Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyday is my birthday!

but yesterday really was, and i turned the big 2 0, no longer a teenager anymore. The night before I flew in and got to spend my birthday with my family and it was amazing. Right before i left i celebrated with friends though which if great because i like to drag my birthday out as long as possible. My best friend Kaley took me out to lunch at Red Lobster and we got cheesecake ( my favorite) and they sang to me! And then after work that night i came home to a decorated apartment and lovely cake that Annalisa baked me :) so nice!

So yesterday i woke up surprisingly early because i didnt want to waste any time and came downstairs. My mom was shocked i was up so early and sad because she couldnt do her normal tradition of waking me up by singing Happy Birthday and being really loud. She did however surprise me with some really cute balloons! Then my mom, brother, sister and her two kids met us at IHOP and we had breakfast. I got chocolate chip pancakes :) yum. Then we spent the whole day shopping and even found some cute mini bday cupcakes! I channeled my not so inner shopaholic and in a span of 24 hours i hit up three different H&Ms- whoops i guess Utah needs a few more of those...I also got my red toms! and a bunch of cute clothes :)

Then i got a phone call from a certain special someone and it made my day! Thanks to all my friends and family who texted me, called me, posted on my wall, etc, you made my day perfect and I definitely felt the love! Then we picked up shannon from work at Target and i love Target so we shopped a bit and Shannon wanted me to see all her work friends so that was fun. Then the whole family went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was so good. I didnt even have enough room for cheesecake so you know i was full. We came home and the whole family sang to me and ate cake, i opened presents, and i finished the night up with another viewing of Tangled. Perfect day huh?

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