Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A touch of Glam

A couple apologies before I start:
1. Sorry this impromptu photo shoot was taken in our lovely kitchen...kind of lame & weird but I decided I wanted to do a blog post of it last minute and it was dark so we improvised... Wont happen again 2. Sorry I was supposed to get this blog on over the weekend but I have been pretty sick the past two weeks- with a sinus infection...who knew those were so terrible? Anyway I've been sleeping a lot and after two weeks of not really cleaning or doing school I had a lot of catching up to do. But now that thats out of the way...

Glam to me is gold, red, sparkle, bling, fancy & confidence. I like the motto less is more because even though this outfit was very simple and some may not think glam right off the bat, I do. It doesn't necessarily mean your outfit has to come right off the red carpet but rather some curls, a red lipstick, black and glitter nails, touches of gold and some killer shoes. My "killer shoes" are my newest christmas present from mom and dad. You better believe I got them on sale...for all you Marylanders Arundel Mills has a Vince Camuto store and these babies were only about $50? because the whole store was 30-40% off. These shoes are the best and I always get compliments on them and they are not even uncomfortable in the slightest. I curl my hair when I wanna feel glam & add some lipstick. Most guys seem to love the red lipstick except my dad who thinks it looks "terrible." Honesty is the best policy right? The tip with red lipstick is not do to the rest of your makeup crazy when you do it- simple eyes if you wear it or else its just way too much. And if you aren't used to wearing lipstick- make sure you put chapstick on first or your lipstick wont look smooth and blot it a bit with tissues if its too dark for you- I still do this because I don't like it too harsh. Theres so many different colors to play around with- try heading to sephora and a makeup artist will help you find the right color for you.

When it comes to this blazer I LOVE IT. I have searched for the perfect blazer for a long time and this one was on sale for $10!! I suggest trying on blazers before buying them because they always fit different at least for me... Forever 21 usually has a bunch of cute ones if you're looking and I highly suggest you do. Dress an outfit up for work or even wear it casual-blazers have always screamed classy glam to me, hence me wanting one for so long. I seriously fell in love with this simple look- sometimes its nice to do up your hair and makeup and let that make the statement. 
Booties: Vince Camuto Tank top: Target (and i wear it ALL the time) Blazer: Nest on Main in Springville Necklace: Franchescas similar style here

Have fun playing around with your own look-from hair to makeup & see how you can make that the focus point rather than your outfit.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Date Night

I love date nights & well, dressing up for date nights.  Although in all honesty I try to dress up everyday but dates usually call for a little heel and maybe some tights. My favorite part of this outfit was the tights- because at $3.46 and FREE shipping you really can't beat them. I have tons of tights but mine always get tears or things and these babies have yet to fall apart. They do take about two weeks to get to you but they are pretty great! The bubble necklace is $7.99 FREE shipping also. I love to shop but even better is getting really cute stuff for cheap. A lot of the bloggers I follow post the CUTEST stuff but $500 for a pair of shoes isnt really realistic and they arent budgets for the everyday girl so heres an affordable yet cute (if you ask Lyle) outfit. This outfit was super comfy too, surprisingly even the shoes. 
Tights: Ebay Statement/bubble necklace: Ebay...shocker Jacket: old from Charlottes Russe but similar styles here & here Dress: old from Ross similar here or splurge here Booties: old from Charlottes Russe similar here

I picked a little bit more modest dresses but they also have way cute cheaper black dresses at Forever 21 or Charlottes russe. The booties were a little bit harder to find but mine are suede and the Urban Outfitter ones are way cute, though a little less fancy- Enjoy your date nights ladies!!

xoxo Cait xoxo

Monday, January 20, 2014

denim and plaid.

Welcome to Utah, where it is pretty much always snowy. Or at least it seems like it- so boots and layering are always in. Most of you know my obsession with hunters but they are seriously amazing. Comfy, cute and practical. My denim jacket is also one of my new favorites. I was kind of concerned with how it would look with the plaid but I'm happy with how it turned out! Layering is so fun to play around with and don't be afraid to try anything! Try adding a scarf or a big statement necklace or even another layer in between- especially if its cold! You don't have to stay with one style- wear what you like- I always do. Next outfit switches it up to a date night! So check back soon!!
Statement necklace: ebay jean jacket: Abercrombie and Fitch on sale!! shirt: jcrew sold out similar here: Forever 21 
Murphy photobombed!
Oh and shout out to my cute hubby who took these pictures! Today is our 4 month anniversary and a year ago today lyle kissed me for the first time! Does time fly or what...
Happy Styling!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to: Chambray

One of my favorite pieces lately:
Chambray shirt: Nordstroms ON SALE!! or similar one here J.Crew

I have always loved Chambray shirts. I love how versatile they are. I just took my to Cancun and it was great because I could wear it a million different ways and when you are going somewhere you don't want to check bags, that is useful. It could be a beach coverup, a classic piece for a fancy date night or a casual daytime outfit. I really love maxi skirts with chambray tops too.  I was pretty picky about which chambray top I would get but these both are great brands that will last you a long time. 
 Necklace: Jcrew knockoff Ebay Skirt: Urban Wear at University Mall 
Shoes: Urbanog or Gojane similiar here: Wedges

TIP: I always check Ebay or Amazon if I cant find something I'm looking for & I never have any problems finding things. Its usually cheaper too!

One of my favorite ways to pair my chambray is with some black leggings and my red hunters. Its SO comfortable but cute and classy too.
Hunter Wellies: Nordstroms Scarf: Forever 21 old similar here Nordstrom or Etsy
Black Leggings: Forever 21 $6.80 
Every wardrobe needs a pair of black leggings- they go with everything. 

xoxo Cait xoxo


I love Cancun. I'll just start by saying that....I think I may even love Cancun more than the Dominican Republic. Why? Lots of reasons...its beautiful, theres so much to do and the people are so friendly. It could also be that this trip we went with a ton of friends so we were never bored. I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip with a big group sometime but don't feel bad if you need to get away for some alone time because in a romantic place like this, you'll want it!
 So we stayed here:
yeah not bad right! Lyle's manager said he has stayed at a few places along the beach and this was by far the nicest. If you're going to Cancun i suggest staying here!
Right on the beach...although most of the resorts are
My amazing lunch! shrimp, chicken and beef kabobs over rice. This was probably my favorite food i ate the whole trip.
Everyone raved about the churros from the Mexican restaurant. My husband being one of them! 
They had a couple restaurants that you could choose to eat at- nice sit down ones or a buffet (which was only good at breakfast) and some snack bars for lunch. All inclusive- including the room service and 600 pina coladas and miami vices we drank...whoops.
We got to cross off our bucket list a few things- one of which was Parasailing! I loved it. You got to see everything! They rode us out on Jetskis which was my favorite part and then we got to ride on the boat until it was our turn. We were up there for 10-12 minutes and it was amazing. Oh & we got to play with Bobba. She was ADORABLE. I was so in love. When i saw her we were in line for food and i started freaking out- lyle was like what?! 
These pictures of me arent that flattering but there is a monkey in them so who cares.
Bobba (the monkey) decided to pee on the head of the poor boy in front of me & i was grateful we got in the line right after him...
Oh and we saw some cool Mayan Ruins
standing in the doorway of our home...if we lived a gazillion years ago
^we hiked this bad boy. and my legs were dying the next day.
also getting up was a lot easier than getting down...
and sometimes wearing a maxi skirt may seem like a cute fun idea but it may not be so cute when you fall down the mayan ruins...just fyi. thankfully my husband reminded me to hold my skirt so i did not fall victim to such a tragedy.
us at the top!
on the way down...
what the sketch. 
Next stop: Chichen Itza....this we sadly could not climb
 the Mayans used to play a game here- They had to hit the ball through the hoop- this is the largest stadium...our tour guide referred to it as the superbowl arena for the mayans. 
Hieroglyphics of one of the players.
The captain of the winning team was sacrificed and he was all excited because he thought he was going to be a God. I would never want to win...
on top of one of the smaller ruins. We did our tour through Helaman Tours and i HIGHLY recommend it. Its an LDS tour group and it bring the Book of Mormon into it and how it plays a part and its awesome. 
of course i had to get a picture of one of the ancient aztec mayan dogs. There were tons of dogs running around- this one was one of the healthier ones- it was so depressing. 
Our group! (well not everyone but those who went on this excursion!)
After the ruins they fed us lunch and took us here, to swim in this almost cave like place.
Lyle would boogyboard ALL day. All the other husbands would come in for a break but nope not mine. He loved it. He was like let me teach you how but he forgot I grew up on the East Coast and have a lot of boogyboarding experience.
my husband is such as stud.
We played with Kenna while Brit & Jas got some beach time. But what started out as this...
 quickly turned to this....
& then i was like ya know someday....20 years from now we could have a zillion baby LCs running around and MAYBE if they are as good as Kenna I will be fine with it.
Lyle was acting like a paparazzi haha
We enjoyed the sun, went dancing at a club downtown, saw a cool Michael Jackson show & enjoyed Mexico. Coming back to the snow and cold weather was definitely terrible. I don't think I have ever said I don't want to leave so many times in my life. We still had so much more we wanted to do! Swimming with dolphins was next on our list but i guess we need to save some adventures for the rest of the year ;). It was an amazing way to start the year off- i could honestly not ask for a better trip. Its all thanks to this guy who earned this trip because of his hard work. I am so proud of him. I have this dream life because of him. Love you!
I cant wait for the rest of our adventures this year babe!
xoxo CAIT xoxo
P.S.-sorry for the picture overload! I am so in love with my new camera!