Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brickyard Buffalo

It's been a couple of hectic days preparing for my trip to Maryland but it is so worth it now that I am home and with my family. I haven't seen them in over 7 months and surprising all of them has been so fun! Tomorrow night we are headed down to Florida where the real fun begins and I can't wait to show you all my outfits and all the fun. We wish Lyle could get some time of work but since Summer is his busy time everyone understands. But anyway enough about what's been going on lately...I am so happy I got this vest. I tend to miss out on all the other things I fall in love with off of Brickyard Buffalo and I always get sad when they are gone. I love all their stuff and how REASONABLE their prices are. This vest was only $24.50 and I hadn't seen anything like it before. They are an online store that has cute accessories, baby stuff, home decor, clothing...basically everything.There's a couple more of these vests left but don't let that deter you, they randomly get stuff back in! Although a tip, they sell out pretty fast and sometimes they don't get stuff back in...which makes me like their stuff even more. Brickyards stuff is pretty in demand and not everyone is wearing the same thing. Shipping takes a little bit longer so don't worry if it takes 1-2 weeks because shipping is around $2 and my items have been great quality. Also I am not sponsored by them and these opinions are completely my own in case you were wondering. I really just love places where I can find great deals and love to share them with you all! 

The vest has a lot of colors in it so I decided to go bold with adding a lot of color into the outfit. It may be too much for some of you but it would look equally as cute with jeans and a plain colored tee, a simple striped shirt or I bet a polka dot shirt might be fun too! I love floral by the way. There's something so feminine and girly about it even though its denim. Mine fit true to size as have the other items I have ordered. Oh and let me comment on these sandals real quick. I wear them so much that they are starting to get scuffed up and discolored. That's how much I love these designer duds from T.J. Maxx. Well I have lots to do for my trip tomorrow, thanks for stopping by! 
It's all in the details:
Vest: Brickyard Buffalo
Striped Knit Top: Jcrew Factory cute options i LOVE another option
Linen SkirtJ. Crew Factory
There is one size in the green but there's a sand color too! 
Sandals: T.J. Maxx Dolce Vita
If you all check out Dolce Vita on right now they have SO many styles on sale. I love them all.
Love, Cait

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I found the cutest things that are budget friendly! Well, besides the skirt at the bottom...but I just needed to show you how cute it was. 
Is this not the cutest set of summer earrings?? Just wait til you see the price!
Seriously this is the cutest jacket I have ever seen & at a reasonable price too. How cute would it be paired with a white lace dress, some ankle boots and gold jewelry?
Did you love the J. Crew version but not the J.Crew price? This ones affordable.
They have it in two colors & it would look great under the leather jacket above.
Heres something for my polka dot obsession.
I love anything with gold on it.
I tried this skirt on and fell in love. Although due to the price I would not consider it a "fab find" but if any of the readers do wanna drop some dough this skirt is perfection.

Happy Shopping
Love, Cait

Monday, July 14, 2014

Polka Dot Crazed

So EXCITING news, my amazing technologically advanced husband is working on revamping my blog!! No more cutesy backgrounds but rather a more mature and professional (yet fun) blog on my own website. So that is what we have started working on and I am really excited to show it all to you this week! (well hopefully) I was excited to find out on yahoo my blog link is on the first page! (Lyle informed me this was a good thing) Just picture me peering over his shoulder asking what everything means and how that happened...etc etc...because thats pretty much how it went. Yesterday one of my favorite stores featured my fashion on their instagram page and I have been contacted by one of the CUTEST boutiques around to work together on some things. I feel so blessed and excited for what's ahead, even if this is as far as it goes because this is just something that I happen to love thats fun at the same time. SO I was thinking, why not a giveaway?! Share the love kinda thing ya know? I have wanted to for a while but I just haven't gotten around to it and I've been so grateful for all the support and kind words. I'll be posting about it tomorrow so stay tuned! But anyway, here's the post:

 I love this top for various reasons. One reason being its under $20....another reason being, it can be dressed up or down and also because I don't have to worry about jewelry with it. The detailing on it is GORGEOUS and you don't need to worry about necklaces or even earrings if you don't want to because it even has a slight lace collar. The crochet detailing goes up higher than your typical neckline and I love it. Its one of those tops thats so elegant it doesn't need to be bright or loud or have a lot going on.  I didn't even initially pick it up to try on because I didn't see it (how could I miss it!?), but you better believe I saw it hanging in the dressing room- I snatched it up real quick. I love polka dots. I don't know how many of you know that but I do. I even had to tell people not to let me buy any more things with polka dots because I already had enough. This pencil skirt is a couple months old (and obviously before the polka dot ban) and unfortunately I don't see it online anymore but I got it in stores from one of the local boutiques in Utah I think? It was super cute and came with a thin white belt. But I found a couple polka dotted skirts although none of them are exactly like this one, they are still way cute! Theres a green polka dotted one I would buy if I wasn't trying to be good here...If you have your heart set on looking for this one though, you could still check out your local boutiques (for all my Utah friends!). Sexy Modest is where I find a lot of cute stuff.

The heels are my favorite usual. I kept my eye on these for a long time and then they finally went on sale AND I had a gift card so it was the perfect steal. They come in several colors and are super comfy. They have a small zipper on the heel and the detailing on the sides makes them look SO fancy. So far I have worn them with skirts, dresses and even jeans and they look cute with everything. They are the perfect accessory to complete that summer look of yours. I seriously love all the detailing and the lace up in front. They are really unique and fun and everyone kept asking where they were from. I got mine at Macys but the brand is Nine West and when I initially looked they were selling them on their website too (if you can't find your size). Right now it looks as if they are back full price but Macys ALWAYS has such good sales going on and they could go back on sale anytime so if you love them keep your eye out. Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 
It's all in the details...
Yoke Crochet Top: Forever 21
Tan Heels: Nine West Macys
Polka Dotted Skirt: old. but check these ones out:
my favorite ---> Mikarose
or a maxi

Love, Cait

Friday, July 11, 2014

Work it Out

Let me start off by first saying I have been overwhelmed by the kind words and all the support when I posted some fitness pictures. I was surprised at all the texts & messages telling me to do a blog post on my weight loss. I am finally sitting down to give some ways in which I was able to lose the weight. I am by no means an expert nor do I have any secrets on losing the weight but for those who have asked, here's what worked for me. First off, if you want to lose weight or even just get healthier and in shape you have to be doing it for the right reasons. The only way you will be able to stay strong is if you are doing it for you and only you. Not to impress anyone but yourself. I always was super active in sports my whole life but then theres that gap period where I just didn't work out as much and it's easy to not even notice. These are the steps I took to get serious about it and how it worked.

Step by Step to start off:
1. Get serious & dedicate yourself to it. -Don't just casually decide to get healthy- it's a whole lifestyle change. I set my mind to it & that was it. Whatever is going to push you to be dedicated do that. Its different for everyone and it will be easier to lose weight if you're doing it for yourself and nobody else. Not to make others happy or because you're comparing yourself to others.
2. Get the my fitness pal app. Its awesome because you can put in your weight and how much you wanna weigh, your exersice level and it tells you how many calories you should eat. Then you can log your calories in it. Even if you forget its nice to learn how many calories things are. I don't really use it as religiously as before but now I know about how many calories are in the things I eat. You can scan things and it will tell you or type them in. It's really nice and no one ever thinks about how many calories are in a banana but if you are serious about losing it's the way to go. This is how I first started out. If you dont have a smart phone I am sure you can do it on your computer or find a similar website. I had a friend use a my plate one but I am not familiar with that. The point being every body is different and should be eating different things. Lyle and I started out eating the same thing and the same amount but he should be eating more than double to what I do. 
3.Make realistic goals. The key word here is realistic, guys. Don't expect the same amount of weight to come off every week. Or a lot of it. If you have a lot to lose then at first it may come off but then it will get slower. Do not get upset about this and give up because you feel its not working because it is. And as annoyed as I was to hear this at the time, muscle is forming. I weighed myself and wrote it down. I wrote where I wanted to be and made a timeline. 
4. Tell everyone. I'm not joking. Tell your family, your spouse, your friends. If you start telling your server, your cashier at the grocery store or random strangers that may get a little weird but tell all those closest to you who will support you. It drove me crazy when people said I didn't need to lose weight or didn't support me. Those people were lying fo sho. Anyway, the bigger support system you have the better. Encourage those people to help you and ask you about your progress is key. It's easier if you have people hold you accountable for exercising and eating right. I would always say Lyle please don't let me eat two of these cookies. Having Lyle to work out with was amazing. My mom would ask when I was going running that day and I would have to be like oh yeah crap I guess now...Take your husband or your dog running with you. Heck take your neighbors dog. (They seriously help so much!) Having someone to push you, who won't let you stop is necessary.
5. Start Slow. If jumping into eating right and exercising is too much start with just one. First off, even if you run 5 miles a day but eat crappy it doesn't matter so don't think you can eat whatever you want just because you worked out. Yes maybe you can have that cookie or brownie but half the pan is pushing it. Diet is more important and that is something I have learned the hard way because those who know me know I love to bake & have the biggest sweet tooth out there. A way around this is I bake it and give it away so maybe I can have a piece and get my fix but not have it sitting around to nibble on all day. If you are one of those people with zero self control don't even make it. 
6. Do not cut things out of your diet right away. Cutting out sweets altogether initially is very hard. People who do this normally end up craving them so bad that they just binge and eat 5 of that treat instead of one. At least I did and lots of people who talked to me. I do not recommend giving up something altogether unless your will power is straight up perfect. If you are craving something have it but limit yourself. If you don't trust yourself have someone supervise. I know that sounds silly but if its necessary....If you can't do that throw the rest away before you change your mind or give it away. I could never cut something out altogether but slowly weening off it is key. I used to think dessert was a meal I deserved every day but really once or twice a week is it. Sugar is addictive. It's as simple as that. If I go through a phase where I eat a lot of sweets my body craves it and I tell myself I need it everyday but I don't. Slowly start curbing off it SLOWLY and eventually you won't need it everyday and not only will your waistline thank you but I was surprised at how much more energy I had and how I felt healthier and better too.
7. Get into a routine. Try running in the morning and at night. See what works best. I have way more energy in the evening and Lyle does in the morning. I work my hardest in the evening so thats when I normally work out. Pick a time and try to stick with it. At first its hard but even if you need to go out and walk its better than nothing right? My routine is so set now that even when I absolutely do not want to I have to. I take Sundays off but work out 6 days a week and theres no excuse to miss it. I'm glad my body or head or whatever it is that gets me going is so used to it now because the post run feeling is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. 
8. Reward Yourself. I have seen tons of cute ideas on pinterest on ways to reward yourself. One of them was for every pound put a certain amount of money in a jar and then spend the money on a new top or something. People always ask how we keep up our routine and we reward ourselves (not with food!) but things we like. Not all the time because they aren't special but it was a new bathing suit when I hit 130 and so forth. Maybe it's just me but when I'm bribed you better believe I will do what I set out to do.

Tips I LIVE by:
-Buy pre-portioned snacks. I'm talking the snack bags that only have one serving- for chips, cookies everything. I don't know the price difference versus that of a family size but if its more portion them out yourself. Take ziplpoc bags and measure out your own serving of chips. I can't tell you how many times I look at my bag of sunchips and I'm like whoops I ate more than I should. By eating 2-3 servings of chips you are putting hundreds of calories in your body & for me I am supposed to eat 1200 calories...that is not a lot. So snacking will kill you. I even measured out my cereal portions too because you will be surprised the difference in what you think is a serving and what the box thinks is a serving. You should just check it out of curiosity because I was shocked haha. I normally eat oatmeal every morning because its low cal and I stay fuller longer. Lyle drinks a protein shake every morning because after cereal he's hungry in about an hour unless he has the equivalent of three servings haha. Although there are days when we both just want cereal so we do. But not everyday.
- DON'T EAT AFTER 8. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this and the piece of advice below. I am not even joking. When we moved down to Texas our schedules were so out of whack. We were eating late but I was still running just as much and eating the same foods as before but I was gaining weight. I understood that I wasn't losing as much because I don't have much to go but still. I started eating earlier and now I'm back where I should be. I think I heard this piece of advice on Oprah or something forever ago and I tried but never really followed it but after this Summer I know this is 100% accurate. Yes there are cases when you have certain commitments where you eat later but just try not to make a habit of it because it really is important.
-DON'T EAT OUT. I have friends who tell me they eat out all the time. 1. its pricey and 2. its so bad for you. Lyle loves to eat out, me on the other hand I avoid it like the plague. Trust me, I love eating out but it's bad. People always tell me they have salads but little do people know half the so called healthy salads have more calories than some of the entrees. Now I know some places have stuff thats under 500 calories but I just like knowing exactly whats in my food. But if you're going to eat out try to pick a place that doesn't give you endless bread or chips or etc... ya know, all the good places ;)
-water water water. Carry a water bottle everywhere. I read that a lot of people think they are hungry when in reality they are just thirsty so you are overeating. Water flushes you out and drinking a lot of it is super important. This is probably the thing Lyle thinks is most important. He is ALWAYS telling me to drink more water and thats how he says he loses most of his weight.
-I don't do big meals, I snack all day. I'm seriously like one of those people that you would think has 3 toddlers around but actually the snacks are just for me and Lyle...I even take some to church because if not I come home and stuff a lot of food in my mouth at once. And then when you are out running errands or something you don't stop at the mall or fast food or eat something fast and easy. People are probably like how does she stay in shape when I always see her eating but thats how I do it...its not like I'm eating crap, its usually fruit, nutrigrains, string cheese or sometimes a pre-portioned snack like chips or ritz (because ya know I'm only human ;))
-I don't know if this helps but for meals I like to have all food groups represented. We always have some type of salad and fruit. Fruit is the best thing ever in the summer too!
Here's a yummy recipe I got from the Connors (who made me the cutest cookbook one Christmas! I love you guys, thank you!) and I make it ALL the time. Lyle absolutely LOVES it. I do low sodium soy sauce! If you really wanna be good you can opt out of the honey but the honey is my favorite part!
Here is the protein we use:
I'm not saying its the best kind but it works for us. If I can turn into a runner anyone can, I am looking to do my first half marathon! But eventually you need to start adding weights. So I rotate between abs, arms and legs on top of running. I have started having this as my afternoon snack (i mix in skim milk, a banana and blueberries and it is amazing!) I first tried it and hated it but now its like my own sweet. I definitely can tell with my muscles that it's working (at first I didn't) but my arms which have never been, are getting so tight and so are my abs and even though I haven't hit my goal of 119 I am building muscle which will burn the fat faster. My goal is to hit that by September when we do our one year anniversary pics! I am so close but hold me to it guys! I really hope this helps in some way.
I was trying to show my mom that I almost had those V things...I don't think anyone sees them haha.
I would have done a before picture if I could find them but I tried to destroy all the evidence. I'm sure there are more than enough at home though... I know a lot of it is the stuff you've heard but this is the way I've done it and I've lost almost 50 lbs. CRAZY. I never even thought I looked thattt bad. Its taken time and dedication. It didn't happen over night but I have found it easy to keep it off and thats the most important part. My lifestyle is completely different and once you get there you will be so happy you did. Hopefully it wont be hard for you to maintain it because it will become who you are, a way of life. I love all of you so much and you really have no idea how much your comments, support and love mean.  Oh and for all the boys & girls who liked me when I went through a chunker phase you're awesome. Sorry, I just had to. If you have any questions, comments or just want support I've got you. I really want to start posting healthy recipes on here too because I make a lot up with chicken and they are super good. One is Salsa Chicken! And I'm sure there is something similar out there but this is way easy. 
Love, Cait

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All Pink All The Time

Have you all noticed I seem to say that with whatever color or pattern I'm wearing at the time? I guess I have too many fashion loves to pick only one...Two pink post in a row too...Well its just because I LOVE this blazer. People literally can not miss you in this bright number. It is the absolute perfect pop of color for Summer. I also really like it because even though I paired it with leopard print it can easily be toned down with any neutral and some heels for work or a night out. I never wore blazers and now I want them in every color. I have a black one and I thought I would look stuffy or professional but I am amazed at how versatile and classy they can be when paired correctly. Statement or long necklaces, with skirts, with jeans or with a dress under it, the possibilities are endless. The hard part was always the fit for me. Even the sleeves on this are a smidge too long so my mom is going to hem them because if a piece of clothing doesn't fit you right it can throw off everything. Blazers should be tailored but too long of sleeves are such an easy fix. 

This leopard print pencil skirt is amazing. If you read my last post, I got both skirts from Windsorstore. Neither have zippers but they just fit perfect. I love the shape they give. They don't feel too tight and I always feel like these skirts are a great investment if you happen to gain a few or lose a few. The top can fold over a little bit too so you can adjust the length if necessary. To top it all off? Thus skirt is $16.90. Okay I'm sold. Leopard, cheetah or zebra prints are so fun to play around with. I've had people tell me they can't wear certain patterns and that is entirely false. Start small if you need to...leopard flats (best things ever) or a leopard clutch or scarf. They add SO much to an outfit...they can totally change a look and I love how fun the patterns are. I'm probably gonna be that cute little grandma rockin leopard print at 80. Style & fun is for everyone...even if you feel more reserve you should try it because its awesome. Oh and I can't forget these booties. My mother in law got me these babies for my birthday and I ADORE them. I havent seen too much like them...from the suede material to the style, they are one of a kind. It was kind of a stretch for me pairing them with this outfit but I went with it. They come in other colors and to top it off, they are on SALE. woo. Who doesn't love sales?! They have a zipper on the inside are are so comfy. The thicker heel makes them easy to wear and I love how unique they are. Also, let me just add that they always have the cutest stuff on sale! I am subscribed to their emails and I love it all. Seriously cutest shoes ever.
^ Some coaxing from Lyle turned into a least you'll get a good laugh out of it! 
It's all in the details...
Hot Pink Blazer: A'GACI or --> option 2
Leopard: Windsorstore
Suede Bootie: ON SALE SoleSociety
Statement Necklace: Ebay 
(I got mine off Ebay & I wear it with everything. It changes outfits. Best piece I've bought yet. I ordered mine from a different seller but you can look at all the different ones & pick yourself!)
White tanktop: Target

Love, Cait

Monday, July 7, 2014

Twenty Six

You know that episode of How I Met Your Mother where its Lilys birthday? And shes so in love with her birthday and Marshall is the cutest at planning it? Well 1. I love that episode & 2.  Lily is totally me on my birthday, but lucky for Lyle I am so Marshall on his birthday and I plan it out, BIG. 
This is me.
This, is Lyle.
Except not really because that boy never wakes up cranky...but lets just say unenthusiastically? Lyle said his birthday isn't really a big deal. He was on his mission for two years then out in Texas for work for the others...but he's never had the full Caitlin plans your birthday experience. ;)
Anyway we dragged Lyles birthday out for a couple days because one day is just not enough...and he had to work on his birthday & I just didn't think that was fair. 
Lyle planned out the first day with everything he wanted- 
so bowling, top golf, sushi & the X Men Movie...
showing how awesome my man is...not promoting drinking, in case you were wondering
so serious
 Then sushi...not my favoritest part...but let me add the dessert was the best thing ever.
Lyle laughed & said people could definitely tell we were married because no couple would scarf those desserts down like that if they were just dating...& that is true. I barely ate two bites on our first date and then went home and ate it all the second he dropped me off. Whoops, cats outta the bag now babe. Now onto the birthday morning! I told Lyle we had to go somewhere & wearing a blindfold was a necessity of course. Who doesn't love some secrecy?! But, I took him to get a professional massage! It was an hour long and with his job he definitely needed it. He had absolutely no idea.
He came out & told me it was amazing and he just wanted to cuddle & nap :) Cutest little thing ever. He looked so relaxed and then I told him we were gonna go home & I made breakfast! He had asked for waffles but I told him I just had to go grab something first. We are pulling up and Lyle goes "Are you taking me to Dairy Queen?!" No...but I love the enthusiasm and excitement over...Dairy Queen..I tell ya friends, so easy to please. I took him to this waffle joint that he's been wanting to go to & all the wives have been raving about...but since I've kind of turned into a health nut I kept saying no, maybe tomorrow... But on birthdays calories don't count! Or so I'm told... Plus these waffles were amazing and much better than I could make! He loved them so I'm sure we will be going again! At work they got him a cake & all the guys sang to him in opera voices haha. That was seriously so nice & I'm glad they've always taken good care of you.
Also, I knew he would get the nutella & icecream I know him well or what?
The touristy hat was to cover my terrible hair bc I had zero time to get ready bc I was wrapping presents, cleaning, etc...ya know the wifey ignore me please...
 It was seriously such a cute place!!
 This birthday pin was necessary. Lyle doesn't like to broadcast that its his birthday & make a big deal of it but I thought he deserved it. Along with these Star Wars fruit snacks for his lunch...
oh, I also surprise decorated our temporary home!
Lyle loved the package from his parents!
Then mom & dad gave him these shoes & he was in heaven. 
 my two favorite boys!
Murphy selfishly thought the whole day was all for him...gosh Murphy
Lyle wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & it was seriously so good! Lets not talk about the first cake attempt...but I wanted a great cake that wasn't just a normal cake mix. Also, these candles were pretty sweet. I made one of his favorite meals- pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, brown sugar carrots & homemade mac & cheese. He opened presents & got a phone call from our perfect nieces & nephew and got silly stringed when he came home. Although no one thinks about the cleaning up after silly string...Lyles birthday doesn't end here because I got him Red Sox tickets! I let him pick whatever seats he wanted too! Someday I hope to take you to a game in Boston babe. I can't believe this time last year we were just engaged & I flew in to surprise you. I will never ever forget your face & the complete shock. I love you so much & can't wait to spend every birthday trying to top the last for you. If anyone deserves it, its you. I'll love you forever & ever & ever. I am so happy you're mine & I got a chance to spoil you! I would watch your superhero movies & eat sushi all day everyday with you, for you, and that says a lot. Happy 26th birthday peanut, i hope this year is your best one yet! 
Love, your wifey