Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Venice Beach

I loved Venice Beach. When a place is in abundance of cute little store fronts...
and perfect canals...(even in the off season they are beautiful!)
I mean seriously, look at these homes!?
perfect floors...
oh man THIS FLOOR. I literally went back to this store to take more pictures of this floor. I was crazy about it and made Lyle promise me we could have a floor like this in our future home. I am so in love.
or bright walls
or hilarious signs...
or beautiful scenery.
Love, Cait

Roswell, NM: Aliens are Cool

After stopping in the cutest town in Fredericksburg we stopped in Roswell. The title says it all. We went to the Roswell UFO museum and it was sweet. I am super into that stuff thanks to my dad. It's only $5 or so and it has all this evidence about the coverup that took place with testimonials and such. Our verdict? Aliens are real. We had a good time, and the whole town has aliens painted everywhere and its just a cool town. Also this picture describes my silly husband perfectly. If you follow me on snapchat you saw all sorts of videos from our roadtrip.
Then we went to a team Lake Powell trip. We camped out, rented jet skis and a boat. These pictures were taken before anyone was there and that's all I took! Shocking I know.
After Lake Powell I started to feel sick so we stopped at Horseshoe Bend and then went home to recuperate for a few days before heading to California. I was SO sad we were going to miss the Balloon Festival but theres always next year!
Please ignore my camping hair. Scary.
Love, Cait

I love you Austin.

the city, not the person... don't worry.
Our first stop, post Lyle being done with Summer sales, was none other than the city of Austin, TX. I have always wanted to go there. As I typically do, I made a huge list of fun things for us to eat, see and do. 
But first we said goodbye to the Houston temple.
we posed with cute walls.
Churro Co.
and ate the yummiest treats. Gourmet churros, I have seen it all.
The food trucks were all amazing.
"hiked" up to the 360 degree bridge lookout for some amazing views.
Explored the beautiful capitol
"Hiked" to Mount Bonnell
ventured out to Jacobs Well. I wasn't feeling too well this day though so I probably didn't enjoy it as much as I could have.
 Quite possibly my favorite wall in the entire world.

Gourdough's Donut Truck. 
Hamilton Pool Reserve
We weren't allowed to get in because of bacteria levels in the water but it was SO cool. There were these huge catfish in there and it unreal. A couple of the watering holes are outside of Austin but they are so worth it.

We wandered around Allen's Boots, got the Cookie Butter Shake and some chocolate covered bacon from Big Candy Top Shop, ate at the food trucks, ate the most amazing burger at Hopdoddy Burger Bar (yes it's worth the wait), attempted to wait in line for Franklins BBQ but decided 3 hours was much to long for that, wandered South Congress Ave and fell in love with all the cute little unique shops. I really loved our time in Austin. & if you love the walls as much as me:

"I love you so much" -1300 S Congress Ave

"You're my butter half"-2000 E. MLK Jr. BLVD

"Greetings from Austin"-1720 S. First Street

(we didn't make it to this one but its super cute!)

Some other fun ideas for you are Barton Springs, Paddle Board at Lady Bird Lake, Oasis at Lake Travis for sunset, venture out to Enchanted Rock or Krause Springs. 
Oh man we will miss Texas.
Love, Cait

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Laid Back Boston Style

We just got back Monday from our California roadtrip. We got on a juice fast (since we stuffed our faces), watched Halloween movies, got locked out of our home one morning and Lyle blew out two tires/rims on his car when someone left a cement block in the road. Needless to say this week (besides the Halloween movies) hasn't been my favorite. We've been cleaning, doing more packing, visiting family and planning for our next trip. I've been wanting to do a giveaway and I will by the end of this year, but its just been a little crazy over here. 

I have had my eye on the black Toga Pulla bootie for months now. However I just couldn't pull the trigger at $440 but these are almost identical and they fit and feel perfect. $39.90 > $440. Also, thanks to google you can always find 10% off of Forever 21. These are my favorite knock off purchase ever. Onto this coat for $29. Love Culture has the cutest stuff and they are always having sales. I buy lots from them and right now they have 25% off all outerwear. It's getting chilly here so i've been bringing out all my coats and this is my go to chill outfit. We are heading to Spring and Summer weather in TWO DAYS. First off, I am freaking out and Second off, I am trying to get as much use out of these babies as I can. Happy Sunday babes, I'm off to spend some time with the family. 
It's all in the details
Black Booties| :Forever 21 or the splurge Toga Pulla or Suede Toga Pulla
Coat| Love Culture or a darker more expensive version Love Culture
Striped 3/4 tee| Mikarose
Boston Hat| present from my brother but I found it here
Scarf| MAJOR SALE from last season at Macys but this ones cute Scarf

Love Cait.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Since being married to Lyle, I now watch Seinfeld, know comic book characters, crave sandwiches, can name Packers players and watch the games religiously. I eat caesar salads & love places such as Betos, Rumbi and Jimmy Johns. I try to steer clear of rompers, watched the whole season of Breaking Bad & deal with claustrophobic cuddling at night. I am forced to think tennis is a cool sport, I play ping pong whenever theres a table and feel like all our loads of laundry are Lyle's socks. Since being married, I think its safe to say my life and I have changed. 

Since being married to me, Lyle only gets medium rare steaks, watches friends and knows more lyrics to country songs than he would like. He knows designers, owns a pup and frequently carries my purse when we are out shopping. He sleeps in a very cold house,  joined a soccer team and watches far too many murder mystery shows. He willingly participates in photo shoots, goes running/hiking and helps with the dishes. 

Together we don't have a t.v. in our bedroom, own a Vivint system & jam out to Weezer and Luke Bryan. We dance super awkwardly and inappropriately when no one is around and then wonder if other people do the same weird things. We fall asleep on the couch half the time, split food at restaurants and live for pazookies. We have traveled to 13 countries since being married, bought a home, lived in 2 places and sometimes live like nomads. We have balanced time between Texas, Maryland and Utah, our three homes. We think more about fur babies than human babies. (because for those asking, no, 2 years does not automatically mean baby time for everyone, I love my life right now)

We've argue about serious things such as family and Lyle's job and not so serious things such as what sports our kids will play or their names for that matter, and if Lyle is making fun of Luke Bryan or not by "singing like him." There are more good times than bad with this boy and I am grateful for that. We have accomplished so much in these past two years and I am so grateful for every experience we have had. The bad times have brought us closer, showed us who or what is most important and have been times of learning. I would marry Lyle all over again in a heartbeat. Even though Lyle and I didn't know each other even a year by the time we got married I have loved learning new things about him and growing together. I never try to make marriage look better than it is...it's seriously the best having someone to be silly with, travel with and split a Beto's burrito with. I can't wait for all the exciting adventures this next year holds for us. I love you Lyle J.

P.S.-here are some of my favorite photos that we got done for our anniversary. 
Portraitsbyandra (her name on insta) is AMAZING. I love the lighting in her images and how easy she was to work with. I am so excited to put these up all over our home. You should check her out.
Love, Cait