Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, New Adventures

 We have been so busy over here. This semester I am going to school full time, doing 50 hours of field experience, working towards my fitness goal every day and this week I worked almost 30 hours. Uh yeah I'm dead. But sometimes it ends with me getting a promotion at work this week so hey, I will take it! Since I barely go home on Thursdays and Fridays Lyle has been doing some sales trips.

This year Lyle and I created an adventure bucket list- a lot of things we want to do in Utah- day trips, weekend getaways, places to eat and our trips we want to go on. Together we have narrowed down our big trips for the year and I can't wait to tell you all about them! 

This year I decided to have more productive "me" time. The key word being productive. Dance classes to help get in shape and then try out for the Jazz dance team! I love dance and I have missed having a company and dancing with all my friends. Also, attend the temple weekly like I did when I met Lyle. My roomies and I went around 15 weeks in a row and then God placed Lyle in my life...RIGHT AFTER. The temple brings blessings, truth. Hang out with positive people who make me happy. Be the best wifey and try not to take out my stress on Lyle. Ya know all the usual stuff. Anyway enough of this here's some pictures. 
Love, Cait

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Rome was my second favorite city we saw during the whole trip! Lyle and I loved everything about it. All the roman history was fascinating and in many ways it kinda reminded me of NYC, the best city of all time (according to me)! We saw the Colosseum ( pictures in a different post), saw the Trevi fountain and even though it was under construction it was still awesome!, we took a tour of the Vatican, saw the Roman Forum, ate gelato, saw the mouth of truth, explored and so much more!
 Here are some Rome tips:

 1. An Italian man on the plane told us you only need two days to explore Rome and then to get the heck outta there and boy was right. Just map it out the day before and you can get it all covered. As much as we loved Rome it was definitely one of the most crowded places of all time and you will want to get out of there.

2. When exploring Rome you can walk everywhere, and we did...but it is LOTS of walking. You can also get around easily on bus. It's only 1.50 euro, lasts 100 mins, it comes every 15-20 mins, was interchangeable with the metro and it takes you everywhere. Bus 53 does at least and unfortunately we realized that AFTER we walked everywhere but at least it canceled out all the gelato we ate there.

3. if you get lost or have a question about anything, the best place to go is to any hotel you see. The people at the front desk always spoke English and could answer any question we had.

4. Don't take the roses at the Spanish Steps. You may just think you're pretty (because they tell you that) and try and take pictures...see below but in reality they just want money and its awkward...although it is funny to watch people interact with the rose people... 
P.S. they are also in Venice!

5. Get tickets in advance for things. Our hotel let us print tickets and it was so nice not having to wait in lines.

6. Sometimes the tour guides are the best. We used a tour guide for the Vatican and not only was it easier for her to show us the most important things (because you will be overwhelmed) we got to skip the lines and go straight in. I assure you it is completely worth it. And for the colosseum you get to go to parts that only people on the tours get to go to!
Ignore my hair in the pictures below, I was seriously melting.
McDonalds seemed pretty popular in Europe!
This picture of lyle cracks me up! We loved this room, it was saweet!
Lyle thought I wanted a picture in front of this statue but I was really just exhausted and it was SO hot. Seriously walking around the Roman Forum I just keep running to shade.
Lyle wanted to see the mouth of truth and he told me about how it was something you could win in some video game he used to play. We waited in line and then you put your hand in and if you say something and lie supposedly it bites your hand off haha.
Inside the Vatican
A view from the Vatican
 the vatican ^
 I loved eating gelato on the Spanish Steps! They were always so crowded but it was so beautiful and so lively and I loved it. Also this chocolate banana gelato was on point.
Love, Cait