Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyday is my birthday!

but yesterday really was, and i turned the big 2 0, no longer a teenager anymore. The night before I flew in and got to spend my birthday with my family and it was amazing. Right before i left i celebrated with friends though which if great because i like to drag my birthday out as long as possible. My best friend Kaley took me out to lunch at Red Lobster and we got cheesecake ( my favorite) and they sang to me! And then after work that night i came home to a decorated apartment and lovely cake that Annalisa baked me :) so nice!

So yesterday i woke up surprisingly early because i didnt want to waste any time and came downstairs. My mom was shocked i was up so early and sad because she couldnt do her normal tradition of waking me up by singing Happy Birthday and being really loud. She did however surprise me with some really cute balloons! Then my mom, brother, sister and her two kids met us at IHOP and we had breakfast. I got chocolate chip pancakes :) yum. Then we spent the whole day shopping and even found some cute mini bday cupcakes! I channeled my not so inner shopaholic and in a span of 24 hours i hit up three different H&Ms- whoops i guess Utah needs a few more of those...I also got my red toms! and a bunch of cute clothes :)

Then i got a phone call from a certain special someone and it made my day! Thanks to all my friends and family who texted me, called me, posted on my wall, etc, you made my day perfect and I definitely felt the love! Then we picked up shannon from work at Target and i love Target so we shopped a bit and Shannon wanted me to see all her work friends so that was fun. Then the whole family went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was so good. I didnt even have enough room for cheesecake so you know i was full. We came home and the whole family sang to me and ate cake, i opened presents, and i finished the night up with another viewing of Tangled. Perfect day huh?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

i got it from my momma.

Dedicated to my momma

Happy Mothers day to the best mom in the world! Of course everyone is biased in thinking that their mom is the best but my mom really is. Can you believe that almost 20 years ago you were about to have me? For those who dont know i was born the day after Mothers Day. Pretty sweet gift huh? Mike said I should wrap myself in a big bow and pretend to be your present. Doesnt this sound like something i would do? :)

I'm so grateful to have such supportive parents. You came to every soccer, lacrosse and basketball game. You attended every dance recital and poms performance. You supported my desire to do absolutely everything. Looking back i was probably a pretty difficult kid. You've always said i was talented at everything i tried but without you driving me to and from everything, paying for everything and even coaching some of my teams i wouldnt have gotten anywhere. Whatever I wanted to do you were supportive. As a kid who did a sport every season (most of the time multiple sports at once) this was a pretty demanding schedule for you. As i've gotten older i've realized all you and dad have sacrificed for me and it means so much. I've always gotten to do what i want, all of us have. Its weird the things i know miss about you now, like everytime i wear and oxford shirt i go crap no one rolls the sleeves like you do? Stupid right i could ask anyone to roll them for me but i dont, if you cant no one can so i kinda do them myself and they look bad but oh well. I also miss you doing my hair. I havent had my hair french braided in like a year. My favorite way to wear my hair is with a braid in the front and a flower and i cant braid my own hair so i never get to wear it that way. I also miss your That 70s show laugh, or when you mimic my obnoxious laugh and i laugh harder and so do you. hahaha this happened all the time and by the end everyone would be laughing. Sadly out in Utah I havent really got into one of my obnoxious laughing fits. I also miss the smell of your perfume.

A couple of my favorite memories with you are:

-that one time we went to Marley Station Mall just you and I to get my prom dress and then we saw 17 Again in theaters just you and i. Everytime we got one on one time i loved it, especially when i was lucky enough to get it with you and dad, and every single time i would lean forward from the back seat and see "see this is what it would be like if i was an only child" and you and dad would laugh and usually point out that if you had had one kid it wouldnt be me. touche.

-youth conference. I dont even have to explain this because you know. That one time when the Eburg boys wanted to all drive with you and you were the coolest mom and they all loved you. Its funny how its always been that way. All of our friends have always loved you and dad. I even had friends (like jeff) writing you love notes haha. Everyone was always way jealous of my parents.

-my survivor birthday. I remember getting in the car and saying that i had an idea for my birthday. You ran with the idea and loved it. Every crazy plan or scheme ive had youve just gone with it. I'm definitely a little out there and when i get something in my head i have to go with it and you planned the best birthday ever. so creative. Even in coming out to Utah on such a whim when i came to you and said thats what i wanted to do with no notice, you were like well okay and made it happen in like a week. Sorry for being so impulsive...

-that soccer game where i made a bet with you that I'd score. And you knew I played sweeper and there was no way i would score and i was like ok mom lets make a bet, if i score i get uggs and i said it jokingly and you were like ok deal and i was shocked and then i was like ok well now i will and i score from behind half field and it sailed right under the bar. It was kinda beautiful and i looked at you and smiled and all the other moms were laughing at you. Surprisingly you kept making these sort of bets with me mom...

-when youd read harry potter and LOTR to nay and I and you would use voices and all three of us would cram in your bed and read them every night
-every sunday morning growing up my whole life, CMT was on. You would do my hair in front of all the country music videos and I would watch you put your makeup on or in the bathroom when you would spray 600 sprays of offense and you would say cover your eyes. That stuff got everywhere... I think my obsession with country music and widespan knowledge of it spans from that.

It's funny how much I am like you too mom. I definitely got how outgoing and social I am from you. I got your drive and ambition too. Basically all the good things from you. I honestly for the life cant think of the bas things. Probably because i got my stubborness from dad and lack of patience from well thats just me..I got your love for shopping, traveling and sports too. I'm sad to say i didnt get your green offense dad, your naturally tan skin(since i have to work so hard at mine) or your height but hey at least i got your great hair right? Thats what i get the most compliments on anyway and we know how much i love my hair. so thanks mom! I also would like to say thanks for the fashion sense and extreme competetive nature. I dont think youll agree but i got my outspokeness and bluntness from you. You always speak your mind and we all know i do too. Its funny i've met a few people who say my mom doesnt even know me and i feel like youve always known me, sometimes even better than i've known myself. You always know/knew who i was crushing on, what i liked and so on. I'm glad weve always been close.

Mom i can easily say you are the most talented person i know. Even Heather and people from the ward call you the jack of all trades, you can do everything. I hope when i'm a mom i can too. You sew amazing! My Trek dresses were hands down the best. You cook and bake great. I remember you making awesome cakes every year on my birthday. They were such time consuming cakes too, i would hover around you as you did the icing for everyone. Even connors Nemo cake was great! When you have time your scrapbooks are perfect too.You sing amazing. Oh i got that from you too ;) I remember that one time when Brother Yarn leaned forward after hearing you sing and told you that they needed you in church choir. Honestly the list goes on. This isnt flattery mom, i know that gets me nowhere, its common knowledge.

You have ALWAYS put me first. Always. Looking back i feel kind of selfish. You and dad always thought of me or your other kids first. When i made the dance team i came home to the Disney bag and all those goodies. When i turned 18 i think it was? You decorated the car and put fun things in it. You were always surprising me and i absolutely love surprises. Since i've been living out here youve sent me 4 or 5 packages and cards to take care of me. At girls camp i would always go back to my cabin at night and there would be a little note and candies on my pillow. After every big accomplishment you and dad were there cheering me on. When I did the 50 mile Alonzo Stagg Hike you and dad met me at the end and did the last couple miles with me. I remember asking if we were almost there yet and you saying it was just around the corner and we rounded the corner and i had a fit that you lied to me haha. During the Black Saga competition you would go over and over the questions with me on notecards for weeks and weeks. Thanks to you though we got first place in our school. Just looking back you were always behind me. You and dad were always making me feel special and treating me like a princess with my birthdays every year...everything. I was kinda spoiled, actually i am spoiled. I bet you wish you didnt create such a little monster huh? Just kidding you know I've always been grateful. I feel like i could write 10 pages alone of how you put me first or made me feel special because you were thinking of me...

Being so far away is definitely hard especially for things like Thanksgiving and Mothers day, days that ive never missed with you before, but when i see texts from you when ive been working all day and havent had time to talk to you that say i love you cait, they make my day and i'm glad to know youre thinking of me. I love that i still talk to you almost every single day, and i wonder if i will ever not need to talk to you so much...prob not. Youre one of my best friends and im so grateful to have a mother like you, i love you! I just wanted to let everyone know what a great mom you are.

I've been listening to this song A TON out here and it always makes me think of you and miss you :)

Happy Mothers day!- click this link!
Sadly the video wouldnt upload...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

so darn blessed.

So an hour ago i was feeling way blessed, i mean i still am, im very aware of how lucky i am but its funny how it all turned out. This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions between feeling blessed and not so blessed, but i love it- the good, bad and the ugly :)

BLESSED!--Today i had chinese food. Chinese food makes me SO happy. You honestly have no idea. I'm one of those people whose day can go from bad to great just by food. Its funny but ive always been this way, Meghan and i are the exact same. At breakfast we would both ask what was for dinner...and let me just say i have tried like 3 different chinese food places in and around Provo and they arent good. However, today, all that changed. Someone at work suggested this chinese place and it was sooo good. (i feel like this sounds like a fat blog and next ill start an entry about all the food i ate today...)

Yeah, NOT SO BLESSED!-- because i then left the amazing chinese food in Kaleys car. crap.

BLESSED!--My previous room mate Millie offered to drive me to the DMV so i can finish my residency stuff. I forget my license. Two days later my new roomie and longtime friend Rach offers to drive me to the DMV. yay.

NOT SO BLESSED!-- The DMV is closed. Really? twice now something comes up that makes me feel like i am not supposed to be living in Utah. However then Rach and i stop at IHOP and get chocolate chip pancakes and i'm feeling a little on the blessed side. 

BLESSED!-- only 11 days until i go home to see the best family that anyone could ask for! I cant wait for RITAS!! seeing my family and doggies and friends and everything. im way excited!

NOT SO BLESSED!-- i still have 11 days....and the past couple days have been really hard for some reason. I'm normally happy pretty much all the time but lately i've been i guess the right word is homesick? because i just keep thinking about going home and missing them and all that and its been terrible.

No but really, i can not say enough how lucky i am to keep in such great contact with my family and on busy days to get texts from my mom saying how much she loves and misses me. I have the best little niece and nephew too. Being away from my family has been the biggest challenge in my life, one that i chose by living out here but i know that im where im supposed to be so it makes it a little bit easier.

BLESSED!--My best friend Heather was in Disney doing an internship this semester and shes like family to me so having her here made things a little easier but this semester i didnt have her but Kaley and i have been hanging out a ton! Kaley and i met in September when we both had an orientation at Sizz and weve been way close since. I can not say enough good things about her, shes just someone i clicked with instantly. Tonight we went to Texas Roadhouse and it was so much fun! I can truthfully say that like 4 guys came up to our table and randomly talked to us and we werent even giving off the come talk to us was one of those nights where we had tons to talk about and were animatedly talking and im just confused as to why everyone chose tonight to talk to us but oh well it was so fun.

Not SO BLESSED!-- She lives in South Jordan...butttttt we are working hard to change that for fall because i would love it if she was my room mate!

BLESSED!-- i met the most perfect guy ever. I wasnt even really attracted to him when i met him to be honest but ive gotten to know him so well and he is exactly the type of guy i would want to marry. He's smart, charming, funny, talented and he fits my lengthy criteria. I've been waiting for a long time to meet someone like you

Not SO BLESSED!-- i finally found the right guy out here and hes taken. oh of course. good job caitlin, two thumbs up on this one. Go you...

BLESSED!-- I've been making way good money so i decided i'd treat myself to the red toms ive been wanting from Nordstrom.

Not SO BLESSED!-- they didnt have my size. However feeling a little blessed because i need to be saving up for a car so maybe it was a good thing although i know i will end up getting them eventually so there we are back to blessed...or maybe not. Hmm this one is tricky..

Also on a side note, H&M is coming to Utah and all i can say is why wasnt H&M out here in the first place? Back in MD it was one of my favoritest stores! Its like forever 21 because its so cheap and i love everything so this is pretty exciting for all you Utah people who have been so deprived.

SOO BLESSED!-- My aunt Tina was in town for a few days from Colorado for a Time out for women thing and i got to see her twice! On thursday after work she picked me up and took me out to dinner and wouldnt let me pay. Friday she did the same thing and even surprised me with groceries. It was so fun having some family to show my apartment and meet some of my room mates and hang out with. It definitely made my week! I love you aunt tina.

Not so BLESSED!-- shes gone now :/ and now i miss her and my family a lot more.

Also a lot of people moved out of the ward and its kinda empty. Bye kelly!

BLESSED!--i made bank at work thursday night, well for me. An all time high especially since im a new server. I made $70 in like 3 hours. Actually work in general has gone well i guess you could say because tonight i did expo and i didnt totally suck. I did kinda well i think?

Then later that night Mill said this quote and i thought it was way funny.
Me:"Look at all my 5's! I'm sucha good server"
Mill: "Look at all your 1's, youre sucha good stripper..."

Nope theres no downside to this one :) so i'll end on a positive note, bc those are the best

Life wouldnt be life if it didnt have all the ups and downs. Normally my life seems like its all ups but its only fair if every now and then i get some downs too...i mean i guess... but as you can see it was a busy last week in April for me