Monday, January 7, 2013

I'll be home for Christmas

 After 2 papers, 2 tests, four three finals. (-due to my professor emailing me and telling me since i have an average of 95% on my tests i didnt have to take it. hollaaa) 5 straight shifts at work- including 2 closing ones,a  banquet and a 4 hour flight i am HOME. And i'm pretty darn happy about it. I plan on making the best of these three weeks and hopefully getting some time to relax.
being home means
-finally being reunited with baby bray and my other little angels.
- running at my favorite spot
-having a snuggle buddy every night, one who hogs the blankets..
-being back at Daves, which produces a list all its own
-eating at red robin
-having my own room
-having time to read! ah this is the best
-catching up on walking dead
-being able to drive wherever i want, whenever i want
-playing cards
-watching christmas movies with the fam
-seeing jules & bella
-lots of talk about guns and the upcoming zombie apocalypse
-chaos & loud noises
-sleeping in

and hearing things like this:
"if you fall and crack your head no presents."
"oh so disabled kids dont get presents?"

"shes wearing american eagle...vampires dont shop there"

"her head smells like french fries..."

"you're shallow."
"no i'm not, look at him! i like him and hes not beautiful"

"i see you trollin, they hatin..."
"please stop. whatevers happening over there just stop"

"i dont want her to kiss the chair or something"
"yes, i'm sure youre deeply concerned about the chair..."

"remember when mom used to say bloody all the time when we were growing up?"
"oh yeah!...maybe that was during the time when we lived in England...your childhood is distorted."

"a lot of aces rolling around"
[everyone chimes in] "they see me rolling..."
"i immediately regretted my choice of words"

"shh quiet voices, in utah we dont yell"

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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