Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sometimes in my life...

 i wish i was taller so i could reach the overhead bunks on an airplane. Sometimes i never realized how high they were (like what the heck) or how short i am, but thankfully sometimes after my long morning i look around helplessly and 5 guys rush over to help me and sometimes i'm reassured that chivalry is still alive because sometimes i know its not cause i was lookin good... Or maybe sometimes guys just like to show off their muscles and height and love to seem needed. & Sometimes i know this is true because i read cosmo. [sometimes i feel i should get paid for all the cosmo advertising...] and Sometimes both my suitcases are over by about 15 pounds. Crap. So sometimes i end up shoving everything into one and having to pay for one suitcase over 50 lbs. Sometimes i go to institute and we go over time [ like everytime i'm home...] and then i decide ill work Tuesday nights...Sometimes really attractive boys friend you and you dont know who they are but youre like dang hes cute and then hes 19 and hes not so cute. Sometimes i'm a really good best friend and when i'm texted asking to look up "i just met you and this is crazy" in french i do it. But sometimes i go over the top and do the whole chorus and in case you were wondering its... "Hey, je viens de te rencontrer, Et c'est fou, Mais voilà mon numéro, Alors appelle-moi, peut-être?" and Sometimes in return i make her write on a certain somebodys facebook so he'll see her and then obv think of me and call...Sometimes i'm practicing colors with my niece and nephew and i point to my arm and ask "what color am i?" Sometimes i think this is a safe enough question and he responds with "a different kind of white" and jumps away but as an afterthought he turns and adds "with freckles!" ooh connor i am sorry i was actually looking for tan...and these are beauty marks thank you very much. Sometimes theres a tornado warning and instead of camping out in the bathtub or basement i'm opening the doors and checking out the amazing storm bc who doesnt love a good storm and sometimes i hope that me and my little dog dont get carried away. Sometimes shannon makes me watch a movie and even though Channing Tatum is in it, i just can not overlook the fact that it was a terrible movie. sometimes i find myself finding the cook where i work attractive which leads me to believe sometimes i momentarily lose my mind or there are absolutely no guys in MD and i'm getting bored. Sometimes both. Sometimes mom and i rent Joyful Noise and i realize besides 2 good songs i now know why the movie did not do so hot...

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Gavy baby

 Counting down the days until i get to see Mr Gavin Degraw & Miss Colbie Callait in concert.
Hurry up Saturday!!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

[how to] REDO

Yesterday mom & i went to JO Annes and got all sortsa fun stuff to decorate my toms. We ended up getting 3 swatches of material because i couldnt decide and spent about $13. The good thing about how we did them is its gonna be easy to change the material for the seasons so i'm pretty excited about that. We folded the edges over and then hot glued them down. The lace, ribbon and buttons were added last. I was in such a hurry to put them up so it was good mom was there to make them look good and do it right. She even burnt her finger on the gun during the process but like a champ pulled through. I told mom we should start a business decorating and covering Toms. I LOVE them. One summer idea out of the way and plenty more to come. Let me know if you have questions :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo