Saturday, February 21, 2015

Suit Up

I love every swimsuit that is out this season. I am not even exaggerating, I have an addiction. I thought I would share where I am finding such cute stuff for all of you! I bet I have at least one place you didn't think to look!
I just ordered this for around $30! You seriously can't beat their prices. They have cute one pieces, bikinis and high waisted. Not to mention I got a really cute coverup from their as well.
This is the next one I have my eye on! I loveee their stuff. I just ordered the most perfect floral sale dresses from them too and I can't wait to wear them. If you are subscribed they send out great sale coupons every now and then or if you're a student you can be subscibed to UNIDAYS for a discount! That's what I use for Asos and Modcloth! I love everything from this store.
I got so many compliments on this baby! I love it and the skirt is removable too! If you're local to Provo I originally found this at Calledtosurf (they have such cute suits too & another store at the riverwoods has only swim) and I waited and waited and then it was gone. But good news I found it online and I used my Unidays discount and it was perfect.
Amazon has the absolute cheapest suits. Sometimes I have gotten ones that fit a little odd but for the price you can't beat trying because I have found a lot of cute ones too! Every piece from above is from amazon- each was under $20! If you saw my Hawaii post a lot of those were from Amazon too! They even have cute knock off triangl suits and for less than $30 I just gotta try 'em.
I had to. But this suit is only $43. I own it and let me just say it is absolutely perfect. It's SO flattering. For some reason I have no pictures in it but they have it in another color too! I love all of Victorias stuff but this was such a good deal I just had to share!
This picture doesn't even do this suit justice. Oh man. Or other department stores such as my favorite, Nordstrom have really cute stuff.
For anyone looking for modest suits this is your place. They have all sorts of colors and patterns and styles and they are so cute! This is my favorite style top and actually prob one of my favorite swims she has so don't be surprised if you see me wearing it or like 10 others that she makes. 
If you haven't noticed yet I love all the fruit patterns. I think that they, along with floral and bright swim are perfect for Summer! I got these bottoms and not the top- so I could instead wear a red top with it just for a pop of pattern. I like to be open and just buy a bunch of pieces I can intermix. Aerie has some really cute stuff this year!

You can also find really cute stuff at Urban Outfitters, TARGET (i love target), Etsy, or if you have money places like anthro or you can design your own at Kiniswimwear. <---I already designed my suit and have it saved on my phone haha for when I decide I can spend over $200 on a suit (I just can't). 

Be My Valentine: Mexican Edition

Lyle and I spent Valentines day in Cancun. We got pretty lucky for it to end up working out that way though, we didn't plan it. Lyle earned this trip with his job so that both of us could go- just like last year. We left the day before so the first night we just explored our beautiful hotel. It was seriously one of the prettiest hotels I've ever stayed at. The next morning we woke up and Lyle had ordered us breakfast in bed. I never got any pictures of the amazing french toast because it was the best french toast and I scarfed it down. I learned a new way to make my french toast even better. Holy yum. We got room service probably every morning. Then we went out to the beach. Lyle surprised me with a couples massage that was ahmazinggg. Then we went back out to the beach.
Throughout the day Lyle did such cute things to make me feel special. He ordered me the most beautiful floral arrangement with two dozen roses and wrote a sweet card. He had sparkling cider delivered to our room, a fruit display and more. 
Then this sneaky boy set up the most romantic dinner I have ever had in my life. He contacted the hotel before we even got to Mexico and they had a romance package that he booked. We were set up at different times so we weren't even there when other people were and it was perfect. The lobster was perfect and we had a guy serenade us on a saxophone, the service was amazing and we even got chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! One of my favorites :)
The hotel did this-so cute!
 We just layed on the beach everyday. Drank far too many miami vices and other saweet drinks. Oh and we swam with dolphins-something I've always wanted to do! But I think I will do a post all on its own for that because we have a video I have to crop! One of the coolest things I've done. So heres a jumble of some of our pictures.
We did the fish spa, went to the flea market and ate FAR too much. 
It was all inclusive and they had 9 different restaurants and everything was so good. 
And then I started feeling like I was on the bachelor (another bachelor reference) but really on Bachelor in Paradise they totally did the same thing. We repelled into this sink hole/cenote type thing and it was so cool. 
It was super far down! And oh don't worry our guide "forgot" to tell us their were bats in there! They kept flying around and it was freaky. There were two ways out. You could either be hooked to the pulley and they would pull you up which everyone but Lyle, me and a firefighter did. The guy did it first and I was like hey I can do that...I got a little competitive and I am so glad I did it. 
and then we went ziplining on two different ziplines
 and canoed to lunch!
Then finally we finished hiking Coba Ruinas. These are only 1/4 of the pictures because I'm tired but if you are ever in Cancun this excursion was amazing and you should do it!
Ignore my sweaty grossness! 
We snuggled and watched the bachelor with coconut icecream (yum!), I seriously loved everything about this trip. The room service everyday, having our bed made every morning, eating as much as I want (I don't normally have that luxury!), and soaking up the sun with this babe. Just relaxing was the best part in all honesty. I don't know how you keep making each trip, holiday, basically anything better than the last but you do. I am so blessed to call you mine babe. Happy love day.