Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anthro Inspired

I absolutely love finding Anthropologie inspired pieces at places that are not Anthropologie. Every now and then I give in because they seriously have the cutest stuff but who can afford 90% of their stuff. No one...unless its a killer sale. This shirt reminds me a lot of something I would see there. I love the bell sleeves and boho feel. This is one of the many amazing pieces I scored from Forever 21 for seriously 1/4 of the price. I listed a couple other amazing finds below! I had two other perfect picks but they already sold out! So when you see a great find assume everyone else did too because the good stuff goes fast. 

A lot of people tell me they get overwhelmed shopping at Forever 21 and so do I so I online shop. But if that overwhelms you too just go to the new arrivals and scan those. There are less pages for you to deal with or you could just use the search bar for whatever you are looking for. If you're looking for something good, its worth it. Also, how pretty is my neighborhood?! I have loved this weather and all the beautiful blossoms! Not to mention that I have gotten to lay out multiple times this week! TGIF guys. Well in 17 minutes for us Utah people. 
Necklace: Francescas 
Hat: Brickyard Buffalo
Sandals: Just Fab (I will do a post on these babies later)
Some other pieces that are giving me major Anthro vibes...
A Line Midi $15?!
Oh and major shoutout to Kylie for taking these amazing pictures. You're the best girl!
Love, Cait

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'll be your tan legged Juliet

On our way to Milan we just had to stop in Verona. Who doesn't love Romeo and Juliet?! And every other movie that takes place here? Just like every other town in Italy it was perfect. We didn't think it needed a lot of time so an afternoon was really all we planned for. It was cool because they were having a food market thing going on so we tried samples and wandered in all these amazing European stores and then got to pretend we were Romeo and Juliet! It was a lot of fun but I wouldn't say its a must on your Italy tour. Yet again, it's a picture overload! 
The only other lady Lyle can cop a feelski on ;)
But in all seriousness it was meant to give you luck in love.
Romeo + Juliet <3
I just realized we never got a response...uh
I look chubby in these pictures guys! Just keep in mind this was a while ago and we were literally eating carbs on an hourly basis in Italy. Just shoving our faces with Italian food.
Love, Cait

Monday, April 27, 2015


When I started asking around about places to see in Italy, everyone said Florence. We did a walking tour the first day and as it got closer I wanted to cancel it but I am SO glad we didn't. It was seriously amazing!! Our guide knew absolutely everything there is to know about Florence and its history. It was supposed to be a 3 hour tour but she went way over. She just kept answering questions and sharing info and we never got bored. We learned so much about the history and the architecture and it was amazing. The tour concluded with a trip to the Academia to see the David statue and it was so cool. One good thing about doing a tour was that you get to skip the line that goes around the corner. A lot of the museums throughout Europe had insane lines but if you do a tour group you get to skip those, so that is a major plus! The tour guide was Sylvia with Avanti and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (and no they didn't pay me to say that either). 
I think it was if you rubbed his nose you got good luck and would return to Italy again? 
We climbed the duomo. Let me just say these pictures do it no justice at all. It is one of the most beautful buildings EVER. You pay for a ticket and it also works to climb up the belltower which is on the other side as well. Going inside the church itself was free but a lot of the churches throughout Europe had the most amazing exteriors but the interiors were quite simple. I loved how ornate this building was.
check out these amazing (non edited) VIEWS. Holy smokes. 
We learned so much about this statue. So cool/