Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You may have the best boyfriend if...

1. The first night of your roadtrip you realize you tragically left your toothbrush at your apt and now you cant brush your teeth. You ignore the remarks from your sister about just brushing them in the morning and go into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Your boyfriend
a. tells you he doesnt plan on kissing you anymore
b. shrugs and tells you that you should have remembered it bc the night before you reminded him not to forget his...whoops
c. goes the mile down our hall, down all 18 floors or so & buys you a new one without you even asking him to...or giving him money
d. falls asleep in the middle of your sad saga
2. No matter what time of day you are walking down the strip, you are susceptible to hearing profanity or getting handed those inaproppriate escort type cards (dont get me started on those) and sometimes they even try handing them to you, youre boyfriend handles these situations by:
a. grabbing one of the cards & calling an escort on the spot- after all, two girls is better than one
b. high fiving the guys on their sweet job
c. grabbing your hand and pulling you away from the profanity, switches sides so you dont have to be handed things and tells you "hes sorry & he shouldnt have brought you here" even when its not his fault
d. tells you Vegas is just one of those cities and pulls you into the nearest casino to gamble
3. You have the biggest sweet tooth in the entire world. If you could have dessert for every meal you just might. One night you tell your boyfriend you want a specific dessert-one you just make up on the spot. Your boyfriend responds by saying:
a. you better LGN girl....who knows when i'm gonna propose
b. tells you that you have had more than enough sweets to last you a lifetime
c. tells you that he will drive around until he finds you just that
d. tells you that sounds amazing and he wants it too
4. When at the Bellagio fountains, the song from Titanic comes on to go along with the water show. Your man:
a. pulls you all the way to the front so you have the best view
b. complains that they should have picked a better song...maybe something weezer next time?
c. stands behind you, wraps his arms around you and serenades you with his oh so beautiful voice
d. stands in front of you and doesnt notice that you cant see a thing...
5. Picking music through the whole trip wasnt hard for us girls to agree on-lyle however got a pretty big dose of T. swift-lyle handled this situation by:
a. chucking t. swift out the window about a mile after vegas
b. rocking back and forth and putting his head between his knees
c. singing along & making up his own words to "i knew you were trouble" and then singing it extra loud from the shower hahaha
d. changing the radio station to country every chance he could
If your boyfriend opens every door for you, pulls out your chair, lays out in the sun with you, treats not only you, but your friends to things, lets you take a drink first when he gets a drink, makes your sister laugh pretty hard, handles all the checking in & out of hotels, helps make up the i love you game that he always wins...bc he cheats...,tells you that you always look good, laughs when you do funny kissing imitations of him (and vice versa) or talk about baby finn, tries to pay for absolutely everything even though you tell him you dont need a sugar daddy, makes you laugh harder than anyone ever has bc hes the funniest person in the world, doesnt get sick of you once with 4 days of 24 hours around eachother & neither do you! good sign right understands that you get nervous when you meet the most important people to him and gives you time, has the absolute nicest friends and family (i LOVE them),lets you obsess over his photo albums and how cute he is/was-por ejemplo:
dont get embarrassed that youre a stud and i posted this-he looks good in them all. Anyway, he still loves you when he sees you with no makeup on, lets you curl his eyelashes, lets you listen to country music even though he is not a fan and then watches you when you sing and tells you he loves when you sing and tells you country music suits you or says things like:
"you're my little sloth" i actually love this :)
"i love backstreet boys!"
"...this is nysnc"
"only dishes belong in the sink..."
"canoeing! i can cross this off my list for this year"
"you know it has a motor right? we arent really canoeing..."
pulls out phone.
"are you adding it back to your bucket list? youre so cute"
" i really realized how compatible we are on this trip, youre the one for me"
or lets me take videos of him you better know you are pretty lucky.
oh and p.s- if you got all C's on the questions you have a pretty dang good guy.
xoxo Cait xoxo

what happens in vegas

will most definitely not stay in vegas. just fyi
Never have i ever-been on a roadtrip (with anyone besides family)
been to California
been to Vegas
been to Disney Land
put my foot in the Pacific Ocean
or spent 4 days straight with lyle....up until 2 days ago.
Hows that for trying to doing something for the first time everyday? Crossed a bunch of fun stuff off my list :)
We got up pretty early Wednesday-we as in my roomie Shannon, my sista Shannon and my man, to start our roadtrip. yeah, it got a bit confusing...My roomies man was supposed to come as well but he ended up just meeting us in Cali but we all still wanted Lyle along and i'm sure Lyle was just dying to listen to some tswift and bond with us ;) The ride down was full of the best roadtripping games a person could think of-thanks to my room mate, and a food stop in St Jeezy. We arrived in Vegas and i loved it instantly! Still doesnt surpass my love for New York but its up there. We stayed in the Stratosphere- which in my opinion was one of the coolest hotels there.
My top 5 parts of the trip:
1. ring shopping at Tiffanys
2. 'tis a secret ;) 
3. Laying out at the stratosphere and getting SUN
4.having the best meal ever with my cousin & his family
5. the new york hotel
Day 1:We went shopping and sight seeing- i am amazed at all we managed to cram into one day. Lyle even wanted to go into Tiffanys-yes lyle, but it had nothing to do with my eyes getting big, my pointing and saying Tiffanys!...nothing to do with it at all... and then I picked out the prettiest ring ever! We were sold until they told us the price and then we said well goodbye, its been fun.We went into the Venetian hotel, the Paris hotel, saw the Bellagio Fountains, the Mirage show, were treated to an amazing dinner with my cousin Jeremy, his wife Monica and their beautiful girls, grabbed a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 -loveee it, got to go to the top of the stratosphere for free! since we stayed there...i watched lyle gamble (responsibly!) where he won $20 but the guy next to us lost $1,000 in 5 minutes...ouch...It was such a different experience- you hear so many bad things about Vegas but i loved it!
imitators from the Hangover were everywhere! these guys were the best :)
^ lyle thought about it ;)
Day 2: We woke up and layed out at the pool at our hotel. AHMAZING. I am slightly embarrassed to say i am a sun worshipper all the way- from sun up to sun down i could lay by the pool...poor lyle however was done about an hour in-he was getting a little burnt. :/ Lyle treated all of us to Pina coladas or daquiris and the day got that much better. Us three girls bonded when Lyle went into the hotel to hang out for a bit. Then we all got ready and went to the Coke & M and M factory and had dinner at the Hard Rock. After that we headed to cali.
Day 3: Disney Land!! I'll be honest Disney world > Disney land. But maybe its just because i'm an East Coast kind of girl. The weather was so nice and we got to hit up all the major rides right away with no wait! We got pretty lucky. We really hit everything we wanted to see and it was great. I LOVE fireworks but we were so beat we didnt get to stay and see those. All in all it was a good day.
what the woman thought lyles name was...hahaha uh
"duck faces" we think we are so funny
^ lyles idea. i approved
Day 4: We went to Laguna Beach and layed out ALL day. It was freezing until about 1 though and then the sun came out.
sorry for the PDA...well, kind of
now i'm back in the real world and procrastinating studying by blogging-but its worth it.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, March 18, 2013

when nay comes to visit...

Sometimes your little sister comes out to visit and you are so excited bc shes never visited before and you map out all these fun things to do with her but you realize theres not enough time in one week to get it all done :/ but anyway you help make a bomb dinner and then she gets stuck in Arizona for days...and by days i mean til midnight...when she was supposed to get in at about 2:30...
sometimes your boyfriend takes you to pick her up and youre all nervous that they wont hit it off and he goes "i might need to take another lap around-i'm so nervous"...he was kidding of course. and then sometimes you think its a good idea to hike the Y so you get together a group and decide to hike it. But then sometimes it turns into a competition and you want to speed up the mountain but no one else is down...and then sometimes you get to the top and it turns into a full blown photo shoot...but before that Nay manages to drop her phone down the Y-but spidey steve was able to scale down it and save the phone
lyle and his soon to be sister ;)
cute face ly
and then sometimes you go to dinner with your boyfriends family to chilis and nay says "youre getting a really good family" and i agree. sometimes unflattering pictures like this are taken...and you dont know why you are posting it again...on your blog. and sometimes you all decide to go see Wreck it Ralph at the dollar theater and by all you definitely dont mean yourself and sometimes you have the worst headache and arent super into the movie until..."oorreo, oreo" and then you cant stop laughing and laughing and its loud and lyle tries to whisper shhh but he doesnt wanna sound like a jerk and you realize youre prob embarrassing him but oh well. Nay got to go shopping, lyle brought over his oldschool nintendo games and put her in heaven, i made her breakfast since we were too lazy to go to kneaders and just got to hang out...And then sometimes you decide to go on a roadtrip :)....
sorry about the picture overload
xoxo Cait xoxo