Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh, you think im happy?

 well i am. Today Heather goes "you've been so happy lately & i love it, i dont even mind you leaving for Florida because i know thats why youre so happy!" At first i was like umm thanks? am i normally not happy? haha of course i am, sometimes happier than others though...But on the real, i have a lot to be happy about lately and just things that i like:
Bug Eyes
First off my nose looks crooked in this picture...its not. Anyway I tried fake eyelashes & i'm obsessed. I dont know if you can tell from this picture but they are amazing. I didnt get the permanent ones, these are the $3 ones just for fun & i got a lot of compliments. I have pretty long eyelashes anyway but now they look way thicker! You should try them

Krafty Kid
This isnt the skirt although its absolutely adorable. Someday i
hope to be the mom who makes dresses & cute things for my kids!

I am amazed with my subconscious. In one of my dreams this week i designed a skirt. I'm sorry im sucha dream bragger btw...anyway I have always loved crafts, being creative and especially fashion so maybe my minds telling me i need to make time for that love again. I know this sounds weird but it was so vivid-the colors, the designs, i love it and i have to make it now. First cupcake recipes and now clothing designs. I am so so excited to work on this project. Matter of fact i have a lot of fun crafts i wanna work on-hair things, jewelry and my skirt. I hope i make some time to sew it!

Productivity at its finest
I dont have a productive picture...
Well i finally joined a bank! Took me long enough right. I got stamps to write all my letters. I have everything taken care of for school, i scheduled an interview for my temple recommend,etc etc etc

Pretty Pedicure
Summer time=neon orange toes.
well...for me. I love getting pedicures, the massage chairs you sit in while you get them done, how soft your feet are after, theyre just amazing. So today i treated myself to a pedicure and even got white hibiscus flowers on them too.

"We were starting to think caitlin didnt have friends..."-he who shall not be named
when friends visit me at work & sit in my section! 3 of my friends came in a little bit ago and i got so excited- heather was like if i would have known you would have been this excited we would have came in earlier! The only people who have visited me at work have been the Mickels and that was before i was even serving but it was still so nice having people come in to see me since my family cant

I N D E P E N D E N T do you know what that means?

Even though i am pretty independent, i love when people try and take care of me. Whether it be strangers, friends or bosses its the best. One Friday night it was late and the bus didnt go my route and the bus driver asked where i needed to go and i said Rain Tree and he went a different route to get me safely home so i didnt have to walk a couple blocks late at night. My mom was very grateful. This table i served the other day was so interested in my schooling they gave me the address and information for a great place to get scholarships which was so nice. Some of my tables are just so nice to me and its so sweet because im a complete stranger.
feather extensions

Bad news: they arent selling feathers to hair salons anymore til the appropriate season [winter]
Good news: when they start selling them again, i'm getting like 4! If anyone is still doing them let me know :)
lets go, GNO
Kaley and i went and saw crazy stupid love last night and it was really good. I love steve carell first off. It was kinda innapropriate at times...but ryan gosling oh my gosh, never been so attracted to anyone evaa. Kaley and i got the last two tickets for the theater too, it was funny we were like racing the people next to us. As normal we got yogurtland before and took it into the movie, not allowed-whoops. Next movie on our list? Breaking Dawn or Footloose! Following the movie, lotsa girl talk.
Still too long huh? My mom likes them this length though because i can brush them across my forehead. I still think im gonna cut em shorter though... hmmm

I scream you scream we all scream for FHE...?

awkward. uncomfortable. dysfunctional. wow.
I have always gone though, minus this summer due to work and well mainly the bachelorette. Lets be honest, all the bachelorette. But for the first time i went to FHE to support Rach whose the FHE mom, and we played pioneer games & did fireworks, however i did rush back in to watch the bachelorette because Obama finally stopped interrupting the show with his nonsense.
oh and florida in like 3 days?!dsgjn

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Song!

I am so obsesseddddd.

Hey Nate, Thanks :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 things i [used to] like about you.

"What you want. The funny thing about that expression is its frequently at odds with whats right"
With that being said...

i like that you try to make me smile when im mad & i like that you do.i like that you hide behind things and peer out at me when im busy & it makes me laugh.i like that you inspire me in many ways. i like that you humor me and go along with anything i say. i like that you listen to me and say i can tell you anything. i like how you are so happy ALL the time and positive. i like every face you make, especially that one ive only seen once. No, i really like it-not because youre super goodlooking or anything but the faces you make are amazing.i like that you take care of me and think of me. i like that you make me feel special. i like when you kind of compliment me...i like that you use the term indian giver. i like that you called me fashionable. i like when we just talk and talk. i like that you love my strawberry shortcake cupcakes. i like that you look so good in a shirt and tie. i like that you call me CL. i like that you worry when you think youve offended me. i like how perceptive you are. i like when i tell you i like or dont like something and you remember. i like that we seriously have so much in common. i like that we both love chinese food...a lot. i like that that when you smile it reaches your eyes and that really cant be said about everyone. i like that you called me on my birthday. i like that you are the exception. i like when you defend me. i like that you look like flynn rider. i like that you are good at absolutely everything. i like that you try to sing and dont care whose listening. i like when you let me complain to you about really dumb things. i like when you dramatically cleared the back out so i could do my stuff. i like that you like my smile (for the job). i like that i like yours too. i like that you seemed impressed when i told you how i speak spanish. i like that for the life of me i cant stay mad at you. i like that you give me weird gifts. i like that you tell me i need to learn to accept your weird gifts. i like that you are so funny. i like when i said someone was cute and you were like "ya know people think were twins...". i like that you notice things and you said when i lie i always look away. i like when you tell me im ignoring or avoiding you and it seems to bug you. i like when you do impressions of me, theyre so funny. i like when you pretend youre offended. i like that that i thought you recognized my voice on the phone and then i realized i say my name when i answer...embarrassing. i like when you call me out for not saying hi to you right away. i like that you always wanna talk things through and youre way good at communicating. i like that you can tease me and with you i dont get mad. i like that you tell me flowers look good in my hair but first make fun of how big the flower is. i like that i am constantly seeking your approval. i like when people say im your favorite even though "you dont have favorites" & even if its not true. i like when you jokingly told me you knew everything about me & i wished you really did. i like that we have deep conversations & you told me all your thoughts and worrys with the new job. i like that everytime we talk i like you more. i like that you prove me wrong and teach me things. i like that you know my routine. i like that you tease me about the bus. i like that you offered me the ringpop. i like that you know when im being a brat its because your leaving is hard. i like that you get me when no else does. i like that you repeat things i say and look confused. i like when you cock your head when youre confused or saying something cute. i like that i remember the first time we met and i thought you were awesome even then. i like that you get annoyed when i expect you not to care about dumb things about me. i like that id rather be with you than anyone else. i like that you  thought i called you honey. i like the sound of your voice. i like that you are always scaring me. i like that you think i dont go clubbing. i like that i read the hunger games because of you. i like that you met some of my friends. i like that you charm everyone you meet. i like that you worry i cant cope with losing people in my life, even though i can. i like that i can tease you about being old. i like that we challenge eachother. i like that youre open and honest. i like that you always wanna hear about my dreams. i like that im comfortable enough to tell you my embarrassing dreams. i like that you always say goodbye to me-no matter what, its always personal-although you didnt really have a choice. i like that you think i sometimes have an accent. i like that you make me feel safe and protected. i like that even though youve never been to MD you remind me of home. i like that this list took no time at all to make and i couldnt ever
do this about anyone else.

Monday, July 18, 2011

smile, its summer

But wait summer where are you going?
i still need to go on a camping trip in the moutains complete with smores and a bonfire, i still need to use my 7 peaks day pass, i still need to go to lagoon, i still need to make string bracelets, i still need to tie dye, i still need to have a MD crab feast, i still need to go to a drive in movie, i still need to go horseback riding and 4 wheeling, i still need to take a day trip to NYC, i still need to get a pedicure, i still need to go to a legit fair, i still need to hike timp, i still need to go fishing. i still need to have a picnic, i still need to ride a jetski and i still need to put together a cook book with moms recipes for out here
Guess i have a lot to do...

i want to do everything, be everything & see everything.

thats possible right?

I have the longest bucket list ever.
I have so many goals, desires & ambitions- but i think thats a good thing.
I have always been that way
heres my list:
( btw if you write things down, youre more likely to accomplish them)

donate hair to locks of love
do a volunteer mission abroad
ride a motorcycle
write a book
run in a marathon & a triathalon
go scuba diving
sing the national anthem at a sporting event
ride in a hot air balloon
Ahhh see the balloon festival in albuquerque ( the most photographed event in the world!)
graduate college, then maybe further my education after that?
temple marriage
go on a cruise
go parasailing
ride an elephant
couples mission with my hubby ? :)
ride in a helicopter
swim with a dolphin
attend the world cup! (2014-Brazil?! hmm)
take a cooking & baking class
learn to sew...well
go ziplining
take a tour through the white house
go to a skins game with dad
see a Nascar race & drive one
see cirque du soleil...again
go to san diego zoo
go on a safari and not get mauled by a lion
see the northern lights in alaska (fairbanks)
go sailing
kiss the blarney stone WHEN i visit Ireland
take a ferry to the statue of liberty & go in it
sell photographs that i took-pursue photography
become fluent in sign language & spanish
go to a fashion show in NYC during fashion week
go snorkeling
shop at the mall of america
adopt rescue dogs, figure out a way to help the shelters
go to a drive in movie
work in a soup kitchen
attend oktoberfest in Munich
touch the great wall of china
see the lanterns in Tai ping taiwan
own a house on the beach
kiss in the rain and see if its worth all the talk ;)
volunteer at a retirement home
do geneology
have a family
drive a range rover
try out for a dance team/soccer team even if i dont think ill make it
Travel, travel, travel- everywhere
be successful in my career
spend a summer in hawaii

so make your bucket list

Wingardium Leviosa

Ah Ah Ah
I saw the last and final Harry Potter the other night at midnight and it was so amazing. I love Harry Potter.Yes, i have read every single one of them and seen every single movie. I remember my mom reading them to my sister and i when we were younger and as i got older i read the rest of them by myself. I feel like a HP expert because i could answer every question about the movie/background that was asked.

I went with a bunch of friends from work and it was crazy-
everyone was dressed up in cloaks and carrying wands, it was so much fun. I cant even tell you how creative some people were and how amazing everyones costumes were...if i hadnt worked right before i would have totally dressed up, i have always wanted to. In two weeks im going to Islands of Adventure and doing Harry Potter world for the 2nd time! Dont be too jealous. Funny thing is, one of Shannon & I's favorite things to do is say spells to eachother and whoever can say the most wins...its always shannon.
To sum it up, i love Harry Potter.
I'm sad its over, but so happy i got to experience it.
GO see it!

Good News Minute.

The past 2 shifts I have worked, I have made over a $100. With it being summer and all [meaning its slow] i am pretty happy about this

I am thisss close to getting residency. All the work is out of the way i just have to turn in a pay stub and another letter from work proving ive been in Utah all summer and i have so chances of me getting residency are extremely high.

I almost have over $1000 saved!
For me, this is amazing- i guess i can save money now? cool

I leave for Florida in 2 weeks- which means family, pool time, theme parks, palm trees, tan, richards, sonnys, my doggies, etc. so ready to go.

I finally got my nude heels- and for ONLY $22. What a deal.
I seriously want to wear them all the time & i will bc who says heels are just for going out?

call me, beep me if you wanna reach me

I have never been a big fan of talking on the phone. Well let me rephrase that, i have never been a big fan of talking on the phone to most people. Throughout my life, there has been a handful of people i have been able to talk to on the phone...besides my family probably five people. I was never the teenager who spent hours on the phone because id rather text although i do remember a few people who could keep me entertained on the phone for a long time...I really dont like the awkward pauses and the whole saying goodbye because its always dragged out too long which is why i have gotten in trouble because i sometimes hang up too early and cut people off...however i answered the phone on Saturday and it just made my day. After not talking to someone in a couple weeks and then hearing their voice i was smiling like "a 4 year old on Christmas morning." I couldnt see myself  but thats what i was told. Funny how a simple phone call can make someones day huh?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I love 4th festivities!
I've sat and watched fireworks at Lake George at my uncles lakehouse, at the beach with friends and now right next to the mountains in Utah. Pretty exciting first i'd say. No offense Utah, but i dont think it tops sitting in the sand and watching them right next to the boardwalk or my favorite 4th ever sitting on the dock with my feet dangling over the edge and watching the fireworks go up in one of the prettiest places ever. However sitting on my tiedyed blanket behind a school in Pleasant Grove beside the mountain was pretty fun. After working a lovely double where i made no money but had a lot of fun, sarah and i went to the fireworks. Miranda, Kam and Dustin were going to meet us.
but then it started to rain & sarah and i got real sad :/
but then we turned around and saw how small the blanket was and started laughing-this picture doesnt even show you how bad it was and then we pictured dustin complaining about the rain and then the blanket and then we started laughing so hard because they were gonna sit down right at the finale...
we could not stop. i love sarah!
but the rain stopped and the show was amazing! then we all went out to dennys to eat. I did miss dads usual fireworks display where he almost blows his hand off every year and the family BBQ. Oh and waving sparklers around and writing my name in the air with them like kylie and i did last year...

Sorry sarah has the group picture and other pictures on her camera...

slightly selfish?

Right now i want to
 be able to do a fishtail. HELP. please & thank you
my hair is so flippin long right now, it would be perfect for one
get a wittle baby puppy

Not a shar pei though, this picture just makes me smile.Ya know the phrase a house is not a home without a dog? well its true & i miss mine, so i think we should break the rules and get one...just kidding strict housing people...
 go to a real carnival/fair with a ferris wheel
these are prob one of my favoritest things about summer and i have yet to go to a fair/carnival and eat cotton candy and go on a ferris wheel. why?
go on a shopping spree with all that dough im saving!
i would have a field day in Forever and H&M
Oh and shoes, lots and lots of shoes

meet a boy who looks like flynn rider

provo you are slacking in the boy department.
be in NYC for the summer

so in love with new york. Just saw some pictures on facebook of this girl living in NY for the summer and i almost died i was so jealous. Theres so much to do in NY i would just love it
break your heart
but i'd settle for your face since the first ones not possible...
have a car

yesss please. okay but really any car will do. I  am in desperate need of one
see this in real life
how funny is this picture?
Have this book in my possession

yes i've already read it but since im done the Hunger Games and it is summer- a time for
laying out by the pool and reading-i need it. Plus the movies coming out[yay!] and i need to reread it. Its one of my favorites!

and last but not least one of those cruiser bikes with banana handlebars and a pretty little basket. The bike will be either light yellow or a pretty blue. and i wanna ride it on the boardwalk right by the ocean. However, i could not find a picture to do my bike justice, so ill leave it up to your imagination.

hey a girl can dream right?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lehi Roundup

Rodeos. Lets talk about rodeos for a second.
So i have never been to a rodeo before...
but Heather absolutely loves them, so we got tickets and gathered some friends
and went to Jackie, Christines, and Winnies wards BBQ
and then we went to the rodeo.
It was pretty cool- the weather was beautiful, they played non stop country music and there were tons of cowboys. I loved the cowboy hats. Not to mention all the girls looked adorable too- i wanted all their outfits. Irrelevant though.

Loved the horses, loved the boys, loved the roping of the horses, loved the bull riding, loved the motorcross, loved the atmosphere, loved the little boys dressed as cowboys (so adorable!)
However i did not love the innapropriate clown, the animal cruelty towards the poor baby calfs, the irresponsible parenting hahaha. I do love rodeos though! Maybe i need to go to another one for a different experience? :)

Irresponsible parenting at its finest. The baby was two...
Hot motorcross talent

my adorable best friend beforehand
Christine being an indian :)

the girls!

winnie & jackie

heather, christine and i

pretty friends
End of the night struggle
Hope you liked the picture overload

Sunday, July 3, 2011

P. Sawyer

"when you walk away
i count the steps that you take.
Do you see how much i need you right now?
when youre gone the pieces of my heart are missing you
when your gone the face i came to know is missing too
and when youre gone the words i need to hear to always get me through the day
and make it okay, i miss you"