Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things i learned Friday:

I loved the long weekend, the longer the better. I had so many fun things planned and so i decided i would go to the gym and then stay in and knock all my homework out of the way. I was so proud of myself! But do you think the night really ended up turning out that way? Of course not. Heres how it really went:
Hayleys packing for Idaho
Me: (putting on my shoes) i'm heading to the gym, i'm probably gonna leave in 10
10 minutes later...
Me: (sprawled out across my bed, hayley and i are chatting) Hayley i'm really gonna go to the gym, i need to.
At this point Hayley doesnt believe me Hay: Haha you arent going
Me: (checking my email) Yes i am, i just have some important things to check first...
Hayley: (unconvinced) okay...
Me:(Im standing by the door) Bye Hayley!
5 minutes later
Me: (i walk back into the room) Okay youre right, i dont really want to go...
But in my defense, i went every single day besides then so it was okay!
So after blowing off the gym i decided it would only be smart to blow off homework as well (kind of like i'm doing right now) i thought it would be a good idea to see the vow and so did Annalisa! We loved it btw.
                                                                                                                                                                  Heres what i learned that day, besides blowing off homework is fun & when i say i'm going to go to the gym i'm lying:
  • Sometimes cars wont start and you end up stuck at a gas station for 45 minutes with only Annalisa and the creepy guy who keeps coming up to your car telling you whats wrong with it
  • sometimes the creepy guys who tell you your engines flooded is wrong and your engine actually isnt flooded, but you thank him anyway
  • sometimes boys are really nice and so willing to drive up and play the role of hero.
  • sometimes boys know nothing about cars but since its a manly thing to do they open the hood and stare at the engine for a good 15 minutes anyway and try to act like they do
  • and sometimes your little tiny room mate shows up all the boys and gets the car going again and youre so proud of her!
  • dont text someone asking if that was a mass text bc then they wont respond
  • dont go complaining to Heather and Philip that all you got was a mass text because they might say that they never got it
  • oh. well i guess sometimes you learn texts that look like mass texts arent really mass texts...
  • channing tatum should never wear a fedora, even if he is beautiful
  • no boy should...ever.
  • i would do anything for love is written by meatloaf..
  • meatloaf is such an unfortunate name
  • although channing tatum can serenade me to it if hed like
  • i need to keep a journal in case i ever get major head trauma and cant remember my life...
  • i want my husband and i to be just as spontaneous and adorable as they were in the movie
  • when i crave reeses, Dairy Queen has an amazing shake 
  • i need to take more pictures! i dont know why this is ever a problem since i love to
  • Corinne falls asleep with the light on
Obviously very important life lessons here people
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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