Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gonna be a good life.

There are so many things that i love lately:
  • when boys make me dinner! On Saturday Philip and Jared made Heather and I dinner. Tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans. It was so good and so nice.
  • Accutane. It works wonders. seee :)

  • that i got to talk to my Pappaw today for his birthday! He is the best old man there is. "Hey pappaw i was calling to wish you a happy birthday!" "Oh i thought you were calling to invite me to the wedding"
  • TACO TUESDAY. Oh my goodness, best invention in the entire world. 3 tacos for $1. YES please.
  • my bishop. He is so awesome and i would marry his son just to be in that family. he is so awesome and at any event that he can be and yet he still manages to have a perfect family
  • that Heather spent the whole weekend at my apt. It was like we were room mates again. We met new boys together and the one guy said "that were pretty sassy together" haha probably because we play off eachother really well. We got to go to church and play soccer too.
  • that i'm gonna be a great wife someday because i do breakfast in bed or so i'm told
  • that snickers in brownies turned out to be really good
  • that most of the boys are off their missions
  • that i am doing so well in school even though i'm dying
  • that spring break is 2 weeks away!
  • that HUNGER games comes in exactly one month and a day
  • i LOVE my glasses that i always have for like 2 weeks until i break them, pictures coming soon
  • and that my FAVORITE nicholas sparks book comes out in theaters after that! If any boy would like to take me to see it that would be superb
this looks far steamier than the book was...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Up in the gym just working on my fitness

When i'm not at school, studying, doing some church related activity or looking for a job, I am at the gym.
I used to be so good at updating on the gym but i havent lately because nothing new has really changed. However even with working out like 5 days a week, i am still sore from two days ago. Why? Because of two hours of soccer. Thats why. How is this possible? I mean good news was i didnt feel out of shape, i ran the whole time and loved every single minute of it but not even the next morning, THAT night i was feeling it.

i mean i guess i could do better though, work out a little harder...
i may or may not look like this when i try and lift weights like the boys 
i could even hit up the bball courts, maybe play a little one on one...
Sometimes i feel like i look like this at the gym and i want everyone to stay away from me. I dont even want people looking at me but hey not everyone can look good at the gym all the time..
ok, i guess some people can...
But back to the real issue at hand, i need to work out better because i cant get sore from a couple hours of soccer. Although to be fair, it was indoor soccer where anything goes. I did opt out of wearing shinguards so i got a couple bruises. I did decide to push people into the walls and fight for the ball and i did run into everyone and everything. I love soccer more than anything, its for sure in my top 5 favorite things of all time. My team ended up winning and it was so intense. I get so into it and i never back down from the ball. I think the best advice for soccer is to have no fear. Heather even played and did a great job! Everyone seemed to have a good time and we are going to try to make this a regular thing. The bishop told me that I was an amazing soccer player (but so are you bishop) and a couple people told me i was MVP. Everyone was so nice to me and thought i was way good but everyone played so well. I miss soccer so much!! So i'm gonna go work out super hard so i'm not sore next time and so i can take out all the boys.
-the first team I ever played on- i was 5 and my mom was the coach

xoxo CAIT xoxo

You might have a crush on your TA if

  • you are not only willing to, but love listening to him go on and on about Plato, Socrates and Nietzsche
  • you look forward to Fridays not for the weekend but for his class
  • you cant stop smiling through the whole class, where its so bad you have to will yourself to think depressing or sad thoughts so he thinks youre okay
  • you overlook the fact that hes a philosophy major...
  • you cant get over the fact that he somehow in someway resembles Vinnie
  • you totally dont mind when he takes like 2 weeks to grade your paper...
  • you find yourself subconsciously wearing indie clothes or accessories bc you think he's into indie/artsy girls
  • you find yourself looking for him in the lecture class
  • you smile when he smiles
  • you think that he really meant to put "you *are perfect, keep it up"
  • this 500 days of summer scene describes how happy you are after his class

Guess all the signs point to it. I mean hes not someone i would typically like but the way he gets passionate about a topic that i have no care in the world about is adorable. Hes SO smart, well traveled, knows about world issues, funny and more importantly hes objective. I've known really smart guys but they were condescending and rude but hes just as smart and hes not like that at all. Everytime he looks at me and i start to smile he gets this big smile on his face and he hold eye contact with me for a long time. Sometimes i feel like i'm the only one paying attention but its probably bc our class has 3 girls and like 17 guys who arent attracted to ourTA...
Too bad he is my TA, this kind of thing isnt allowed..

xoxo Cait xoxo

What really went down...

So i'm a little late but i still wanted to post about my valentines day! Previously i posted how i wanted it to go down... but it didnt ended up that way, it was better. Now even though i dont have a boyfriend, husband, fiancee, (insert other important guy), etc I still had a great time. I'm not the bitter type or sad type like a lot of people are, i'm the lets throw a party for all the single ladies type! And thats just what i did. Oh and i'm also this kinda girl too...

We ended up having about 10 girls. We watched Valentines Day and we baked. We had so much junk in the house by the end of the night. Partially because all the cupcakes we had using my babycakes maker that mom gave me! Oh and i love it mom. We had Annalisas pink cinnamon rolls, and 2 dozen cupcakes from La Jolla that Chase contributed to our girls night. It was way fun and no one was sad or lonely on Valentines Day! Not that they would have been...but it was a great excuse to have everyone over!

Oh and mines pink too!
And i got the cutest valentine from shey and rhys
Oh and i learned:
- if you're awesome enough, instead of a dozen roses you'll get a dozen cupcakes, which trumps roses any day of the week
- you eat more junk than you would on halloween which is a vicious cycle because then you get fat enough that you will never har a valentine
i love them & this.
i still love valentines day!
X0X0 Cait X0X0

Things i learned Friday:

I loved the long weekend, the longer the better. I had so many fun things planned and so i decided i would go to the gym and then stay in and knock all my homework out of the way. I was so proud of myself! But do you think the night really ended up turning out that way? Of course not. Heres how it really went:
Hayleys packing for Idaho
Me: (putting on my shoes) i'm heading to the gym, i'm probably gonna leave in 10
10 minutes later...
Me: (sprawled out across my bed, hayley and i are chatting) Hayley i'm really gonna go to the gym, i need to.
At this point Hayley doesnt believe me Hay: Haha you arent going
Me: (checking my email) Yes i am, i just have some important things to check first...
Hayley: (unconvinced) okay...
Me:(Im standing by the door) Bye Hayley!
5 minutes later
Me: (i walk back into the room) Okay youre right, i dont really want to go...
But in my defense, i went every single day besides then so it was okay!
So after blowing off the gym i decided it would only be smart to blow off homework as well (kind of like i'm doing right now) i thought it would be a good idea to see the vow and so did Annalisa! We loved it btw.
                                                                                                                                                                  Heres what i learned that day, besides blowing off homework is fun & when i say i'm going to go to the gym i'm lying:
  • Sometimes cars wont start and you end up stuck at a gas station for 45 minutes with only Annalisa and the creepy guy who keeps coming up to your car telling you whats wrong with it
  • sometimes the creepy guys who tell you your engines flooded is wrong and your engine actually isnt flooded, but you thank him anyway
  • sometimes boys are really nice and so willing to drive up and play the role of hero.
  • sometimes boys know nothing about cars but since its a manly thing to do they open the hood and stare at the engine for a good 15 minutes anyway and try to act like they do
  • and sometimes your little tiny room mate shows up all the boys and gets the car going again and youre so proud of her!
  • dont text someone asking if that was a mass text bc then they wont respond
  • dont go complaining to Heather and Philip that all you got was a mass text because they might say that they never got it
  • oh. well i guess sometimes you learn texts that look like mass texts arent really mass texts...
  • channing tatum should never wear a fedora, even if he is beautiful
  • no boy should...ever.
  • i would do anything for love is written by meatloaf..
  • meatloaf is such an unfortunate name
  • although channing tatum can serenade me to it if hed like
  • i need to keep a journal in case i ever get major head trauma and cant remember my life...
  • i want my husband and i to be just as spontaneous and adorable as they were in the movie
  • when i crave reeses, Dairy Queen has an amazing shake 
  • i need to take more pictures! i dont know why this is ever a problem since i love to
  • Corinne falls asleep with the light on
Obviously very important life lessons here people
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Go ahead, make my day.

Monday was a holiday, so Tuesday was a Monday and Wednesday was....well still a Wednesday...So i basically had two of my longest and busiest days in a row. To top it off, i have had 3 tests and 1 paper to do in that time. Its basically finals every other week with this load i'm taking. So today i woke up and instead of having a normal cereal or oatmeal breakfast i found this:
underneath she had made all of us pancakes! It was such a nice suprise to start my day off. Thanks Lauren!I felt like all day it was back and forth on things making the day good and things making the day not so good. Then i was thinking the day was going to be great until Hayley and i missed the bus, so we were like okay no big deal we'll walk to the next stop and then we just barely made that one after a quick sprint...
the classes go by extremely slow and i find myself wondering if the day will ever end when i find out i did awesome on my math test. The day is back to being great again. I then forgot that i had an appointment and had to give blood and the longer a good day.... But then i remember how cute that breakfast was this
morning and how it started my day off great! Gotta remember its always a good day, just some are better than others.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Monday, February 13, 2012

BE MINE. & maybe i'll be yours.

Most people wouldnt typically say Valentines day is their favorite holiday...but dont worry neither would. But i do LOVE it. Its up there for sure.This is how my ideal Valentines day would go if things were up to me:
Cupcakes are my favorite thing ever, even more than cake.
Cheesecake, Reeses, chocolate covered strawberries, he really couldnt go wrong...
this movie :)
maybe some pretty gerber daisies like above
someday i want a card like this! a homemade one would be cuter though
and to top it off!...just kidding, although i need these. If he gave me a puppy i'd have to marry him but valentines day would be a cliche anniversary... but we will just save this fun stuff for next year, cause this year the girls have something fun planned! Ill let you know how it goes and hopefully get some pictures too.
Valentines day is sometimes referred to as "single awareness day" or other depressing titles but i disagree. Granted people should love eachother all the time but i like that theres a day to remind people. Last year i had to work on it and i didnt think the couples were so cute anymore...when i had to deal with a continuous line out the door, because Valentines day is the busiest day of the year for restaraunts. So if you work there you can complain a little. I found so many cute and creative ideas. I remember one year in specific mom helped us stamp out the cutest valentines for our class that took FOREVER but they were so cute. Heres some cute ideas i found through google, pinterest, etc. I wish i had someone to be creative for, so i hope you do:

Oh and dont forget the treats!!
 Happy Valentines Day!
love CAIT

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love good weeks.

Sunday night started this week great.
I got 9 nice notes, which is a record. It was so sweet & made my night.
Monday was neverending and i was on campus til about 7! The good thing about this was i could have been home at 6 if the flawless boy in my math class who i've wanted to talk to me for the past month did. He sat right next to me in the math lab and we talked for like an hour. It all started when he said "hey youre in jenni wilcox math class with me right? oh you know i am, lets be honest. Do you know how to do this problem? Of course i helped him (although i'm prob not best for that job...) and we went from there. We had a ton in common and hes way cool. In wording it nicely the boy isnt the brightest crayon in the box so thank goodness hes perfect. But hey whose really that good at math anyway? Oh and he sat right next to me in class the next day and we talked. Although he kept yelling out all the wrong answers and i couldnt help but try hard not to laugh.

I finally got back my geology test and i got an 86%. Hey not an A but for as long as the test was i'll take it.
Ignore the fact that i cant follow directions please.
I got to bake a ton. Laura and i baked oreo cookies on Tuesday night and they were bomb. We also got two no voice hours, so bonus there. Then on Wednesday I made brownies but put white chocolate chips all over the top and they were so good, and by so good i mean i'm so glad we invited people over to eat them or i would have. Honestly i would try them, they are way better than just the average brownies.

This movie comes out next week and i am DYING!!
i definitely would not be complaining if two beautiful guys were competing for my attention
I also got to go to taco tuesday, see in time (which is amazing btw), go to volleyball, have girl time with shey, larisa and chase ha...Well the week flew by and tomorrows FRIDAY.
I have so many fun plans for the weekend!
xoxo cait xoxo

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mixed Signals say yeah

I dont like it when people arent upfront. Or play games...unless its me...i would like to tell you about a boy. A boy that isnt normally my type lookswise although hes goodlooking but personality wise he for sure is. Whether or not he likes me is unknown. He is a very flirtatious person so its hard to tell. Maybe he treats all his friends like this and thinks its okay? Maybe he knows that i like it when boys dont completely pursue me. I dont like him but there is for sure interest, it would kind of help if i knew what he was thinking so maybe you can tell me with the following evidence:
I met him last semester. I remember meeting him and where it was and when he told me his name i thought it was hilarious. Long story short, an old room mate of mine used to date him so i already knew all about him. I didnt say anything though. So basically we figured it out and became friends but the real story starts last sunday. He was just put on the same committee as me actually, hes sorta in charge...but anyway i couldnt make it so i get a text from him saying "i miss you and your beautiful face." After an hour of pondering why he sent that i profoundly texted back with a ...? <--- cool i know. Oh and btw he already thinks its okay that we share these texts so i dont feel bad throwing them out here :) I texted back saying that i missed his mediocre face and then he responded with "haha jerk face! :p Whats it like to be beautiful? To be perfect??" I told him it was quite wonderful and maybe someday he'll get to experience it. Some other witty text messages were exchanged and that was that. That night i got an annoynmous nice note saying this:
i wonder who its from...
Later on in the week i texted him telling him i had something he might like at my apartment and he said "how about i come over right now and find out :)" and i said i may or may not be on a date and he said "i should have known you were on a date" and i said something about him underestimating me and he said he definitely didnt. The last flirty text was when i told him someone else had to be here when he came over and he said "what? It cant be just me and you??" and i said no because i couldnt go sending the wrong signals here now can i? and mr charming replied with "oh the wrong signals are sent already..too late." I politely told him that it wasnt my fault because i wasnt into blondes from the beginning and he said "haha! yeah...i'm dying it..." WHAT IS THIS. Okay if that isnt enough evidence for you to help me figure out whats going on heres Sunday he sat on the opposite side of the chapel and he slowly made his way over to my side...well lets be honest, to me. After i excitedly said hi to my amazing bishop who just had surgery i hear a voice behind me. Mr Charming is sitting right behind me with his arms up on the back of our bench. "So uh i was wondering if you'd be my date for the Valentines dance on Saturday?" I gave what i imagine to be a skeptical or confused look but dont worry he quickly took it back and said "i actually meant my work date, like we work the same hours together..." I tell him hes messed up and turn around. (We are both on the committee and have to help run and clean up the dance) He apologizes and tries to fix it with some lame excuse. Then we leave relief society a little early to set up for break the fast and who do you think i run into first but Mr. Charming...of course. I cant get away from him, hes tapping my one shoulder and acting like it wasnt him like were in 7th grade and accusing me of burning the rice and other little things. He finally comes and sits down at my table after were all eating where hes attempting to charm anything and anyone around him and then he starts doing imitations of me and how the scenario after sacrament really went down. Hes pretty quick on his feet and really funny. I tell him you shouldnt just randomly call people beautiful unless you really mean it and he goes why do you think i dont mean it, i call all of my friends beautiful. I then told him that was weird and i didnt think he was serious and he goes "Look at Caitlin, i'm being serious." At the end he pops down the Valentines day dance flier and goes "If you have a change of heart Caitlin, no pun intended" and Shey laughs super hard and i just smile. I go to put my chair away and some guy in the ward helped me and he comes up and goes "i was just coming to help you with that.." Then he asks if he can give me a guy and i attempt at a weak side hug in which he doesnt accept and turns it into a big one. He then sets me straight because a huge table almost runs me over. He acts like he saved my life which was pretty amusing. As i go to leave i quitely say to Shey "dang he smells good." Well he did...
I think hes just fun to flirt with...cause i want to be just friends.
xoxo CAIT xoxo 

Bake me pretty

One of my favorite websites NOT found on pinterest btw.
I love to bake and cook so this stuff is flippin adorable:
Oh did i also mention it has the cutest clothes, jewelry, etc? Cause it does.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

Look ma, i can cook!

This weekend has been one of the best ones in a long time...
it was less focused on school and work but rather just having a good time and with all the credits i am taking and being so busy all the time it was much needed. On Friday we had a girls night and baked some cinnamon roll cake for "the team," and then we went to the dollar theatre and saw New Years which was actually really good considering all the bad reviews it got...Saturday i did work, it was my last day at my seasonal job which i absolutely love but it was time to part ways. Then Jared and Philip picked me up from work and we went to the BYU volleyball game. They lost. All. three. sets. Sad times...werent they supposed to be number one in the nation?? Anyway then the boys plus Joey went grocery shopping with me and i got ingredients to make them dinner! I made them BBQ cups and french fries and they absolutely loved them. It was only my second time making them by myself ever and the first time i burnt them...whoops....but this time they turned out perfect. They are amazing and SO EASY and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Boys LOVE them. I have not met one person who didnt like them, even Shannon whose a vegetarian misses eating them.
Ingredients: ground beef
shredded cheese
biscuits(just the normal small ones that will fit in a cupcake pan)- not the flakey ones
***sweet baby rays honey bbq sauce
(the amount of ingredients depends on how many people you are feeding/if you want leftovers)

1. i set the oven to 200 degrees. dont know if thats what my mom sets it to but it worked great. Spray the cupcake pans with pam and then put one of the rolls in each and smush them out in the pan 2. Brown the ground beef. 3. Then mix in the bbq sauce until the meat is completely covered 4. Spoon in as much meat as desired on top of each roll. 5. Put in the oven for like 6 minutes. I check on them constantly so they dont get burned but you want them a little softer. 6. 2 or 3 minutes before you take them out, pull out the rack and sprinkle shredded cheese on top. The more the better. Pull out and let cool for a few minutes. I love these because they taste just as good a few days later for leftovers and they are so easy. I recommend dipping them in bbq sauce because they taste even better. Doesnt look too great here cause it wasnt right outta the oven but trust me, youll love them! If you have any questions ask me or my mom because its really her recipe and shes a pro.
xoxo Cait xoxo