Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keeping Up With the Measoms

People are always asking me "is lyle back yet?" "what are you guys doing?" "how long has he been gone?" I know, I can barely keep up with the coming and going either. This is more of a catch up post of our life lately and to tell you about all the exciting goodness that is coming up!

What you've missed:
*Lyle is in Houston still for the next two weeks doing extended
and he won this apple watch. which made his life 
and a trip to the Dominican Republic this Fall which made mine
& money towards a team Lake Powell trip in a couple weeks & he
sold 38 last month, even missing the last week to come visit me &
is on track to hitting his highest pay scale (which he has never done)
and pass 200 again! Holy Smokes babe I can't even top your good news.

*I however have been living in Utah, working and taking a class. Not ideal, no. But its done now and I will still be in school for eternity. I figure I'm taking off all the time now to do things I would be doing with all the money from my degree later so it works, right? I WILL graduate though, because everyone should have a degree, and just kidding, its closer than I say it is. 

*I also finished my first ever MARATHON-26.2 MILES
I trained (somewhat inconsistently) this Summer & finally completed the Nebo marathon this past weekend. It was one of the hardest accomplishments of my life. Get up at 3:30 am and drive up the canyon to run? Sure thing. I could barely move the next couple days partially because I forgot to request off work and ended up being on my feet all night after I ran. Lyle told me he would remind me about all the pain if I decide to run one again. I didn't walk once though! Although after this one I learned I would probably stop and stretch here and there but you live and you learn. Next up on my list is a Spartan Race or a triathlon.
and Lyle sent me these 
*ITS SEPTEMBER and my favorite season ever is here. 

* I won the Country Megaticket  on the radio by saying who sang a certain song and what was the name of it ( forever ago & it was Luke Bryan so of course I got it) so I have been enjoying some amazing concerts! This Saturday is Tim Mcgraw and I am so excited!!

*MY BROTHER is coming out next weekend. This NEVER happens. I am planning the best weekend for him, starting with some Brad Paisley. Also, if anyone wants to go on a date with him, I will schedule that too. Thanks

*I won an instagram giveaway too!! Free leggings for me and all 3 friends I tagged. 
Now maybe you all wont hate me for constantly tagging you in things.

*Murphy is acting out, still not loving this whole single parent home thing...
by hoarding his toys and not playing well with others
 stealing the pillows
AND the covers
 ruining post workout selfies to dad
 and being in places he shouldn't
harassing some innocent horses
and playing hide and seek when hide and seek wasn't a thing...
Murphy is a Measom too and I know you all were curious about his life lately but soon enough he is going on a vacation of his own when I fly out to MD in a week and a half bc Murphy gets to go too.  AND I get to find out the gender of my sisters baby!! I am so excited that I get to be there for such a big announcement!

*Lyle was just out here for a visit after almost 8 weeks of not seeing each other. NEVER again will we do this. We saw Luke Bryan, took anniversary pictures, and explored Southern Utah. But there will be more pictures of all this soon!

*After I pick Lyle up we are going to explore Cali

*THEN NEW ZEALAND. I literally can't event. We just booked our tickets. We are stopping at Fiji on the way and then heading up to Thailand and some other exciting places over there for a few weeks.

*New York/Home for Christmas. New York at Christmas time is the best thing on the planet. And this year we get to spend Christmas Day with my family. We really won't be around much this Fall so SEE ME NEXT WEEK GUYS. Or the end of October. 

We are trying to work out a few other things this Fall too so we will share more with you later. All these sacrifices these past few months are so worth it! I know I am always so excited but there are so many amazing things to be excited about in life and I'm just super happy with it all.
 Now you know everything, I love you all, I need to go work out, bye.

Love, Cait

When Mom & Dad Come to Visit

I love when anyone comes to visit me honestly, but when it's my mom & dad it's even better! I love to plan and host so its fun to take them to places I know they will love and do things they can only do in Utah. Mom and dad visited at the end of July and as soon as I picked them up from breakfast I took them to Ruths Diner up Emigration Canyon. I had never been and it was on a list of places you had to eat at in Utah so we went! I got banana bread french toast which was really good but super heavy. We ate out back of the trolley car and it was beautiful. There were these big trees and the weather was great and we all loved it! (I'm still missing a couple pictures but once I find my camera chip I'll add them.)
Then I took mom and dad on a little hike up to the Brighton Lakes! I had also never been on this hike and it was absolutely stunning!
my dad befriending all the cute little chipmunks
feeding them my applesauce...
they were going insane over it.
I took mom and dad to the food truck roundup 
And to the Spanish Fork Rodeo! A couple years ago when mom was out here for my engagements and bridal shower, she went with Lyle and I but this year it was fun to take my dad to his first rodeo! He loved every minute of it! (as I knew he would). Rodeos are one of my favorite things. Afterwards we watched fireworks!
We got up and went to a car show the next morning. No pictures of that but then I took my mom and dad up to Sundance where we rode the lift to the very top to go to the Bear Claw Cafe. We got the nachos and they were really bad so if you go, you should most definitely take your own picnic! THe views from each side were incredible.
We went to Ruby River, mom and dad got to see where I work and spend some much needed time with me. I am already anticipating the next time they get to come out!
Love, Cait

Luke Bryan

Oh my GOSH. I still get excited about that concert and its been two weeks. Even though I have seen Luke Bryan before, never have I ever been front row in the pit and had him touch my hand and shake it right in front of me. Literally, LIFE GOALS. A bit much? Yes. But Luke is seriously my number two (Lyle is #1 obviously) and just imagine fan girling over your number two. I told others that night was the peak of my life and they looked at me like I was crazy. At first I was worried about being in the pit because I read a bunch of articles about what it would be like and I am a little shorter but Lyle and I got there super early and were touching the stage and I could see everything. The atmosphere is so much fun too because everyone is "Luke's biggest fan" and the energy is awesome. The girls around us all adored Lyle because he would make jokes such as when random people came out he would be like "Is that Luke?" He stood behind me and was all protective through the whole thing in case anyone started pushing too. He was such a good sport kissing me, having a good time and holding me even though he's not big into country music.Although, major progress because when we were on the phone the other day he was humming him some Luke and I was pretty proud.

Dustin Lynch came out first and he was awesome. His whole set he stood right in front of me! He would sing to the girls and touch hands and Lyle seemed a little jealous of him, it was funny. I would reach out my hand and Lyle jokingly pushed it down. Like come on, Dustin is not gonna pick me out of the crowd. Lyle thinks I am a little better looking than I am...haha but thats what husbands are supposed to think right? Then Randy Houser came out and I was pretty excited for him because I love his stuff and Lyle even messes up the words and likes to sing to one of his jams but he was kind of uneventful. I swear he was drunk, or on the verge of being there and didn't really pump the crowd up. But when Luke came out, oh man. First off, the man is beautiful. He's entertaining and funny and I may have shed a few tears. So embarrassing but for accurate documentation, it must be noted. And actually, I am not even embarrassed, even if I should be. My throat and my feet were killing me by the end of it but both are signs of a good night. I highly recommend pit tickets once in your life, at least for your favorite singer or band. It was the best experience of my life and they aren't even as bad as you think, unless you are trying to get pit tickets for a Taylor Swift concert, then good luck. Next on the list is meeting him. 
the stage!! I sent this pic to my mom & sisters before the show
Lyle though Randy Housers band was pretty sweet. I especially liked this guy with the Jazz jersey.
When luke fell right in front of me! Not because he's clumsy or anything...but because it was the end of show
ignore the scary shadowing on my face. 
Lyle: "What would you do if Luke came up to you and told you he wanted to be with you?"
Me: "That would never happen....
Lyle:"but if it did"
Me:"I'd ask him how he felt about polygamy." ;)

Love, Cait