Monday, May 24, 2010

Awkward SNAKES & missionaries

So I've been thinking about this post idea for a while and it has just all come together. By the way sorry I post like 5 in one day, sometimes I dont feel like writing them and then somedays I wanna write like 20 but anyway this post stems from a story one of my closest friends wrote. So my good friend Philip is in Brazil and he wrote my best friend the funniest story about some crazy girl he encountered in his mission. Let me first say the story isnt funny but the fact that we could totally picture philip responding this way and just his response to it was pretty funny.

So this girl goes up to him and his companion and starts hitting on them basically and she keeps touching phillips thigh as shes telling a story and hes super uncomfortable because obv missionaries cant have contact with girls like at all and shes like stretching so her mid drift is showing and being absolutely ridiculous. She goes on to try to talk about some super innapropriate things with them and they have to eventually send her away. Poor philip :( He was like if I'm this super awkward I cant even imagine how I'm going to be when I come home....

The thing is I feel like most mormon girls realize how awkward missionaries will be when they return home, I mean its sort of expected...People always say "a situation is only awkward if you make it awkward." I definantely do not agree, it can be awkward if he makes it awkward, even if I am trying my hardest to make it normal. For example, I just went on a date with a returned missionary and I mean he has been home a bit and were good friends so it was chill but the hugs are always the worst. Its not the hug itself, but the way they approach the hug. I mean hugs are normal and shouldnt be an awkward or nervewracking thing. I feel like they are like aliens because they dont know any music or movies so its so funny trying to talk about things.

Right now I can easily pinpoint which guy friends of mine will come home super awkward and which wont. Well they all will be to some extent but I actually would prefer that because it means they abided by the rules of staying away from girls on their mission. Hahahaha we have this one friend who we wonder if he will ever be normal again after returning home. I will definantely have to pray for him to get over it or find an equally as awkward girl. But anywayyyyy my friends dad was telling me that snakes are girls on missions who try to flirt with a missionary and get him to like her and they pretty much distract them from what they are really doing.

THESE GIRLS make me SO mad. Honestly if I ever meet them...I dont know what I would do...I just picture them coming onto some of my friends who are doing Gods work and I cant believe it. Please do not hit on missionaries. I mean I'll admit, I have seen some absolutely gorgeous missionaries. This quote is from a friends blog and it ends this blog pretty nicely. It is possibly my favorite quote ever and I am still waiting for someone to make me a book mark of it or something.

"Believe me, I understand the appeal of missionaries. As 19 to 21-year-old boys, they are right about my age. ...Typically, they are good boys, in tune with the Spirit, happy to serve others, good at talking to people, hard workers. They walk around or ride their bikes a lot, so they're probably pretty fit. They keep their hair a respectable length and never look too scruffy or unkempt. And there's two of them."

"So, that's great that you didn't flirt with him. That's awesome that you just really connected over the scriptures. Good for you abiding by mission rules as you purely lusted after the cutie with the name tag."
-this was by heather connor and its brilliant.

i love the weekendd

So this past week was chill, not much I really had to do for once so it was nice not running around. On friday I went to the Orioles vs. Nationals baseball game with two friends and the one girl brought some guys from jmu who were all pretty nice. Our seats were so sweet but okay there were like 3 full rows surrounding us of like these absolutely gorgeous girls all dressed in tiny red and black clothing. They all kept standing up and hugging eachother and then more and more of them would come. And all the while I am trying to watch Nick Markakis in right field.. I was like is this a sorority or something? because every girl looks exactly the same. Most were in the tightest/tiniest dresses a girl could possibly wear with 4 inch heels and they were trying to climb over seats...But anyway i finally went, um what are you guys a dance team..a sorority? She goes oh were actually the Redskins cheerleaders. ohhh okay. After finding this out I was a little more leniant because my family and I are HUGE skins fans so it was pretty cool. And the orioles won the game so win win in my book. But it was funny because we left before the fireworks and I was bummed because i loveee fireworks but anyway we ran into some of our friends on the metro from church. I knew they were there because I was actually texting one of them through the game. Heres how our convo went:

me: "man you guys really should have came and sat with us"
reggie: "we were but then we got better seats so we decided not to"
me:" oh thats really a shame because the redskins cheerleaders were right in front of us"
all the boys at the same time drop their jaws and complain...
reggie:"WHAT?!" why didnt you tell us, we would have been right over"
heather:"you prob wouldnt have liked them though because they didnt seem to have morals"
me:"and by that she means they were dressed SUPER immodest"
all boys make noises/comments of jealousy and sadness since they werent there.

hahaha all boys are the same :)

Saturday was uneventful, so onto Sunday. I went to a good friend of mines farewell and it was pretty depressing but I'm glad that hes making such a good decision. However, his girlfriend was there and she hates me so it was pretty awkward. Although she has no reason to hate me...and he even told me that but she apparently does and she deleted me of his facebook ( dear boys, this is unacceptable, do not date controlling girls). But really I dont think I'm a hateable person at all...shes just mad that we are so close. She wouldnt even let us hug him..he tried to shake my hand.

"i know for a fact that you havent been set a part so i dont think so"
So I hugged him and i think i deserved that hug for driving 30 minutes to see him talk in church. Especially since I have gone for the past two and theres only one more to send off. (out of our 4 eldersburg boys who we hung out with all the time) but really it is such a pet peeve of mine when someone in a relationship hates the girl or guys good/best friend that was there far before the other person was. I mean when someones engaged or married its different but we arent there yet so calm down.

dear boys,

 I only find the bad ones.

In my life I have a boy who has a girlfriend who thinks its okay to text me everynight at 11 to come over. Now in my book this is called a bootycall and I am not a girl who you would call for such a thing. Sorry to dissapoint boys. Sadly though i feel like I bring this upon myself though because i love cocky/confident boys. I always always always pick the head athlete and boys that arent outta my league but truly have different standards than I do anyway so I always end up wasting my time.

so theres josh and yes I am using his real name because 1. i highly doubt he would ever read my blog, its really just for my personal use and 2. i also really dont care, because boys with girlfriends who talk to other girls are losers and i have zero respect for them.

So its 12:50 am and josh texts me "wanna come chill with me :) immm verrry bored"

no, actually I dont. Thanks though. I proceed to tell him that I am an angel and he is wasting his time which surprisingly only makes these boys try harder like I'm some kind of conquest, but really...I'm serious.

"ur as beautiful as one but i bring out the darker side in everygirl"

WHAT a lineeeeeee. wow. now sometimes i am a fan of unbelievably cheesy lines but really?

I mean I will admit I can be very flirty and a tease sometimes but i dont think every boy will fall for it and they always do so..but i also feel like its because im in Maryland and i dont want to waste my time with boys who have no morals but thats really the only boys that are here because im not at byu yet and all my friends are on missions/about to leave.

I also have creepers everywhere I go, as stated in the previous blog although im not bragging about this because i know creepers go for everyone. Seriously the other day I was walking into Ross ( to find another pair of heels that I really didnt need) and this guy is sitting in his truck and he proceeds to try and talk to me.

"hey girl" no response
"hey beautiful" i like this one better but still no response
"hey little one" okay im really not that like 5'4..should i be insulted?
he just kept going on and on and not once did i look in his direction

I have gotten really good at ignoring guys when they try to talk to me and I dont do all guys just creepy ones at gas stations or in cars. I mean I feel I'm approachable...if youre normal. But one time I was running and this guy slows to a stop an actually stop on a road to try to talk to me. 1. i am running, leave me alone and 2. i look really disgusting. After this incident I begged for a gym membership to save me from the honking and creepy men of the road.

I mean I feel like everyone comes to me about their relationship problems and I actually do a good job and I'm a pretty good matchmaker considering I have never really had a boyfriend. I've gone on lots of dates but I have this terrible disease where its all a game and as soon as the boy likes me, I've won. But really its slim pickings out that is also the case. Oh I lied, I had a boyfriend from like first grade to sixth until he broke up with me because I wouldnt kiss him. hahaha embarrasssing. But I was a late bloomer (i dont think this is the word but whatever) what can i say? Luckily he and I are still friends.

this leads me to my next boy though sam, my elementary school bf. After he broke my little heart, but not really, we remained friends, as mentioned above. But now the boy texts me sending pictures of his muscles and asking me to come to frat parties with 1. frat boys who drink and party are initially appealing for some crazy reason but then in a split second I realize that they have nothing to offer me. Key word being me because I'm sure they would make great guys for someone else. and 2. friendddd zone. Why would i want to ruin our great friendship?

It also bugs me when boys think they know me and try to tell me who I am...I am sorry no one really knows me but me...and my family...heather and other close friends and prob tommy, but thats it. so below are some recent things i have gotten that really arent so true..

Brendhain tried to diagnose me as and i quote "maneater" because he is a psych major so he proceeded to tell me everything that I did and that I did it on purpose. I really dont though, I'm just nice to those who people arent nice too and they take it wrong.

then theres david who said " if you werent so hot youd be in a relationship but no ones good enough for you" woah woah woah that is so not true, boys here mistake standards for shallowness or things of that nature.

and michael who thinks i am so picky and i should just settle for the next guy who talks to me...great idea!...

i would like to apologize for the all overness of this post, I had a lot on my mind about boys that needed to come out.

love, caitlin

A new phobia?

So I really only had one thing that scared me in my life up until a couple weeks ago...spiders. I absolutely hate them.And no joke I woke up with a spider on me when I fell asleep in the living room and I about had a heart attack. Now I've always been fine with snakes or lizards and such like that because my dad is pretty much another Steve Irwin...he could have his own show on Animal Planet if he really wanted because he knows everything about nature and animals. A lot of my childhood memories with my dad involve going to the creek, hikes and what not just being in nature and looking for "creatures." I really enjoyed it but i would rather be at a sporting event, shopping or really anything other than playing with bugs.

However last week i was driving home from school and i realized that i didnt put gas in the car. Actually i didnt realize this, i knew all along that i didnt put gas in the car, i just thought my car would hold out. I always push my car to the very last bit of gas. Seriously every single day my dad told me not to let it get that low because one day I would run out. And I am very sad to admit he was right since i am the most stubborn person ever. Now not only do i hate to get gas because it is such a freaking waste of money and so unbelievably expensive and i could find hundreds of other things to spend that money on...but there are ALWAYS creepers at the gas station.

"Here dad I'll give you 20 bucks and you go put gas in my car"

Any chance I get I try to get someone in my family to put gas in my car because no matter what time of day I go to the gas station I will promise you there is a creeper there. Lately though, they are everywhere. But anyway back to the real story so Im coming home and literally a couple minutes away and I'm pressing on the gas and the line from the gauge is going to 0. It was seriously in slow motion...and i had to get off the road and fast so i pull onto this random street. I also never knew that when you run out of gas your breaks dont work either although im sure this is common knowledge or something but it was news to me. So luckily i didnt hit a tree or anything but i was stranded there until my sister and brother in law rescued me a while later. Now before you start off with all the sexist comments such as girls cant drive and oh look another woman driver proving our point, let me just say that the gas gauge is already stupid and it like fluctuates the whole time youre driving, so you never really know exactly how much gas is left, you just have to estimate. So now everytime im in this car i have crazy anxiety that I'm going to run out of gas and it is really annoying. I'm sure soon I will have to seek therapy for this newfound phobia.

^this is the new name for this phobia. creative? no. but I just named it this and what i say goes :)

i love [my] family.

So since I'm pretty much the best sister ever, i took on the task of watching my almost 2 year old nephew connor (with the help of the family) for a couple days while my sister was in the hospital delivering my new neice cassady. Now since it was an emergency C section she was in the hospital from tuesday to saturday. But hard can putting a 2 year old down to sleep be? I mean not that bad right? wrong. Well first off connor cant sleep without having the television on, so we have it on and he finally decides he wants to go to sleep around 1230 which is fine because my bedtime is like 2 ( perfectly acceptable for a college student). But with such circumstances i figure i should sleep when he sleeps. So i turn off the television, which was a huge mistake because he sits up screaming. Cool, just my luck. So then we spend a couple hours watching family guy... Then he sleeps. 8:00 sharp connor sits up and is perfectly happy and ready to start the day. Me on the other hand not so much.

 Now i used to never need sleep, like in high school i would stay up til 1 or 2 then get up at 5 every morning for seminary and be perfectly great. My friends at school would remark on how happy and cheerful I was in the morning and what the heck was I on. But these people dont see me for the first 15 minutes after i wake up, I'm pretty much silent (very much enjoyed by the family im sure) and as rude as it sounds i ignore anything anyone says to me. However, other than right after I wake up, I am just naturally an optimistic and happy person, which I'm sure can be annoying at times..but I'm not over the top. But now a days any opportunity i have to sleep is welcomed. I'm still very much a night person but i love to sleep, so connor waking up ready to go was like really? I definantely realized how as much as i love little kids i am definantely not ready to have them. I am so thankful for my family and i am glad that we have a new addition.

After a very intense hospital visit, with the doctors not finding cassies heart beat, meg fainting and then needing an emergency C section, I am very excited to welcome Cassady Rhys Mcgovern at 7 lbs and 12 ounces to the family. (prounced reese, its irish) Shes perfect and momma and baby are both healthy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

but its my birthday...

So my 19th birthday was yesterday and it was amazing...i woke up and felt the same as any other day besides the fact that i had 20 text messages to wake up to. I had to go to school like normal and even work but i also got to spend the day with my amazing family and some of my great friends. My best friend heather and i went to panera and she got me the most amazing rain boots and poster ever. (you know me far too well). Random people were holding the doors for me and when i was running this guy even cheered for me. Heather says "its because everyone knows its your birthday." I also got a letter from my friend jared directly on my birthday which made me happy because as stated before, i love letters. I was sang to at least 4 or 5 times. Once by my dance class which was surprising but really nice :) they are such beautiful singers. i pretty much felt like a celebrity. I also got like 200 something post on my wall and it really made my day, what didnt make my day was responding to every single one of them. But thank you so much everyone.Although in journalism i sat there and didnt really do any work because it was my birthday..i honestly say this like 100 times on my birthday. "shannon can you bring me the laptop? its my birthday :)" i overuse it but since the day happens once a year i get away with it. For my birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse, the best placeee ever. i got steak and strawberry lemonade and cheesecake and cheesefries. The food there is absolutely amazing. I cant wait to go again. My mom even got me a tiara hahaha that i accidentally broke..but it was easily fixed :) At the end of such a good birthday i realized how blessed i am for such wonderful family and friends. There really was only one person missing from my birthday and i missed his text dearly because they are always the best. This is my last year as a teenager so i better do as many teenage things before i can no longer get away with them, good thinking i know.