Monday, June 3, 2013

Maryland welcomes you

one time lyle came to my home town which was exciting that for once i could show him around. Lyle surprised me by coming in a night early- he always tries to surprise me & this time...he succeeded. We did lotsa fun things like...
went running at my favorite spot...although this isnt really proof that we ran...uh
we went to Baltimore and ate at the Hard Rock cafe and posed with transformers
& posed like fish
& posed with weird things on our head...and by we i mean lyle...
and we posed with eachother
and i fed the boy lotsa yummy things that hes never tried! like our family favorite, ritas
& Panera. He willingly posed with his food for every pic cause he's the best.
he played with his soon to be nieces & nephew
we went to church & Lyle got to meet a lot of new people & ride in dads baby. He didnt know he would end up staying two extra days cause he just couldnt get enough of me ;) so he didnt have any shoes!
but the real reason lyle came was to get engaged to me! And now i cant stop showing off my stunning new accesory
& although things didnt go according to plan due to Marylands lovely weather i am so happy he got to come and meet the rest of my family! Just being able to relax & play cards with the fam or hang out and watch tv was so nice. I am so excited for Lyle to come out in September & go to D.C., New York, Hershey Park, the zoo & so much more! Theres so much to do on the East Coast so i cant wait.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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