Sunday, April 24, 2011

my favoritest poem ever.

- Musings on a Thief -

- Choices, and Friends, and More -

i'm thinking of a lot of things

at night in my chair

but my mind (mysteriously) mostly mentions you.

and oh of course i'm thinking about you,

did you even have to ask?

and i don't even know where my mind went to, i can't think of anything:

my work, my art projects, my schoolwork are ignored.

somehow, you took over. and like a detective

i want you to tell me how you did it - (how you stole my thoughts).

i know you want to answer questions that i have

but you don't.

and that's fine

i never really expected you to.

and are we really just going to make faces

at each other all night? (another question, there we go again).

of course half of the time

i'm saying that you're making a face

and the other half i'm hiding mine.

all i'm really doing is waiting

waiting because i've already made the choice

and i'm just waiting for you to make your choice

you've already made the choice to steal my thoughts

(and you've done it very well) my question now is

what are you going to steal next?
Isnt this poem amazing? I read it all the time. I could quite possibly love it though because it was written about me by a published poet with a lot of talent :)

Spring must haves

My Spring Must haves:

I have been in love with these steve madden boots for a while and i didnt get them when i should have and now i cant find them anywhere and i am devastated. Even knockoffs would suffice. I think these would look adorable with skirts and dresses. I LOVE boots. If i saw my closet you'd know this

Scarves! Especially this yellow one from american eagle which i am totally getting. Scarves are perfect because they work for spring summer fall and winter. Theres also so many ways to wear them. I like scarves and belts because you can layer them and they make almost any outfit cuter. Floral scarves are way cute too!

Not necessarily in this color, but ANYTHING that hangs of the shoulder, like slouchy tops. I absolutely love them. The relaxed feel is so cute for summer. And you can wear them with anything.
Nude colored heels.
I want these so bad. I have an outfit planned out for these already. I love heels in general, especially really tall ones like these. has an amazing shoe selection. Check it out!

Floppy hats but mainly hats in general. Fedoras, baseball caps, cowboy hats all look so cute at the pool or beach paired with some oversized sunglasses (another favorite accesory of mine).
toms are amazing. Everytime i cut through Nordstrom i have to go and look at the toms. I dont know if its just a Utah thing but tons of girls wear them out here and i never saw them at home. They look way cute with dark skinny jeans or stripes. Just a personal preference of mine though. I love these red ones!

Cardigans! I have cardigans in every color except i want a mustard yellow one. I stole my sisters for a while and loved it. I wore it with absolutely everything. Cardigans dress up any outfit. I wear mine with jeans, dresses, skirts, seriously everything. They are the best. (i like her outfit too)
I love sperrys! but especially these pink ones. I found these at Nordstrom and i love them

I also really like anything zebra print right now. Its so cute! Some of my favorite places to shop are Forever 21 or H&M because they have the cutest things but you dont have to break the bank. The only thing I've really been splurging on are shoes.

No longer a teenager.

I need to cherish these last few weeks that i get to be a teenager. For some reason all my friends have freaked out about turning 20. Maybe because we are no longer teenagers and that kinda sucks. 20 sounds like i should be more established and im way old and should be independent...but im not.

i feel like i need to go out and do a bunch of stuff that 19 year olds do but then i realized what is it that 19 year olds do that 20 year olds dont? prob not much, but if you think of something let me know. I doubt a lot in my life will actually change

me: "i like being a teenager, when im 20 i cant act like a brat anymore..."
kelly: "i cant wait til you turn 20 then..."

hahaha not that being a brat at 19 is socially accepted either but oh well

P.S- did i mention my birthday is on Friday the 13th?

A day in the life of caitlin...

I always do catch up posts because i rather like them

I just got an Easter package from my parents and i loved it! They sent me the movie Tangled, awesome socks in neon colors, the newest Harry Potter movie, a target giftcard and chocolate. Do you think my parents could know me any better?

I have been a workaholic but since im going home in a couple weeks the extra $$$ is great. Serving is going great, i think i'm doing very well, im getting good tips and love a lot of the people i get to meet. Im also picking up a lot of service shifts so its way nice.

i cut myself some side bangs and i love them!

sadly my favorite boss is leaving and im sad cause i kinda adore him

I love jamba juice. When i moved out here i had it and wasnt such a big fan but my friend Kaley took me recently and i got Pomegrante pick me up and it was amazing. I just went the other night and got it again :)

Although ive been a workaholic i managed to fit in cafe rio with some work friends, have a fun night getting 7-11 hot chocolate and hanging out at Mandys, saw Just go with it featuring Adam Sandler and it was way funny, had a farewell roomie lunch, hit up Texas Roadhouse with Kaley, etc

my Life stays good :)

3 Romeos? boy am i lucky

So the semester is coming to an end and two of my room mates are moving out. Its bittersweet because two of my best friends, rach and heather are moving in but i've gotten used to how things are and weve all gotten way close. We did a roomie lunch at Applebees as a goodbye and it was way good! Were pretty good at making time for eachother and i love it. So Heter (really heather) comes back to the room as i'm cleaning it because i just worked a double and forgot about cleaning checks...which is always lovely and since our window is always open theres loud talking right outside of it. I'm kind of annoyed because i think there are so many places that these people could go and have their little conversation at but then suddenly the voice gets creepy and deep.

H: "i think theres someone at our window"
Heter goes to pull up the blinds and i yell to wait, this could be dangerous. Instead i move one of the blinds to peak through and see a pair of eyes staring right back at me. I scream far too loud. Heter falls to the ground hysterically laughing and my other roomie runs in to see whats going on. The figure outside of my window starts laughing and i throw the blinds up. Taylor, kevin, Todd and my roomie millie are gathered around my window. Okay peeping toms, what the heck. They were trying to get on the roof and got stuck at my window, lucky me. It was actually way funny and hard to believe because we are on the second floor and its not exactly easy to get up there. We pushed the screen out so we could talk to them. I pretended that i was juliet and i was lucky enough to have 3 romeos trying to rescue me, although i wasnt really a princess (literally at least..) and i wasnt in any real danger but besides those small details it was pretty awesome. I told them i expected them to be singing and why werent they serenading us and then Taylor broke into song and it was pretty awesome. They then climbed through my window and were in my room. (sorry BYU honor code) But they quickly walked through to the living room and we all just talked for 2 hours since it was prob the last time we would all be able to see eachother since my roomie Heter is going to Taiwain to teach English and the others were moving. But they were so much fun and all three of them kept us laughing all night. I loved it! 

Tangled up in well, Tangled

I started off my blog with a movie review and havent done one since so her ya go.

I love Tangled.
Now i am not a huge fan of animated movies at all but this one is an exception prob because what girl doesnt like a movie about princesses and hot animated guys. I kinda love Flynn Rider.

"caitlin youre in love with an animated character..."
"what is that weird or something?"

yeah it kinda is but oh well.

I love to pretend im Rapunzel because she has such long beautiful hair and i love my hair. I'll be honest im kinda obsessed with it and its way long too because im growing it out to donate it.
Now through the movie I had some random thoughts, like when he goes to cut her hair WHY did you cut it so short. Sometimes boys dont think things through. and where are charming boys like flynn?

My parents just sent me an Easter package with Tangled in and i already watched it. I really need to find a new movie to like so i stop watching tangled...