Monday, July 7, 2014

Channeling My Inner Audrey

This outfit makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I don't know, maybe its the pearls that just make a girl automatically feel classy or the white and black...but I am in love with this outfit. On my shopping trip with momma we discovered a gold mine. This store A'GACI. I loved everything and seriously everything fit perfectly. Of course I asked if they had an online store, which they do!!, and its the best. But don't believe me, look for yourself, everything is SO REASONABLE! Sorry, I get super excited about good deals haha. The shoes, blouse & necklace are all from there. I have had my eye on a couple layered pearl necklaces for a while but this one was the cheapest I've found. $11.50! The one I wanted was 36.50.... The extra bling on the top literally screamed my name. It even came with pearl dangly earrings but I decided to forego those for this outfit. The blouse is hot pink. In some of the pictures it looks a little lighter but just in case, its the bright pink, the lighting was a little off this morning. This skirt I ordered online from a store called windsorstore. They have the cutest stuff too. A lot of people get nervous about online shopping but this skirt doesn't have buttons or a zipper and its basically a body con. Although, its not as tight as some of the others which is nice, because it has a little more give and can be easily paired with a plain bright top in any color and a good pair of heels. A kelly green top or red would be perfect. I ordered some other stuff from there too & I loved everything. I am SO SO excited for all the new outfits coming your way this week! You all will just love all the bright stuff & fun patterns!! Also go check out these websites, they are awesome for you trendy ladies on a budget. 

Oh also for all my blogger friends out there, I am looking to redo the layout of my blog & I know a lot of you have had them done for you so if you could let me know who would be good that would be great, Thanks!
It's all in the details....
Pink Blouse: A'GACI similar here (they have tons of pink!)
Striped Skirt: Windsorstore this is also cute! --> Small Stripes
Layered Pearls: A'GACI
Heels: A'GACI 
Bracelet: Kate Spade
Bag: Forever 21 similar here oh also my bag is navy blue, not black...shhh

Love, Cait

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