Tuesday, June 29, 2010

please stop dating controlling psycho girls.

I feel like all my really attractive, really chill guy friends date psycho girls and its starting to get annoying. So i have this one friend who him and i always like eachother on and off. We talk on the phone and text a lot, were just really good friends. But then he took a turn for the worse...he started dating a monster, and im not being petty, shes legit a monster. When he first told me about her he called her crazy and said he wanted to stay away and now theyve been dating for months...what happened here? Where did we go from smart sensible boy to whatever ill date the wacko. She told him he couldnt talk/hang out with other girls and she even deleted me from his facebook. Really now? How old are we. His excuse for her was he deleted some guys off her so she just did the same. yeah OK I believe that...

1. it is not OKAY for couples to stalk eachothers facebooks/have eachothers passwords/ be able to delete people. This is just ridiculous, i will never delete someone off a boyfriends facebook.

2. i do not know you/ have never ever even talked to you

...i dont even have to be in a relationship to know what not to do to be considered a controlling crazy girl. If a guy/ girl is bestfriends with someone first, who am i to say umm no you cant talk to them anymore? thats right i cant. I feel like someone should write a book for controlling people, so they can learn how to be normal..although im sure such a book has been written so if someone knows of one let me know. Recently a new theory was just thrown out....

"Hmm did you ever think that maybe all the girls arent psycho but maybe ****** is psycho himself and thats where the problem is?"

PURE BRILLIANCE. This has to be the problem, i mean i have given him the benefit of the doubt but really? She wont even let you hug me and for you to let her not let you hug me says somethings wrong with you. 

"hand shake?"
"umm no, i know for a fact you havent been set a part and i will get my hug"

Boys always tell me a girls crazy and then I find out later that those two people are dating and I just do not understand. Was the boy lying or did the crazy girl just turn him crazy also? I guess well never really know. Maybe someday Ill do a study on this..

shoes can change a girls life, just ask cinderella

Just some comparisons...

Thank you parents for somehow combining genes to make me short because now I can wear really really high shoes. I was at target trying on shoes (what else) and my friends and I started laughing about how we will force a shoe to fit. Its the only shoe left and the size is just a little snug. Oh well its mine. I'd rather be in pain while wearing these amazing shoes than see another girl wearing them. I guess I'm kinda selfish. Then I started thinking about shoes and boys and how they are alike. Sometimes a boy isnt right for me but I want him anyway. I know that we dont have this in common and its pretty important or he has this bad habit but I want him on my arm anyway. I do this with shoes all the time. This shoe is pretty uncomfortable but I'm so in love with it, I have to get it. This is definantely terrible thinking on my part but I still do it.

Since its summer I have again turned into a nerd. Every year the inevitable happens and I live at the library. Im even in a book club with my friend which lasted all of like 3 days hahaha where we would go to the library and pick out books. We would have to get a book full of things we wanted to learn and and so on. The first time heather got a book on cars and football I think? so she could impress the boys and I got one on manners (although I dont know why because I'm so polite..) and mythology..not that this was gonna impress boys so basically looking back my choices were stupid but oh well. We even had an honorary member haha. (Thanks for humoring us Tommy). Anyway I've been going to the library and getting like 10 books a week and in the past 2-3 days I've read a book a day when I lay out in the sun. But other than just being entertaining and teaching me useless facts that I will try to cram into everyday conversations, books and the library teach me more. So I was wandering the aisles..somewhere around the Nicholas Sparks area and I realized books were also like boys. For a while I was picking books off the shelf based on the colors and details of the binding/spine or whatever its called and then I realized that was a bad way to select books. But sometimes thats how boys are normally selected, which is pretty shallow but it happens. And then I would have to pull it out and look at the cover and read the books description to realize if I like it. With a boy this is the first impression, the meet and greet and finding out his name. All is good until you start reading the book and realize this is either really depressing or misleading and stop reading it, which does happen. Yup this happens with the boys too.

I could pretty much compare boys to anything actually...maybe this is a talent I should further explore.

Thats a big facebook no no

Facebook has pretty much made me bored lately...I mean dont get me wrong, the fact that I can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world is pretty awesome but sometimes I just get on and learn that sometimes people just dont think. Heres a facebook etiquette handbook I made for those who are a little confused and just some things I've noticed that needs to change:

1. boys pick dumb defaults that dont show their true beauty.
This is the absolute worst. This conversation happens far more than it should...
"so theres this guy I like..."
"what his name?"
"no dont go look at his defaults, he picks dumb ones"
"boys always do"
This is an exact conversation by the way. Here I'm trying to show off this boy who is seriously so attractive in person but he picks pictures that make me go really? What was your goal in making this your main picture? To make yourself look terrible..because if so mission accomplished. I guess the only real solution to this is having me pick every single facebook picture for all boys, a time consuming task but if it will change this terrible problem, I'm willing to do it.

2. Dont like your own status.
Why do people like their own statuses? Obviously you like it, you wrote it. Why would you write it if you didnt like it. After I made this my statuse my brother then made a status and liked it to annoy me. It was actually pretty funny and the only time I accepted someone liking their own status. I will never ever do such a thing.

3. This ---> hATes wh3n Peple WrIt3 ThIS WaY...is NOT okay.
I can not tell you how many times I have blocked people from my newsfeed for writing like this. Not only is this extremely annoying but its also a hazard because people can seriously strain their eyes by trying to read this stuff...so next time you wanna write like this...dont.

4. Posting photos of yourself intoxicated...? really
I mean I have only one word for this. Embarrassing. Alcohol spilled down your shirt or hooking up with someone that was well an accident. Also a lot of employers and important people will look you up on facebook so I hope that doesnt come back to bite you in the butt.

5. Giving Far too much detail
I'm at the Starbucks in the Columbia mall in my cute new pink dress all by myself. Someone come entertain me!-Are you serious? You are asking to get kidnapped. Facebook is such an easy place for people to stalk other people. It is probably not the smartest idea to post things like this. Or your phone number, address and so on. You would think this was common sense...but you would be surprised.

This is irrelevant but it goes along with kidnapping and makes me laugh :)
did you hear about that kid napping? Yeah the poor kid just woke up...

Now I'm not trying to come off rude or anything...I'm just saying. As I think of more or if I think of more Ill add them

17 songs

17 songs that go with my life
(This was an assignment that I had to do for English and it was really fun to do and think of songs that reminded us of people or memories. basically just songs that made us think of something)

You are my sunshine- Elizabeth Mitchell

This song reminds me of my mom and when I was little because she would sing it to me. She would sing it whenever I got hurt, was just sitting with her or when I was going to bed. It’s basically the main song of my childhood and the only song that reminds me of it and my mom.

Gone Country- Alan Jackson

I chose this song because Alan Jackson was the first concert I ever went to and this is one of my favorite songs by him. I was around 6 or 7 years old and I remember standing on my chair and singing the words to ever single song that he played. Everyone around me was laughing but I didn’t care because it was the best first concert a little kid could ask for.

Brown eyed girl- Van Morrison

I love this song so much because I always wanted blue eyes so it was pretty sweet to have a song for the brown eyed girls. Also, randomly one day I just said the song was written about me, even though I wasn’t even born. To this day, every time I hear the song I tell everyone Van Morrison wrote the song about me.

Girls just wanna have fun- Cyndi Lauper

My best friend and I did karaoke to this one time and then we decided to make it the song for our friendship. We both made it the ringtone for each other and every time we hear it we dance and have so much fun. It’s perfect because that’s all we really care about, is having a good time.

Your love- Outfield

I would have to say this is one of my all time favorite song for many reasons. It is the one song I never get sick of and can listen to the whole way through, which is surprising because I have music ADD and can’t listen to songs all the way through. I also put it on every mix I make and it reminds me of summer, and who doesn’t like summer?

Please Mr. postman- the Shirelles

I love getting mail and I am always writing several friends at a time who are on missions. When I’m waiting for a letter, I’ll listen to this song because it’s so accurate. One of my best friends is in California for the next two years and in the song the girl is begging for a letter and I literally run to the mailbox everyday even if I know I just sent a letter.

Settlin’- Sugarland

I’ve made this the song to base my life upon. It’s so inspiring and how I want to go throughout life so I love listening to it. I’m a very ambitious person and I don’t want to settle for something when I know I can have or do better so this is just a reminder to basically go for what I want.

She’s always a woman- Billy Joel

I love every Billy Joel song. This song has tons of lyrics that describe me. “She can wound with her eyes…and she only reveals what she wants you to see.” My family always says I give really good death stares and I don’t really let too many people in and I always chose what I want them to see. Another stanza“She is frequently kind, and she's suddenly cruel, she can do as she pleases, She's nobody's fool,” describes me perfectly.

All I want for Christmas is you- Mariah Carey

Around thanksgiving, my family starts listening to Christmas music. It is honestly something we look forward to, and I always change my ringtone and ring back to this song to get ready for the holidays. This is always the first Christmas song I listen to every year because it’s my favorite one. I sometimes will even listen to it randomly through the year and it reminds me of how much I love the holidays.

Burning up- Jonas brothers

I am a HUGE Jonas brother fan and one summer my friends Katie and I decided to go to their concert during the Burning up tour. We searched everywhere and ended up paying around $180 for these amazing floor seats and it was totally worth every penny. It was such an amazing concert and while we waited in line for hours this song played over and over and over. Every time I hear this song I think of that day and how great it was.

She thinks my tractors sexy- Kenny Chesney

One year for lacrosse we had these dark green jerseys and we couldn’t think of a name, so one girl threw out the name the John Deere tractors and it stuck. We had signs and hats and it was the one year our team was undefeated. Every game we would warm up to this song as we ran laps and took shots. It was so much fun and reminds me of all the friendships I made with girls who I am still friends with to this day and the fun season we had.

Broadway-Goo Goo Dolls

In middle school my best friend moved to Florida and I went to visit her for a week. One day we came in from the pool and her brother was listening to the Goo Goo Dolls soundtrack and asked us if we wanted to play poker. I remember this song coming one as he tried teaching me the rules of the game and us attempting it. I felt so cool being with a high schooler playing poker and every time I hear this song I laugh at how embarrassing it was to have a crush on my best friends brother and the time he tried teaching me to play poker. By the way, he was unsuccessful.


One of my best accomplishments in high school was making it onto the schools dance team my senior year. We danced to this song and it stands out more than any other song because this was our main dance and we did it at the Howard County Dance Festival and it got a standing ovation. It was our best dance and doing it took so much energy and power, it’s something you don’t forget.

Rock it til you drop it- Fefe Dobson

When I go running, this is the first song I put on. Even though it’s not the fastest or most upbeat song, I love to run to it. I always get really focused and speed up whenever it comes on. It’s on my running iPod playlist called run Caitlin run.

Wanna be-Spice Girls

This song makes me think of girl’s night out. I can count many times in the car with all my girlfriends going to the mall or a party and blaring this song as loud as it will go. It’s the song that everyone knows all the words to and you roll down the windows and act stupid. It is the perfect song to listen to when you go out with friends and I definitely take advantage of it.

Autobiography-Ashlee Simpson

This is another song that has lyrics that perfectly describe me. I selected this song for a class in high school for a song that fit me well and I decided to use it. It’s all about people thinking they know her based on looks or style when none of that matters and they don’t know the real her. It describes her as having stains on her t shirt and her being a flirt and that fits. I am constantly spilling food on myself, especially white shirt and I’m a girl so I tend to flirt a little bit…

Something like that-Tim McGraw

I picked this song because my whole family is huge Tim McGraw fans. Growing up, as we would get ready for church my mom would turn the channel to CMT and we would listen to country music. It was always really loud and every time I think of Tim but mainly country music, I think of how I would sit and watch all the country music videos and sing along before church. Because of this my friend’s dad would use me as the human song identifier everytime a country song would come on because I seriously knew every single song possible. He was pretty impressed.

The towson boy

I miss you towson boy. This is probably one of my favorite stories from this year that I forgot to write about so ill share. Well in April I went to visit some of my favorite people at Towson, for my friend Hannahs birthday. I went up with Alyssa and we hung out with them before going to this kids house party off campus. It was a lot of fun and I met this boy named Jason. Now I probably think so highly of him because he never got a chance to ruin my opinion of him or for me to pick out something wrong with him and change my mind but lucky him we never even got this far. My first conversation with Jason wasnt even really with Jason...I was talking to someone and telling them I was Irish and he goes youre not Irish...First off why does this happen all the time, people acting like they know you or tell you youre wrong. Excuse me..I am very Irish. And also everybody believes I'm like foreign or something, like hispanic. I assure you that I am not.

"youre definantely not Irish, youre hair is black and youre so dark, your like Italian."
"umm no I'm Irish thanks though"

I kinda liked that he was nosey and cocky by butting into a conversation that didnt involve him...Anyway
So long story short Alyssa was dancing with this boy and she ran and jumped on him and he fell backwards into this glass mural thing and it cracked...whoops. So the kid kicked everyone out. So I thought all my friends were out front and I walk out and no one...So I'm basically wandering around this strange neighborhood waiting for them all to come out bored when Jason comes up beside me. I ask him where hes going and he says back to the dorms, so we walk and talk all the way to his car...a blue 350 Z. I love nice cars and boys...and boys with nice cars. So he says hell give me a ride back to school. We pull up in front of the house and I hear all my friends calling my name...apparently I was lost. I lean my head out the window and smile big because 1. im in a pretty car and 2. im with a pretty boy. My friend foxy starts laughing and says something about me being in good hands and shell see me back at the dorms. okay byee! We actually had great conversation, he was really funny and charming and so nice.
Bits and pieces of our conversation I can remember:

"so what do you major in?"
(he names some crazy science thing) "if you know what this is, Im gonna marry you"
(crap, I really wish I knew what it was)
"haha no pressure.." I guess wrong..
we flirt shamelessly the whole way back

The kid tells me about his family his car school everything and he doesnt even know me. Hes either really trusting or stupid. For all he knows I could be a serial killer...luckily I'm not but still, you never know these days.

So Jason parks far away in this garage and we end up having to walk like a mile...cool. So were walking down these steps and a huge group of boys walks by and he grabs my arm and goes wait.

"I just feel like youre the type of girl that they would like and I dont want them to see you"
what the heck does that even mean? and if so I want them to see me
"here if anyone asks your my girlfriend (he grabs my hand) this will make it more believable"
I dont get the roleplaying... but I LOVE it oh also..Smooth kid, very smooth

Now I frequently tell people that I dont like hand holding but I usually tell people I dont wanna hold hands with that...I actually love it. Its such a simple thing that is so perfect and innocent.
Then I think Jason says something about me being pretty or something else so cute but I cant remember.

Then Jason drops my hand when we get to the door and I probably look devastated..(At this point I had convinced myself that towson boy and I were a thing, prob because he was looking so cute in a green button up and holding my hand so it was a rude awakening.) He looks at me and says "Not that I want to let it go though.." nice save. Then we get to the dorms and I cant find my pass to get back in and hes all like dont worry about it Ill just sign you back in. (This was so nice that he was really pacient because to sign someone in takes foreverrrrr, or at least it seems that way.) Luckily I find it! So we go back and everyones already there, prob because we had to walk like a mile but whatever. Then the perfect night ended, sadly.

i am so cool.

Tonight I am going to the midnight showing of Eclipse. I am so cool...

I am seriously so excited though! Besides the whole waiting two hours before hand, seeing all these moms in their twilight shirts and hearing all the screaming girls every time Taylor Lautner shows up on screen its a pretty good time. I went to the midnight showing for both Twilight and New Moon so why end the tradition now? I am not even embarrassed to say that I saw both in theatres at least three times because yet again I am so cool...haha. The other day I was in Suncoat with my dad and there was a couple life size cutouts of Taylor which I for some reason really want. I mean I can only have it for so long because when I'm married I dont think my husband would like a cardboard cutout of a teenage boy just hanging out in our bedroom. But then again maybe he could become a tie rack for him or hold my jewelry. I think it would be overkill to ask if Taylor could share the bed with us...But back to the story I told dad that it would be a great surprise if he brought Taylor home for me today I guess in celebration for the new movie coming out. The convo didnt go to well...

"but dad shannon and I could share him..he could be in my room for 5 days and hers for 2, thats as fair as it gets if you ask me..."
(dads laughing)
"no but really dad, this would just make my life, hes even on sale!"
"But I have to buy him and carry him out of the store"

Basically my dad was pretty embarrassed and said something about people thinking it was weird he was carrying Taylor out of the store. He turned the whole thing into a joke, as usual. Im still crossing my fingers that he will surprise us, because I loveee surprises. Although I guess its not a surprise because I planned the whole thing and my dad probably wont get him because he thinks a cardboard cutout of a teen heartthrob is pointless...and in a way it is but whatever, a lot of things I want are pointless but I still want them. I cant wait for tonight and hope I dont go deaf from all the pre teen screeching...

rhymes with dohn

"We're just friends."
"Yeah I know"
"Okay well friends dont hold hands"
"my friends hold my hand all the time"
"what kind of friends do you have..."

I am so fed up with boys, something seems to be wrong with everyone of them. Most recently, theres this boy and were gonna call him Dohn. Dohn and I have been friends for a while and I always made it clear to him that he was just a friend, I mean I was kinda over the top but I didnt wanna lead him on, something that seems to happen a lot because boys get excited over nothing. But anyway I would be like ohh hey...FRIEND. Cant miss it right? Anyway he kept coming over a lot and hanging out and Dohn and I sat out front on my steps for like 2 hours just talking and getting to know eachother and I started to think he was pretty cool and did he really deserve to be in the friend zone? Dohn proceeded to try and hold my hand and I was like umm no. Hence the whole conversation above and then he was all I'm gonna get you to hold my hand. The whole persistance thing was kinda cute but sorry Dohn, its just not happening...I just started getting to know you and I'm not a hand holding slut jeez. So i said goodbye and sent dohn home. Now heres where I started to realize I was right by immediately placing Dohn in the friend zone even though he really is sorta beautiful. HES AN AWKWARD HUGGER. I dont know if I mentioned this in a previous blog but I probably have because it is such a turn off. Everytime Dohn tries to hug me he shoots his arms out big and goes hug! like a caveman. I really cant do justice in explaining how awkward this is. Its like a mix between a caveman and a 5 year old. I mean your out of high school why havent you learned how to hug people yet? They should make a class for it or something because I worry that he wont grow out of it and its a dealbreaker. Maybe just for me though but still.

Sorry about this tangent but anyway the next night Dohn comes over and its just us two and he wanted to watch a movie so I'm like okay sure. This is when Dohn turned into a totally different person. The nicest way to say this is a meathead moron. So I'm putting in the dvd and I turn around to see Dohn, who had rolled up his sleeve and was examining his muscles...really dohn?...really. Oh and we watched new moon (his choice...) and he proceeded to do this the whole movie. Taylor Lautner is shirtless 90% of the time so Dohn kept saying jealous and petty things such as look at my arms and then look at his, he seriously has no triceps( or whatever, I really dont care about parts of the arm). I kinda sorta let it slip that I had a thing for arms on guys and he just took it over the top. He was so self absorbed...what a fun evening. I just basically realized hes not the brightest crayon in the box, he just would ramble on about the dumbest things and he was so immature, so embarrassing. Now some people will say if I start to like a guy I will immediately find something wrong with him thats not a big deal and make it a big deal but honestly these were big deals. I cant be smarter than him, although I dont want to be way dumber than him either so I guess there has to be a good balance but this was just ridiculous. So after a whole night of listening to Dohn talk about himself and say random dumb things I realized whatever this was needed to end. Dohn and i are just friends now & thats all we will ever be.