Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Home Home

How I have missed thee.

I arrived at the airport on Wednesday December 15th to see my whole family standing there waiting for me! Then they took me to Red Robin which is obv. one of the favorites. My family then proceeded to tell me they didn't put the lights up on the house and I was way upset and as I pulled in they told me to close my eyes, and the lights were on the house! and it was the prettiest it has ever been. Everything is great about being home, i love it. I recently compiled a list of all my favorite things about being home and some not so great things :

PROS (of being home):
*having a washer and dryer right in the house that you dont have to pay to use it and that actually works...
*it actually seems like christmas
*home cooked meals
*just the presence of my family
*being a kid again with very little responsibility
*i get to drive again!
*my doggies :)
*our beautiful flat screen tvs (sad i know)
* a break from girls- no offense to anyone
*sleeping in my own soft lovely bed

CONS (of being home):
*having white dog hair on absolutely everything
* no mountains :(
*being in a family ward where I cant pay attention

Well it seems the pros significantly outweight the cons of being home, maybe I wont ever go back...

just kidding!

Are your room mates as cool as mine, take this survey and find out!

1.On Tuesday, you spend all day at UVU and your phone dies so you cant contact your room mates and tell them you will be an hour or so late, so they:

a. throw a party & hope you never return
b. start selling all your things to pay for next months rent
c. send out a search party and then one room mate runs out dramatically explaining she thought you were raped and where the heck were you
d. go to sleep

Well if your response wasnt c, then you are one step further away from having room mates as cool as mine. Bummer. But really true story, this week when I was at UVU, I ran into my friend Bryce and he offered me a ride home and I like Bryce, so of course I took it. So Bryce and I just talk and talk and we realize we have so much more to say so we stand outside talking when I see three of my room mates with pepperspray and knives in hand leaving the apartment( okay just kidding they may not have had those, it's just what Heather said) and then Heather comes running out arms waving, yelling and starts giving a detailed description of what she thought happened to me when my eyes get big and I motion to Bryce...H: "oh..hey Bryce..." Well this isnt awkward, but really thanks guys! I'm glad I have room mates like you :)

2.You lose your debit card and then it gets lost in the mail and then you dont get it for like 2.5 weeks...umm cool, your room mates:

a. let you starve
b. make you green beans and mushrooms-both of which you dont like
c. eat the little bit of food you do have left
d. make you yummy dinner every night and randomly bring you home a cupcake just because!

If your response wasnt D, you are two steps away from having the coolest room mates.

3. The boy you like (who will remain nameless) is going to the same event and you think he's kind of into you but he wont make a move, so you animatedly go on and on about this boy dissecting every move you and he makes so your room mates:

a. say "Again? How many boys do you have?"
b. nod enthusiastically, tell you youre gorgeous and any boy would be crazy to not like you and then agree to call the boy and ask if hes going to the poetry reading and also be your wingman
c. put headphones in and walk away
d. point and laugh at you

If you had any other response besides B, your room mates are most definitely not as cool as mine.

4. Lots of good shows are on tv and you dont have the remote, but you see How I met your Mother is on and everyone loves that show so your room mates:

a. Duh. turn it to How I met your Mother..

There are no other options, this is the sole option, apt #220 loves how i met your mother

Well if you got 4 out of 4, your room mates MAY be as cool as mine but chances are they still arent.

I really hope I get 3 new room mates who are as cool as my room mates from this semester :)

Just another day in Provo

I had a To-do list a mile long on Monday because I only had two days until I went home to Maryland! Even though I was way stressed, I had so much fun. On Monday I worked all day and then I went home and started getting ready to go to the Salt Lake Temple with my FHE group. I was way excited because it was combined with Sheyenes FHE group and they are a lot of fun. Walking up to the door from work, there was a small white box that said to Apartment #220...well, i'll just put a picture :)
aww, how nice

But really it was to caitlin from taylor...hahaha considering I know his obsession with Marilyn Monroe and 2 days before this, my room mate Annalisa and I dropped my poster off on his door step and took off running, no sprinting. I was shocked we never heard anything, not even a thank you and then we got this on our step.

Looks homemade to me Taylor...

But then we got ready and seperated into groups to head to the traxx. Tanner (our hometeacher) drove Heather and I. We ended up getting super lost which was way fun and then sat on the traxx for like 20-25 minutes which actually ended up being really fun because there was so many people and we just talked the whole time. Once we got to Salt Lake we took tons of pictures and saw the lights. I have never before seen the lights at Christmas in Temple Square and they were so pretty. I'm really glad I got to do it before I went home because I had actually made it one of the things I needed to do before I went home. The other one was kiss a cute boy but that didnt happen in the span of 4 days before I left...what a shame.

When I was little I always wanted to get married in the Salt Lake Temple because it
looked like a castle for princesses but then I realized that
the D.C. temple is just as pretty :)
I got to meet lots of people in the ward that I hadnt got the opportunity to meet yet and played with some friends that I love.

From Left to Right: Sheyene, Me, Heather and Larissa :)
Afterwards we went to Hospital Cafe, oh my bad Cafe West...which is really cheap and open way late. I'm kinda in love with it. On Tuesday I spent all day at Utah Valley University registering for classes and such and even had to take off work that night because there was no way I was going to get out of there in time. Luckily I got everything done on my To-do lists except kiss a boy but oh well, some things can wait until I get back to Provo ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wanna hear how perfect my life is? Good me too...

Recent news catch up

I go home in 5 days and I can not even express the excitement or happiness at the thought of seeing my family after 4 months which for me is a lifetime. yayayayay

I love my job, the GM came in the other day and told my boss that he absolutely loved me and that I was so friendly and cheerful and did a great menu great!

WE GOT NEW COUCHES in the apartment. Big deal because the last ones looked like someone was so hungry they chewed them up. They are saweeeet. 

And in not so perfect news...
Recently a smooth move, I lost my license, debit card and bus pass. You gotta have a little rain with all the sunshine though :)

If taylor lautner wants brownies, taylor lautner gets brownies

So you have the best friends, boys trick you into thinking they're all nice and get your number and then you mistakingly like the wrong one because he wanted some brownies and when Taylor wants brownies, Taylor gets brownies but then you realize you really like his best friend who maybe likes you but you aren't exactly sure and you don't wanna look stupid and all along you were just confused because the one boy looks like Taylor Lautner except he is kinda rude (or so your best friend who knows you best thinks so) and you couldn't see past all the beautifulness and it wasn't really your fault was it? The answer is No. You and boy have a lot in common and he makes you laugh and hes way cool. Also he or his room mates may or may not have drawn a picture of him on his white board with a heart around it and my name in it? No clue and kinda confused by this actually... So boy should realize the error in your ways and ask you on a date but he has a really time consuming major and can't ever, ever do anything.

Then theres the soccer studs, who just know they're beautiful and you see them on the soccer field and they have your same number and you're like wow I bet we would have a lot in common and then you think I need to introduce myself to this guy because he friended me and so after the game you're standing there fighting with your best friend who says I'm gonna count and if you don't talk to him by the time I get to 0 we are leaving, so I start panicking and trying to work out what I'm gonna say and I finally walk up as I try to remember if I look cute enough to even approach someone like him and he's way nice and I'm surprised because I didn't expect this and then he shakes my hand and never breaks eye contact with his amazing gold eyes ( yes, they are gold) and I am starting to feel self conscious but the boys smiles and laughs and says he's glad I came to watch him play and he shakes his head as he realizes his error( which i have since learned is a trick boys do to make girls feel more comfortable) because he is not the guy to not seem smooth for even two seconds and we chat and hes nice but then you realize this guy is a player and there is no hope in them and this is very devastating.

Then theres the nice guy who you don't like initially or even think are very attractive but after spending a lot of time with them you think, hey I kinda like this guy and all your room mates want you to fall in love with him because you two would look good together because you both have black/dark hair? and you just dont know if you like him and you don't wanna ruin the friendship but you wanna wait and see where things go because you both have a lot in common, like Harry Potter and randomly looking out the peep hole to see if someones there even though there was no knock on the door. Hmm

Theres also the guy who has a girlfriend who none of your friends approve of and you don't even know why you like him...he's most definitely not your type. Luckily you are starting to come to your senses...

Oh we cant forget the RM, who doesnt even live in provo, who you dont like yet but there could be something there because he's way attractive and nice and funny but hes still in that awkward stay away from me youre a girl stage and you dont know how long thats gonna last because its always different and you kinda wanna marry the boy just to be in the family because you absolutely love them and your family would like it too but is it worth it? And will he change...

The hater. Well we used to be like best friends, we clicked right away and I liked him instantly he was one of those guys you see and youre like I just want to be friends with you so bad and then you get your wish and your friends and people see you everywhere together and they think youre an item and youre like woah I'm new in town I dont know if I want to be in a relationship right away because the boy tells you he likes you and writes you the best poems ever and hes cute and dresses nice but all along you tell him no, I'm not looking for anything right now and the boy repeatedly tells you he understands but nope, he doesnt. Long story short, boy gets mad and cant really be around you and then he tries but hes just different and not nice for some reason and you lose a good friend.

And last but not least there is the missionary, whom you have been best friends with since you were 14 and you met at a church dance and became best friends and you both didn't have cell phones so you emailed all the time and then you both got cell phones and you texted every single solitary day for a year except when you broke your phone, which was a lot because you are clumsy...and he would sent you texts, like on Thanksgiving when he said and I am thankful for Caitlin Leary and no Thanksgiving text ever topped it and then you and your friends would go visit him and his friends and you were all so close and then you realized you've always liked him and why did nothing ever happen, and why did I never say anything, oh probably because the timing was off and he had to go on a mission anyway and him leaving was one of the hardest things ever and you write and write to each other while hes away and you're just waiting to see if he comes home and things are different...

Well heres the summary on the boys. I hope you enjoy the vagueness and the run on sentences :)


The worst day ever.

Let me reiterate,
The worst day ever.

Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE shopping. I am commonly referred to by my family as a shopoholic. So when I was staying with the Mickels we went at midnight because she had to get something specific for one of the kids and it was a nightmare. Surprisingly I had never gone before and now I realize why I've lived such a sheltered Black Friday life. I almost lost both my arms and a little bit of my sanity. First off if you're claustrophobic, head for the hills. Its just crowds and crowds of people standing around waiting for what they want and they AREN'T friendly. So I'm sitting, I mean standing (don't even think for one second you can sit without getting trampled) for an hour or so 'til midnight and I'm kinda bored so lets try a little bit of small talk with those around me you know? Big mistake, this is obviously a Black Friday fo paux. I mean sorry I didn't get the Black Friday memo on how to act, I'm sure it was evident that I was new...You would have thought I turned to the woman next to me and publically announced I had the black plague by the look on her face. But when you look at the whole picture, I guess we were enemies, competing for the same things...Miss Shannon tried asking the group that was around what she wanted how this whole thing worked and they were like theres only enough for seven people and theres seven people here. The man then proceeded to count them all out for her. Ummm rude. I think we can count. Come to find out its not first come first serve. Its whoever gets the item first. I evaluated everyone around the toy, sizing up the competition.I leaned over and said I bet we could take them jokingly to Miss Shannon who let me add is very pregnant, except maybe the 6 foot guy who seemed to be the ringleader. 

Defeated we figured we might as well stay and find something else since the deals were way good. So we walk over to the huge masses of people surrounding the Wii games and DVDs. We decided to separate to cover more ground and since I'm barely 5'4 I couldn't see anything. But ahh, advantage. I was able to slide in and out of the people and got a front row spot. I like a little competition so I strategically mapped out what I would grab first and succeeded. Okay this can be kinda fun...So mission accomplished. Well the second mission, the first one was aborted. As soon as the wrapping was off all the displays it looked like a mad house. Literally. It was so crazy. Women were blocking out the competition with carts and setting picks. You would have thought I was playing basketball again the way these women were working together.  Walking up front to check I was getting fouled left and right. People were leaning on me and reaching clear over my head.There was pushing, hair pulling and people grabbing my arm. So I started yelling out what would you like? We've got a Harry Potter, a Letters to Juliet and a New Moon dvd. People starting yelling "I'll take one of those," "Oh I want that,"  and "Me!" Needless to say I made it out alive, but I don't think I will be returning any time soon. Preferably never. I would recommend the same for anyone who likes having two arms.

Home for the holidays!

OH WAIT. I actually wasn't home for the holidays,well Thanksgiving... I guess I was just confused because you're supposed to be home on the holidays but not me. This was my first year away from my family for any holiday, let alone a huge one like Thanksgiving. So depressing. However, I did have a great time in Spring City with the Mickels. The Mickels are good family friends and Dan taught my dad the missionary 
discussions and they still keep in touch which is awesome. Anyway they picked me up from work on Wednesday night and we drove the hour or so distance to Spring City. Over the next two days that I spent with them we saw Tangled, in which I decided I plan on growing my hair out like Rapunzel's. It took like two seconds for me to make this big decision. Then Heather Mickel and I made ginger bread houses, watched Christmas Vacation (Love this movie), Elf and went to lunch and saw the Manti temple. I've never seen the Manti temple in person and it was gorgeous, I love temples. I also got to shoot a huge gun which was pretty intense. I'm actually not a huge fan of guns but it was cool. It was a really fun couple of days. It still wasnt the same because it wasnt my family, but if i couldnt be with mine I'm glad I got to spend it with them.

I think it's pretty obvious which one's mine...
Yup, the bad one. But I get to make one more this
season so we'll have to compare the improvements..

The Manti temple :)