Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"You know i like you most right?"

"Caitlin!!!!!! Your life has been so funny for the last 10 days. Please blog about it :)"
I am so glad i have a fan! Who keeps me on track with my blogging. I dont really agree but okay.

 So theres this guy- lets call him Riley...
I met him through a friend. The second time i met him he wrote me a song titled "oh caitlin." Or thats what i named it at least because those were the only two words in the entire song...all 1 minute or so of it. So maybe hes not the next Billy Joel but i'll take it-it was pretty funny. We began texting every single day. Now i feel bad when i text boys like this because they usually think i like them but honestly i am an huge texter. I love when boys are good at texting-fast and funny. We started hanging out- he came over and watched a movie and did magic tricks, baked cupcakes and watched jazz games with me. He really is a great guy- hes funny, nice, loves the jazz, and lets me feed him. Whats the problem? well theres one big one. One that i cant overlook, one that wouldnt be fair to him one that probably wont work but i'm willing to take the chance that it might. He says psych instead of sike! after a joke. Ok just kidding thats not it. Our "relationship" can probably be best described through our texting conversations. Hes pretty persistent. I dont think i even need to tell you whose who...
"i figured out the key to your heart."
"i may have helped you a bit-lets be real."
"true but you must have told me for  reason"
"yeah...i wanted to show you how cute he is..."

"Stephen wants me to give you a chance"
"i think you should too :D"
"i can tell you think that"

"thats how you really feel. You shouldnt apologize for it."
"the truth is i like you a whole bunch but i cant do anything about it."

"good point. i'm not trying to be a jerk i promise."
"ok bro"
"sure thang dude"
"oh no you didnt."

"guys always buy. Its part of the code."
"yeah but its not a date duh and i owe you duh and thanks duh"

"haha i warned you"
"i know"
"you warned me but i still want to try so bad. its the worst. but the best too"
"the whole challenge thing-im the same way"
"its not just because its a challenge. i think youre so awesome. Theres something about you :D"

"im thankful you introduced me to that drink!"
"haha! im thankful that drink is going to eventually make us more than friends"
"...more than friends as friends?"
"of course. Best friends that hold hands, date, kiss, etc ;)"
"how often does that line work?"
"yeah i just throw out anything with you hoping it works haha"

"My fav girl list prob goes"
2. Caitlin
3. Zooey {deschanel}
"hahaha what a liar"

"Youre a major babe,babe-raham Lincoln herself! And when i say major babe i mean awesomest girl ever."
fyi when guys call a girl a babe or a fox i LOVE it.

"ya big dumb tell me!"
"is that a fat joke...?"

"how bout this-i hear youre a player, nice to meet you i'm the coach"
"youre a hoe like the kind a gardener uses to get the weeds out of the garden"
"those are most definitely not the same..."

we have such a great...friendship right? He listens to backstreet boys in the car and plays quit playing games with my heart and dedicates it to me. He thinks its funny when we let the fish watch the jazz game with us. He finds the dumb things i say really funny...or at least pretends. He really is a great guy i just know i am not the girl for him. I laid out the challenge card and he stood up and accepted it. But then DONT WORRY-this is where things get bad. So the two of us are texting-he tells me to tell my room mates hi. I ask if theres one hed date and he says yeah i think so and i say who and he says my BEST FRIEND. oh no. Then he tries to backtrack and then the dreadful "you know i like you most right? Its not that i want to immediately try to immediately date somebody else. You've already told me no a lot" First off let me just say i can not stop quoting this- he even made the man board for this comment. I tell him he can go on a date every day for all i care but really boys? you dont tell a girl youve been trying to pursue for weeks that you would date her best friend. Not cool. I really do want us to be friends though. I even asked him if he would mind if i blogged about him which coming from me is way nice because normally i just blog about the boy with no regards to his feelings. I'll hook ya up with him bc hes a great guy as long as you arent a best friend of mine...

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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