Sunday, February 21, 2010

in love with love

 I was inspired to write a blog thanks to my best friend who has the funniest blog, so I'm going to give this a shot. So this weekend I just saw the movie Valentines day and I LOVED it. It was so cute, although I'm a complete sucker for anything sappy and romantic, so I may not be the best critic in the world because it falls in my usual category. Now if your a girl who finds Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Lautner or Bradley Cooper attractive it is a MUST see, and if you dont something is completely and utterly wrong with you. I saw it with some of my best friends and at the end as the song Fairytale by Taylor Swift was playing I realized I hate it when good love movies end especially this one because I was then reminded I do not have a boyfriend and I am in fact in the real world and unlike the movie, my best friend is not in love with me, sadly. Now normally I would not care that I dont have a boyfriend because I am all for the woman power jazz and being independent but when you see movies like this I'm like crap wheres mine? Then i look around me and see all these couples which is a major bummer and i also remind myself all this money i am wasting being single. If i was on a date i would not have to pay 10.50 for a movie! which btw is ridiculous. Heather always complains about being in maryland and not having all these dates who pay for her, which is a totally accurate statement. I mean i know this sounds bad but it is just one of the many perks of being a girl so i will enjoy it and nice boys. So anyway back to the movie night, a slight damper on the evening, however after going home I then proceeded to sit and listen to Taylor Swift songs( not the boy hating, you broke my heart songs but the im a teenage girl so naturally boys are always on my mind)over and over because her musicalways makes me smile. You may be surprised to know that I love the actual holiday as well, even though I never seem to have a legit valentine..but oh well. Whats not to like about the holiday? Even if your not in love theres always an abundancy of flowers and chocolate(both are favorites) that you can buy yourself, as lame as that may seem...However, this year this guy asked me to be his valentine and then worked all day...? yeah so it was really like i didnt have one but he asked me so sweetly so its the thought that counts i think. Overall the movie night was a success and i definantely recommend seeing this movie, so take some best friends or a really sweet boy and go see it.


  1. i'm in love with this blog :) :) so cute! and thanks for the shoutout!

    hahaha my favorite part: "i always remind myself of all this money i'm wasting being single" so truuue.

  2. yay caitlin yay! this is super cute!youre very funny :)