Saturday, June 1, 2013

What havent you missed...

So much has happened lately...hence me slacking in the blogging department. Things such as:
a wedding
I am so excited to marry lyle for so many reasons but one of them is that not only do i get two new brothers but a beautiful new sister too! I love Arri and we get along really well, she is so fun so im pretty flippin happy about it. She looked absolutely stunning and i am so happy for her and Bryce and their new life together. Staying out in Utah an extra week was definitely worth it- i loved getting to celebrate with them on their special day. Congrats you two!
Not only did i turn 22 but a couple days later Cassady turned 3!! She got lots of fun presents including this dolphin stuffed animal since she recently developed a love for dolphins...My present to Cass was a pair of pink shoes just like she asked for. I had been wanting to do these for her for a long time and i felt like she would finally appreciate these this year since she is a girl after my own heart. She loves all things bling and girly and she just loved these shoes i made her. She tried to sneak a few peeks while i was making them and when i finally gave them to her i caught her kicking her heels together and staring at her feet all night I should start selling these- they were so much fun to make and i already have another request.
Mothers day
I woke up this year and made mom breakfast for her day. We then went to church and spent the rest of the day hanging out and celebrating mom. I got mom some vera bradley flip flops she picked out too. I am so grateful for my mom and all that she does for me. She is so supportive and helpful and i know how lucky i am to have a mom who is so involved in my life and lets me know that i can do anything i set my mind too. With all the wedding planner i am sure to need her help and i know she will be the biggest help. I love you mom!
i ran into this guy
on campus and then at the gym! It was one of those moments where youre like whatttt. i know him! If you dont watch youtube youre like uh who? well if i didnt have a boyfriend and a boyfriends roomie who love youtubes i wouldnt have the joy of watching how freaking funny this guy is. His channel is so random and funny and i kinda had a ahh moment.
i lounged at the pool
The week before the wedding i stayed at Glenwood with some friends. I wasnt working and i was done school so i pretty much just layed out every day... not that i am complaining! If i could get a career in being a professional sun worshipper i would. I had so much fun relaxing and hanging out with Heather.
i picked my wedding colors!!
when i was 5....hahaha but i picked them with intent to actually use them this time. I'm starting to lean more towards just mint and grey with accents of glitter on things since my dress screams bling and the cake i picked does too but i;m still seeing if i can use both colors as accents for now.. I love mint and yellow is my favorite and i'm picturing grey tuxes. Wedding planning is pretty easy.
i saw an old friend!
i LOVE this girl. A-duch and i have been friends since middle school when i met her. We played lacrosse, soccer & basketball together. She is so much fun and stopped in to say hi to the fam. The whole family adores al so shes always welcome. What a great surprise it was!! love you allison <3
xoxo cait xoxo

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