Friday, December 30, 2011

i will...

i want, i will strive for, i will eat, i will create, i will remember, i will wear it, i love it, i need it, i will travel
i will remember.
i need it. whoops i mean him
i will travel. hopefully sooner than later, where i will reinact this picture!
i will strive for.
i will create. so cute! a little erase board
i want. prettiest flippin house ever
i will wear. From Nordstroms! pretty pricey though
i love it. words to live by if you ask me
i will bake. Oreo Poke Cake
 xoxo Cait xoxo

Busy Bee

I had a great Christmas. I think I can the whole family did. We went out to eat at TGI Fridays and ran into the Millars which was pretty funny. Shannon worked so she joined us later. Then we went home and did our normal Christmas program and opened our one present, pajamas! Connor loved his Redskins ones:

Shane opened his presents Christmas Eve because he had to work Christmas day...the airlines dont get breaks. I got some sweet presents, no pictures though because i was sick and have been for a whole week now! but here are some of my favorite presents, a watch & ipod touch w/ a pink bling case:
i went to my cousin Jeffs wedding
CONGRATS you two!!
i baked
and baked some more-cakeballs tutorial coming soon, messups & all
upgraded my crappy phone to a white iphone, i love it
we've also shopped, watched lots of movies and played lots of cards.
xoxo Cait xoxo

Holiday Zoo FUN

We got right to the fun, post me coming home
and went to the National Zoo to see all the cool lights:
some of us were more excited than others...
others were only concerned with looking cute...
while others were being introduced to members of the family for the first time like Cody, Shannons boyfriend who got to meet me. Cody handled my many questions & me well though, i like him
 Connor and Cassady loved playing with their uncle Shane
Megs & Cass (Sean had to work and was missed)
mom & dad
but dont worry i was there too! haha this is as good as it gets
Sorry for the picture overload! Check out your local zoo and see if they do lights. It was fun, free and there was lots of food. And to top it off, we ended the night with Red Robin. YUM

xoxoCait xoxo

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ode to the best dog.

Play by play of the nights events:
my mom texts me telling me that they are taking my dog to the vet because she had two accidents today,
shes shaking and shes not doing well at all. Later my mom texts me telling me shes needs an xray. Even later, i find out that she has a tumor in her bladder. Even later I am told that they have to put her down. This is quite possibly the most devastating news i have heard in an extremely long time. For those of you non animal lovers or people who consider animals pets and not family you wont find this a big deal. One of my good friends was over as I found out the news so I didnt want to shift from her problems to mine so i held it in, not really registering what i was hearing. After she left I was devastated. I go home in two days. Two days. How could this happen before i go home? I didnt get to say goodbye...I've always considered her my dog, even though she was the family dog. For those of you who dont know me super well, maybe this will put into perspective what I am feeling. Since the age of 5 or so I asked for a dog every single year for christmas. Without fail there would be the word dog in huge, slightly sloppy lettering. Every single year without fail i got a stuffed animal dog. I dont know if my parents really thought this would cease the pestering or if they thought this was in any way funny, but i was not amused. One day, the summer before 4th grade we were wandering the mall. We decided to stop in the pet store and just "browse." This usually ended in complaining and being dragged out of the store. This time in specific we saw the cutest dog in the entire world. A baby jack russel terrier mix. She was all white with a black patch over one eye and little dots all over her ears. Somehow we convinced our parents to let us play with her in one of the rooms. We fell in love instantly. Our parents said no though and we left dogless.

I remember the exact thing i was doing when we got her. I was sitting in the basement playing on the computer when i heard my sister gasp and get all excited. I knew. I cant tell you how but i knew. It was a couple days later and I ran upstairs to see my parents grinning from ear to ear. This was the best surprise of my entire life. I had wanted a dog more than anything in the entire world. You honestly have NO idea. We named her Dottie because of the dots on her ears. (Now I still say adopt from a shelter!! But when you fall in love, you fall in love). Long story short, it turned out she was deaf and they were going to give us all our money back and put her down. We refused because we had already fallen in love with her. She has been in the family ever since. I drew pictures of her on anything. Ask anyone in my fourth grade clas...haha. She was a celebrity. She attended every family vacation, hogged all the covers on the bed, ate the gross green beans i dropped under the table, licked my tears away when i was sad, let me dress her up, pulled me around on the scooter, played soccer with me, tanned with me and even helped with homework.

There wasnt a moment when she wasnt curled up in mine or Nays lap when we watched movies at night. I'm really going to miss her, she was the best dog. Its so sad to think she wont be at the window when i come home for break, wagging her tail, barking and running to the door to wait for me to open it. Sometimes i wouldnt open it and i would just wait and she would run back to the window to make sure I was still coming. I'm feeling guilty for not being there when she was put down or around to say goodbye. As lame as it sounds I keep thinking what the last thing i said to her was. I'm at least glad my family all got to say goodbye together but i wish there was someone else in this apartment for me to be with. I guess the only good thing about this whole situation is all dogs go to heaven right?

I guess you now know why  i say its a dealbreaker if he doesnt like dogs. I'll upload some of my favorite pictures of her when i get them. Goodness knows we have thousands.
xoxo a very sad Cait xoxo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

what i love about sundays

well this one in particular,
the relief society lesson was amazing. We talked about journal keeping & how its important and looking back, we want to have written nice things about people, not mean things, well a lot more too...

we got butterfingers in sunday school. yes.

I wanted to go to Andrews class (hahaha so funny story about Andrew...) but he didnt have the soft cushion seats & Hayley wanted to stay. However, Andrew promised that he would get two soft seats next time just for me & "my recruits." special accomodations for me?? so nice ;)

i sat next to a really cute, yet taken boy in sacrament. whatever, still made my day

the choir put on an amazing christmas program, i really wanted to participate because i absolutely LOVE to sing but i never make time to go to practice...whoops

i made french toast, but it turned out to be the best ever!
probably because i put pumpkin pie spice in it...
doesnt look that great (this is just a phone picture) but it tasted it
but now i'm "studying" for finals
and by studying i mean blogging, checking my email, watching a hallmark christmas movie, texting, online shopping-obsessing over these booties, ya know the usual...
but hey one good thing, i figured out i can get a 45% on the final, like totally bomb it and still get a 95% in the class. Not so worried about history now..
xoxo CAIT xoxo

let it snow, let it snow

Yesterday i learned Hayley is BOSS at making snowflakes
We decided to pretend we were in elementary school again and make snowflakes to cover the entire ceiling like i did last year with Heather. Were still working on it though, so come help out if you'd like.
well i found something i'm not good at..
me on the other hand...still making beatle snowflakes like last year...
dang, epic fail.
Hayley should do a snowflake tutorial for us less talented snowflake makers
xoxo Cait xoxo

Hair crazed beauty breakdown

So i know i'm donating my hair but the never ending question of when is weighing on my mind. Meaning when am i gonna man up and just do it. The answer is when i wont break into tears...
Five Reasons why i'm telling myself i can do it:

1. my hair is always in my food. When i bake or cook i now have to put it up because i would look down and i would be shocked that my hair even reached my cereal bowl/cookie dough/spaghetti 2. i am running out of shampoo. i always shampoo it twice anyway and i have double the hair of a normal person. A college student is too poor to be buying this much shampoo! 3. It takes FOREVER to blow dry my hair and then straighten it. Hence the laziness lately and looking like a crazed person 4. Long hair is perfect for cute braids, curls and so forth. But since i cant braid my hair and i'm too lazy to curl it at the moment, since that takes even longer, this isnt really a motivator. 5. my hair gets stuck to the back of my chair, and pretty much everything actually. if you ever have the opportunity to donate, please do. hopefully my little list will make you wanna donate too. When people tell me not to donate/cut my hair because its so pretty i tell them thats exactly why i wanna donate it.

Along with cutting the hair, i really want bangs! Like side bangs though, not the imma hipster girl bangs because i cant pull those off. Who wants to cut my hair? The Body Shop has a really awesome hair butter that you put in to condition your hair. If you go in theyll point you to it and you can ask for a sample. Really good for winter. You cant forget your hair.

i love glitter nails. OPI has great colors but its a little pricier for nail polish but i have a gold glitter one and its awesome. Glitter makeup is just fun. Go to town. Its also perfect for New Years.
Lather up in lotion, its winter
Wanna know my favorite holiday lotion? Well that would be Vanilla Bean Noel. From Bath & Body Works and its only seasonal and its smells awesome. Hands down the best vanilla scent ever. Scrubs, lotions & oils are all a necessity. Trust me, take it from someone who works with all that fun stuff
The face
1. Homemade pore strips. only two ingredients, great reviews.

2. Anything LC does it great. I can vouch for that.
3. For acne scars & more
REMEMBER to try them out on your hand or a small portion of your face before applying all over in case you were to have a reaction to any of the ingredients.

Dont forget the eyebrows.
I personally think they are too important to do myself. Go and get them done. No matter how good you do them they always look better professionally done. Trust. Make sure you tell them what you want though. I always say please dont make them thin! I always treat myself to pedicures and eyebrows, two i dont think should be done at home.
Dont let the dry skin, hair, etc get you down.
Stay pretty with fun at home treatments :)
xoxo Cait xoxo

Teach me how to jimmer

my thoughts & recently learned lessons
Is it bad that i nicknamed a boy in my ward josef stalin?
In my defense i did it subconsciously...
^ this could quite possibly be the most important lesson i learned. Wouldnt you know my luck, everytime i wear my gym clothes because i'm heading there after school i meet the cutest guys. COOL

Obviously when people start asking you if youre okay because you look sick, somethings wrong...
either i am about to get sick or i've really let myself go this week...
i think its the eyes, they look pretty, pretty drugged up...
i love this article! Its so funny and really insightful.
I keep thinking about whether or not its true but i dont know. Thoughts?! I know this is gonna spark some
I wrote a pretty honest letter & i was thinking about it until i found this quote.My best friend tells me that her favorite thing about me is that i tell it like it is. If someone asks me a question i'll answer honestly. Growing up my mom called it blunt & i guess it never went away... 

When i decide to go out with friends on Saturday night instead of studying like i was supposed to i got blessed with a 95% on my math test and a 90% on my asl presentation. interesting...

This is a very interesting article on Mormon housewife blogs:
I'm pretty sure this isnt accurate...but lets just pretend it is because that means i should be getting a call from Jimmer any day now...

when really cute boys sit next to me in sacrament i tend to focus a lot more. I am a perfect model of sacrament ettiquette. Dear cute boys, sit next to me more often please, church was awesome today. However i need to focus 100% of the time i know...

i love friends, but NOT ZUPAS.
these are the best girls ever. i love them.
If you find any interesting, thought provoking articles, feel free to share them. I'm always down for learning new things.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh i love it.

i want, i will strive for, i will eat, i will create, i will remember, i will wear it, i love it, i need it, i will travel

I want.
this ipod touch case. i love customized things. its from
Around $40, but give em your email & they send you coupons. Dont you love it!
i will eat.
Baked French toast. Have you noticed i love french toast?
I will create.
dear friends, dont you dare pay $40 for a necklace like this on etsy. You can easily make your own for half that. You pick out some fabric, ribbon and accesories you want, little pearls, gems, etc (may be pricey but you can use them for more than one necklace) then do the rosette tutorial (i have one on my blog) and voila, make your own. I love the second one more than anything.
i will remember.
The hard part is knowing whose supposed to do what...
i love it.
need all three. love me some puppies 
I would wear it.
yes. yes. yes. yes.
I will strive for.
Going for what i went. And saying what i want. Reaching them goals. You'd be surprised just how much that mentality helps.
i will travel to.
ive never been to Oregon but i want to. Its beautiful and i love this waterfall. This looks like the perfect proposal spot!
I need (to hear it)
this is so important. remembering this has helped me to say me prayers every day.
When i say this or think this, i dont forget. its amazing.
What were you lovin on this week?
xoxo Cait xoxo