Saturday, March 12, 2016


This was from last Fall with the rest of our California trip but I am playing a bit of catch up on our travels. If I could dream up a fairytale town, it would look a lot like Carmel, CA. My mom grew up in Northern California and told me we should make a trip to this little town and I am so glad we did. This top picture is a sweets store. Seriously? I felt like we were in Disneyland but we didn't have to pay $100 to enjoy it. There's ivy covered buildings, blooms everywhere and secret little alleys between the cute shops that led to secret gardens and little seating areas. Lyle compared the hidden passages to Diagon Alley and I have never been so proud in my life. An architect built several fairytale cottages throughout this cute town (Lyle is standing in front of one of them) but I felt like everything looked that way. We had the best hot apple cider while we explored this little town and I wish we could go back already.

Love, Cait