Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"If ye are prepared ye shall have no fear"

This scripture is in my head permanently. I quote it the most for sure. But we have been asked to get ready for conference and i'm trying to get in the mindset. Starting off on Friday when i had the opportunity to see Hilary Weeks give a devotional on campus. Let me first say she is amazing and she is hilarious and i want to be just like her. She talked about this experiment she did and how the average person has 300! negative thoughts a day. A person has 65,000 thoughts a day while an athlete only has 15,000 (not because they are stupid) but because they are so focused. So she did an experiment where she bought a clicker and calculated her negative thoughts in a day and she was so funny talking about how she didnt take it to church bc what was she gonna do click it once for every time the family in front of her dropped a cheerio?

"Oh dont worry, i only clicked you for the ones that were then smushed into the carpet"
She said she then changed it to keep track of her positive thoughts because those are what we should be focusing on and by the end of the week she was amazed. Her whole outlook had changed, she was happier and feeling more blessed. I felt so inspired and really want to do this in my life. She is such a wonderful person.

"Your thoughts more than anything else will be the determining factor in what you accomplish during your life"

She told us that she went through all of 1st and 2nd Nephi and highlighted all the positive things Nephi said and when she needs a a pick me up she just goes through and reads the things in yellow. Such a neat idea!
Feeling on a spiritual high i left content from the devotional and the brownie in my right hand :)
AHHH just some cool thoughts i wanted to share

For some great music to get you ready check out Julie De Azevedo-pray for rain ( & all others!)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

I believe in fate AND the hunger games

i am basically katniss...
Oh you didnt know? We do have a lot in common...
Well at midnight March 23 i saw the Hunger Games!!
And it was all it was cracked up to be. I was home so i totally forgot to get tickets. I searched everywhere for tickets to the midnight show and couldnt find a single one. I was devastated. And just like that God answered my prayers and a boy in my ward called me and asked if i wanted to go with him. FATE! Are you serious?! Yes! We headed up at 9 and stood in line. The time flew and it didnt seem like we waiting long at all. As soon as we got in the theater we had first choice of seats and they were perfect. I was SO EXCITED. Now i like to pretend i am the biggest fan ever...shh i mean i have read the books at least 10 times cause when you love a book, once is never enough...anyway i knew every little detail that was missed but it didnt bug me. I thought the it followed the books more than a movie has in a long time. The characters were perfect-specifically Caeser Flickermann who was perfect and Effie too. AHH. I recommend everyone see it but please read the books first! You get so much background information...The only thing i wish is that they showed Haymitch fall of the stage at the reaping haha and maybe more of the romance with Peeta because i love it and that little bread story. But i still give it a 100% Poor Gale broke my heart and is absolutely beautiful, the soundtrack was good, etc. Oh and on a side note, i really loved Peetas voice and Katniss' style. I would like to now take up archery also..
Verdict: A+
If you would like to see it oh 3 or 4 more times then hit me up, i'm down.
"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Listen up

School wasnt really fun today. Some might ask "is school ever fun?"
Shhyah i love school. i always have...but theres no denying that school gets worse as you get older.
Today i attended everyone of my classes but i wasnt really there if you know what i mean...
GAH just 3 weeks left, then finals then dunzo.
Music as usual was kind enough to help me through the day. Much appreciation.

Lovee this song ^
OBSESSED with his music
hahaha i am embarrassed about this one but it just grows on you its so flippin catchy...
Thank goodness for music
xoxo CAIT xoxo

My name may not be Luna...

"connor, do you know what this movie is? you like it"
"yeah it harry potter. It has hogwarts and the scary dog with lots of heads"
CJ remmebers the real important things..I loved rewatching the Harry Potter movies over spring break
"They didn’t have Asians at Hogwarts"
Shannon looks at me
"Oh yeah there was chow"
Shannon bursts into laughter "Cho…."
"Well they didn’t have braces either, they just did spells on their mouths I’m sure"

Harry Potter quotes come up a lot....
i mean we have been lucky enough to go to Hogwarts twice now
But whats even better is Harry Potter humor

hope you got a good laugh
But now i'm just depressed cause i MISS IT!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3A5T C0A5T livin'

was great. was hot. was on the east coast (aka home).

what did i do over my much needed spring break?
Went to the outlets. Ate at Nicobolis. went to the thrift stores in search of some old door knobs for a craft success. saw this means war with momma. (new favorite movie!!). went to red robin :). went to old town alexandria. went to lake elkhorn with the kiddies. went running. was surprisingly really indecisive...lost my claddagh ring down the sink :/ but then mom & dad got me a new one on St. Patricks day. caught up on my guilty pleasure Jersey shoree. went to tommys homecoming talk. went out to breakfast. had nay serve us at her work. enjoyed having doggies around again. shopped a lot. watched a lot of Harry Potter. got ritas. met shanes cute girlfriend-now we have two Caities. bakes my special cupcakes for the fam. I never forget about the water. One thing i miss living out here is the lack of water. I love the lakes, rivers, oceans, bays. Were pretty close to all of them.
I had a photo shoot with CJ. I was supposed to take family pictures for Meg but time flies so i guess we'll be doing it in May! I was dissapointed with my lack of picture taking but i did get a few great shots. I love taking pictures!! Really really wanna start a business someday
mom & dad are so good when i'm home and spoiled me far too much. I would look at something and they would get it for me. They took me out to eat and got me icecream even when i insisted we stay home and they made sure to send me back to school with much more than necessary. I am so blessed & i know it. I can honestly say no one has better parents than i do and if you saw how they are when i come home you'd agree. Love you both.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alex Boye

one thing i love about UVU is the amazing devotionals. Every once in a while its hard for me to focus but we usually get pretty awesome people.This devotional was right up there with the John Bytheway devotional which is saying something because i LOVE him. I had never heard of this Alex Boye but when I told Hayley that he was going to be there she flipped out and then proceeded to show me youtube clip after clip and tell me his whole biography. Not gonna lie, still wasnt that stoked. However when Hayley told me she was going to be leaving work and coming with me i did get excited because i never see anyone i know at them (except sometimes my awesome VT!). She then brought along Danny and we all headed over. Danny called it a date so i said i would happily be the chaperone and he goes "no, youre on the date too..." Oh a polyigadate, lucky you! haha although i am pretty sure i spelled that wrong...irrelevent. When it began i instantly knew it was gonna be good. He was hilarious and had everyone intensely hanging onto every word. His accent made it easy for me to listen though, i love love love it. He talked about his love for american girls and was so animated the whole time i couldnt look away. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak or sing then i would take full advantage because he is absolutely amazing. He ended with
"God may not have a smart phone but i can always contact him, God may not have a facebook but he is still my friend and God may not have a twitter but i will still follow him."
This is so good! I may not have quoted this 100% accurate but its a lot like this. So amazing. And even better? Every Friday devotional ends with a munch & mingle. I may not do much of the mingling because i head over to do a lab but the munchins pretty good :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

How to spot a bro

One of the longest weekends of my life began on Friday afternoon (last Friday, yes i am behind, whoops). After sitting through all my classes and no offense, but the longest devotional ever i was able to go home. The Mickels called me and told me they wanted to hang out so i ran some errands with them and then they took me to dinner at Chilis. Straight from there i was dropped off at campus at 5:30 to decorate for the UVU dance/Circus Event that began at 9. LONG DAY. It was so much fun though and i met some awesome people, no but really everyone is SO nice.
so tight right?
With everyones help it didnt even take that long to do.
So Hayley and i were asked to basically be bouncers. Yes, 5'4 me. But i would just like to say i think i did a superb job. We thought it would be fun and were like sure, whatever we could do to help Morgs. One of the ladies in charge told me that she liked me because i wasnt afraid to tell people to go back or ask to see their wrist band, etc. (Also sad because i'm usually way good with names and i've met all these people at the Halloween dance but i cant ever remember anyones names or what their position on UVUSA is).It definitely got overwhelming because people werent listening and they were acting like holding up their wrist was such a hassle. My apologies.."Oh here come the bros (mimicking them) lets get the vivent ids out.."
Hahaha Tyler is quite possibly the funniest person. I wanted him to stand next to me all night. This line had me laughing for a while, i even laughed when i was typing it just now.

The bros are in V-necks usually three sizes too small...
You can smell a bro from at least a block away, smells good momentarily and then you have a headache
the bros have their head on a swivel to watch everyone watch them as they come in and to scope out the "finest girls"
the bros usually have more bling than any girl
the bros have some sort of sales accesories- i.e. a vivent layard, hat, etc
bros have a bro haircut. this isnt even worth explaining, you know it when you see it...
If none of this is help enough here you go, some visual aids:

uh wrong picture, i meant...
but really this although in all fairness the provo/orem guys were MUCH more attractive...
Basically the beautiful boys stick together because they started arriving in their bro packs and we would have to walk them to the atm. I took a group down and as i'm coming back three of the "bros" are walking by. I ask to see their wrists and they nod at me, wave, "hey girl" and keep walking. This has to be a joke, i pause and turn around to see if i have this right. Just because you are on the attractive side you are above the rules? I dont think so. This was an ongoing occurence. It was bro city that night. I would watch them hit on anything and everything. One boy even tried to offer me and the group of girls i was with gum to socialize. I guess the sickness had started to kick in at this point, the hunger for real food or tiredness because I just looked at him, smiled and took two huge steps to the right. Normally i am not so skeptical or unpleasant but the combination from above just made me over it all. "Oh dang dis girl be dissin me, you aint interested, you got a man o what?" Well right now i dont even know what youre talking about, please repeat that in English... You are probably intoxicated like half of the people here and youre annoying. Sorry. All night i got to experience this. Boys asking if i wanted their number (well this is new...), boys with their sunglasses on not only at night but inside...and the overbearing smell of too much cologne. I think its safe to say i'm over the bro phase. The dance ended at 2am and we had to clean up. I have never been so grateful to climb into bed. There was one good part of the night though, i met a really- i'll use the word intriguing or even fascinating person :) Maybe youll get to here about him later..
You may be thinking-
If youre a bro. Well sorry, i'm not sorry. The truth had to come out.
xoxo CAIT xoxo