Monday, January 23, 2012


Found some things i love, thought i'd share:
Nautical Bracelets!- 
This website has the CUTEST bracelets. A little pricey but i love them.

Finding new music-
you ready for this? If youre a country fan you'll enjoy em/ok not all are necessarily new but they are music that i keep listening to:
Annies pistols-Hell on heels <---- lyrics are really funny
anything by Sunny Sweeney
Andy Griggs-you wont ever be lonely
Eric Church-Love your love the most
Edens Edge-Amen
Blackhawk-Every once in a while

This blog.
I havent gotten to really read everything but i'm obsessed. I love giraffes and polka dots so i obviously like the blog...sike but really cute stuff. Do check out, youll like.

Sleepovers and movie nights with Heather are the best where we are up til 330 in the morning just catching up on everything and anything. I love going on drives with Miranda and trying to see a movie but missing them all...haha. I love not feeling like a third wheel with Hayley and Clark because i adore them so much. I love making walmart runs with Corinne to get cookie dough and i love having institute with Sarah. I love when i get the sweetest nice notes ever. I love that Philip and Jared live so close and i got to see them after 2 years! I love that Jared is always texting me. I love that Jenny Chang talked to me forever at work the other day. I love running into Brooke on campus. I love having game night with Shey and Larisa. I love when my room mates are so willing to look for something for me when i'm not home (amelia & lauren). I love that Kurt said i'm amicable. (sp) I love that i ran into Dustin at the bank and after chatting i turned to walk away and he insisted on giving me a ride. Are you sure? Yeah its fine. No Dustin fine isnt good, say you want to give me a ride then if you mean it. Caitlin, i want to give you a ride! Ok, lets go...I love chats with Annalisa. I love that i met Alexis and how its such a small world that she works at the Sizzla in Sojo and knows Kaley. I would really love it if i could see Kaley soon ;) I love texts from MD friends.

For the Star Wars lover in your life:
i loved these & i dont even like star cute would these be as a gift?

Skin Care Tips.
If you dont get emails from Good Housekeeping you should. Not only is it cleaning stuff, its decorating, health, beauty and its really really good stuff. I learn really cheap and cute ideas. i love it

The Hunger Games comes out! The Lucky one comes out. The vow comes out. Beauty & the Beast is out.
These are exception movies where i would be willing to go on a date to see them...
breaking the original policy i know.

i have never had a smart phone until a month ago and i am obsessed. My pandora app is my favorite, i listen to it on the bus, in between classes, etc. I also like how convenient they are with the scriptures app, my asl or my translator app. I can practice anywhere. I want to look for a hymn book app. I have an iphone 4, not to be mistaken for a 4S because Siri is lame. I dont need to pay another $100 for my phone to talk to me, i already have enough friends. Thanks though. I honestly think it was the best investment in years. I never realized what i was missing out on. Now i will never be lost, or without music or without everything at my fingertips. And for the record, i havent dropped it once!

Cutest, easiest little craft ever
Jar, beads, ribbon, hot glue gun, and little accessories such as flowers or rhinestones and you have a great accessories for a dresser or makeup counter. Mom we should make this!

Smelling like cake.
Ya know my Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath and Body works? Well i wear it every single day and now random cute boys sit next to me everywhere. Enowah told me i smell like cake. Clark told me i smell like cake. Trevor said i smell like...lucky charms? Well the overall consensus is it smells like cake. Enowah said he likes it as long as i dont wear it on fast Sunday because everyone will want to eat me...hahahaha. It has turned out to be a good conversation starter and every boy so far has loved it. Its on sale now at Bath and Body Works online. A lot of the holiday scents go up to 75% off after Christmas so if you can wait you can usually always get them online even if they arent in the stores. I learned this last year and then you can still get what you want but cheaper.

Being educated.
I dont like discussing politics, but i LOVE this. She is brilliant. Hopefully i dont offend anyone but this is perfection.
i enjoy this.

Being School Savvyy.
So i didnt buy a geology book this semester. Why? Because i didnt want to spend $60 on a rock book. My books are costing me an arm and a leg as it is but i found out the library had one textbook and it has worked out perfect. Some tips: after doing some research a lot of college libraries have textbooks they rent out. The difficulties are they are usually only 2-3 hours tops and it wont necessarily always be there when you need it but i recently learned (with my new smartphone!) that i can take pictures of the pages and with the iphone you can zoom in and read it perfect. It takes a couple minutes for the whole chapter and instead of doing it every week and having to wait for the book to be there i take pictures for the next couple weeks and then i dont have to take it out ever. I saved a bunch of money and now i have all the pictures saved so i can still study for midterms, etc. I recommend everyone checking into it for their books/classes because it has worked out so well for me.


Oh and i love that i get visitors in like 3 weeks!!! :))

xoxo CAIT xoxo

My week in photos...

I have been too busy to blog! Thats when you know i'm pretty flippin busy because i absolutely love to blog, but as i sit in front of the Bachelor with a bowl of mac and cheese while its snowing outside i am perfectly content and decided to fit in some time to catch you all up. I thought some pictures would help:
Last sunday i got this nice note. When i first opened it i was like cool someone sent me a wrapper but then Hayley goes no theres a note too. Hahaha i love it. Ward prayer has been pretty fun lately, last sunday shey and i got to have a lovely little discussion? with a bunch of guys about girls and it was so funny. Somehow i got to be a part of the club (still dont really know what the club is all about...) haha and Shey got so mad and say why does caitlin get to be a member and Andrew goes "member? shes gonna be the coach!" So they made Shey be a guy and they all pretended to be girls and she had to pick one of them up. I LOVE when people do impressions and they all pretended to be on their phones and they actually did such a good job! I would love to have it on video because it was hysterical. Oh and we also got cupcakes :)
Last week was only the second week of school but it was crazy busy. On Wednesday i was in school all day, went straight to a dermotologist appt, got blood drawn, went to the gym, went to an ASL lab and ended with a planetatium lecture. I got home at 10 at night. The next day i was in school all day, then went straight to work from school, did another lab and was just sitting in my apartment doing homework when my best friend Heather walked in with some icecream. I was surprised because i had no idea she was coming over and she goes i just got this and i thought you would like it and it was so sweet. It was the highlight to my day because its been straight from school to work or finishing labs, etc. But i am doing really well and have gotten 100% on my first two asl quizzes. I love being on top of my classes. I want straight A's real bad but i have 4 tests this week so wish me luck...
Madre sent me this picture with a text saying "should we get her?" Oh my goodness. She was just teasing but i burst into tears when i saw this picture because she looks exactly like my dog who just died did as a puppy. I LOVE jack russels and she is precious. If i could have pets in my apartment i would have had to have her. I really want a puppy. Like really really. "A house isnt really a home without a dog."
I got some Yogurtland with Corinne! I have not been to yogurtland in over 2 months...prob more, i think the last time was when my parents were here actually. I love it. They had some new flavors-rootbeer float was one of them. I mixed some new ones this time and it was pretty good. Ending it with white chocolate chips, strawberries and reeses. Super healthy right?...haha they are the same toppings i get every time. I thought i'd splurge a little more this time since its been so long. We got Yogurtland and then took them into the dollar theatre and saw Jack and Jill and it was so funny. Well i mean at least to me...i was laughing at parts where everyone else was silent, i guess i really just like Adam Sandler. I mean it was kinda dumb though...
all i can say is dats right, made me laugh
hahaha i found the BEST websites about guys thoughts on girls, lotsa fun info, etc
Want the links? ;)

 I also got a GREAT deal on lucky charms, got to return a forever 21 shirt where earlier in the day they had told me i couldnt but Bristi got that hookup and now i have a $50 giftcard to forever. hollaa. havent really had time to eat (i know you see all the icecream above and roll your eyes but most days i barely had time to eat half the calories i was supposed to...whoops)

xoxo Cait xoxo

Monday, January 9, 2012

oh hayy first dayy

1st day of school for the new year!
Well i woke up at 6:59...dont know why but i liked it better than 7
my katniss boots!! LOVE them. the only important part of the outfit. I was all prepared with my new outfit laid out, new boots, scrunched hair, the works. I headed over to the bus stop and ran into Tj who was so sweet & helped to start my day well.
First class-Geology
While staring at rocks is sure to be the highlight of my semester i at least got lucky with my teacher. First thoughts? he looks like this guy:
not that im super attracted to this guy but the teacher is interesting and when i start making comparisons (i've probably done this to many of you) things start going downhill because then you stop listening to the ever boring overview of the syllabus and start envisioning your geology teacher in an abandoned warehouse thing dancing intensly and this is very amusing. Then you notice an earring, or so you think, is it? Ren would never. But then you realize that this is not relevent and you should focus but you are already too far gone with this imagination of yours. As you slowly come back into reality you hear "each something we'll do a little something." communication barriers least i'm pretty sure i can pull out an A, if I stop having Footloose daydreams...
Welcome to Astronomy
Two science classes starting my mornings off? I guess so. I love stars, always have. I needed an extra elective so why not learn something i would find interesting and maybe even useful. This class is a huge lecture room and not a cute boy in sight. Except the little freshman who i had a lecture with last semester. Hes adorable but so weird we keep having classes together...this really nice girl sat next to me and talked to me the whole time. Luckily i couldnt find anyone to compare this teacher too so i was able to focus the whole time. He was very um animated? hahaha a little odd. He has this really strong country cowboy accent going on too. This class doesnt seem too hard though, just a lot of busy work.
On to ASL
This class is making me hate life already. The teachers deaf and he fingerspells faster than anyone in the whole world i'm sure...didnt know what was happening half the class because i was on the side and i wasnt seeing his hand straight on and it was annoying. We have an extra hour of mandatory labs each week and like 20 hours of no voice to log by the end of the semester, ALONG with another 8 hours preparation for some project. What?? This is like 3 classes in one. I mean at least i think this is what is required, we didnt really understand much. I am so stressed out about this class but i cant even drop it because i need it for my major. Oh and he will be collecting .50 for each time we speak/he sees our mouth move. I guess i'm going to carry around a bunch of quarters from now on...
I basically run from the 6th floor of the GT building to the 2nd floor of the LA. Just my luck, everyone reserved a seat front and center just for me. I guess everyone knows just how much i love math...some of my first thoughts? Yet another class with 0 boys and my poor teacher is like 70 years old. I started to worry about her age and wonder if she would be up to teaching some crazy college students when in walks one of the most beautiful guys on campus. First thing is hes dressed amazing-watch, baseball fitted, oxford, sweet shoes (i really liked them) and crystal clear blue eyes. I found myself leaning back in my chair to see his eyes and figure out what ethnicity the kid was, it was hard to tell...but i was impressed. Oh back to the class, my teacher is a saint, she is the nicest, sweetest old lady ever. Theres a crap load of work in that class and it is math but she wants everyone to succeed SO much i know ill get an A. She also expects us to do 2 hours of the math lab a I mean it is extra credit but who doesnt take those opportunities? Back to the boy, i do have some concerns: hes kind of seems dumb. I know thats mean to say but he dropped his ipad twice (WHO does that??), strolled in late and called out a ton. Also he may or may not be too young? And finally i can not date a boy whose as bad at math as me, i just cant. Oh well at least i can look at him...because as far as i'm concerned, he was the only cute boy on campus today.
Is this day over yet?? Ethics & Values
 My teacher is Canadian...
Its a class based on opinions & my class seems to have lots of them.
Everyone is loud.
Thus resulting in my playing on my iphone all class.
hey its a huge lecture class, no one saw...
However i did manage to find some major benefits: no final, no textbook purchase necessary & on Fridays were split into smaller groups bc were taught by TA's and i think my group got the cute one. All these hipster, artsy looking, independent film kinda guys were standing up front and i think we got the good one. He looks like Vinnie from Jersey shore (my favorite) if Vinnie was a hipster, artsy looking, independent film kinda guy...uh oh, another look alike. And then i managed to still fit in time to go to the gym after the longest day ever. Not to mention i was hungry because i forgot to pack a lunch and hadnt eaten since 7am...whoops.
I wont go into my institute classes yet because i have to decide which ones i want to stay in. I signed up for 3 but which 17 credits its far too much so ill prob just stick with 2. But i have one on Monday after Ethics & Values. I just signed up for it because Sarahs in it and itll be way fun to have a class with her! But i'll inform you about those later. To say i'm excited about my classes is the biggest fabrication ever. With a full class load, work part time, trying to help with UVUSA, church stuff and the gym, i think i can easily say i am not gonna have a social life this semester....

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time with Jules

is time well spent

sass about to give jules kisses
jules keeping my seat warm so we could watch a movie
connor wiping off one of jules sloppy kisses
haha he really was happy i promise..
i caught jules red handed pawed texting some friends on my phone...just look at that guilty little face
When i was home i get to meet my sisters sweet little pitbull mix. I adored her. I was the first person she came to when she wanted to play. Shannon didnt like how rough we played but i thought since Jules was a puppy she needed it. She only chewed my arm up a few times...Jules and Bella dont get along too well which isnt good but hopefully itll get better. I loved having jules around because she was a great distraction for the lose of dottie. She didnt replace her but it was nice not to feel so sad like we all did the first night i was home when i noticed and mentioned her absence.
yes i did enjoy playing gameboy...
this is one of my favorite pictures ever.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Who needs diets?

besides half of America who just made "losing weight" or "eating healthier" their resolution..well sorry, these were too good to pass up & i cant wait to bake them.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Hello 2012

I guess you could say 2012 has started off pretty well.
New Years Eve consisted of time well spent with family- playing cards, eating & dancing it up on wii with the cousins. My kinda night. As much as i think its quite possibly the dumbest holiday...just another excuse for everyone to get wasted if you ask me, i do enjoy the time with family.

I have sadly returned to Utah but some good things have happened:
other than getting a call to schedule my study abroad interview (next tuesday @ 6!), having my manager tell me that she gets to keep 2 seasonal employees til the end of January and she chose me, seeing my missionary friends after 2 years and having my paycheck be a lot bigger than i thought i:
got a bunch of these coupons for practically free hot chocolate from work.YES.
oh and used some of that nice paycheck for some awesome steals! these were $1.50 for all three!
Forever 21 has the best and cheapest jewelry and I tend to buy pearls a lot because i always lose them...
the body shop also has TONS of sales going on. i got this bright orange loufa for $1 and the rasberry shower gel for $3. It smells amazing! They had all their holiday scents on sale as well and for the quality of their products i was thrilled.
I also got some plain black tights from Ross for $2.99. I have been searching for tights forever! I mean i found some at target and walmart for $8 but i was not okay with that so after some searching i found some pretty nice ones. They had lots of different colors as well. Gotta love Ross...
Oh and did you see the bedspread that all those fun things are sitting on? Ross, for $30 which sounds pricey but it is Tommy Hilfiger (LOVE) and i got bright yellow sheets to match. Along with these fabulous bargains, i got some not so great bargains that i had to have at the mall but we wont go into those today... :)
But i love ross, tj maxx, marshalls and fun stores like platos closet to find awesome deals.You have to do some digging sometimes but they have the cutest stuff for houses too!

I also saw that Footloose was playing at the dollar theatre and insisted on going that night! I intend to see it atleast 3 times, one down, two to go. Love that movie...

I also took this "artsy" photo of my new purse and for some reason i love it.
the ribbon is a signature caitlin touch since the Coach ones are like $ no.
and to improve myself i made some resolutions:
did you know if you write them down AND tell someone them you will be more likely to keep them?
I have so many things to look forward to in 2012 such as:
3 weeks-Tommy gets home
Park City?! in February when the fam visits
Spring Break in March & my many plans for it :)
Momma visiting in April for her spring break
i turn 21!! in may & i'm thinking NYC
may-austin comes home
SUMMER & my many more plans
etc etc etc.
So many opportunities, experiences, plans.
i can not wait, i am really excited about this year and doing everything i want. Taking chances and traveling-maybe even out of the country for the first time. Even writing this right now i'm getting excited. I mean who knows, maybe in 2013 i could be engaged or married so i'm gonna take advantage of this year and do everything i want now when i have the time. I hope you all have some big plans for 2012, the exciting thing is you dont have to rule anything out, so why not dream big :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Friends Fan?

If you knew what episode at least 40 of these were referring to, youre a fan. I did :)
so loving this.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

When i'm sick i

am a really good babysitter
and think its funny when CJ tries to ship Cass to China
i lounge around lazily with jules & watch FRIENDS. what else? she was tired too
i frequently complain about how unnattractive i am/feel and even say things like "i used to be beauty but now i'm the beast" yes this is a direct quote... basically i am a joy to be around. However i have been sick for half the time i've been home and didnt start this until recently
there i am...on the right...
However, i am blessed to have gotten sick in MD where i was home and had people to love and take care of me. I would like to blame the sickies on the plane and at the airport who coughed on me, sneezed on me, etc. Flying is such a joy.

xoxo CAIT xoxo