Saturday, September 4, 2010

Everydays a party

So I have been here in Utah for exactly a week and a day. Everyday I have done something fun or met someone cool or both :). Since I last blogged on Sunday, theres been a bonfire, a birthday party, a football game and tailgating, a trip to glenwood a sleepover and laying out in the courtyard, which is actually very fun. So this really cute girl in my ward is going on a mission so she had a going away bonfire. I love everything about bonfires, smores, the stars you can usually see, the fire the smells, everything. It was fun to go to because I still dont know a lot of people in my ward and I got to meet some more/ get to know people better. So afterwards there was a birthday party for another girl in my ward in the apartment above mine. So as I'm up there I run into this really funny guy from the last blog and he starts trying to back it up on me. "Woahh, what are you doing?" "Oh dont lie you've been eying me all night! Youre such a tease." Hahaha this kid is definitely the funniest kid I have met here at BYU. He is always calling girls out because he thinks "honesty is the best policy with girls." But its kinda awkward, like these guys were coming in and hes like dude look at all the hot girls at this party! He points to this one girl and then grabs my arm and says come show him how hot you are Caitlin. Hahaha then I tell him to show me his dance moves and hes like I cant dance to this music I'm actually a member of the thunder down under. And I guess I gave a confused face because this cute guy in my ward was like DONT google it. Dont worry cute guy, I wasn't planning on it. Then I got to have a whole conversation with cute boy. And yes he has a name but its kind of dangerous to post it on here for various reasons. And then we had a sleepover at my friend winnies apartment which was fun. 

The next day we were super bored after classes and job hunting so we went over to Glen wood apartments which are owned by the same people as Raintree and we were looking for our friend bryan but then this helpful boy was like are you looking for someone? and I said yes bryan and he goes well you found him, I'm bryan. Then we talked to him for like 10 minutes and he was like come hang out at my apartment. Sorry cute bryan we are in high demand but maybe another time. And then it was funny we saw him at the tailgating party today and heather was like hey isnt that bryan. It was funny we called out to him "hey remember us?" and his friend or brother was like "yeah he does." Hahaha its funny out here I've noticed that boys speak for eachother a lot. Like just last night to a dance at the Wilk with a friend from home, Sarah and her really fun friends and the two step song came on and these boys started two stepping all over my heels and pushing into me and I turned around to be annoyed but then I realized I knew these obnoxious boys. They were the Liberty square RMS. Very cute so I quickly forgave them. Anyway getting to the real point here I was like Oh heyy I just met you guys, you remember me right? And up steps another cute boy (there are many) and he was like of course he does hes been talking about you all night we had to tell him to cool it. Well obviously he was not talking about me all night but I think this is like what boys do when they are trying to cover for a friend or like make him look good. I dont really know but its pretty funny. They didnt have the cute boy lan lan with them though so that was a major bummer. Anyway today after tailgating and getting all this free food I went to my very first BYU game! It was BYU vs Washington and it was amazing. One of my room mates was out of town for the weekend so she gave her tickets to Heather and I and the seats were seriously too good to be true. We were practically on the field, like 9 rows up it was incredible. We won 23-17 and jeffrey R. Holland and Steve Young and other awesome people were there for this halftime event. I had such a good time and hope I get the opportunity to go to another one. :)

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