Sunday, August 29, 2010

College Chronicles pt 2-"why hello boys"

Oh I also failed to mention when I was on the phone with my sister and walked up to the wrong apartment and put in my code like 5 times and the door wasnt opening. But I knew it was the right password so I started knocking really loud. "Can I help you?" woah I dont think shes my room mate...and she wasnt. Talk about embarrassing. So after the fun day,ward prayer and embarrassing room mix up, my room mate and I decided to go visit our good friend from home Rachel for her birthday. Happy birthday rach! Anyway we walked to Glenwood which is literally right down the street but were both kinda directionally challenged so we had to call like 4 times for a trip that should have take 5 minutes haha whoops. Brian: "What road are you guys on?" Us: Umm I dont know...what road are we on?" Brian: "Okay well wheres the Y, Heather should know that" Me: "Heather wheres the Y" Heather: "I dont know where it is" Brian: (laughing) "Heather this is your 3rd year how do you not know what direction the Y is in?"

After finally getting there we walk into a room full of boys (every girls dream) and they are again soo nice. (This is getting kind of repetitive I know). So we meet this guy James who weve never met and he asked Heather to dance right in the middle of the living room, the cha cha. James however made the mistake of using the same line on us over and over. No james, no. "Wow I think it just got hotter when you two came in." hahaha awkward. Two apartments later..." woah is it every apartment that you two walk into that you just make it hotter?" Hmm this sounds awfully familiar...maybe because I just heard it 3 minutes ago when you repeated it in apartment #25, I could be wrong though...So then Rach comes in and we give her our beautiful balloons that we blew and we walked (pure talent) and then! the boys popped them Then we wandered down the halls and like every room was open and it was the boys floor so Heather and I and our new bff james (who so sweetly offered us a ride home) explored. Hahaha I seriously walked into like 3 rooms uninvited. Rude? No. Charming, maybe even a little lost. Oh boys I'm sorry, I thought this was the library, but hey is that an Xbox. No really this is how most of these went. We complimented one apartments rooms wall color and decorations and then we became so close we were invited to join their dinner groups. I felt like best friends as I left that apartment and in another we joined a movie night group. Like literally this is how it went. Only at Byu would I feel comfortable enough to walk into an apartment with 6 males ranging from 18-24ish. Well I still shouldnt actually, but oh well. The boys didnt even mind that we were walking in, I may even go as far to say they loved it actually. I think since we were girls we could have pretty much gotten away with anything. They were like we hope to see you again. Of course you do, were heather and caitlin. Then we met this budding actor who was pretty funny and as we left we were like oh well maybe well see you around and hes like oh. You will. haha such confidence Andrew. (99% sure thats not his name) I met so many people and no doubt will I take them up on their offers, they were all awesome and insisted we come back. I plan on going back to explore and wander in and out of boys rooms making small talk. This is actually my new goal, I plan on hitting up different housing each weeks and meeting boys and getting asked out on dates. I havent been asked out on  a date yet but with this new plan I have I'm sure it wont be long. This is going to be the best semester ever!

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