha its not...Sometimes mike is the funniest person ever! Sometimes your super bowl party is a huge flippin success and so many people come and you realize you would be happy throwing parties and entertaining forever. Sometimes this weeks episode of the walking dead causes anxiety. And sometimes you know youre in Utah when you hear things like this :"do you think the prophets watching this?" "i'd have a stronger testimony if he did" or "hes mormon and hes playing on sunday" and "i'm here for the halftime show...""i hear theres a football game at the beyonce concert tonight" or when mitch says"thats so ravens..."everytime they do something good. Or "she needs to put some pants on..." "whatever if i had legs like that i would never put a pair of pants on...ever."Sometimes your bishop tries to go all marriage on you and talk about love and you are not having it...but then sometimes you realize he has a point but a wedding is not happening...this year. Sometimes you have a terrible terrible day where everything and anything that could go wrong does and youre feeling all like this

but then you remember your life cant be perfect all the time and you still have the best life ever :)

"baby youre my cigarette, i wanna give you cancer" hahahahahaha uh

" i have a thing for the salt and pepper look."
"...what does that even mean?"

"i mean if you like kissing rats..."

"i thought you were gonna say you would eat the animals and i was like caitlin is the wrong person to be telling this plan to. and i am also the wrong person.."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

iche liebe diche.

One day late at night [before curfew, dont worry.. :|] the boy and i were sitting in his car cuddling and talking. You jokingly give the boy a hard time about only liking you for your looks since his list of things he likes about you are all physical. just kidding lyle. and then the boy accidentally says "i dont just like you for your looks, i love you for who you are." and then you pause or ya know panic...either works. "what did you just say??" Boy utters nothing. Maybe he didnt hear you the first time so you repeat your question. Then the boy goes "well this is awkward, i guess i'm the one to say it first." I say nothing. Boy tells me he doesnt wanna freak me out. "But i didnt say i love you. Its too soon for that...." I try not to let on that i actually really liked it and pretended it freaked me out since i dont want things to move too fast. But then sometimes 3 days later he really says it. yes, he really held out...Lyle was going out of town...again...for two weeks. I like to remind lyle that out of the 7 weeks we've been talking hes been around for 3....even though we've known eachother for 4 months. just a random fact... one that i am none too fond of. Lyle just likes to go spend time with his frat bros. So it was the night before he was heading to Arizona...last night to be exact and we are hanging out and i have something to tell him. Lyle tries convincing me to tell him, i think at this point he knows what i want to say. "I just really like you. really really like you." Lyle seems pleased with this response but uh, he already knows...He can tell i still have something on my mind. He moves away and just looks at me. I then go on about how i dont talk about my feelings. I then start to ramble and it sounds a little something like this: ahem"i dont loveee you. I mean how i feel about you is synonymous to love like....ok i cant think of any words like it and i hope i am using the word synonymous correctly and well its more than like and i dont know exactly what love is and this is all new for me" lyle interrupts to tell me its all new for him too and that its okay. I remind him about the other girls hes kissed and then continue rambling " i love my family but its obviously different with you and i've never said it to anyone before and i dont wanna say it and be wrong. Like what if i think i know what love is and i'm wrong and i'm just attached to you and this isnt really love because i know it sounds dumb but how do you know when its love and not just like. Okay i'm gonna put my coat on now and get out of the car before i embarrass myself further." Lyle is grinning from ear to ear. He meets me on the other side of the car and reaches for my hand and we walk to the front of my apt and he kisses me goodbye. He pauses in front of me and is quiet for a second. He then says kinda quietly "i love you cait." I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. "are you sure?" better than thank you right? even though theres no doubt in my mind bc i can tell my the way he looks at me and talks to me but the words just come out and then he says " yes, i love you so much." I move my arms from the side of his face to around his neck and tell him how happy i am. I respond with " i think i kinda love you too" and smile. Lyle tells me its okay, i'll know when i feel it and i said i do. And now i want to hear him tell me that all the time and im all nonchalant about it and throwing it all around like

  Later that night i texted him asking how long he knew and he responded with "since i got back from AZ. That time away from you helped me realize it." Uh that was two weeks ago people. We had been "dating" for less than a month. crazyyy. And then sometimes you think how soon is too soon to say it? And sometimes overanalyzing occurs and you start thinking about how long it takes you to fall in love with babies or puppies are instantaneous but boys are never. Unless they start with Ryan and end in Gosling...And then sometimes you find yourself googling the definition of love to find an exact definition because you are so dumb when it comes to love but then you realize its different for everyone. Yes lyle, i googled it, you can make fun of me now. So to sum it, yes, the L bomb has been dropped.

sike! sorry, its too easy
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Be Mine.

I have always loved Valentines day.
This year i especially loved it because i had a valentine. We joked that for valentines day we should watch highlights of a jazz game because 3 out of our 4 dates have involved the jazz. hahaha
i first got a text from Lyle with this picture he had made. so cute
then while i was at school i got a text from my room mate showing me a picture of a huge flower box and telling me to hurry home. When i came home i found my favorite flowers and a cute little note. Typical Lyle paying for flowers to get sent to me when he could have just handed them to me when he saw me. Then Lyle came over for dinner- he insisted on taking me to dinner but i refused and decided to make baked ziti for him. Lyle is so easy though and loves everything i make. Lyle made a joke about how hes never seen me this early in the day haha. I work late and i really dont get to see him much between my work and school schedule. After that we got really excited for our puppy to come! Initially it was gonna be a surprise but i figure everything out so i kind of had an idea and then on Tuesday when i was pretty stressed he told me we were renting a puppy so i would focus on that and not worry about meeting his family. It worked perfect btw- everytime i would say something he would bring up our puppy. However, the puppy was over an hour late and Lyle started to stress that it wouldnt come and he said things like "i'm so sorry cait, i shouldnt have told you" "i ruined valentines day." So while he stressed i decided it was time to make dessert.! SO i made these!
They were so good and so easy. I used a bigger pan so mine werent as thick-but next time i want them thicker. I thought they tasted even better the next day too. Eventually Lyle got in touch with the puppy people and the puppy locked himself in the car this would only happen to me...and they said our puppy was going to his next appt. Lyle used his sales abilities and convinced them to bring us any puppy, so we got dexter! I had told Lyle a couple times we should rent a puppy so i was thrilled. If you had seen my reaction when they brought the puppy...i think lyle finally realized just how much i love dogs. i seriously almost peed my pants. It was probably my favorite part of the whole day.
Lyle really loved Dex too. Which made me like lyle even more. I joke with him all the time that if he didnt like dogs it would be a deal breaker. But its not really a joke ;)
this is blurry but i love it.
Its funny a lot of people thought he had actually bought me a puppy which, i'm sure if i was allowed to have a puppy he would. I know someday we'll have the cutest puppy. Lyle will probably propose with a puppy.
JUST KIDDING...then we took some family photos. I pretended to play house bc we had the apt all to ourselves and our own little puppy and lyle thought it was funny.
Best part? We got to play with the puppy for free because they felt bad! Then we went to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven. poor lyle right...I love all Nicholas Sparks books and have probably read them all 100 times. In all honesty the movie wasnt my favorite even though i liked the book but i am slightly obsessed with Julianne Hough so i still liked it. We had perfect seats and i would lean over every now and then and ask Lyle if he was bored- he always said no. He was such a good sport so i guess now i have to watch Star Wars or something with him and smile through the whole thing. Lyle even shed a tear or two at the end...hahaha sike but i thought he was crying and then made a joke but dont worry, he wasnt. Lyle then gave me this silver heart bracelet and i was going to give him this fleece jazz blanket but the material was hard to find so i had to order it since Lyle likes my blanket so much. And to close i just want to brag a bit about how lucky i am and since this is a valentines day post i can be a little lame.. I have the best boyfriend ever. Lyle always puts me and what i like or want first. He is always thinking of things that will make me happy like randomly buying and surprising me with one of my favorite movies- pitch perfect and then watching it with me even though i just drool over Skylar Astin the whole time. Or another time when he was in SL and brought me back cheesecake from the cheesecake factory! my favorite dessert ever. He is always always spoiling me. He is so easygoing and so happy all the time. I love that Lyle sends me cute  texts all the time! like my favorite morning text "hey my beautiful amazing funny cute awesome girlfriend." He never gets mad, ever and when i'm stressing about being in a relationship (yes, sometimes i do that :/) he calms me down and talks me through everything. Talking to him is so easy bc he always sees both sides. I also love how much he loves little kids- like his friends daughter Kendie! Lyle absolutely adores her and shows me her all the time. He is also probably the most patient person i have ever met in my life and is okay with waiting until i'm ready for anything. I kinda sorta maybe love him. Anyway, I could go on and on and on about the many great things about him but i'll spare you. Hope you had a Valentines Day as great as mine :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the spandex made me do it.

let me first say that i would not be blogging on this moment except afterwards the boys looks over at me and says "i cant wait to read the blog about this." so there you go. i'm gonna assume thats his approval at me blogging about this. do you know what happens when you wear spandex? boys kiss you. or should i say you finally give in and let boys kiss you because well that boy has tried kissing you the last 5 times he saw you. No exaggeration here- if anything it was a lot more. Did you also wanna know what happens when you wear your tease perfume for the first time? well you are definitely not a tease thats for sure. In fact, this perfume may have the opposite effect and you can never wear it again because it was the perfume you were wearing when you gave in. Thanks a lot Victoria Secret.

Ok ok, just kidding i wanted to. The night went a little like this:
boy wants to kiss me way bad. we talk about it bc well, we talk about everything.
boy asks why i dont wanna kiss him- this reason comes to mind
"well then i have to buy my room mates icecream & they'll know i gave in"
" dont wanna kiss me so you dont have to buy your room mates icecream? punk"
"i guess thats not really a good reason huh"
or ya know it could also be this boy would be my first kiss and i dont want to finally give in after all these years...then boy asks me if i like him. mmmm....Well i like you...a lot. do you like me? shakes head yes.
Whats that? i cant hear you."yes..."
pause. i should just let him kiss me...
boy hovers over me. then boy kisses me. it last about 3 seconds before i tense up push him away and freeze. I would say i made him sit there for about 30 minutes! ok sike but it felt like it, when reality it was probably 30 seconds. Being the ever patient guy he is, not a word is said and he doesnt even move. Thoughts that are occuring in my mind at that moment:
OH NO, what am i doing?, how did this happen until finally well we already started...
then i relaxed and pulled him close again. we kissed some more until i pushed him away from me and covered my face with my hands and said OH NO. yes, this was said out loud. It was pretty frantic and i am not surprised when the boy says "i feel bad." well i wonder why he would say that...

I then told him i was supposed to be holding out until our date!...that was coming up on was Sunday night. Boy responds with "we dont need to count this kiss, it can be practice." Then we talk and boy doesnt try to kiss me again. Um EXCUSE ME. Am i a bad kisser? The answer to this is no btw. So i snuggle up real close to him expecting him to kiss me again and he goes "cant get enough of me huh?? Now you want it. You knew you'd get addicted." I then proceed to give him the look. The look he gets so often haha and loves. Moral of the story: tease perfume + spandex= boys will kiss you.  
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Jef Holm Vs. The Measoms

Yesterday was a big day.
Not only was i going to meet Jef Holm (the winner of one of my all time favorite shows, the Bachelor but also cofounder of the company People Water.) but also, my boyfriends family. It is really hard to say which one i was more nervous about meeting...I intended to get up that morning and look as fly as ever but well that didnt pan out because i have early classes on Tuesday/Thursday. So i looked good enough...I skipped my ASL class {sorry mom} to go and see him and Hay hooked us up with front row seats. As good as Jef looked, i couldnt help but be really into the shoes he was wearing and point them out to shan at least 6 times. Anyway we waited in line to take a picture with him and even though i wasnt hyperventilating nearly as much as the girl behind me who was about to faint or the girl who was in front of me, shamelessly planning out her and Jefs wedding, i was still nervous/ excited. As soon as we got out there Jef held out his hand to pull me into a hug and then he looked down into my eyes and told me i was the girl he had been waiting all his life for and then we madeout and then i woke up...but anyway he was so nice and said how nice it was to meet me and smiled and said thank you and all in all he was a nice guy. I'm sure he could hear my heart beating out of my chest...i think everyone could. For a bit Jef talked about the Bachelor and how he watches Seans season and how he thought Tierra was crazy and he was so funny. He had every girl in the room charmed ever since his one on one date in the library with Emily and in person he is just as charming. He and his partner Cody gave a really inspiring presentation about People Water and all it does for people around the world and its so great! You should check it out.
Jef Holm did not in fact fall in love with me because i decided to look like this but thats okay, theres always next time...
Then i went home and showered before i had to meet some real important people, Lyles family. Lyle initially told me about it like three weeks before and i have been nervous for weeks. Everyone kept saying oh its not a big deal you'll do great but i've never met a boyfriends parents before so i was freaking out. We were gonna go to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in SLC and then watch the Jazz play OKC which sounded like a lot of fun bc i have never eaten there before and i absolutely love the jazz. Lyle and i drove up by ourselves and let me listen to country music the whole way! even though he doesnt like it. He also told me a valentines surprise because he knew it would make me really happy and i wouldnt be nervous and he was right. He knows me so well. This and Heathers pep talk text that ended with "you are to lyles family as kate middleton is to america :)" hahahaha whattt- helped a lot.  i worried about my hair-straight or curly and i worried about what i should wear and when we got up there where i worried if we would be the first people and worried if we wouldnt. He spotted his family right away and we headed back- my death grip surely cutting off the circulation to his right arm. There is no doubt i looked nervous but they just smiled real big as Lyle introduced me. Then Lyles other brother and his fiance came and i was just waiting all along for the interrogation to begin but it didnt. They were so chill and occassionally asked me questions but they really just made me laugh the whole time. I thought Lyles mom was absolutely stunning-i even leaned over and whispered it to him along with his brothers girls as well. Lyles dad was quiet but whenever he spoke it was hilarious and its obvious Lyle thinks his dad is so great because he laughs at anything he does or says. Lyles brothers were so easy going and funny and Bryce even quoted this sneaky thing that Lyle does all the time and i just turned to look at Lyle and he goes "yeah were kinda similar huh." It was funny to see his family embarrass him because Lyle is a pro at embarrassing me. I walked out of the restaraunt on cloud 9. I was so happy, SO happy. I cant even express how happy i felt and how strongly i felt for him. I couldnt stop smiling and looking up at him the rest of the night- meeting his family definitely changed things. He then told me how proud of me he was and how good i did and how i didnt even freak out- not that he thought i would because "i'm so great with people" but still. We then headed over to the game and i got to talk to his family a little bit more and his youngest brother Kade. It was one of the best games i've been to and the Jazz ended up winning! I thanked his parents and even hugged his mom for setting up the whole night.
Lyle has the best family and i like him even more after meeting them. :)
xoxo Cait xoxo

Welcome to my mouth

You know how people love to ask that one question when they are getting to know you? or maybe just me because i have embarrassing written on my forehead but anyway, everyone always loves to ask whats your most embarrassing moment? Most people usually think of one but i always without fail respond with "everything i do is embarassing." Embarassing situations just seem to find me. So here ya go, some recent embarassing moments for you. K and I love chips and salsa or should i say "chops and seelsa" but anyway we always like to have them in the house. Well one day we were out so we went to the store and finally found the right salsa so i half turned around and dropped it in the front part of the cart but in reality i did not. It slid through those stupid holes where babies put their legs. First let me just say that that hole is big enough to fit like 10 babies legs in...but anyway, dont worry it shattered all over the floor. i proceed to stand there and stare at the floor all embarrassed.
when i really just wanted to run and hide & the only thing i said was "i feel like im at work..."which is weird because i never break things at work...except once...
Pug is Ashamed
 The man walking by said "clean up on aisle 8!" and kept pushing his cart. Um is chivalry dead. HELP ME.i finally decide i should find someone- it goes like this:
"hi do you work here?" he is wearing a maceys shirt and nametag...heres your sign
i respond with "that was a dumb question of course you work here" he laughs
"someone (the someone being me..) spilled salsa on aisle 8, i just wanted to tell you." i walk away. I then walk by and realize it wasnt even aisle 8...thanks again guy who thought he was funny.

when you hear from your back room "going where no man has gone before..." and you come out to see your boy getting high fives all around....

when your room mate says our goal is to make boys salivate everytime they see us and her man goes "i never do" blahh and your boy tells all your room mates "whatever, i salivate everytime i see caitlin" and you picture yourself lookin like this but uh no...youre in a hoodie and this is most definitely not the case and you act all embarassed but you love when he says things like that

when you go to school with night before makeout hair. you know the hair...because you were too tired to shower. yep i said it. #sorryimnotsorry

when you send a text to your room mates that says "SOS! it's small and i'm stressed!" is taken the wrong way...and her boyfriend sends a text back saying "tell him to put that thing away!" and everyone thinks its funny when you were really just talking about his apt
the minds of some people...

accidentally grabbing/tickling your room mates boyfriends foot while the "nesting" is occuring on the couch. "i didnt know what it was!" "so you grabbed it.." "uh yeah..."

when your teacher asks you to lead the discussion on a reading you know nothing about..well uh compatibilism is really interesting actually...lets see if i can BS my way through this

when the sunday dinner crew thinks its a great idea to go around the table and say one thing about your boy so philip can learn a little more about him and Stephen goes i can sum him up in one phrase and you know what the phrase is gonna be but you cant get fly across the table fast enough to cover his mouth or knock him unconscious or both
& this probably isnt appropriate in Sunday dress anyway...
 and "welcome to my mouth" comes out and you know everyones gonna want that story but uh...good luck getting me to explain that one guys.
xoxo Cait xoxo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


is the only japanese word i know...
but i better get on it because my fan freakintastic room mate just got her mission call to...
she leaves May 15th and she is gonna be the best missionary ever. Her mom had us over and fed us yummy food and then Ken opened her call and we were all like
smiles all around- Japan will be sweet
but quickly the mood changed to DONT GOOOO
JAPAN is like really really far...
YOU NEED TO BE AT MY WEDDING! said everyone....
guess we'll have to make the best of this semester!
love you kennnn
xoxo CAIT xoxo