Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Run Caitlin Run

You know those summers where youre like i'm gonna do this...i'm gonna go here or see that, etc etc etc. Well for once i feel like my summer goals are in sight. They are always these 3. ahem 1. get in shape 2. make bank and 3. get black. Well i am happy to announce that they are getting accomplished. Slowly but surely. Number one being what this post is about. I finally made it up to 5.4 miles the other day! And my bucket list goal of running a marathon and a half marathon is doable. Will i find time this summer? Probably not- summer is slipping away so fast. I just got an email yesterday saying "The clearance sale is almost gone, just like summer." Wow buzzkill thanks. But i hope i can find time in the fall with my busy schedule. People find lots of different reasons to run and i feel like if more people ran they would feel way better. I have gotten to the point where i need to run every day and I will think and talk about it until i finally do. It has paid off though because i have lost over 11 pounds and the fact that i can fit into things i havent been able to fit in is amazing. The moms and i went shopping last week and i tried on all 4s in abercrombie. My goal is 20 pounds and i have 22 more days. Hey it could happen. The obsessive calorie counting and running work. So heres some inspiration, some great workout music: well if youre a girl...
Dev-Bass down low
Cher Lloyd-Want U back.
one direction-one thing
sean kingston-beautiful girls
kesha- kiss N tell
Far East Movement-Like a G6
at least these are what pandora keeps playing lately so these are my as of late running songs and if good music isnt enough of a push how bout a good wardrobe? If youre anything like me it'll be the best push for you. I keep finding the best sassy running shirts that make me want to run.
This website has so many cute running shirts with great sayings. Love them all.
Inapropriate? yes. Hilarious? yes. This is for all those harry potter fans. Such a funny workout shirt.
I love every single Nike T shirt. My other favorites consist of "Dont sweat my swag" "I play for kicks" and "kiss my sass" They arent all on this site but they are all Nike so you can buy them at many sites.
I love all Nike everything- its the only brand i use for shoes and my fav for shorts.

This website definitely works for my southern state of mind & is perfect for a girl who loves bows.
Just remember: "your mind gives up before your legs do." &
I am a firm believer in mind over matter and it proves accurate in my life.
good luck.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Chocolate wasted.

but not really...
because we went to Hershey Park yesterday and didnt eat one single piece of chocolate...
Shocking i know. We just were such on a mission to hit all in the rollercoasters, no time was wasted in the gift shops. If you've never been to Hershey Park you should go. It is HUGE and the price is good. We coulda spent 3 days there to be able to do everything. We all had a lot of fun and were sad our prego mego or her fam couldnt come. Heres some quotes to show you just how our day went:
"shannon, you act like we never take you out in public..."
"Hey i'd rather her be like hey i'm gonna jump a fence girl rather then mopey fact girl...Hey do you guys know how many puppies were killed..."
"Can you go a whole hour without saying something depressing?"
"Then he took off his hat and then he was bald..."
"those arent the lyrics..."
"I'm actually gonna be rascal flatts new writer, they should change the lyrics."
"i bet their next albums gonna tank..."
"Shane do you know how many calories are in that?!"
"mmm these calories taste good."
"Are you making up your own lyrics again caitie?"
"jeez look at my ethiopian siblings..."
"can you please stop doing your step routine, its a little embarrassing..."
"wow guys can you believe i remember two of my routines from 8th grade?!"
"please stop."
"no i'm like one of those street performers, at least im entertaining"
the band perry comes on and the family breaks out in song
"wow and you guys call me embarrassing? this is like disney sing along"
"it wasnt terrible..." "...mom, you were practically crying..."
"look at that creeper staring at us"
"hey guys dont worry, i'm going to go get help, sit tight!"
"am i the only one enjoying this rain?"
"my makeup is running down my face."
"hes probably looking at my hair, not me, boys just love it"
"you arent supposed to say things like that out loud."
We only managed to get an end of the day photo after the morning started off with rain and my poor mother holding our paper map over her head. We all can imagine how well that worked out....Afterwards though we got a beautiful day of sun. My knee started to bug me an hour or so into the day and i didnt have my brace so that made for a really long day.
Hershey Park even had a zoo type thing that everyone seemed to really love. My family could have spent all day there meandering through the animals and spending a good chunk of time. I however was getting hungry so i popped a squat in front of the deer where i got an entertaining show from some squirrels...obv it wasnt my thing if i found your everyday animals of squirrels and deer more interesting than big cats or bats. In my defense there werent giraffes or elephants.
I even convinced mom and dad to ride the ferris wheel with me even though they both hated the height and having to stop at the top. Mom told me to stop moving. Mom told me to stop talking. Mom was really having a hard time. I however loved it and we all lived- like i knew we would.
This was my 4th time to Hershey Park- 1st time in elementary school with the Lancasters and the 2nd two times with my choir in middle school and everytime i have had a great time. I cant wait to go again and do the water park. There is still so much to do!

xoxo CAIT xoxo

ello USA

There are so many reasons why people watch and love the Olympics & here are mine.
numero uno reason being:PRINCE HARRY.
 I am not gonna even cross that out and pretend that there is another reason...i mean there should be another one but well honesty at its finest here
in the words of my mother, "he's to drool for."
like mother like daughter i guess because i am in a constant state of hope that the camera will scan to the audience and show prince harry. Mum [you like that Harry? I can pick up the brit lingo
for ya] told me that he wouldnt marry an english gal because the people of England prob wouldnt like that and all i gotta say is Harry hasnt met me yet. Oh and did i mention he has an accent?
numero dos reason being- winning looks.
When dad starts to yell at the olympians-especially my olympians i get a little defensive. "Dad please stop yelling at ryan, he doesnt like it!" or "youre stressing him and now youre stressing me." I like to talk for them and act like i know how and what they are thinking. Nathan, Ryan and Sam. P.S-Adrian is 6'7!
numero tres.-gymnastics is my favorite thing in the world.
Gymnastics and figure skating are my favorites. Not really surprising though since everyone likes those but i REALLY like those. I cant help but scream-yes scream-everytime one of our girls steps out or wobbles. Our team is amazing and poor Jordyn was screwed in the all around.
numero quatro- Alexandra Raismans....parents.
Hahaha watching them was almost better than watching the olympians. They looked like they were on a rollercoaster ride the way they were moving it was hilarious. The parents in general are awesome to see. I love when they show the parents after their son or daughter wins-its adorable.
numero cinco-they take place in LONDON!
I would give my right arm to go to London. Scratch that, i would give my left arm.But anyway i love when they show the scenery from London during the commercials. Its so beautiful and i cant wait until i go there. But it really all comes down to the fact that the olympics dont happen every year and the best athletes around the world come together and compete. You cheer for your country and hope for the best. It creates unity and makes me proud to be American. And coming from a girl who loves sports and loves competition- olympics are my kinda thing. i guess you could say i fancy them.

Oh and i cant forget the Olympic commercials, they beat the superbowl commercials in my book.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Monogram It.

Craft Idea #4. monogrammed shorts. CHECK
I LOVE monograms. If i could monogram everything i would. Since i have started running every day i thought i needed some cute new running shorts [obviously] and of course i monogrammed them. Initally my grandma was going to do them but her embroidery machine didnt do the lettering big enough. With some help from Buffy I was directed to a place that would do them. I seriously had the guy go through every single font and lettering possible to make sure they were perfect. HOW CUTE ARE THESE!
so i then got all of them done...
Even better i got the green Nike pair for only $8.99 at TJ maxx. It made me feel a little guilty for the prices of the others. By the end of the summer i hope to have a lot more. I want to be able to do this:
I have gone monogram crazy. As i was getting the shorts done my mind was already wondering with what i could do next. I want to do towels, sheets, shirts, jewelry, etc. Oh gosh just wait til i have a child...I have my eye on a necklace and a jacket right now.
Oh and my next monogram to do?
Recreate this outfit- monogram and all.
At this rate it might just be cheaper to get an embroidery machine...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Life Happens

In recent news:
Cassady is now 2!!
^hence the shoe fetish...
Cassady says i love you every two minutes. Cassady has a shoe fetish. Cassady doesnt like it if you look at her too long and gets shy. Cassady loves shopping. Cassady is a little princess. Since the summer is so short i need to keep reminding myself to do little things for them and be around them so they can remember it. The other day i bought them coloring books randomly for fun and you would have that i took them to a toy store. They loved it.
& Connor turned 4!!
whats that meghan? no guns? dang guess i missed that memo... ;)
He is such a STUD. I love his little fohawk. The second picture is connors really fake smile hence the crazed look. For his birthday we went to pizza hut and he was itching to open his presents. It drove Sean crazy that Connor couldnt focus at all on the present he got but rather on to the next. I spoiled him like the cool aunt i am and had lots for him to open. I dont know if you noticed that there arent any recent pictures of the two of us but thats because the boy can literally not sit still for a minute. This was the first year connor got a "normal" cake because he has always had specialty cakes- a nemo or an optimus prime cake and he noticed haha and even said so. The things that come out of his mouth never cease to amaze me. Lately connors new thing is to ask if he can come running with me and i have to think up reasons he cant and i feel bad but maybe someday soon we'll go on a "run."
we celebrated Fathers Day
where dad was SPOILED...
We got up and went to church then came home and dad got a candy gram and then mom surprised him with his motorcyle jacket by putting it on the seat. Then we all went to dinner at Red Lobster so we could be with Nay since she was working. Dad had a really good day. :)
4th of JULY
Heather julie and i went to a BBQ in Chevy Chase with the DC 2nd ward. However prospects were slim and it was seriously like 100 degrees so we didnt venture on to the fireworks. I wanted to meet this cute boy who bore his testimony the week before and he wasnt there. I baked these delights! They were SOO good and so easy to make and i've wanted to make them for a while now. Instead of regular cake mix just swap it out for a funfetti one. Heather will be mad that we did not get pictures haha. I am too though because we all looked so cute in our red, white and blue.
Well, youre all caught up!
xoxo Cait xoxo

A day at the beach

is the best day ever! so recently we took our first beach trip of the summer. we got up early and headed to Bethany. It was one of the most relaxing days. We played in the waves and i almost got swept out to sea :0, cody saved a little boy but left shannon and i, we got icecream cones and everything tastes better at the beach!, we shopped in town, ate at nicobollis, stopped at the abercrombie outlet and spent a pretty penny and had a fun day of bonding & laughing. i also took some cute pictures for the love birds- my favorite thing to do.
and then we told Cody to act like he fell in this hole and Shannon and i seriously laughed for about 20 minutes because of these pictures...hahahaha. Cody is either a. a good sport, b. scared of me so he just did it or c. all of the above. I think its C because he was pretty willing to do this as people kept walking by and laughing.
Nay & i
After shopping we stopped in Rehobeth to eat and Cody tried his first Nicobolli. He really enjoyed it. Its def a favorite place to eat for my family so it was good Cody liked it too.
Thanks to momma for taking us. We had such a good time and i cant wait to go again. So lets not wait too long okay? I think this song sums up our day perfectly. INSIDE JOKE. Out here in the open MMM MOTOR BOATIN
xoxo CAIT xoxo

gavin & colbie

momma and i went to the colbie caillat and gavin degraw concert this summer. It was phenomenal. meg and shannon got to see him do a couple songs at the fair a couple years ago and even got his autograph. Since i worked they got one for me too! The leary ladies love gavin. I have seen tons of concerts in my life and this was hands down my favorite. We had the BEST seats-dead center and a few rows back. I think these seats have made it so i will never settle for lawn seats again.
[picture overload.]
The colbie picture overload is for my dear brother who adores her. I even got her on video for him as well because i am an awesome sister.I loved colbie. She looked amazing in a yellow dress and kinda pranced/danced around stage barefoot. Oh and i LOVED her sparkly gold guitar strap. But to Gavin- we all feel in love with him wayyy back when we heard his music as the opening song on One Tree Hill. Mom would make us turn it up real loud while she was moving about through the house. Gavin is a performer. I didnt know that i could love him more but he looked so good and content. He enjoys every second on stage and its obvious. He did not stop moving once. He played the piano and danced and ran around. He was funny when he talked and had everyone laughing and up on their feet. In the middle of a song he took a young girls camera and held it up so he would be in the picture with her as he kept singing. His goal for everyone to have a good time was accomplished. At the end he even came back out for an encore and then stayed forever signing autographs. Next time mom and i decided well just storm the stage after to get his autograph. If you have the chance to see them i highly recommend it. Like i said before its obvious gavin is passionate about performing and well i'm passionate about gavin. So ill leave you with some music so you can fall in love with him too.
ahh his smile is too cute.
the color is in honor of gavin since its his favorite and all
xoxo CAIT xoxo