Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City [has gone to my babys head]

"look at all these tourists..." -said with disgust
"caitlin...WE are tourists."
oh. right. Sometimes i forget that i am not Blair Waldorf and dont live in NYC.
this is news to me...
If you want to look like a New Yorker:
Dont wait until the cross walk says go, when you see a taxi speeding your way that is obviously the appropriate time to walk across the street because in a city so into fashion and style, nothing says style more than a full body cast. I'm sure she'd just add a michael kors bag and some kate spade earrings and turn it into a trend. You would be surprised how "normal" this is. The New Yorkers strolled across while the tourists patiently waited. After freaking out that mom and nay not cross until allowed, by the end of the day i was acting just as suicidal...I mean when in New York...
[i LOVE this]
Dont walk your dog, Carry them.
I had a count on how many people were carrying their dogs vs. actually walking them and it was hilarious. Dogs are accessories...obv. Luckily we didnt see any images like the one below because that would be pretty traumatazing...for the dog
Dont turn your head in concern when you hear constant honking or sirens. this is normal.
headphones, blackberry and head down or looking straight ahead like you are on the most important mission of your life.
all hes missing is the starbucks....which is on every corner in NYC
dont get stuck in the subway turn thingy. i dont think people know that the subway tickets can get kinda confusing...uh thats because they arent. i got stuck on the other side while mom and nay waited happily because our card was double swiped. i could feel the tourist stamp burning on my forehead, it was practically glowing. just dont do this.. instead always go first
we however did not have the pleasure of seeing this. thank goodness or you wouldnt have gotten me on one again. #canyousaynightmares.
well goodluck. Next time youre in the city grab a starbucks, eat at a cafe that opens on the street or is on the street and enjoy it because i am extremely jealous.
i miss you already.
xoxo Cait xoxo

boys of the summerrrr.

Mr persistant
Who says persistance doesnt pay off? Well they havent met you yet. Our relationship started like this:
"where were you raised? why dont you have manners.."" oh i'm sorry, i wasnt aware you were a manager" "dont talk to me" "i am not your girlfriend" "i dont like it when you talk to me like that" Sounds uh..promising...right? Needless to say, it wasnt love at first sight. However you, like many things, have somehow managed to grow on me. From the second i started working there he told me how beautiful i was and how much he liked me. Nah. I'm not really feeling you boo, sorry. Every shift he would try and try to talk to me. He would help carry the ice buckets when it was my side work and pull back my food and smile when i tried to grab it. As the summer went on we got closer and he would play with my hair [he lovess it] and sweet talk me in spanish. He eventually pulled out the big guns and brought his puppy to work for me to play with. He won big brownie points there. Then he started kissing me. Uh yes, kissing me...and it wasnt reciprocated. He would act like he was hugging me and then he'd kiss me. And then i punched him. Yep. He however wasnt deterred by the physical abuse and kept trying. Our most recent conversation went like this: "you dont even know me, tell me something about myself" [i like to play this game a lot- see how much the boys pay attention] "whats my favorite food" "chinese food right?" "...maybe""see i listen to everything you say- ask me something else" "oh and you want a big ring [motions to the ring finger]" i start laughing hysterically "and you dont like kids" [laughter stops] "WHAT!...yes i do" I like a lot of things about you- like when you wear your hat backwards, how you look so good in a white button up, your dumb grin that you do when you stick your tongue out, how you asked me to show you how to say i love you in ASL and then you would sign it to me everytime you saw me and that you got mad when i told your dog to sit in english bc "shes only learning spanish" haha, how you tell me to learn to open my heart when i go to school. You do have a bit of a hot head, and a jealous streak. When i would go to the back he would put his arm around me and walk me back up and tell me not to talk to other guys. Then he would tell other guys i was only his. Making him jealous was really easy. The fact that you didnt take no for an answer and kept trying all summer made me kinda "enjoy you." On my last day he said bye before everyone and then waited outside so he could say bye just him and i. cute :)
Mr "that was a compliment"
Tall, dark and...spacey?
yes. We started off as friends and ended as...friends. However, i dont think you got the memo. You have this thing with my smile and yours is kinda cute too. "your smile could make anyones day" "you are always smiling" "that smile keeps me going" etc. I would wake up to text messages saying "good morning beautiful."As cute as that/you are you dont seem all there sometimes...i could share countless stories of you being a "space cadet" but that just wouldnt be nice- so ill just share one. "You know what i first noticed about you? that smile of yours- i love it. You know what i noticed second? that big beautiful head of yours[said as he's stroking my head]. Well i guess its no surprise that i was no longer smiling. "UM EXCUSE ME?" [ here is me generously giving him time to rethink the previous statement or add a just kidding girl] To my surprise and his stupidity he does neither. "No i really love it, that was a compliment."I leaned a little closer to try and find some humor in this and he is dead serious.As i retold and retold this story to all our mutual friends they found this absolutely hilarious and told me thats how he is. Oh the type of guy that doesnt know how to talk to a girl. You should hear some of the things that come out of his mouth. They shock me. He still wont retract that statement to this day, yet he still manages to ask me on a date. But i'm sorry, i cant. I am to busy having a complex over my big head, i mean i may need to get therapy at some point because of you. If we went on a date i'd probably just be so concerned on whether my head would fit through the door.
 Mr get back, you dont know me like that
Remember when you were new and i loved looking at your dimples? I would tell you how much i liked them and you would look down and get so nervous. So what did i do? Kept doing it of course- it was too cute. Getting you to speak was really hard but i am proud to say challenge conquered. Now i cant get you to stop talking. You asked me on a date the second day. I said maybe. As i got off work you were waiting for me in your car. You kept talking and all i kept thinking about was how tired i was and standing in the middle of a parking lot was quite possibly dead last on things i wanted to be doing right now. You asked me for my number and i somehow managed to avoid doing so. I dont know why since youre cute- i just didnt want to. Next time i saw you, you were mad. [whats new] Claiming i play too many games and i need to respect you by not talking to anyone else. Um i'm sorry, when did we decide that we were uh dating?? Thats right, we didnt. You say that we need to talk. Isnt this a phrase used when breaking up? Let me remind you once more, me not your girlfriend.. i just have a lot of pretty boys that i call friends. please get that song reference.. As i walk[after a double-not really feeling a DTR] you are waiting for me across the parking lot in your car. What do i do? Pretend i'm on the phone and basically start running to my car. You pull up beside me as i'm pulling out and i am embarrassed to say i pretended not to see you. I know i know. This was probably mean but i just couldnt do it guys. I'm sorry. So obv hes mad next time he sees me. "just because youre beautiful doesnt mean you can play games." what! since when...i apologize and the next day he asks me out again. I am sensing a pattern here...

theres also mr. uh my family has been there and done that...and it didnt end so well the first time along with mr. well this is definitely over, mr. hes got a girlfriend now...ok not really
but summers over and so is my time with the summer boys so in the words of ron, "onto the next."
love this song- even though its not the original and well, hes no don henley
xoxo Cait xoxo

Bye Daves!

i had my last day at Daves on Saturday night. It was actually pretty sad, i'm not gonna lie. i have met some awesome people, gained a new vocabulary and learned more than i need to know. for a summer job, it was top notch. you might be at FD if:

every sentence ends in yo.
"you get that table yo?"
"i got you yo"
or begins in yo...
"yo you see that girl at 24"
"yo that party last night..."

swag is referred to 24/7

there are a bunch of "space cadets"

jerell is mimicking cook tony "anything for you kathy" and its the funniest thing ever

you hear someone say "i dont wanna pull a micah"

a spilled drink sits on the floor for a good hour

chris is complaining...or spilling sauce all over the sauce wall or worse,
giving his money to the customers

you hear the best laugh ever and know courtnees working

your english starts to significantly deteriorate and your manager tells you that you've been working here too long 

Nirans back is being referred to...by me. dang

someone is being sexually harassed...and enjoying it

you need to learn the english translation for dame un beso real quick

"lexie" is claiming that ron had a thing for her and was flirting with her and everyone is laughing hysterically

the ice is never full

the manager is yelling at the boys to not "corrupt her caitlin"

you lose your deformed pig name tag and have to pay $2 for a new one...

nick is offending me and receiving the silent treatment

you hear the word jawn several times and you still have no idea what the heck it means and youre pretty sure that is not the correct spelling...

you get made fun of for saying phrases like "holy cow" "oh my heck" etc

you have new sayings "i'm weeded right now" "i'm over it"

a customer has eaten almost all their food and then complains for something different...

ricky is calling one of his tables homegirl and they arent usually taking it well and then you really want to say homegirl to one of yours but you dont wanna get beat up & well lets be real, you arent as cool as ricky

dashi, tiff and i are claiming that we are cousins...cause we are...

everyone is laughing at the crazy things ron does or says...
i.e- "can i dunk on you" in context or he is doing odd things with the soda machine..

boys are spitting game at everyone and anyone

it is month 3 and i still dont know what sauce to dump...oh well

its that time of the month for oscar and hes being bipolar again
but you still love him

jersey mikes is a dinner staple

amber says something like this "but caitlin, he cant buy you a michael kors rose gold watch from Nordstroms for Christmas now can he?" hahaha and you know that you two are the same person and if you werent going back to school the two of you would be best friends. we still will be!

the boys are making fun of eachother, arguing over sports, debating about "whose better at football"
or something else that you have no interest in..well minus the sports part

tony is eating...
and eating some more

marcus is asking that you only refer to him as Dr. Jones.

steve is singing- and 99.9% of the time its call me maybe
and its okay because i love steves voice and the way he says "you already know"
so honor of my big teddy bear "polar bear"
i love every single person there and only have nice things to say about everyone. i didnt go a single shift without laughing at something someone said or did. my manager told me whenever i come home i have a job and i am so happy. i cant wait to see all these faces again at christmas time.
xoxo Famous Caitlin xoxo

Uptown Girls.

Not everyone gets my love for New York claiming its "loud" or "dirty" but its absolutely perfect.
Matter of fact, New York is one of my favorite places. Maybe its the perfect shopping, amazing food options or the fact that when in New York i cant help but add you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl after everything that i say. Well in my head...if i kept saying that out loud that could get annoying.
Greenwich village is def top 5.
"First, I went through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest. Then, I went past the twirly, swirly gumdrops. And after that: I went through the Lincoln Tunnel." As we really went through the Lincoln Tunnel Shannon quoted Elf. Actually, Elf was quoted quite a bit throughout the trip. I was even compared to him when i saw a sign for "worlds greatest cheesecake!" and got excited- i'm sure like the coffee, that it wasnt...
First things first we went to our hotel [Marriott, duh] on the Upper East Side to leave our bags. Then we road the subway down to Battery Park to see the statue of liberty. We rode the ferry out to liberty island and then ellis island. We LOVED the ferry ride. It was so beautiful, relaxing and had a great view of New York.
After that we walked 12 miles...yes, 12 miles back up past Times Square. Now we could have taken the Subway or even a taxi all the way up but we didnt want to miss a single thing! But its a good thing we didnt because on the way up we saw where the twin towers used to be and we ate at the University diner [NYU] and i loved it. Being a typical college place i thought it safe to order waffles and what a good choice that was! I think i talked about that waffle the whole rest of the day. It was so picturesque as we looked out onto Greenwich village shops. It was all just so perfect. Then we walked up to Madison Square park where the shake shack is and just HAD to order from it. The line was insane but since it was from the movie Something Borrowed [that i love!] we all decided it was worth it, plus the view was beautiful. If you go to New York i HIGHLY recommend seeing this area. In all honesty the food was not my favorite but its all about the location in NYC.
We also shopped ALL DAY! Another reason i love NY is because of the shopping. They have stores i've never seen anywhere else, some i havent even heard of!..which is surprising and i loved it. On the way back up, we got so tired and it was nearing 9:30 Shannon begged us to grab a taxi so we did and it was my first time ever riding in one! As i got in i even said "follow that car!" like they do in the movies because i've always wanted to but i dont think the driver heard me...or maybe he just pretended he didnt or even worse i'm not original and people do that all the time...oh well. When we got to the hotel Shannon and i took in our great view from the window and then watching some Olympics before lights out! The next day we got up and ate at this cute little italian owned cafe where the windows opened up and we got to look out on NY and people watch. It was yet again, perfect. All three of us ordered french toast and it was amazing. We then headed to Times Square where we got our tickets for Zarkana! the Cirque du soleil show-showing at Radio City Music Hall! I got the tickets for my moms birthday and since we saw another cirque show in Orlando a few years before with my dance team andloved it i knew she'd love it. These people are so talented.
Last time we were in NY was Christmas time when everything was blinged out and the stores were seriously works of art and we saw the Rockettes!! at Radio City Music Hall so we felt like Veterans this time around. It is seriously one of the coolest places.
when we went at christmas time...
Immediately afterwards we stopped at a local bakery- Magnolia Bakery and it was SO GOOD. We got cupcakes to share and a pumpkin cheesecake.<-----OMG. Best thing ever. You see beforehand i searched a ton of places that you had to go to or that celebs enjoyed and this was one of them and i would have to agree that it was great.
Afterwards we wandered through the scenic Central Park where I referred to Friends episodes that took place there. We took pictures on some rocks and near a bridge and didnt bother to hide the fact that we were tourists here, as you can see-
because everyone sits on rocks and stares off into the distance duh
We then shopped on 5th avenue where i may or may not have spent a pretty penny on something from at one of my favorite stores. I even found my future engagement ring...
not our best picture but oh well
As the day went on i started to get cranky so mom knew it was time to feed me. We ate our last meal at Serendipity 3. A restaurant that is both a local and tourist favorite. Even though the wait was long inside it was worth it. I would describe it as doll house esque. We ate upstairs and it was so cute. After our meal we got a famous frozen hot chocolate [what its known for] and it was so good! Jackie O once tried to buy the recipe from the place a long time ago and even Marilyn Monroe loved eating there. If its good enough for Marilyn its good enough for me.
I was so sad to leave. Every half hour or so i would tell mom that i needed to live here and its so perfect. Shannon even grabbed me a local listing for an apt for rent haha. I felt so privileged eating at the nicest places and shopping at the nicest stores and not worrying about money. I felt like a celebrity. I cant wait to go back- everytime i go i fall more things and places to fall in love with.
i would move there in a heartbeat if it werent for this small fact:
neither my wallet nor my slowly growing waistline from the fantastic food can ;)
off to watch GG and miss NY!
xoxo Gossip Girl xoxo

brays photoshoot

taking pictures is one of my absolute favorite hobbies,
and getting to take them of my beautiful niece was so fun!
She wouldnt sleep at all and kept watching everything i did
Bray- 7 days old- 6lbs 10 ounces
ah sorry about the picture overload!
except not really- shes so beautiful i had to.

xoxo cait xoxo