Sunday, September 25, 2011


I love Halloween, almost as much as I love Fall.
Now granted its not Halloween yet, but i like to start a little early and drag it out.
my favorite thing about it is all the haunted houses.
As soon as Fall rolls around I get so excited, even though im not at the tricker treating age anymore, which really stinks, I love the scary movies that come out, the decorations and houses. I love getting scared!
Last night a group of friends went to Sojo to see Kaley and sit in her section at work and then after we went to Nightmare on 13th street. I was slightly dissapointed because for $18 bucks it really wasnt that scary. I mean dont get me wrong it was worth it, I love haunted houses but my dad and I saw a television show on it and it was supposed to be way scarier than it was. Bummer. However theres one called Asylum 49? I'm pretty sure thats the name and you have to sign a waver to go through because they touch you. I'm in. Although thats one that you need a guy to take you to. I think thats gonna be the next one I try to hit up. My goal this Fall is to hit up all the haunted corn maizes, houses and forrest.
Ahhh I also need to start deciding what i'm gonna be for Halloween, great.

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The other night when I had no concern or care for time, I stayed up watching Conan. Now Conan is a funny dude but the real reason I chose to watch was I saw that Ryan Gosling was going to be making an appearance, SOLD. I love him as an actor and in interviews hes hilarious. Half the time I had no clue what he was even saying but he was so darn cute, it was okay. All I gotta say is stop doing rated R movies so I can see your movies please. K thanks.
oh and Taylor youre always hot & i loved your movie Abduction tonight
Corinne didnt seem to appreciate your good looks as much as i did
nor did the obnoxious people on my right
but thats okay, i did

I know theres a blessing in here somewhere...

Some days I really have time to see all the blessings in my life. It's something I need to be seeking out and focusing on, but this week was amazing.

Umm wheres the blessing:
So i love doing service. I know a lot of people are like yeah whatever who likes that, but i absolutely love doing things for others and helping out. In Maryland I volunteered at an animal shelter. It was something I had always wanted to do and I even remember calling at age 14 or so and they said I wasnt old enough. Eventually I did it though and it was an intense process. However, I have called 4-5 animal shelters out here and either the number was no longer in service or they never called back. I have been so bummed, I really miss that in my life. Like who turns down free help? Come on now.

Heres the blessing: So the next day after deciding that I needed to start looking for other volunteer opportunities, I walk into UVU and theres a whole hallway of service opportunities. It was amazing. I walked up and down the booths seeing what each one had to offer, keeping an eye out for service involving animals or old people. Ya know the good stuff... ;) and I found one for each! I contacted a retirement home type place and a therapeutic horseback riding place for special needs kids. No animal shelter, but how lucky am i that this happened?

Not really a blessing:
The beginning of this week dragged on. It really has been sucha yuck week of me missing home and dying for my parents to getting out here and just being kind of unhappy, which isnt a usual thing. So my roomie Hayley comes home and gives me some really great news, which yes, it does turn everything around.

Oh yeah, its a blessing: UVU is getting a womens lacrosse team! So trying out. SO happy. I miss lax & cant wait for it to be a part of my lifeeeee again. yay! They should be having a meeting soon, I hope all goes well, ill keep ya posted.

Def not a blessing:
I go to Sojo to visit Kaley with a bunch of friends. We eat in the new sizzla and so on. We leave and head to Salt Lake and I realize I dont have my lanyard with my debit cards, license, etc. WHAT.

just kidding, its a blessing: So the creepy manager (whose like 30) decided to hit on one of my gorgeous friends Emily (19) and he got her number. No one had the stores number and it was really late. Thank goodness Em had the creepy managers number who said he had the lanyard (oh phew) and he would hold onto it and we could come get it after. See, creepyness (sometimes) does pay off!

IN like SLIM

what's in, in my book

Why? Well i love the hair, the fashion, the makeup, etc. I love to see what they are wearing, they piece things together so amazing. [well not everything, some of its a little out there..] I just love to use them as style & beauty icons.
cute huh? I dont know if you can see the shoes that well but im in love with them. Well i got the necklace for about $6.00 and the shoes for about $9.00. My total was around $15.00. The original total for these two items was supposed to be about $60. I love a good bargain, but who doesnt?
Having mom and dad come to visit is so in right now. The hotel is booked, the plans are set, and i am pumped. I love my parents to death & want them here

whether it be about life, fashion, food or photography I LOVE them
If i were you I'd check these out:
When I find new blogs I seriously get so excited! Granted I am not a mom yet but the first one has really good recipes and fun ideas as well. I learn so much from these blogs.
and well devotionals. I know I still have a while okay but I just found out he is doing the Friday devotional at UVU on December 2nd. I will see him, in person! I am so excited to go to every devotional, thats one of the reasons i like going to school out here. But anyway so exciting, he is one of the funniest comedians ever and one of my favorite little reads is above ^. My grandmother got it for me a few years back for Christmas and I thought she was trying to say I was depressed haha but its a really amusing book. So happy about this!
Dang. So last weekend, Em and I went to this dance at Thanksgiving point and it was fun and then we went to eat after and saw some guys. Em makes us stand there "talking" and they eventually wave us over. Oh NBD just some of the BYU hockey team. I'm shocked they have all their teeth and impressed by their beautiful looks. I feel bad for overlooking hockey players all these years and would like to give my apologies to the sport. I hope I have time to fit in some games...
wow talk about inspiring. I'm so in love. I'm so reading the book now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The girls & I before church
(some of the summer roomies)
Me, Sarah, Molly & Becca after the dance
Two of the roomies and I on Rachs birthday

Well none of these are my best pictures but oh well. Some of these pictures I just threw in, but this past weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday night Becca and Sarah picked me up and we went to an institute dance. We met up with a few of their friends from High school and it was a lot of i guess. Hahaha. Well the music wasnt bad but there wasnt really any guys and it was a little weird but it was still fun. Then after that we went and got Yogurtland! Of course..and they had new flavors, one of which is one of my new favortites, Oatmeal Cookie. Mmmm. It was so fun catching up with them, especially Becca because I havent seen her since she left for China.

Then the next day I woke up and went to the gym and then Hayley and I ran and got some groceries. But after Corinne came down from SoJo and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was so good! Then Kaley met up with us and we went and said hi to our friends at Sizzler. Afterwards Corinne went home and Kaley and I went and saw the Help. It was so good! I am so sad both of them just moved to Sojo, but I am glad I'll still get to see them. I love getting to play with both of them. All I can say is I'm glad that I didnt have to stay home all weekend doing homework.
i <3 my friends.

Brought to you courtesy of the red white & blue

                      Remembering the past: 9/11
Ten years ago today I was in fifth grade. I was 10 years old. I was attending Bollman Bridge Elementary school. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember sitting at lunch and the cafeteria was empty. Students were being pulled out of class and I was confused as to why I was still there. I remember being angry and knowing something was wrong. Why was I still in school when very few kids were? At the end of the day my mom picked me up and I asked what was going on? Why had you left me at school? I dont recall her response to my questions but I do remember kneeling in front of the TV and watching an airplane run into the Twin Towers over and over and over again. I was in shock, my family was in shock and the whole world was in shock over these absolutely horrible terrorist attacks. Today is the anniversary of September 11, 2001. It seems like it was just yesterday. The families and the heros havent been forgotten. The tragic images of that day will forever be embedded in the minds of those who watched. Just yesterday I was watching a special on the heros of 9/11 and how brave these people were. The brave men and women who banded together and took back the plane from the terrorists, but still lost their lives. My heart is so full of love for these heros and their families. The phone calls are heartbreaking, the stories tragic and lives that will forever be changed. I was just 5 hours away from these attacks, they hit home. But I cant imagine losing family members, friends or loved ones.
God Bless.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What to do if your lifes awkward

i used to have a friend who would say "its only awkward if you make it awkward" or think its awkward. I guess everythings awkward in my book haha but thats okay
The how to handle awkward situations handbook:
1. laugh
2. change the subject as fast as possible
3. if all else fails, dont walk away, run

When your bishop thinks it would be fun to do speed dating on the first FHE. Boys sit across from girls and make casual yet slightly forced conversation. "Whats your name? and Where are you from?" have never been asked so many times. Next. Havent you heard that getting to know the boys the old fashioned way is no longer acceptable. I'm quite confident that arranged marriages are around the corner if we dont start getting married asap. Good news is, it cant get any more awkward than this can it?

When the boy in your math class turns around to introduce himself and you think hes kind of cute. Scratch that, very cute and before you two even get to talking he goes into this extremely sad and uncomfortable story about how he just got off his mission and his girlfriend who was waiting for him got married to his best friend. He swore up and down that he wasnt bitter, but he was telling a complete stranger this sad story...Now i know that you are emotionally unavailable AND I feel sorry for you, this is not a good combination here...

 [As the boys shaking my hand] "caitlin and *kyle sound good together"
What? no. huh

When your sign language teacher gives the sign to leave and you jump out of your seat to head to the next class and you realize that no only one other person has gotten up and youre confused and then you look at the teacher and shes signing for you to sit down and making fun of you and she was really just saying bye in the conversation...whoops

When your sitting at church, preparing for a break the fast Italian meal and three guys ask to sit at your table and they start asking everyones names and we dont bother to ask theres. Then they ask you where you go to school and you dont ask where they go to school. Matter of fact, youre completely shut off and theres nothing to say, so theres awkward silence. Umm why were you being stuck up? rude, you never are

when a creeper walks into the apartment randomly. Like he opens your door and comes in and sits down on your couch and you and your room mates dont know what to say so you say nothing. I mean maybe hes coming over for the party...thats in 25 minutes but none of you really know him so yeah.

*Names have been changed for obvious reasons

Food For Thought

"The way to a mans heart is through his stomache."
If you can bake or cook, you are as good as gold in his book. I've noticed when I like a guy, I always want to bake for him. It definitely gets the guys long as you dont burn anything that is.
Somehow this started coming to my email & it has amazing recipes!
If you like to bake or are trying to get to a certain someones heart i'd check it out.

puppy love

Wanna feel all warm & fuzzy inside?
check out these little fellas
I have such a big place in my heart for animals, especially puppies and doggies. After seeing these pictures dont you just wanna help out local puppies who dont have homes? Well good news is you can. Just contact your local animal shelter (dont know where one is? google it) and if you cant volunteer (some shelters have to background check, fingerprint you, etc.) you can always donate puppy food, blankets or toys to these little guys.  And instead of pet stores, you can adopt, because it saves lives. Volunteering makes you feel all good inside, so hey why not try it?


Well, its Labor Day but the weather isnt especially pretty, so all hopes of laying out by the pool were shot. So instead I thought I'd share some of my favorite music as of lately. Enjoy!

If you're feeling a little country I recommend:
I love you this big-Scotty Mcreery
Crazy Girl-Eli Young Band
Dirt Road Anthem-Jason Aldean
Somethings gotta give-Leann Rimes

If you're still clinging to summer:
Knee Deep-Zac Brown Band

If you like something slower:
Poison and Wine-The Civil Wars
Stay with me-Josh Gracin
519-Matt Wertz
**I'm Yours-Ron Pope

And just because I like them:
Lemme take you out-Bryan J ft. Travis Porter
Tonight Tonight-Hot Chelle Ray
What the hell-Avril Levigne

And last, I adore this video, so you should check it out
Honeybee-Blake Shelton

1st Impressions are everything

I successfully completed my first week of school for Fall 2011. Phew, boy am I glad thats over...Instantaneously I knew how I felt about every class, teacher and the people in my class. I got a good feel about how this semester was gonna go down with my roomies, school and new ward.

Now a lot of people say you can't know right away how you feel about someone or something, that you have to get to know them a little bit before you start doing that, so I wanted to see if how I felt was correct...

Me knowing me, realized that an early class would be utterly ridiculous and slightly foolish, therefore my first class starts at a pleasing 10am. Not bad huh? I initially tried to sign up for a 9am class because thats a good time too but it just didnt fit in my schedule, so 10 am it complaints over here. Being an overachiever I arrived about 45 minutes early for it, well not that much of an overachiever, I just underestimated my direction skills. But its okay because my daddy called to tell me goodluck on my first day of school and I thought it was so nice. So my first teacher is deaf. Panic attack. Now first off, I am one of those students who likes to ask a lot of questions and always know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Well shes deaf, so we dont understand eachother at all and this isnt going to exactly be possible. First thought, I'm gonna fail. Second thought, why is she making fun of us for not understanding her and embarrassing ourselves...isnt that the reason we're taking this class? because we want to learn? Oh well. Oh and did i mention its a non speaking class? A class that I have to be silent in, isnt exactly my kinda class but i'll have to get used to it.

WAS i right?
Well yes and no. I no longer think I'm gonna fail the class. I have surprisingly picked the signs up very fast. When youve learned a language before, its supposedly easier to pick up another one and I agree. I love that I can understand some of the things shes saying. However I still think shes not the nicest teacher I have ever had, the fact that shes deaf will make it a lot easier for me to learn. I am so excited at the thought of being completely fluent someday! I'm hoping on an A in this class :)

I hate you. You have never been a friend of mine, so the thought of you coming back into my life makes me sick to my stomache. So I know you've probably heard that there are Math people and then there are English people, I am hands down an English Person, a reading, writing and editing person. Basically I love it all. First impression of the class? Well I loved my teacher. Hes so flippin cool and its not like hes even one of those 20 something year old stud teachers so I automatically like him kind of deal. Hes way funny and wants us all to succeed. Within the first 10 minutes of class he made a Top Gun reference and in my book he was as good as gold, I knew he was alright. Now I'll be honest, I am so terrible at math, granted I havent taken it since my senior year of high school so its been 2 years. Remind me to tell my future children to get the stuff that they dislike most out of the way. I took the English courses right away and aced em and now I'm stuck with the math ones and even worse off then I was. Another failed class. Oh and the kids in the class...Well let me just say the teacher asked if it was 1 past the decimal or 1 passed the decimal and 90% of the COLLEGE students said 1 passed the decimal. Well there ya go, enough said. They are obviously all math people.
WAS i right?
I am actually hopefully gonna do really well in this class. Besides the fact that it takes me hours to do my homework, I got it all done and with 100%, not to mention I got a perfect score on my first quiz. And yes the teacher is still awesome. This class is definitely a lot better than I thought. I am so happy about this.

I love spanish so much. I have taken it for years and years now though, so taking an Intro spanish class...probably not the best idea. Well basically my teacher told me that this class wasnt for me haha which let me say is not my fault because I couldnt sign up for a higher level one without going to it. So I skipped 2 classes and found another spanish class. Now this one is just right or is it? Well its completely in spanish, which isnt a problem really, I was understanding absolutely everything he was saying and i was loving it however, I am terrible at conjugating which is kind of a necessity. I think its something I can remember easily though. My teacher seems pretty cool too.

WAS i right?
Well heres the thing, I actually dont know if I am going to stay in the class for more than one reason. One being yeah if I dont pick up this conjugating thing, I am not gonna accept anything besides an A in that class. But also, my first spanish teacher told me about  how she lived in the Canary Islands in Spain and she loved it and it got me to thinking, I would love to go to Spain. Dont worry, this all UVU has a great study abroad program, one that goes to Spain and it covers all of the Spanish classes and since I want to minor in Spanish, it would be perfect. It wouldnt save me any money, but it would save me time since I wouldnt have to take a spanish class each semester. I already emailed the professor in charge of it, so i'm crossing my fingers that it'll work out.

Last and definitely least HISTORY
Now I love history, my first semester at college i took a history class and l loved it. I learned so much and was taught a lot of cool facts I could throw out pretending I was really smart and all. Gotta love those right...But this history class isnt the same. Well for starters its a lecture class with over 150 students, no small intense discussions going on in this class...Its long and boring  and she just stands there and talks and talks and then she talks some more. Sometimes I find myself doodling or zoning out and I have to pay attention real quick so I dont miss anything. So much for me lovnig history and watching interesting movies.

And yes, I was 100% right about this class.
Still boring? yup. Still zoning out? Well duh. Great. I feel as though I'll still ace it but I dont see me liking it anymore, but hey thats okay right? You cant like every single one of your classes...I got perfect scores on my first three quizes. yes, I have already had 3 quizzes...All my teachers are doing everything online now adays which isnt really my thing because I find myself getting so easily distracting with facebook or online shopping sites and they are kind of complicated but if it saves some trees then great. I approve.

Oh I guess I shouldnt leave out my institute class should I?
Well I love it. Book of Mormon is pretty awesome. Now at first I wanted to take a dating and courtship class because I figured there would be a lot of really funny stories of boys persuing girls and advice on what to look for but I felt as thought I needed to grow more with the scriptures so I opted for this class instead and boy am I glad I did. My teacher Brother Hunter is awesome. Hes this little old guy and the first thing he says is a joke about going out and finding our sweetheart right after class...Of course a marriage joke..well I am living in Utah, gotta love it! I learned so much in just the first class. So me being a girl and well me, I was really hoping for some stud to walk in. In just one class, let me have a cute AND nice boy please. Lo and behold one appears. First impression-wow. Hes not usually my type but he is goodlooking, "really really ridiculously goodlooking." Long story short boy sits next to me and asks if he can sit there. I smile and say sure. Then being bold and wanting to know ahead of time if boy has personality so I say actually er well i'm saving it for someone...sorry and he laughs and says oh anyone but me huh? Impressed I carry on a bit, teasing and saying well actually yes and look around the classroom frantically. Boy finds me funny. Well thats good since I dont think I'm really that funny. I start to think though that he hasnt gone on his mission yet, he looks like he has somewhat of a baby face and sadness arises. Then he offers to get up and read his favorite scipture and as hes talking I hear the most beautiful words, "and on my mission..." hallelujah. Spirituality is such a turn on.

My ward: Is gonna be so fun. I can already tell. Everyones super outgoing and always wanting to play games and so forth. Boys? well no. But thats okay, they are just a distraction anyway.