Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meet Murphy

"I thought you were gonna wait?!" whoops...
These are the first words that came out of my dads mouth when I told him Lyle and I spontaneously bought a puppy. And by spontaneously I mean I had spent at least half my day for the past two weeks searching for puppies on KSL, pet finder, adoption websites and so forth....but yeah totally spontaneous...I guess in a way it was because Lyle and i agreed to wait until Summer or so but when we saw Murphy we just fell in love and had to meet him. And honestly if anyone knows me and my love for dogs they understand my lack of patience in waiting all the way til summer & now i have a bud when Lyle goes on his work trips! Murphy is seriously the best puppy- i don't know how we keep getting so lucky in everything! We don't let him anywhere in the house with carpet until he's trained and he has already picked up potty training. He loves to be with us. Having a puppy makes everything more fun- like for instance, doing the laundry.
Caught red handed. He runs right up the basket and not so sneakily runs away with socks or other small things he can trot away with. Its probably the funniest thing ever. I like to call him my little helper although he's not really helpful at all...but at least he makes things more entertaining. 
here he is stealing other kitchen items for his bed...
yup, that is my brand new mat.
or, going to the park.   
Our neighborhood has a couple of parks that we haven't really gotten to take advantage of and now i don't feel weird going over to swing or play without children cause we got Murph...although it may be weirder to pretend our puppy is our child... Our "child" is always the quietest one though so i don't think any of the other mothers are complaining. 
or, watching t.v. or movies
Lyle and i watched Elf the other day (which btw is the first movie we ever watched together) and Murphy loved it. He would pop his head out of the covers and just stare at the t.v. I would try to cover him up again but he would just move around me until he could see the t.v. again. He just snuggles up with us and watches too. Its pretty great.
he helps me do with my hair
Murphy loves my hair or should i say grabbing a strand and then trying to run away with it, not realizing it is still attached to my head. Lose lose situation for both. Its pretty entertaining though because usually he just winds up entangled in it. And here i am being the best mom and taking pictures instead of teaching him that pulling hair is wrong...keep your hair up when you come over ladies.
 xoxo CAIT xoxo

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