Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I just wanna FEED you, ok?

1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 pinch salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin puree
1 2/3 cups milk
4 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

Mix together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and salt in a large bowl. In second bowl, add eggs, sugar, pumpkin, milk and butter; beat well. Gently fold in the flour mixture. Spoon in about 3/4 cup of batter into waffle iron. Cook each waffle for about 4-5 minutes. The recipe called for ginger instead of pumpkin pie spice but i didnt have it and i thought the pumpkin spice was perfect. I dont think its possible to mess this recipe up bc when i couldnt find our 1/3 measuring cup i used something that wasnt even remotely close...Must finish with cool whip and syrup. SO good.
Finish off by making your room mates awkwardly pose with the finished product...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Let me count the ways...

in which i can ruin a potential relationship before it evens starts. Sometimes i like to watch How to lose a guy in 10 days and marvel at the fact that i can lose a guy in about 4 without even trying.  Beat that Kate Hudson.
-ignore a boy when he has done absolutely nothing wrong
-act like a 14 year old girl who is talking to her crush for the first time..EVERY single time you talk to him
-have a smile on your face and immediately change it to a frown when you see him.
-as been said before-friendzone him accidentally
-hook him up w/ not only your friends, but your best friends.
-tell him that hes not your favorite, then list your favorites...who are not him
-tell him youre so busy this week then post on fb about BDUBS and your roomie date night...
-when he brings up visiting you at work- insult him by talking about how expensive it is.
you were trying to be nice and not make him feel pressured here...i'm sure.
-be as difficult as humanly possible
-be indecisive and change your mind every 5 minutes.
-when asks about what type of guys you like- list all the qualities that he doesnt have....
-when he talks to you look at the floor, the ceiling, the walls, anywhere that isnt him. To the point in which he is concerned that you may have a lazy eye
-ignore his texts
-sarcastically say how much you like a certain piece of clothing...that he happens to be wearing
-make lots of rules...about everything:when to kiss, how he should ask you on a date, etc

Hopefully some potential relationships will be spared after reading this and believe it or not if a girl does these things she still might be into you and you should be into her too...after you insist she get some therapy. If you are one of the people who does the things above this may or may not be you...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

October 30,2012

"cops dont normally turn on their sirens and alert you that they are coming..." you learn something new everyday. PS- dont you just love the UFO in the background?
Words to describe this night:
scary stories
full moon
As much as i would like to talk about it, i can't.
So use your imagination-i hope you have a good one :)
xoxo cait xoxo

i do what i pleases, be cool as autumn breezes

Sometimes its not what you need or want to hear but rather what someone needs to say. And Sometimes that John Mayer song is gonna be on repeat in your head until you say what you need to say. Sometimes you pull your charger out of the wall and get electrocuted. Yes, electrocuted. It was most definitely not my favorite feeling in the world...its not like i can say yes, i can cross this off my bucket list. No. And sometimes my arm STILL hurts. Sometimes i miss my babes and i love when i get to talk to him on the phone-this is my new favoritest picture of CJ. So handsome.
Sometimes your roomie comes into your work to eat and you think its funny to send both your managers over, telling them you think table 54 has a complaint but then the table just talks about how awesome you are but then you realize you should probably tell your managers you know them so they dont think you just send them to the table that will brag about you the most. cough tanner cough. Sometimes our attempt at pushups ends with us laughing hysterically and 50 turns to 20... Sometimes a story ends noncholantly with"...and then she pooped in her *underwear..."and sometimes when you arent expecting that you spit your drink out all over the table...and the floor...and the chair. You get the picture...
Sometimes you buy people water for the first time- bc you are a great person and it has nothing to do with jef....whatsoever...
Sometimes your room mates have a bonfire and instead of scary stories everyone decides to tell embarrassing stories. Sometimes you love it though, bc some boys really know how to tell a story. Sometimes the girls are getting smores sticks and one of the boys tries to scare everyone and sometimes we realize Kailyn would abandon all of us if lets say Bigfoot was about to attack us. That girl can run. Sometimes you really can not stop listening to Backstreet Boys and you feel as though you should be embarrassed, but you arent-youre loving it. Sometimes apt 114 is to blame for the burnt pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sitting in your trash can. Sometimes Hocus Pocus is really not that great of a movie but you watch it anyway, even as it gets weirder and weirder. Sometimes your room mate sends you a picture of rotten tomatoes that will forever be burnt in your retina. Sometimes the man who first drew the flapper girl made her "fun and awkward." Guess being awkward has always been cool. Sometimes your teacher is signing important dates in history and one of them was when MLKJ was born and you somehow get Jan 15, 1975..........uh. and whats even more embarrassing is you dont even realize thats not possible. And sometimes when you retell this story to your room mates they dont see whats wrong either. I promise that i actually really love and know my history -i just need to practice my dates a little more. Sometimes you send this picture to your brother and say "if you were a boy..." and then you wish you would have rethought that wording...And then sometimes you send it to your roomie asking "Do you think this will make _____fall in love with me or is it weird?" To which she responds "where are your feathers?" "KAILYN! this isnt a costume!" "oh." hahaha thanks...its okay if you agree with her, we can still be friends :)
Sometimes i am so worried about the fam and checking in with my mom only to hear they are living it up with chili, cards and lots of fun. COOOL. But then sometimes i am so sad to hear my favorite city is under water in most places. i loveee NYC. And sometimes i like to end with my favorite quotes as of late:
"all i can say is we will never be pregnant teens! we've made it!"

"you look terrible tonight."
"you should have said that to ____ tonight"
"you are scaring me tonight." singing
"how dare you butcher an Eric Clapton song"

"Julie, are you naked??"

"And i'm really sorry for calling you a tool, even if you have kissed 15 girls..."

"and then she assaulted me."
"oh my gosh, physically?"
"no...verbally, but its the same thing"

"Tell him you look good on his couch bc your hair blends in with them."
"what does that even mean..."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

More reasons in which i love fall...

best recipe in the entire world. i'll post it tomorrow
i was a little lazy this year
you better believe i wrote my number under this...if you dont believe me you can check my porch
This weekend included a halloween party, a bonfire, reeses smores (the only way to go), pumpkin spice french toast, pumpkin carving, travel channel-Halloween style, hocus pocus, hayrides, a weak corn maze, a haunted maze, etc. Quite possibly the perfect Fall weekend ever...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Hipsterzz

"I wish everyday were Halloween, so we can dress up."
-said probably by each of us once that night, we love love love getting ready and dressing up.
the boys were too cool to dress up..we were all hipster disney characters, an idea Kenna found like the day before. Easy and cheap. I was pocahontas- if i could be an indian every day, i probably would...
my sign said "i dont need paint, i have the colors of the wind"
anyway i LOVE Halloween.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, October 25, 2012

boots & boobs

since my room mates are supa fly we decided to do a photo shoot.
oh and sorry about the inaprop name of this post- it goes along with the long list of other ones we thought of when we were trying to think of an album name...
*several awk names thrown out"
"awesome autumn!"...everyone " no"
"out of all the ones we've said, that gets vetoed, really?"

"jared make sure there are no light spots on us from the sun!"
"their arent."
"are you sure?"
please look at half our faces here...^
down by the utah lake AND kailyns farm
"can we take an awkward picture, i'm good at those
"what were the past 40 pictures..."
we have the best time always. I seriously think i got so lucky with my room mates. Thanks to Jared who put up with our laughing, screaming, awkward comments and "how do i look?" or "let me see" comments. But dont worry, we paid him--
some of us in hugs
some of us in kisses-
and some of us in...well-use your imagination....bahahaha jk shannon but hey, hes a happy camper!Thanks again :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, October 22, 2012

mi vida ahora

-this week marks the 5th week straight that i have gone to the temple & i plan to continue it for...well forever
-last Saturday night i made about $200- after tipout
-the 60 question test that i barely studied for i got back...and only missed 2. hellooo 97%
-kailyn and i have gotten up to go running AND read our scriptures before school & plan to make this a common thing since she hates fat people :) LOVE you K
-i finally manned up and made progress with boys the boy in the ward
how? i smiled at him instead of looking the other way when he looks at me.
-i owned my ASL midterm and got a 100% on my fingerspelling w/ my teacher signing wow at the end
- in a good way
-the track has officially been put up
-i have cute boys talking to me but i am being terrible at making time for them
-sometimes mike comes into ruby river and i spill water all down my shirt thus making it see through. yup
-i am FHE innactive bc i work Monday nights :/
-BDUBS is my favorite weekly event
-maybe 30 something year olds are to old for me...
-boys love my hair and compare it to a horse. uh thanks?
- i made strawberry bananna jello for the first time Sunday and it was a success.
-i got cute new sparkly flats for $12!
-one day i got on fb and everyone and their mother was engaged...oh wait that was today
-i am still awkward but now with just my thats good
-my money saving abilities are great even though there is a pair of steve maddens calling my name...
-i like to listen to taylor swifts new album and decide which boys shes talking about which has inspired heather and i to write a song about the boys in our ward. oh just wait we have some real songwriting talent
New fav right here:
xoxo CAIT xoxo

pumpkin cinnabons

this past weekend i celebrated my favorite time of the year right by going to a haunted house with some friends from work {even if it wasnt that scary}, hearing ghost stories in the canyon, going to a cemetary....well at least right up to the stop sign haha which was creepy enough...and baking pumpkin treats. I made a goal that i would make one pumpkin treat a week and this weekend i made three-
This week i plan to knock off the rest of my fall to do list:
watch casper, go on a hay ride, pick pumpkins and carve them, go to a halloween party, drink apple cider, make chili, make a freakin fall album with the room mates-kicking pumpkins and throwing candy at children...okay just kidding-inside joke, try pumpkin ice cream and one that i may not get to do is i REALLY wanna have a bonfire in the canyon complete with ghost stories. FALL is great.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes its embarrassing when you confuse a Journey song for a not Journey song in front of your cute hipster boss. But sometimes if you ask him, he will say hes not a hipster. Sometimes i dont listen though and i call him a hipster anyway. And sometimes you LOVE Journey and you dont know how you dropped the ball on that one. Sometimes he asks you whose better "Nsync or Backstreet Boys?" and you automatically respond with Nsync and he responds with "ooh i'm totally judging you right now." and sometimes you cant wait to hear what comes out of his mouth next bc he is never boring. Sometimes you do laundry every other day [for work]and its the absolute worst because you despise laundry. But sometimes you never do any other laundry and then consequently take up 6 washers...whoops. Sometimes you get your best friend Kisstixx for her bday as incentive to get you icecream. Sometimes on a rainy day you sleep in til 12 and dont even feel bad. Sometimes this is a real life convo "ok you cant be all charming and then act all surprised when she likes you...""you think i'm charming?" with your boss. Oh but dont worry, sometimes it gets even better and you find yourself being your bosses wingman when you point out girls for him hahaha. Sometimes my attempts at matchmaking  have no limits. Sometimes a 4 hour Sunday nap is acceptable...right? Sometimes relief society turns into an episode of Oprah and you realize you cant handle all the feelings and "sharing" and you dont know what to do with yourself. Sometimes not even the fact that a Hemsworth brother is in Snow White can keep a person entertained. And sometimes i cant get over how good K Stew looks with black hair that i almost wanna be Snow White for Halloween-even though shes the lamest princess. Sometimes heather tells me the DC temple is shutting down for 2 years. and i realize i gotta stop being so picky and get wifed up so i can get married in that temple! Except my mom just said this isnt true so who knows. Sometimes a light goes out in your room so your rooms half dark and you are curious how your makeup will look in the morning...maybe a little like this
except with makeup...and hopefully i'll still have an eyebrow and no holes in my face...
Sometimes when youre kinda interested in a boy you try to set him up with other girls to prove you arent interested- makes sense right? Sometimes roomie photoshoots are the funniest thing ever and you would like to mandate that they must occur once a week. Sometimes you and your roomies realize how generous you all are in the temple when it comes to boys that you agree that every boy conversation should be held in the temple. "Caitlin you can totally have him!" hey sounds good to me. Sometimes when a room mate tells you a story about her and some boy while running, you almost run into like 4 things and continually tell her to shut up. Sometimes a trip to sizzler results in a whole week of meals for Heather and you realize that you dont mind taking one for the team so she can be happy. except sometimes it is not taking one for the team. Sometimes in sunday school the teacher asks what are some important things you have to do every day and while the rest of the class is saying things like this" read your scriptures, pray, etc" your room mate yells out "Floss!" and the whole class starts laughing. Sometimes a boy is over past curfew [dont judge us we forgot!] bc it is only 12:15 and some fun suckers knock on the door and say "um is there a boy in here, its past curfew" and you feel like you are 12 years old and sometimes byu approved housing has its downsides but you love it anyway. Sometimes you have some carolers... in October and they sing scream scary songs and make animal noises and face the other way and its very entertaining, yet kinda scary yet very in with the holiday. Sometimes when im j walking i invision myself getting arrested and then think of how embarrasing it would be to get arrested for j walking and actually have to tell people that...Sometimes i have multiple dreams in which my teeth fall out and now im really starting to panic. Teeth are a BIG deal. And then in the most recent dream Russel Brand tries to console me for losing my teeth my pulling out his fake teeth and showing me he lost his teeth too-uh sure Russel Brand, that makes me feel better...but then in the dream we bond a bit over our misfortune which is odd bc i am not a fan of his. and then i grab his hair and say-yours might just be better than mine....sometimes i worry about my subconscious state of mind. Sometimes your boss gets you addicted to this version of this song. SO GOOD. how cool is he?
Sometimes i could go on and on with a string of random thoughts of mine but i'm tired.
xoxo cait xoxo


I am not a person who gets anxious or stressed- well except lately when after anything that happens i say "this is giving me the worst anxiety!" Recently i just saw the Dark Knight Rises at the dolla theater. I know i know- i cant believe it took me this long. Talk about anxiety

i have [real] anxiety...

when a gun is held to Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretty little head love youuu
whenever Bane appears on screen. SO BAD.
when Batman is looking like a cripple and Gothams salvation is at stake
because Gotham is REAL.
when the rich people are getting unfair hearings
that theaters arent safe
with violent scenes in general actually
when people have to walk across ice as a punishment
as i walk through the parking lot after the movie when i think that i will see that scary dog muzzle mouth thing
Hi, does this not scare you? because i think he is scarier to me than any monster, villian, or character from a scary movie. I dont know why he freaks me out so bad. Anyway the movie was AMAZING. def up there as one of my new favorites- i love it soo go see it :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Sunday, October 14, 2012

oh heather

In honor of the birthday girl:
Heather is my wing girl, my room mate, my family and my best friend.
Heather always talks in her sleep {loudly}, heather sometimes sleeps through her alarms {but dont worry i dont}, heather likes some music i dont, heather and i sometimes disagree on some really important issues {like the joe jonas/tay swift breakup}, heather cant focus when the t.v. is on AT ALL {esp if its that 70's show on} heather sometimes likes dumb boys even though i tell her they are dumb {jeep tool boy}heather takes the longest showers in the world and then theres no hot water{25-30 minute showers to be exact bc sometimes we time them...},heather will move her car two spots over if one opens up and shes inside bc its a better spot {two spots over makes no difference...}, heather refuses to throw away or waste food {consequently we have food from months prior in our fridge} but despite these very few things that make heather heather, she is one of my favoritest people in the entire world because these are ALL the things i love about her:

I love that Heather is the BEST wing girl in the world. We are both so good at spotting boys for eachother its unreal-sometimes i find myself looking for boys for heather before i look for myself or making sure whoever i like has a friend for heather and she does the same thing. Sometimes boys probably think i like them when i am interrogating them but its really for her benefit. I love when i like a boy and heather talks to him and friends him for me bc i am incapable...she has to do this a lot. I love that randomly Heather surprises me with cupcakes or brings me food from places she goes. I love that Heather trusts me enough to let me pick out her outfits and proofread, create or approve her important texts. I love that Heather makes to do lists and quote lists and now consequently i do too. I love that we can read eachothers minds. Haha i am not even joking- there have been times when i have been shocked that she knew what i  was thinking. Sometimes all it takes is for us to just look at eachother. I love that when i'm with Heather i'm sassier, funnier and that we play off eachother perfectly. We are so good at making eachother look good in front of boys. I love that we never like the same boys either. I love that heather introduced me to chicken salad sandwiches and whenever she wants to make us food its pasta roni. I love that when were sitting on the couch at night and i get up to go to our room heather anxiously asks "are you going to bed?" and i laugh and say no or when i say yes shes like"ah me too." You see we like to go to bed at the same times haha and sometimes i find myself doing the same thing. i love how creative heather is and how she can make a costume out of anything. I love that Heather sends me postcards from Florida. I love that heather is always writing me nice notes from "the ward hottie" or something along those lines. I love that when i really want to go get pumpkins, heather gets me one and leaves a note pretending its from this cute boy in the ward. I love that heather color coordinates her closet. I love that when i look in my seminary journal dated feb 15, 2008 when it says "friends that will bring you closer to God," Heathers name is right at the top. I love that when i am having the worst day and ask heather to come home early she does, without even asking why(and seeing heather before 7 is a shock). I love that when i miss FHE- she sends me a text telling me theres soup and a donut waiting for me at the apt.  love the funny and random texts i get from heather throughout the day such as this one "ps my shoe broke today and i just stapled it to fix it. I think this may be an alltime ghetto low for me...." or this one "stalin just turned into malcolm x" when i miss a part of sunday school to get my picture taken and heather fills me in on what happened. {this would probably be a lot funnier to you if you knew the context}. I love getting ready for church with Heather and listening to Sunday music. I love it when heather visits me at work! {she has visited me everywhere i've worked!} I love that when we talk about our first impressions Heather says i was putting on GC {was not} and Heather sprayed every window and door with bugspray. In my journal it says "Heather used 6 bottles of bugspray the 1st day." <----see heather! it must be true. Finally some proof. i love that we share a mutual obsession with the bachelor/bachelorette. i love that when heather tells me she misses her favorite wing girl i picture myself as an actual a chicken wing. i love that you like jersey shore but feel guilty for bringing you to the darkside. I love how supportive you are as a friend and i love your pep talks and i love when i like boys that i shouldnt and you still listen to me go on and on and on about them but dissaprove at the same time. i love when we talk in code about boys. i love that we know all the music the other one loves or doesnt love haha. i love that heather lets me dj in her car. i love that we both talk so fast and understand eachother even when everyones like wait what? i love that we are always introducing eachother to new music. i love that you are so nice to give me rides in cassidy jane and are always offering. i love when heather and i go on double dates and climb in a little crappy house thing...i love when we finish eachothers sentences. i love cyberstalking boys with heather...all the time. i love that heathers always down to have fun. I love that heather makes me apologize-jared probably loves that too. i love about a 1000 other things too. you're welcome for sparing you from our pre teen pictures...
Over the 10ish years we've been best friends we have made some of the best memories! We have also had some great times, like girls camp and some not so great girls camp. The whole it was the best of times and it was the worst of times is strangely fitting for those years-bc sometimes Heather and i are trouble makers and when the leaders go all cray and try to seperate Heather, Rach and I we dont like it and Heather ends up sleeping in our cabin which consequently almost gets her sent home but then they realize how wrong they were and right we were so they leave us alone. Moral of the story is we cant be seperated...or other times when we go to sunrise surprise but its not that great of a surprise and we all get in trouble...again. or my favorite- sometimes heather and i think mutual is boring and we dont really wanna stay so we get this cool plan. We decide to run away, yes, run away...i guess if you wanna get all technical its drive away but anyway we go a mile down the street and sit in this parking lot and jam to music and were feeling all bad A and cool until the leaders and our parents start blowing up our phone telling us to come back to the church building right now and then we have to go back and then sometimes the plan wasnt so cool anymore...but sometimes we have good times like kareoking at blue knob and laughing for literally 30 minutes at that cant be tamed music video when miley has a spaz attack. Or when we took forever learning the efy dance to "we like to party" or the hoedown throwdown. I could go on and on but then this post would never end. It is NEVER a dull moment when we are together. ever. Very few people have a friendship like ours and i love it.
Happy 22 21st birthday... again ;)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Ryans got me!"

I am all for roomie bonding- and we def do it ALL the time.
After the stake FHE Monday night we all agreed to go see House at the End of the Street. i LOVE scary movies and going to the movies in general. This scary movie was no dissapointment. We took blankets and popcorn {sneaky}. Besides a double date group below we had the theatre to ourselves.
I kinda felt bad because we are not a quiet group-ever and movies are no exception.
We screamed {i'm def a screamer}, yelled at the movie, added our own dialogue and other obnoxious things and since we didnt take boys-we cuddled :)
the only pictures we managed to get were feet ones because all my room mates insisted they were not up to par for anything above the knee...  and some of us even wore slippers...haha
Just some of our dialogue throughout the movie:
most dramatic scene in the movie- "wow her makeup looks great"
heather turns to stare at me.

"balding bill"

"he looks so sad i just wanna kiss him!"

"Look at him-i'd give him a glass of milk, how could you not?"

"hes SO hot, what does that tell you about hot boys?..."
"dont trust them! Only trust the ugly ones."

"you're a psycopath! but its okay, get on me"

"i didnt think he was hot initally but then he started kissing her and i was like danggg-turned on."
"nope to me he was scary the whole time"

Poor ryan now takes the blame for everything in our apt.
"Where are you?" "ryan has me! i'm locked in his basement" "ooh i'll let you two have fun"
"Ryan did it!"
"look its ryan" etc etc ETC
You can judge for yourself but i wouldnt mind seeing the movie again...for the fact that it was great and hes kind of adorable. GO SEE IT.

xoxo Cait xoxo

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Let's hang out?"

No, the answer to this is no.
Dear boys,
 Just a little piece of advice compiled from some friends:
-If you ask me on a date through a text, email, IM, friend, note or any other piece of technology the answer is gonna be no. Sorry. Don't casually bring it up through a text then call. Just call or ask in person. This always surprises me when boys are like "caitlin she didn't text me back...weird." oh really? I actually dont find this weird at all-maybe its bc you texted her after i told you not to? just a thought though...
-I'm sorry did you really just ask me to "hang out?" Let me just friendzone you right now amd save us both the trouble. I dont care if you look like Taylor Lautner- this is not a good idea. I understand sometimes boys are nervous and wanna get to know the girl first but a first date isnt a big deal- it doesnt mean you love her or want to date her exclusively. If she thinks that shes crazy anyway and you're sparing yourself
-please dont knuckle me, high five me, shake my hand or anything that makes me feel...
well kinda like i'm a dude-i'd rather you do nothing if these are my options
-dont bro me if you dont know me.
- dont text me everyday and ask if i would go on a date with you and when i say yes you never ask me....but continue to text me. whattt.
-dont check me out after you've already repulsed me by writing nice notes to yourself (3 to be exact) and by going on and on about how girls come onto you. I am so impressed right now *rolls eyes*
-dont tell me you played Kill, Date, Bang with my apartment and expect me to be like oh yeah! what were the results? Instead expect to hear- "i'm sorry how old are you?"
-don't tell me sexist jokes. I wont laugh except maybe at you bc you're gonna be single forevaa dude
-dont talk a big game. Oh i'm sorry-you are so awesome and so smart and so funny? Really? i hadnt noticed. No really, i hadnt. Maybe because you keep talking about it and not showing it. Matter of fact, maybe you should be on a date with yourself-let me leave right now. And leave i will.
-dont make me your therapist and tell me every sad and depressing thing about your life or have me solve all your problems.- not really gonna make me fall in love with you but rather direct you to the closest institution
-dont tell me how much you look at yourself in the mirror (boys have done this..) sorry i know you will always be more into yourself and your over the top gym addiction than me
-dont tell me you think you're into guys jokingly #foreverfriendzoned
- dont make me your servant at work just because i'm new and you think youre attractive and i will do it. I know how things work and i know you're a tool and i'm not falling for it...or you
-dont make fun of other dudes at church, or play on your phone or other distracting things.
-dont be overeager. There is a thing as too nice believe it or not-such as overcomplimenting or constantly saying things like "every guy would love to be with you."- well now i know that i have all control and this is no longer fun- sometimes i think i'm such a dude.
-dont wanna always talk about feelings or be a bigger girl than i am
-dont awkwardly side hug me or give me a bad hug in general
-dont say "i have something to say..." boy then says nothing. "shut up and tell me or why dont you shut up and shutup." (hahaha direct room mate quote)
you're welcome.
Love, me & some other girls.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

um it's caitlin

Sometimes your work makes you a nametag and spells it Caitlyn....<----my parents would never spell my name like this and they would not be happy. Sometimes two hot guys come into your section and they say "are you our server?"  and you are feeling underappreciated and ask if they would like someone else- maybe gavin? and they go "no thank you, you are much hotter." Well tell me how you really feel. Then you go on to find they are in their 30's and you stop flirting. Sometimes your roomie really hates fat people and your other roomie says "you're gonna go on a mission where there are a lot of fat people! Texas and you will learn to love them." And then sometimes it turns into a debate about whether or not Texas has a lot of fat people...Sometimes you and your roomies are doing late night shopping ay Macey's and you all realize you have a stalker and then you all start getting paranoid that everyone who glances at you is for sure stalking you too. "That guy in the line keeps staring at us too! We need to leave!""....I'm pretty sure he's in our stake presidency guys.." oh. Sometimes your table asks if you're from the South because you "totally look like it" and you think thats probably the best thing you've ever heard. Sometimes when I see a 3 legged dog i think about it for the next 3 weeks and I dont think anything makes me sadder. (still thinking about it!) Sometimes your boss is singing and you tell him he's a really good singer and then you pause and say "but i think you already know that" and he looks up at you and smiles and you realize maybe you can not talk to everyone like that...even though sometimes you know he likes your attitude bc, well he told you so. Sometimes the bus stops in front of baskin robbins and i have to literally will myself to stay in my seat and not get off. Sometimes a prayer ends in "and thank you for the cute boys in our ward and we hope they want to come to our fort." Sometimes I try not to corrupt my room mates with Jersey Shore but i'm obsessed with it so sorry...Sometimes I think the temple should not have cute workers because they are a distraction from the spirit-yes this is a public complaint. Sometimes you are so awkward its not even funny and your roomies are talking it up with some cute boys in the ward and being the best wing girls ever and you are faced forward and then sometiems you know you look dumb so you turn around to join in and the boy is looking right at you so you turn around real fast and well what happened to my voice. Sometimes i have nothing to say and this is well-shocking. Sometimes the things that come out of apt 220's mouthes are absolutely priceless:
"I feel like i'm a bootycall"
"what should i say if someone asks me why i'm up so late?"
"tell him you're playing with your dolls...and then he'll remember your age and stop texting you"

"so we're just gonna judge people by what cake they eat?"
"well you just judge people by how much cake they eat...whats the difference?"

"what boy would wanna date his sister?"
"Reggie King"

"When i'm married it'll be different...she'll make me a birthday cake. and then pop out of it"
"how big will the cake be?"
"depends on how big she is..."
"ooh i want someone to jump out of my birthday cake!"

"are we domestic or what??"
"why arent we wifed yet..."

"ohmygoodness you werent in my mouth!"

"you guys take everything wrong!"
"oh i'm sorry, when you said i hate fat people i thought you really did-must have been a miscommunication there-maybe i didn't understand that..."

"me hungy"
"talk like a mute person- i cant hear anything!"
"stop making dinosaur noises please"

xoxo CAIT xoxox

just say NO to caffeine

I dont drink soda. For more than one reason but when i'm at work and its easy access sometimes i just do. Yesterday was slow, so instead of a sip here or there, i decided it was acceptable to drink dr. pepper. I would estimate how much it was but i'm not good at that so lets just say it was a lot. Do you know what happens when you drink caffeine after oh a year or so?
I look back on last night with not such fond memories...
i mean i may or may not have thrown a teaspoon full of water on jared because he would not stop hitting me in the head or rather if you ask jared, a gallon bc all night he kept using descriptive words like **drenched or sopping or soaked**
bc sometimes when youre on caffeine you remember youve always wanted to throw water on someone and it seems like a good idea and after, you still think it was a good idea so maybe that wasnt the caffeine at all
i may or may not have insisted my room mate invite people over but when she calls a boy i may or may not have been in the background screaming "uninvite him! uninvite him!" at a decibal that my family members in Maryland may or may not have heard.
i may or may not have acted like finding the ward menu was like finding buried treasure
i may or may not have being running around in circles and not able to sit still
i may or may not have not made sense when i said 10 statements in a matter of 10 seconds and Heather goes "what did you just say??"
i may or may not have been acting without using judgement
i may or may not have thought a 17 year old was cute. #what??
i may or may not have distracted the roomies from doing hw
And after a couple hours of behavior like this i crashed in the middle of the floor.
No more caffeine ever bc if you drink it you'll look like this and have crazy eyes and lets be honest, no one wants crazy eyes.
you've been warned.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

hey you, be happy

General Conference weekend is my favorite!!!
It just reminds me of the many blessings in my life. How can a person not be happy? Here's some things that made me happy lately

I am happy when i watch conference from the inside of our fort with my room mates
I am happy when our ward has a HUGE pre conference breakfast where i can eat fo freee
I am happy when i have my own section on a Friday night and make bank
I am happy when my manager tells me i am one of two servers in the running for the food runner contest and i did a great job. Impressing your managers is always good!
I am happy when my room mates bring me s'mores! Reeses s'mores to be exact!
I am happy when i make pot roast for the first time ever! without any help. along with glazed carrots and potatoes and i feel like i'm going to be a bomb wife.
I am happy when i get to sleep in as late as i want.
I am happy when Kallie tells me she'll cover my shift so i can go to the stake FHE
I am happy that i have the BEST managers anyone could possibly have! I am happy when Jason tells me we are best friends, when Seth fixes my check after i have my first mean table, when Tanner pulls me aside and tells me that I have the best attitude that he has ever seen and that I have the capacity to be one of the best servers and when Adam encouragingly smiles at my first attempt at a beet salad.
I am happy when the boy FINALLY tells me he wants to take me on a date.
I am happy when out of the corner of my eye i see a blue shirt at work and assume its a manager but it turns out to be my favorite person!! and then its obvious i'm happy when i throw- i mean throw my arms around him and hug him. Never have i been so happy with a surprise :D
I am happy when i go to the temple with my room mates and i am having a really bad day and then they surprise me with a cupcake!
I am happy when Jersey Shore comes back on t.v.
I am happy when Shannon comes home from a camping trip!
my general conference dinner! AH so proud :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm so BAD A

when i drive 4 wheelers.
Well this weekend was one that never ended.
I started my first real shift at work, and have now worked 4 lovely days in a row.
But the BAD A part starts when Laura and i woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 am [yuck! when it was still cold and dark and all my little roomies were tucked into bed] to do a 5k in Salt Lake. It was my first 5k ever and not a real big deal but we did it in 29 minutes. Hey, ill take it! Next thing? prepare for a half marathon :) The cool thing about this 5k was it was for the abused deaf and everyone only signed. Straight from there we went to Bountiful and went four wheelin up in the mountain. I LOVE 4 wheeling. I dont think there is anything more amazing than being in the mountains during Fall. I never realized how much i love Utahs mountains. As I spent the whole day with her family I knew that it was how I wanted my kids to grow up-camping, hiking, roasting marshmellows, fishing, 4 wheeling its so perfect up there.
this picture is not my favorite but let me remind you i got ready in the dark and it was early and we just ran a 5k and then road 4 wheelers. I felt pretty amazing driving it- not gonna lie. I think i found another thing to add to my list of favorites! We then had a picnic up in the moutains on this awesome ledge. I never wanted to leave! But dont worry then we came home and i went straight to work. Lauras family took some pictures at the 5k so hopefully i'll get though sometime and add them.
xoxo CAIT xoxo