Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini me

Happy Birthday Laur!! Well two days later youre getting this post. All i can say is i am SO happy we became friends in high school and have continued to remain friends. I have so many good memories with you. From bus buddies for every soccer game, passing partners in practice, you coming to my graduation and me going to yours, from the disney dance trip, you being the little hottie i introduced all my guy friends too, me almost killing you in my car...multiple times, soccer prom, me getting to do your hair for school dances, ritas runs, you knowing EVERYTHING about my life, from all the ups and down. haha down being singular, me being stupid and liking your guy friends *barf, being mini moms togetha, selling trees for the dance companies together and you introducing me to you know who, MD soccer games, back to school dances, grad parties, etc. The amount of memories and inside jokes we have together is ridiculous.
you are one of the few girls i have kept in touch with & i love you!
its prob because sometimes i think we are the same person...
you've always been there and i am so grateful for our many memories :)
Back to school dance
I cant even discuss half of which we have been through but all i can say is I LOVE YOU and i know that we will always be bestest friends because everytime i see you its like we never lived half ways across the country from eachother and well...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Team whoever i really want...not Emily.

Guilty Pleasure #1.
i refuse to work Monday nights. Not because Mondays signify the start of a new week and i want some time off but because it is the BACHELORETTE! i have followed every season- bachelor and bachelorette and i have to say this is my favoritest season ever. Not only because Emily is so lucky and has the hottest selection of men in Bachelorette history....oh wait, that is the reason actually..But also i just love Emily and her southern charm. This week they went to Tennessee! and i about died. I have already selected a few favorites for me uh i mean Emily...
1. Ryan.
Ryan had my heart from the second he pulled out that piece of paper that said you are so beautiful on one side and on the other it said i am so nervous. I may or may not have cried...Lets pretend i didnt because thats embarrassing. But this week he showed some arrogance and talked about how if Emily gets fat hell love her but he wont love on her...haha and even though the wording was funny i guess it was rude and he lost some love. oh but did i mention hes from Georgia? Love restored.
2. cant remember your name but youre beautiful
Finding out his name is just a click away to open another tab but i just dont feel like its relevent. If i had to genuinly pick someone for Emily it would be him. Smile, arms, blue eyes, etc. "i wont take my shirt off"... then he takes his shirt off. But hey i dont think anyone was complaining...except me...when he put it back on. #teamiforgotyourname
3. Jef
Jef is from Salt Lake City. A little part of me hopes hes LDS so i can head on up there and lend him a shoulder to cry on after Emily breaks his little heart. I can tell she likes him but he just looks so darn young for her. And she may be embarrassed when they go out for dinner and everyone tells her how handsome her son is. AWK. Anyway i LOVE him.
Honorable mentions go out to Arie although ill be honest, sometimes he bores me and i cant just let him get by with his blue eyes and black hair #perfection and Doug- the ruggedly handsome single dad.
Notes are much needed on the boys because well, Emily cant have them all, so ill help out. Ahhh now i have to wait 5 days til next Monday :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Everybodys conformin cause its cool to be a

Hipster?? uh what?
Hipsters are a hot topic in my family as of late.
I mentioned the word hipster and mom stopped me. I told her its a new style (but not really)- basically indie if you ask me-anway she thought it was weird and made up until two minutes later the show we were watching referrenced them and we all found this amusing. If you are just as outta touch- here ya go.
if you ask me the urban outfitter wearing, underground music listening, almost hippie like, old school "innovative" hipsters have taken over the world- from the numerous movies/shows turned hipster....
hipster people...w/out beards...
oh my gosh- even asian hipster babies...
But an everpopular yet scarier trend, is the appearance of "hipster" animals.
and sadly yes, the dogs have caught on as well...
"tom, the dogs are acting strange"
WHAT or WHO is next?
& to finish off- some hipster videos that are accurate yet highly annoying. So please watch at your own risk. I just had to post the second one because its SOO UVU hahahaha and i died laughing. Hipsters be erywhere
Be careful or this could be you.
Just helping everyone out. When i feel like getting made up ill show you my own personal version :) Just a little humor for mom & dad, next we need to tackle dub step....
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drunk on you

new favorite song and favorite line.
"if you aint a 10, youre a 9.9"

xoxo cait xoxo


things i love.
this journal
style icons MK & ASH as always
relaxing w/ jules.
this quote.
this outfit 
this book which i just got for my 21st bday and i am dying to read it!
from the second i saw this i knew i had to say it.
New challenge? I think so.
What are you lovin' on?
xoxo cait xoxo

You might be in my home if

Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation has not only been referenced or quoted once, but twice...
& its May...

it takes 20 minutes for someone to answer the door

dogs are barking, children are crying and the tv is far too loud

You overhear any of the below:
"you're wearing that to go strawberry picking? You look like you are going out for know were gonna be walking around in dirt and your in high heels..."

"are strawberrys in trees?"
"...where were you raised?
"i just forgot okay!"
"aww this strawberry is a little bruised..."
"(pats it) lets give it a home"

"Cassady, why'd you draw all over your leg?"
CJ- (my 3 year old nephew) "maybe she wanted a tattoo?"

"i wanna be a runaway groom"

"Fold your arms"
"againnnn, how many times do i have to do this?"

"Just freaking relax!"
"thats real relaxing..."

Cj "none of you are good, all bad, i good i perfect"
meg" everyone step away bc my 3 year old son is about to be translated"
A pray starts off with "and tonight were thankful for our microwaved dinners..."

you see a 2 year old trying to walk around in 5 inch heels that her aunts left lying around

FHE is still dysfunctional even though everyones grown up:
"I'm in charge of FHE tonight everyone, were gonna have it. Everyone write down their goals and things they wanna see, etc..."
" i want to be a mountain lion" -we dont even need to say who said that
"i'll do one for juliet too." (writes down find and marry a boy pit bull)
well at least shes participating, i'll take it...
dad "prepare a will"
mom "my life is almost over"
well this was a success, by the way, none of you are funny.

guests in the house buck at the dogs & say things like "you wanna go?"

someone is throwing a temper tantrum and it is not always when one of the babies is over...

you hear Cassady do roll call ever 5 minutes. She'll go around the room and point at you and say your name and about the 5th time around i feel like standing up and being like "Caitlin in the housee"

you manage to trip over at least one animal on your way to the kitchen

more to come...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

"Lets share"

Daddy made all of us breakfast for my birthday & mothers day
and we all ate out on the deck since it was such a pretty day :)

then mom knowing my cupcake obsession, got some cupcakes from this bakery Touche Touchet we discovered and they were good although i think they could have done the red velvet frosting a little better dont you think? then we shopped...of course
and then the day before we picked strawberrys so
since we had about 5 lbs of strawberries we made the most amazing dessert ever for mothers day/ my birthday- Strawberry Trifle
It was pretty easy and everyone loved it.
then off to Texas Roadhouse, presents and sadly the day was over.
And just like last year, thanks for the texts, posts, calls, etc. And even Nicolls voicemail which was hands down my favorite! Happy Mothers Day Mom.We know how blessed we are to have you in our lives.
xoxo cait xoxo

Home is where your heart is

Oh Maryland, how i've missed thee...

 I love telling people i'm from the East Coast because it seemed almost foreign to many of the Utah born and bred. I guess you could say i'm pretty proud of Maryland. Since i've been home i
saw the Lucky one with sheagan & my mom FINALLY, my favorite Nicholas Sparks book thus far but with finals i had to wait til i came home. Oh and I found this song from it thats pretty adorable
already had a crab feast- one of my favorite summa activities :)
not my picture but it looked pretty much the same..
everyone enjoyed it except momma whose deathly allergic but she still sat out on the deck with us
made smores bars. dont worry, only took an hour...
but they were good-even better the second day i might add. However next time, i'm opting for graham crackers, marshmellow and chocolate and everyones doing it themselves..
recipe here:SMores Goodness i tweaked mine and did reeses for half
have gone running almost every single day, part of the whole new me and keeping my butt in shape. Right now i'm doing 3.6 miles but i plan on pushing it up as i prepare to do half marathons and then full ones. I have the best view when i run, its one of my favorite things about being home. I plan on looking like her: or maybe i just wanna be as tan as her...
I spend all my time with "julie" or "jules, juliet, julianna"
I change it up everytime. She even goes running with me every now & then but shes too lazy...obv. i love bella too but running with her would be a nightmare haha
gone shopping! One thing I dont see a lot of in Utah is thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, etc. I know they must have them somewhere but not like the East coast does. I found these little babies on a shopping excursion with momma and I about died. Total- $7.90. And they are brand spanking new so i'm pretty proud of myself since i've wanted a pair for a long long time. The ones i selected were $45 from delias so these are great.
had a night where we all craved cheesecake. SO GOOD
and then shannon and i proceeded to debate on who likes cheesecake more...sadly this is no joke
So many more adventures in Maryland and i am pretty darn excited.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Ch ch ch ch changing

"Caitlin, is someone supposed to be picking you up?"
My head flew up as i looked at the alarm and panicked. You see, I had set my alarm for 6:15 because i still had to wake up and pack a little bit before heading home for the summer. But dont worry, i set my alarm for 6:15 pm and there was my shuttle to the airport all ready to go. My room mates started taking my bags out without asking and offering to do things for me as i tore my sheets of the bed. But luckily i made it out to the shuttle leaving behind messes for my best friend to help clean up. However i had been up for about 42 hours straight because i pulled my first all nighter!
After studying for 5 finals i felt like this...
Not that i can brag about that or anything...its not like anyone puts something terrible like that on their bucket list..."look guys i crossed one off! 12. pull an all nighter. sweet. NO. I actually blame Amelia for this who pulled one the week before and did so well...I guess pulling an all nighter just never crossed my mind? I headed to campus for my three BACK to BACK finals (Seriously, my teachers hate me...) 9-11, 11-1 and 1-2. Awesome. I even had to drink an energy drink to stay awake- i'm sad to say this because they are terrible for you! But hey, it did the trick. Throughout the whole day I just wanted to tell everyone I pulled an all nighter. I would look at strangers and just have this urge to tell them how dedicated i was or maybe so they'd think twice before judging me on my lack of concern for my appearance on my last day of school...
er sorry i didnt brush my hair today guys, you see i pulled an all nighter..
& then everyone would knowingly shake their heads with a new found understanding
Another semester over and close room mates gone (half of which managed to get engaged) and i got new room mates for a couple of days which was surprisingly not hard to adjust to) who leave me notes in my scriptures and make me waffles! i LOVE you Dana :)
I said goodbye to my roomies, my apt of almost two years, my room, raintree, friends, my amazing bishop (who still better be there in the fall), the mountains, and provo in general. I havent been home for a whole four months in a long time...not even a month actually so its weird.
So long Utah, see you in the Fall ?

i hope everyone survived finals (or for my MD friends is surviving them...)
and all the new changes
xoxo CAIT xoxo